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High-quality brands

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Hi, graduated recently and making mad cash now. Looking for some high quality and stylish brands/subbrands for shoes/suits/jackets and t-shirts/jeans

please no boring brands (boss, YSL, ..)

pic`s related what i had in mind for the quality
YSL, Y3, Rick Owens, Raf Simons, Pierre Hardy, Common Projects, Acne, APC, Julius, Ann D, Alpha Industries.
What you call pleb boring brads usually have neat stuff too, but they're a bit rare (Ralph Lauren has cool varsity jackets, for example).
gosha rubchinskiy
uniqlo and H&M are pretty much GOAT of quality.
Raf Simons, Rick Owens....
So this is /fa/? A bunch of useless fucks recommending overpriced clothes?

What's next, redskins? Airmax?

Fucking tards.
Tailor for shirts/suits. Shoemaker for shoes, if not, a1923 or guidi or ccp. For denim look in japan, but i don't know much. Tees you could give rick owens a try, if you like exotic patterns.


Skip to 00:30 so you get the "Raf Simons, Rick Owens" joke.

Enjoy your stay friend :)
>Japanese denim
>Rick Tees
>Guidi and CCP shoes

Listen to this guy, all of these items will go great together :)
It seems like its mostly Americans posting here, hence the lack of fashion sense.

Kiton looked nice.

Any more suggestions? One mentioned Japanese denim brands, but didnt give any example.

Again, its supposed to be stylish and high-quality. No weird-looking overpriced American black-ghetto clothes.

More like this:

WellI I was going to help you until you got all rude. Happy lurking friend.
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Happy hunting
Find a local tailor, get a bespoked suit. Find a shoemaker, get custom shoes. You're making the money, stop buying off the rack. Off the rack is for scrubs.

>You're making the money, stop buying off the rack.

thats not how it works. e.g. custom-made shoes may fit your foot perfectly, but they always look like shit. always.
>calling it YSL
>modern day raf
>alpha industries

o i am laffin
>>calling it YSL

>muh rebranding
>it's not chavvy anymore
John Lobb or Church's for shoes
missoni for knits
bottega veneta for small leather goods
john lobb for shoes
you have a lot of options for tailoring, depends on your preffered cuts, but thats a question you should ask on styleforum
oliver peoples/persol/rigards for eyewear
This is the most generic list i've seen... /fa/ actually believing this
Loro Piana
Tom Ford
Thom Browne
Saint Laurent
OK suits! For fucks sake, style forum is better for this. Here is their list.

Excellent [*****]

- Oxxford
- Brioni
- Cesare Attolini
- Caraceni
- Kiton
- Luciano Barbera Sartoriale
- Luigi Borrelli
- Sartoria Castangia
- St Andrews / Santandrea
Old RLPL (now made by Caruso)
- La Vera Sartoria Napoletana
- Zegna Couture
Tom Ford
- Sartoria Formosa

Very Good[****] (IE: Few suits match the quality of the ones in this category.)

- Battistoni
- D'Avenza
- Isaia
- Sartoria Partenopea
- Oxxford (1220)
- Belvest mainline
- Borrelli Luxury Vintage
- Canali Milano
- Corneliani Linea Sartoria
- Pal Zileri Sartoriale (I think there is another line higher than Sartoriale: The custom made one--IIRC "Abito Privato"--has excellent quality)
- Ravazzolo
- Sartoria Attolini Napoli
- Raffaelle Caruso Sartoria Parma
Current RLPL
- Sartorio
- Stile Latino

Good[***] (IE: Quality is superior to most suits.)

