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Does creatine make anyone else feel superhuman?

>start taking 7.5g creatine daily
>no idea what is supposed to happen
>finding a little more power near the end of my sets but nothing otherwise
>a month in
>feel like fucking spiderman
>so alert
>spidey senses always tingling
>always feel like i need to run a marathon
>no more missionary with the gf - only pick her up and fuck her then toss her aside with a roar
>went from bronze 3 to gold 5 in league
>holding handstands during champ select
>gay dudes in gym been mirin' relentlessly im not even big
>don't even use my arms to open push doors just walk right through them
>stray dog ran up to me barking and shit and spidey senses told me it was a pussy ass bitch dog so i just stared it down and it ran off
>opened blister packaging for new usb stick with bare hands
>buy 4 cases of 24ct water bottles from grocery store and don't even use cart
>almost dropped my phone but as it fell kicked it back into the air and caught it
>flatten boxes to put in recycling by crushing them not by taking flaps apart like a fuckin pussy
>start to sound like an angry busta rhymes when i sing along to rap songs instead of snoop
>my cat tried to surprise attack jump on me and i caught that fucker with one hand and just held him there and gave him crazy eyes
>only need one hand to open the cap of a water bottle
>went to see american sniper and clapped for it at the end and realized the loudness of my claps has increased significantly
>bit all the way through a jawbreaker after only sucking on it for like a minute
>got asked by a friend to help him move
>managed to flip a pancake with just the frying pan and no spatula

Long hair don't care even if it is placebo.
> hammered nails with fist
> cleaned shotgun with cack
> flexed until blood came out of my nose
> yelled myself to sleep
> started grilling steak in sauna

> ate 25 mcdoubles in one sitting
> punched a stop light for taking too long
> stared down a selfie until phone turned off
> run up and down stairs mocking gravity
> yelling "who's the bitch now?" while benchpressing other people's children

> silently stare at police officers until they draw their weapon then laugh "just kiddin"
> ate glass
> used a machete to clean up cuticles
> took a bath using battery acid and antifreeze
> dictate shitpost on scandanavian masturbation assistance web portalboard
> balls enlarge in sixe x10
> hurts to walk.tiff
> masterbate to relieve pressure
> billionSuns.webm
> while coming vision goes thermal
> become predator
》 must hunt worthy prey
》 locate nearest alpha male
》 spear him, cut out his heart, eat it
》 carve out eyeballs, make into necklace
》 keep skull as trophy
》 been doing this for weeks now
》 policeLikeWhut.exr
》 have cave of human body parts
》 face on tv, detectives/cops after me
》 still waiting on mothership to pick me up
》 creatine - not even once
a-are y-you mmmeeeee?
No, saiyans have a full head of hair. Creatine use causes baldness.
// use creatine, hair instantly falls out
// just a small pile of youth on the floor
// accept my new persona
// put on white shirt, earring
// grab mop and bucket
// tfw i am become mr. Clean destroyer of stains and messes
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>went to see american sniper
>clapped at the end
> taking creatine for years
> doctor says kidneys no longer human
> stop taking creatine
< withdrawls.cpp
< gainz dissappear, muscles melt into fat
< beard falls out, long golden locks grow from head
< pecs transform into DD boobies
< penis inverts into vagina
< balls crawl up into ass
< hips widen, emotional mess, less pay
< mirin.jpg
< lips swell up, cheekbones poof out, eyebrows constantly look suprised
< begin eating everything in sight
< make a tumblr account, start a blog about muh feelz
< tfw creatine turned me into a female sjw
> 5'1" manlet, heard creatine makes you bigger
> start taking creatine, 20g/day "load phase"
> pissing jello.gif
> feel creatine magic working
> double in size and height
> those turtles dont stand a chance!
> run around, jumping onto things
> smash my head into boxes
> acquire moar shekels
> ate some weird flower, throat burns
> spitting hot fire on all my enemies
> get to top of flag pole
> everyday is a whole new world
> dodging and jumping bullets
> all of a sudden, some retarded dragon
> totally predictable moves
> lavaDeath.zip
> tfw creatine turns you into super mario
Did absolutely nothing to me, stopped taking it and nothing happened. Whats wrong with me?
> feel weak, empty inside, cant lift anything
> heard creatine improves strength
> start taking creatine, goes right through me
> still cant lift, nothing changes
> friends are supportive
> stop taking creatine, nothing changes
> look in mirror, nothing has changed
> tfw you realize you're Casper the friendly ghost
> gymbro mentions hes been using creatine
> suggests i should try it
> hes bigger than me so hes right
> later at a party, do creatine for first time
> winning.winrar
> energy through the roof
> all lifts increase 10%, double up my workouts
> start taking creatine everyday
> spend so much time in gym i start packing a sleeping bag
> stop paying rent - only purchase creatine, food, gym membership
> gym manager says i cant sleep at gym
> start sleeping in alley behind gym
> lose office job, start stealing creatine, food
> gym manager gives me a job at gym wiping down equipment
> upgrade from snorting to injecting creatine
> sometimes cut my creatine with preworkout for ultima gainz
> lose job at gym cause i was stealing others gainz
> start sucking cock down at the bus station to pay for creatine
> can barely find a working vein anymore
> aids wrecking my gainz
> friends and family worried about me
> creatine - not even once
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no serious guys im serious. i feel like bradley cooper in limitless.
Creatine is naturally occurring in red meat. If you eat a lot of red meat, you naturally have a fair bit of creatine in your body all the time. When you take creatine as a supplement, your body may not respond to it, because it's used to it.

Ok brofessor Dyelstein
Burst out laughing in class
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>inb4 op starts blowing up shit with his mind
It could be that you eat a lot of meat and are already creatine replete, you produce a lot of creatine due to high ingestion of protein or for genetic reasons, or you just don't respond to creatine supplementation.
> bradley cooper in limitless
You look, act, talk, and live like a closeted homosex ¿?
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 4

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