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Issey Miyake stream running late



3.1 Philip Lim
Balmain Homme
Alexander Wang
Rick Owens
Andrea Crews
Louis Vuitton
Damir Doma
Yohji Yamamoto
Dries Van Noten

catch the Rick show in an hour

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Maybe they werent fakes after all
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buttplug chains in for 2015???
concerning the most recent shows, i like a couple of the balmain looks, particularly #18
issey miyake was pretty on point as per usual, i liked all of his coats
and philip lim was fucking top, especially near the start of the collection
I really like the use of safety hooks in Philip Lim and Dirk Bikkembergs collections.
I also found it really coincidental, because I've been sketching a lot of utility inspired stuff using safety hooks myself recently.
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come on m8
really excited for yohji, damir, and dries. i liked dries' women's collection a lot
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I'm Extremely, EXTREMELY excited for Louis Vuitton.

For those of you not familiar, Kim Jones is a big fan of the late designer Christopher Nemeth, and this collection will likely be a tribute / inspired by his work.

Always excited for Yohji since it's stuff I'm going to want to buy.

Dries is solid and consistent as fuck time after time, excited to see what he has for us this season.

Is Galliano in charge of menswear as well? Or just womens / couture
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What the hell, Rick?
>not letting your cut head peek out under your skirt
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if this is the new fashionable thing to do im going back to mallcore
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hold on what
This isn't women's tho...
I was just thinking about the lack of exposed penis in runway recently after looking back and seeing a decently large amount of exposed vagina in the 90's and 00's.

Not that it's a particularly good thing though.
Rick, you absolute madman.

You've done it again!
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I love Yohji so much
Gosha wearing that uglyass supreme sweater
top lel
anybody got julius livestream video link?
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dumping Rick
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will cop this coat
Holy shit I really liked Philip Lim
Post the looks you liked the most, anon.
File: DRI_0559.jpg (115KB, 452x678px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dries killed, the trousers were GOAT

favorite so far
File: DVNAW15.jpg (247KB, 1366x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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same, the prints were all dope as fuck too, I would wear every fit from the collection. DVN pretty much owns 2015.
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based Dries
>January 23

Junya Watanabe live in 10 minutes

Maison Martin Margiela
Ann D
Juun J.
Henrik Vibskov
File: MMM15.png (1MB, 840x1262px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Margiela's live and it's much better than we all expected
Pretty sure i've got that exact pair of shoes in a slightly darker colour(but that might just be from wear/lightning I suppose)
Junya was very cool, I enjoyed the theme and some of the mixes of fabrics were awesome, mmm looks better than I expected so far
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Boris was excellent, and I'm not ordinarily a fan.

I feel that liking a Dries collection is the go to response for people who want to say 'i like stuff that isn't black too but would never ever buy any of this shit'. His collections are always getting praised on fashion forums but he's seldom worn, which is surprising considering it is generally so wearable.
Thread posts: 40
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