- Brooks Brothers Black Fleece
- Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece
- Brunello Cucinelli (very nice fabrics)
- Canali mainline
- Canali Exclusive (higher end fabrics than mainline)
- Cantarelli mainline
- Corneliani mainline
- Ermenegildo Zegna mainline
Dunhill (more classical cut)
Gucci (usually "fashion forward" - tread carefully)
- Faconnable Tailleur
- Martin Greenfield for Gilt, FSC
House label on Gilt
Freeman's Sporting Club
- Hickey Freeman mainline
- Kei by Canali (full canvas, but very soft)
- Pal Zileri mainline
- Paul Smith mainline (fully canvassed)
- Raffaelle Caruso mainline
Adriano and Sons (defunct, but some inventory floating)
- Samuelsohn
Paul Stuart
- J. Press Pressidential (full canvas)
- Scuderi
- Ring Jacket
tom ford a shit
good list.

but paying $4k for a leather jacket would even hurt my monthly budget
Since you say you have money try looking at
Loro Piana if you want quality
Rick Owens outerwear/shoes. Tees are good too.
Prada If you want the prestige of a well known fashion brand but without the bullshit associated with Givenchy or Louie. Gucci sorta makes decent stuff. Sorta.
Sruli Recht if you like really cool pieces and don't mind looking around/second hand
Julius if you want crazy ass jeans
Boris if you want to look like a bum with money and don't mind throwing cash around. His outerwear and jeans are dope, just expensive.
>custom-made shoes may fit your foot perfectly, but they always look like shit. always.
pleb never heard of john lobb, george cleverly or even lazlo vass

stay pleb
Alpha industries wtf
Young business professional here.

I buy all my suits/work clothes from Brooks Brothers.

More conservative and classic look. I'm all about Gucci, Hermes, etc but the only stuff I wear on the clock is BB.
Wrong. Tom Ford's suits are made in the same italian factory as Zegna couture which is essentially the bench mark for high quality brands. I'd say it definitely belongs on any list that someone provides OP.

Additionally: Kiton, Brioni, Zegna, Brunello Cucinelli, Hermes.
Jesus fuck you are clueless as hell

He's right in the sense that it's fucking retarded to pay $5k for an off-the-rack Tom Ford when you can get a bespoke for the same price that will look a million times better.

On topic, don't go with Julius, RO or any of that shit unless you actually have an interest in that aesthetic. If you're just some dipshit with a bunch of money, invest in the pleb labels since you don't know what you're looking at anyway.
Well he didn't say that, he said the retarded fucking meme 'x a shit' which Tom Ford clearly is not and some of the tailoring in a TF suit wouldn't even be attempted by many bespoke tailors, so I don't think it's all that retarded.

There's nothing that special about a TF suit. They're basically just Zegna couture ready-to-wears at the end of the day.
zegna couture is pretty decent quality

also you wear a tom ford suit to tell everyone you're wearing a tom ford suit without saying anything

hence the price

I'm not disputing the fact that they're decent quality. It's just that I don't understand why you would pay $5k for one when that could get you a bespoke from a pretty decent tailor.
>They're basically just the highest quality ready made suits you could possibly own

There's still something to be said for this. I could have a tailor make simple adjustments to a suit to have it fit perfectly if necessary and I would be extremely reassured knowing my suit will be made from the best quality fabrics by some of the world's best couturiers. Some people have easier access to a tom ford retailer than an amazing tailor, because I don't think 'pretty decent' would compare
>spelling it fuckboy

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bespoke suits are nice but not all bespoke suits are nice

a good example of this is the sloppy finishing work and the poor pattern drafting of the bespoke suiting outfit steve harvey uses exclusively.

hideoki bespoke

they actually had this as a featured image on their site advertising their services
without going into a diatribe about suiting fabrics and bullshit

im just going to leave /fa/ to discover their own path and make those indochino mistakes, wear that brooks brothers 1818 and develop a natural progression into adulthood
That's what I'm getting at. It would take a top-tier tailor to even have the capability and access to materials to make a suit on par with whatever is being made at Zegna's factory. I guess people have an inbuilt cynicism toward luxury brands with most of what you hear being about offshoring product and reducing quality but there is certainly a few who are bucking the trend and when it comes to suiting TF definitely is. Anyway I've spent way too long talking about this, OP this is pretty definitive >>9351612, Tom Ford isn't shit, it's very high quality and by the sounds of it right up your alley
rip yamborghini
*glass breaks*
>Putting churchs in the same league as john lobb
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Thread images: 4

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