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Effay feels

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Last thread died and I just realized this today when a buddy made me a comment

>tfw /fa/ has made me so pretentious about fits that when I talk to grills and they aren't dressed impressively I don't take them seriously and I come across as really "confident" now.

Thanks /fa/?
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Wow you let a Internet forum change your personality?????

Good work
File: nigga we made it.jpg (24KB, 636x378px)
nigga we made it.jpg
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Thanks Samson ;)
iktf bro

>used to be the m´lady betafuck
>after /fa/ i became a pretentious vapid cunt
>for some reason girls love it
>still have a little bit of m´lady fag that helps when flirting with girls with daddy issues
>for some reason i only get horny if they whisper at my ear or if they have an SLP tier fit

i got a boner while wateching this years collections
File: 1392943789085.jpg (89KB, 480x640px)
89KB, 480x640px
>tfw qt/fa/gf dumps you for being antihambeast

>see lamy's savage denim in all of his goat fits, really want a pair of salvage now
>remember that I don't have a pair of white shoes to go with
>don't want to settle for anything other than cp's
>can't afford cp's
>don't even know where to try them on
>roommate drank all my milk
File: 1383206057340.jpg (17KB, 400x449px)
17KB, 400x449px
>roommate drank all my milk
Is this the most effay feel of them all?
>tfw spend all copping funds on shoes
>tfw every other part of your wardrobe is lacking
>tfw shoes I end up buying aren't even anything great usually just nikes or some shit
Wait it out, get some CPs, then cop some real clothes m8.
end his life
>realizing your friends are hardcore fuccbois
i don't want to get new friends, but my current ones are lethally pleb, i don't know what to do
File: 1373236957517.jpg (6KB, 98x160px)
6KB, 98x160px
>used to be /r9k/ fedorafag
>lost 40 lbs
>came to /fa/
>slowly build wardrobe of rick owens raf simons
>got into hard drugs (meth and heroin) and cig smoking
>will probably not live past my 40's
th-thanks /fa/
fwiw committing suicide in your late 20s is effay as fuck
I try explaining some small things to then occasionally, but it doesn't do much.

>Anon, you look at least 40% gayer with your jeans rolled like that
>Why do you always have a shirt with a collar on it?
>Why are you so dressed up for class?
>Lol, those are hipster shoes?
>Anon, you need to add more color to your wardrobe (this, so much)

>mfw my two best friends wear either frat shit or a 5k t shirt with American Eagle jeans and sperrys.
>tfw narcissistic materialistic cunt like you guys
>tfw this just makes me an asshole
>tfw I just make people uncomfortable and insecure about their clothes near me
>tfw too socially retarded to remedy this
>tfw virgin
>tfw no gf
>tfw this just makes me an asshole
Damn, you got the short end of the deal, m8. I don't think I'm really an asshole, I've just become less impressed around women in general. It's like I don't really think of them as anything different/special now unless they rock a dope fit (then it's kind of terrifying because I think they're judging me, and I go full autism mode). But generally, I do pretty well with the fuccgirls.

But if she starts off the conversation with a fit compliment, then everything goes well.

good thing they always ask me about fashion, then they call me a faggot buts how our friendship works
File: image.jpg (63KB, 640x960px)
63KB, 640x960px
Please don't hurt them Boiz feelings

Them Boiz is nice guys

You can't avoid what u once were bruh

No joke if you leave them Boiz to drown now u got cooler pieces of fabric then them you're a bad person
Is that ya boi bangs?
>tfw no friends and at a shitty job where u cant make any friends because nobody really likes you and even if i dont have any social skills to maintain friendships

>tfw forever alone

i dont even want a gf or something but im just very lonely
kek, theres these two girls that i guess were into me, at least one is still into me i guess

Bitch A:

>busty 16 yo bitchlet who likes JB
>likes me because i´m supposedly a hipster
>likes my clothes
>she used to stare at me
>treat her for the first months
>got bored and met bitch b
>dont een talk to her
>she tries to do convos
>boring as fuck
>see she has potentia to be effay
>meh, she´s too short and unproportioned breasts

Bitch B

>classical pretentius cunt
>probably daddy issues
>hot as fuck
>potential to be effay
>nice coats
>hot as fuck legs
>saggy tits
>she turns me on because of her attitude
>quiet rebelious cute attitude
>that is my shit
>get that aggresive flirtign going on
>get some oportunities to fuck her
>fuck it up because still kind of beta
>she gets bored of me
>whatevs bitch
>after i get her back she tries making convos
>lol no, fuck off

well, at least my fits are glorious, even though i´m still single and single
Yeah, I get what you're saying, and I can kind of agree. I have just as easy of a time talking to a quiet girl with a cute fit as I do with the hotshot head sorority girl who has expensive fits; to me they're on equal footing, nothing special, like you said.

