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The most important thread on /fit/ today.

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Yearly PDA Announcement on the Dangers of Mouth Breathing.

I will be posting follow-up pics with explanations if you dont want to take a look at pdf's, youtube vids, and studies. It basically boils down to this: you either maximize facial gains by eating right and breathing right, or you fuck yourself up by not doing it right. Unfortunately, this is most relevant during the development phase of facial growth, if you already an adult, you can still make changes to improve quality of life, but it wont have the same impact as intervention for a teen/child. You can still benefit by teaching your future kids right from wrong, so they dont come on /fit/ making tfw no gf threads.

>that guy who mouth breaths
>that parent who doesnt teach his child to breath properly through nose
>the depression, if you're a mouth-breather, your're about to feel as I demonstrate how mouth-breathing ruined your potential facial gains.
>not eating a proper diet- will post pics of how diet affects facial gains
>sleeping with mouth open= big no-no
>and yes this is /fit/ related as breathing technique influences exercise performance.


general info with pics/ detailed explanations:

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It basically works like this. If you have your mouth closed the top of your tongue rests on the roof of your mouth and exerts pressure. This pressure over the years influences your face to develop more horizontally vs. vertically- stronger cheek bones, proper jaw alignment, proper teeth alignment. Nose breathing also regulates proper C02 blood control among other benefits, such as activating N0 production. Mouth breathing= improper facial posture= developing face vertically (thinking hunching over all the time leads to hunch back).
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i came to terms that im a kisless virgin ugly motherfucker for life, i don't even care anymore
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when i was like 10 some kid in my class told me i looked dumb as fuck mouthbreathing, that was the last time i did that shit.
ty kid i owe u one
funny how one little thing can change so much in life
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Is this thread a joke?

Is mouth breathing an actual fucking problem? Do that many people do it?
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>last pic for today. I recommend you get this book and/or google this doc and his work. basically shows how introduction of western diet with refined flour, refined carbs fucks up teeth and makes you uglier, while traditional populations on non-westernized diets dont need shit like braces and etc- basically develop correctly.
Yeah dude
Mouth breathing is easier
I can understand diet causing caries but how does it produce crooked teeth?
I think I'm class two

when I rest my teeth on each other my two front teeth are infront of the lower teeth

or is that normal?
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