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fa Feels Thread

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>walking out of liquor store
>wearing my raf's
>old friends walking in
>'whats up anon, almost didn't recognize you looking so fresh'
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>havent left apartment for a week other than to buy instant dinners
>talk to myself in my mirror to keep myself company
>maybe getting suspended from uni
what other pieces were you wearing?
fix your fucking life faggot.

you only have one chance at life - one brief moment of consciousness. don't fucking blow it.

go to class and do your work. limit your time on /fa/ and other distractions. and talk to people - anybody - even the cashier at the store where you buy your instant dinners.
>Be me.
>Slowly falling for woman.
>She is aesthetically perfect to me and she has a German accent.
>Find out she has a bf.
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>wearing black parka, raf sweater, combat boots
>random guy tells me i dress like his gf
>i'm a guy

not sure how to feel
cross toasting
>be me
>walking down the street last week
>catch my shadow in the snow
>damn my silhouette looks good
>walk by big building with glass windows
>check my reflection
>look like shit feels bad man
post fit or eat shit
nice pasta

btw where my slash effay slash bros at??
thanks ill remember to just be myself too
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This sounds pretty effay but not necessarily healthy.
Be confident in yourself too. It helps when you walk into a room like you own the place, having the mindset that you're the most confident person in there. Fake it till you make it buddy and good luck.
I just attempted suicide today. I put a loaded gun in my mouth, but I didn't pull the trigger. When I was in front of the mirror, I realized how fucking pathetic the situation was. Anyways, here's to my new lease in life.

I did that for a couple of years. Racked up a lot of debt, but I'm rich so it will be fine. Shit sux, even if you're not clinically depressed being stuck in your life will give you the same shitty lifestyle, mood and consequences. Ended up moving back with my parents in an effort to fix my life. It took a while but I managed to start working out and while school was still shit I started to feel slightly better. Then my school contacted me and basically asked if the reason for all my shit was the research group I was in. I just went "hell yeah" and they gave me another shot with a new project and everything. It's still fucking hard because I hate work, and I'm no good at it, but I'm busting my ass to do just a little bit of effort and slowly clawing my way out. You can too. If you think you could manage just getting a job instead you should do that though, the important bit is getting some function traction in your life. Also, join a fucking board games group or a dance class or something.
i'm happy to hear that, anon
I'm really glad you're still with us anon.
maybe he would be better off blowing his brains out

Sell the gun and get some new pants or something.
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that feel selfie.jpg
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>Get a really shitty memecut, fucking hate it
>Girl at work say nice haircut, I mention that I don't really like it, she says I look cute
>No idea if she means ayy fuck this poosay hot cute or aww adorable little brother cute
What's wrong? You don't know him.
would you compliment a fat chick? or an ugly chick? or a little cute chick in a sense 'aww little sister cute'

she probably wants your little schlomo.
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>tfw i will never be a$ap rocky
>tfw i will never be hugged by cara

2 feels in 1
[ayy fuck this poosay hot cute] to a lesser extent bc she said she liked it after you said you didnt
my girlfriend also dresses like that.
>went to dermatologist to schedule a hardcore and ablative laser session
>tells me that with two or three of these sessions I could have the skin of a 12 year old after having had lots of scarring for years now

This is bullshit, right? I know medicine is always in a state of wonder but that seems far-fetched
are you sure that's a real dermatologist
Whaoh, how inspiring.
What else ? B meself ? SURE
what kind of gun did you use
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>wanting to be black, ever
Hey me too!

About three weeks for me, though. For three weeks I haven't gone to classes or hung out with anyone (not that I know anyone to hang out with) or done anything outside. I mean I buy groceries and do errands and sometimes go on walks though, or buy coffee. I had horrible anxiety attacks that led me to staying in, and because I missed my midterms I already failed my courses. Hopefully I can get a health-related withdrawal but I haven't had an appointment yet.

Being alone sucks. Don't even know what to do. Luckily I never had any plans for graduate school, but still.
>Exam last Tuesday
>Wearing nice fit but finish feeling flat after exam
>Get in my car to drive home
>There's a note on my windshield
>Must be some asshole complaining about my parking
>Nope there's a heart on it
>Sweet love letter from anonymous girl
>Great feels
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>work at bed bath and beyond
>old woman says she likes my sweater

>Compliment a fat chick?
Yes, on other stuff than being fat. Nice shoes, big breasts, nice hair, good taste... whatevs is appropriate.

>Compliment an ugly chick
Sure, on anything but what makes her ugly. I might not be as drawn to her, but I'm not going to ignore some badass boots just because she's got a fucked up nose or whatevs. I'm not going to give any false compliments either.

>Compliment little sister cute chick
That's my thing. I go for that type so yes.
Yes, a real doctor. Considering the damage I sure as fuck would not trust anyone with a lower pedigree
I will never know this feel

If your school has health services then go use them and try to get back on track. While I can't say the drugs or therapy did much for me they did smooth thing over with the administration.
do research on the risks or something
if everything checks out then it checks out
good luck mate
im happy for you anon :')
start smoking and spending all ur money on black four figure designer garments
even better
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>you look good anon, wish my boyfriend dressed like that

he was standing within earshot
Did you challenge the boyfriend to a duel?
that feel when you bleach your asshole and it doesnt come out like you wanted it to

How far out do you want it to come?
Thanks man :)

Who knows, I didn't think it would happen to me
>Walk into the club like what up I got a big cock
>I'm so pumped I bought some shit from a thrift shop
>lel ebic song! xD

why the fuck would you even post that
>poor as fuck just moved out of home
>living off cereal and $1 bread
>parents are still stacked don't want to ask for too much, they put me through private school and will put me through uni
>literally no where is hiring
>spend hours walking the street looking for job
>go home and eat lettuce
>fit looks good though
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Thread images: 9

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