I just notice and care about too much dumb stuff. Combined with social anxiety and I have a 100% successful excuse for not talking to anyone, ever.

she's cute
>but those shoes
i like her top
>kek that hair
she's in my history class
>did you really think those pants looked good on you

And you can feel that judgment when I talk to people. I refuse to drink with my friends because of that. They think I'll be a fun drunk, but I know I'll just constantly say mean shit.
File: qt.png (164KB, 400x297px)
164KB, 400x297px
>They think I'll be a fun drunk, but I know I'll just constantly say mean shit.
Lel, I know this feel all too well. I still drink with them, but damn I'm a dick a lot of the time. Granted, one of my other fuccboi friends is a huge dick as well.

>Where did you get that shit, kohls?
>Is that a fake hood sewn into that flannel?
>What the fuck are those shoes?
Whenever someone knew comes over, they think we're all gay.

And it gets even worse when we're snowboarding. I got into snowboarding swag way before I found /fa/, so whenever my bud and I (who have known each other since like first grade and are roommates now) are on the lift up, we constantly make fun of people for their snowboarding/skiing fits - his older brother asked us if we were gay, lel.

>tfw no qt snowbunny
File: I.Fucked.Up.gif (997KB, 500x243px)
997KB, 500x243px
*new, not "knew"


>no qt snowbunny

I how i kno that feel
I'm going to find one, I swear.

>bros and I decide to start using the singles line for the lift since it goes way faster
>get paired with random people on the quad
>normally it's just an old guy and his kids or some ski patrol (who are actually really cool where I ride)
>one time got put on with qt3.14 who goes to uni pretty close to where I go
>mfw she pulls out a pack of Parliaments and asks if I "want a smoke?"
>She's bretty cool, got her number and we met up for lunch
>she has skifag bf
Damn.....we'll see what happens in the future
>she has skifag bf
damn lmao thats me
but like actual good shoes. i have my basics already
in the past month a bought dior, silent dd, and margiela kicks
but i only own n&f and uniqlo :(
Well, what I had meant to convey through that was that she was not all that interested in cheating, m8. That's why I said we'll see what happens in the "future." ;)

seriously. where do I meet people to talk about clothes and design and making shit?

I've tried looking for people wearing designers on campus but to no avail

especially girls. Theres 0 girls interested in real fashion. the ones that say they like "fashion" just wear chanel no 5 and are literally the worst kind of people.

maybe i'm just the pleb here. i don't know
Go to a top 50 school.
I know that feel.

>wearing sick fits
>grill asks me about my shoes, says she thinks I dress well
>says she's "into fashion"
>yoga pants
>Patagonia better sweater
>had the sickest snowboard outfit
>Holden camo jacket
>air blaster black sister pants
>air blaster terryclava with a backwards seahawks hat and electric eg2 goggles
>volcom crab mitts, dc super parks
>union forces consisting of three different colour ways on a dinosaurs will die board
>injured knee two years ago at fernie
>gone boarding three times in two years
>everytime after I'm done, it fills up with fluid and gets swollen for a week
>fuck. Rip snowboard steez.
I'm sorry to hear that, anon.

>electric EG2 goggle
My fucking nigga, spherical is where it's at. I have the Andreas Wiig edition.
File: oakleywisdom.jpg (35KB, 831x500px)
35KB, 831x500px
Electric? Really?

I always thought that was some budget brand like UVEX.

Talking bout spherical. Get on that Oakley stormtrooper game.
u wont find girls with an actual interest in fashion anywhere except in fashion design school lmao

high end hair salons are fashion killa central for both genders

sa's in certain boutiques are the next step down

thats it
>except in fashion design school

Even there you'll be disappointed. There seem to be little regard / knowledge about the established designers and their work. Less then expected at-least.
>tfw talking to gay classmate
>only person with efay sense
>he looks at me in a weird way everytime i talk about clothes

i think he thinks i want the d
agree to disagree
ull get basic bitches anywhere

the patternmakers i know are on another lvl
Yah but it's a minority ain't it?
>I always thought that was some budget brand like UVEX.
Wait.....what? How long have you been riding? I was literally about to say the same thing about Oakley. I mean I know they sell some higher end stuff too, but the majority of Oakleys you see on the mountain are cheap ones from Dicks. What do you consider expensive? My Electrics aren't super nice, but I like em, ran me a little over $200 when I got mine a while back (I know you can get them cheaper now).
better some than none
Yeah, it sucks because every girl here claims she can back 5 off a 3ft kicker here and I can't even ride without reprocautions.

