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Getting Leaner

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Hello /fit/ ,

I have no where else to go with my questions, so i will post them here. ( yes i have read the stickys . )

I have been lifting for 8 months now.
before that i lost around 120 lbs cuz i was really fat. because of that i have some loose skin. But im still not lean enough.

I eat around 1900 calories a day ( see picture ) and im still not losing any weight. Im gaining muscle slowy and strength. But im not getting anywhere near lean. Should i even go lower with my calories?

I lift 5x a week and i drink around 3 liter water a day. Even tried intermittent fasting, still didnt seem to help.

In order of importance:
1. 1200 kcal per day
2. 100-150gm protein/day
3. Squat, DL, incline bench x3 per week

To figure out your goal LEAN weight. Go to the BMI calculator and look for the BMI of 19 weight for you. If you can squat/DL x2 bodyweight, and x1 of incline bench at this weight you will be lean.

Now, current weight-ideal LEAN weight=pounds of fat needed to lose

lbs of fat lost/2 = weeks of training until you will hit your goal with the above regimen
>I have no where else to go with my questions

Thanks for the Reply!
Im weighing around 225 lbs now.
My height is 1.90 CM ( 6.2 ft )
but im not fat, i only have a belly. it says my BMI is 29? i can show a pic of my body if needed?

i deadlift 1x and rack pull 1x .
My PR on deadlift is 330 lbs and 350lbs on rackpull. I squat only 220 lbs , tbh im slacking on leg day. And i bench 220lbs. ( my PR's, so could only do it 1 to 3 times )

So your saying i need to cut down to 1200 kcal?
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this is my belly atm.
You are fat as fuck.

To be LEAN, you're weight needs to be 145-150lbs. You have 80lbs or 40weeks of cutting with my regimen to go...

Your deadlift and bench (make it incline) is fine, you need your Squat up to 300lbs.

You need to rep 300lbs on squat, DL and 150lbs with incline bench.

YES YOU NEED TO CUT TO 1200kcal per day, 100-150gm protein/day. And Squat, DL 3x5 at 300lbs and incline bench 3x5 150lbs three times/week for 40 weeks until you are 150lbs.

I should send you a bill for this advice...
I mean *your

If you listen to this bro, you will be shredded in the most efficient way possible. Literally came here to say this.

Was just scrolling down the front page and thought this was a butt. Thought you should know.
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Thanks for the help
i will be eating 1200 kcal a day then.

But your saying this will take me a year ? will i not be losing any muscle? will i be gaining any muscle?

Im sorry you want to sent me a bill for the advice, i have just been trying so many things and really needed some advice.. i had no where else to go.

The Picture is when i was done losing weight, i weighed 200 lbs on the pic... and im already looking really skinny ther... imagine minus 50lbs on that pic? ( i ate like 400 - 900 calories back then , without training or anything )
Thanks! Really appreciate it.
If you reach the lifting goals I outlined you will gain muscle and then at that point you will plateau or lose very little muscle. As long as you are getting stronger, you are unlikely to be losing lean body mass.

Good job on the weight loss. Keep it up and you will be shredded July 1st in time for the beach and all the bitches...
Thanks alot.
Eating only 1200 calories will be hard,
but i will do my best. I will take BCAA everyday then. do i have to do any cardio?
If you own any belts, shirts, or pants use those as a way to measure progress OP. You might not be losing weight from week to week but if you drop .5 to an inch or a few cm on your waist then you are definitely making progress. I remember one week where the scale didn't move at all but I could move my belt 1 additional loop without sucking in.
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 3

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