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>tfw I hate vapid consumerism >tfw I have a deep appreciation

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>tfw I hate vapid consumerism
>tfw I have a deep appreciation for person aesthetics
>struggling to find a balance between these two on /fa/

It hurts me. If I buy cheap shoes, I'm going to feel like an idiot for buying shoes that are therefore ugly. If I drop all my money on a high fashion piece, I'll feel extremely wasteful.

How do I handle this?
stop being a faggot
>spending lots of money on things you enjoy

Do you consider being frugal more important than happiness?

It's trying to find a balance between my interests that's a problem.

While I appreciate having nice clothes, there are some things I would rather have, and I don't really think clothes are THAT important.
buy used and make your own clothes/buy from independently owned businesses.
secondhand shopping (grailed rak cosignment stores etc are ur friends)

get a good tailor

mingle with fashion ppl, up and coming young designers and support the local scene

dont be afraid to support a designer and buy that piece u love for retail every so often

the world is going to shit so u might as well look fucking good and not give a shit
I have the same problem, OP.
Though, that said, I think that if the clothes are high quality enough and satisfy personal tastes, it isn't really consumerism, because theoretically you're buying something of quality that you feel is objectively superior to a cheaper good, rather than buying it because it's trendy or because it's a designer-brand up-priced prestige item.
I find it difficult to differentiate between clothing that is actually higher quality and deserves the higher price and shit that is expensive because it's made by a prestigous brand, beyond just "feeling" the clothing.
Then just make a giant list of the shit you want complete with pictures and prices. When you've got enough cash to spend consult the list and buy the thing that you want most regardless of what it is

I'm poor as fuck right now so I just deal by sifting through grailed for pieces that interest me while slowly buying more expensive pieces
TK Maxx

make consumerism part of your personal aesthetic

everyone who wears nike already has
>mingle with fashion ppl, up and coming young designers
how do you do this? you cant just do this
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Don't be a vapid consumer then, Buy a nice pair of black and brown shoes, a pair of trainers; Get the basics, plain shirts, jumpers long sleeved tops, jeans, trousers and only buy something if you like it for the price.
There's a nice €2000 watch I like and I could save for it and get it but I could get a nice watch for less and have money for other shit.

If your unsure don't buy it, I saw a nice jumper for £20 but was unsure so I took a little walk still thought it was a good deal and bought it.
You sound like you're young, You'll probably figure it out once you get older.
hows living in the basement going
>buy cheap shoes (or any h+m tier fast-fashion)
>produced in malaysia by a bunch of malnourished ten year olds for 20 cents/hour
>most of the money you spend goes to some fat jews at the top of the pyramid
>shoes fall apart in 6 months so you have to buy another pair; cycle begins again
>buy more shit you don't need b/c "hurr durr it's only ten bucks anyway"

>buy high end/designer
>produced domestically or in a western country by skilled workers making good wages
>most of your money goes to the designer and the people producing the garment (plus some jews at the top but hey it's unavoidable)
>buy less, lasts longer, more conscious buying decisions because it costs a lot

which of these options sounds more like "vapid consumerism" to you
Well I go to an art school so it's pretty easy for me.

but you can but about 20 H&M pieces for the cost of one designer piece.
i'd rather go with the first and change my shoes more often cause my style is always on the run

but literally who the fuck buys shoes from hnm
Make your own clothes or stop being an edgelord
This. Your consumerism is only vapid if you're buying a piece just because of hype or because you're trend hopping. A well designed and crafted piece will usually last longer and look better than something cheap, so don't feel bad about investing in it.
exactly. Buying more items or buying items more often is the more consumerist option—you're literally consuming more. My argument is that if OP doesn't want to partake in this consumerism, he's actually obligated to buy more expensive pieces.
>step outside my basement
>i just randomly bump into some up and coming young designers
>start mingling
>now i have sick clothes
thanks /fa/
l 0 l
>How do I handle this?

Make your own clothes.
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 2

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