I was ripping some matte black ones, only pro model goggles I had were airblaster Jed Anderson's. I like the electrics mode just because you could bomb a line and not worry about wind making you tear up.

Electric is pretty high up in terms of goggle brands, they're owned by volcom.
My entire life, ever since i was a baby.

Perhaps it's the difference in location. Foreign brands penetrated the market only in the last 7-8 years. Before that it was all Uvex etc. Different visors in colour and shape are something of the past 4-5 years.

Oakleys over here are scarce. Especially past the basic models. Most Electrics carried here are in the 60-120 euro range.
gtfo with that shit
>went to hcsc last summer
>won free anon M2s
>lol coincidence i got anons?
>magnet, polarized lenses
>muh nigga
underage negro

>cursing doesnt make u kool
>they like "fashion" just wear chanel no 5

how come the most famous parfum in the wolrd became that low?
i was sleepy as fuck m8, and i dint had a smoke for days until this morning

i actually treat them nice but meh, i get bored of them
Still only got a 4-pack, feel fat and disgusting as shit
still £1000 overdrawn even tho i have been working full-time for three months, too many cops and getting a car hasn't helped either
still generally bored as fuck
still no pussy
working next 6 days straight fml
i would had killed myself if i were u
>tfw depression is back
>binging overdrive activated
>craves like a preggo
>too sad to do shit all day
>vivid weird dreams
>cant go out to show my fits

at least sleeping to much makes me eat less
My friend once introduced me to a girl who wanted the D because I was wearing Rick Owens Geobaskets®

after that night my friend got interested in fashion and started buying expensive clothes lol I guess he liked her or something
r u a gril?
I feel you
this 18 cm cock says otherwise
File: lefaface.jpg (50KB, 406x382px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be poor
>wear ugly 35$ skinny jeans, band shirts and vans
>browse /fa/ constantly to learn about fashion so one day when i have money i can look good

s-s-some day guys
make your own shit m8, its cheaper and more effay because you make it according to your measurments
ur a faggot
File: 134825008061.jpg (109KB, 392x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109KB, 392x500px
>tfw 5'6

i dont need words
File: 1382862572147.jpg (54KB, 800x804px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 800x804px
>my "best friend" lured me into a park today, trying to jump me with his buddy.. and his gf watching
>he knows where I live
>he's a tweaker motherfucker
>threatened to break in and bash my head in

>tfw sitting by the door holding a baseball bat waiting for this evil gacked motherfucker to try me
I'm going to dye my rug the color of his brain matter, the fucking cunt.
Lol kind of had the same thing happen to me.
>be beta of betas
>thought girls liked emotional shy guys.
>which I just was naturally
>always confused why girls friend zoned me
>get on /fa/
>realize that 99% of the population dress like shit
>feel superior when I'm in my most effay fits.
>I'm a fucking asshole now.
>insult, tease, demean each and every nigger because I just feel like I can
>more friends than ever
>got my first FWB the other day and multiple girls talking to me

What the fuck, I understood I had natural charisma, but I didn't think people liked pricks. It might be people's curiosity in a guy that dresses like a /fa/ggot

Nigga made it
Camp out a high end retailer.

>brisbane fag
>sit outside fallow
>wait for a qt grill to go in
>grab her in the midst off the blackness of damir doma
>tie her down with some geobasket laces
>stuff her mouth song for mute pants
>proceed to softly stroke her hair and tell her about my fit and how much fucking effort I put into it and just how no one cares.

Seriously m8, lurk the fuck out of ebay and wait for sales on shit like the rest of us poor fuccbois

also vans are god-tier if you get the right ones

I can't even this feel. This was such a fucking struggle during highschool, I couldn't even find a gay hipster dude to talk fashn with

>tfw in college and it's no better

fuck south florida.

Where do all you /fa/gs hang out? Do you all just sit at home and post here or something, I've never seen a soul wearing rick owens in my entire life down here
File: cheeky poet.jpg (1MB, 1090x2845px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cheeky poet.jpg
1MB, 1090x2845px
thanks man :^)
>tfw watching videos on tailoring t-shirts and trying to learn finnish at 3 AM while chainsmoking cheap cigs and doing espresso shots

Why can't I just sleep like a normal person
>tfw the shittier I treat them the better they treat me
>tfw I'm okay with this
>tfw how about YOU get ME a drink
>tfw nights out became way cheaper
>still virgin because they all 2pleb4me

what the actual fuck is wrong with me
I've got one of those too, it's a good size isn't it?
i agree, in a way /fa/ has made me more confident. Not because I dress better but because I now feel as if I'm above people when talking to them
that's not healthy
fucking bitch. she didnt have a clue how to dress though, so it was okay
>tfw skinnyfat
>tfw when 5'8 and 127, but still have muffintop
>afraid to buy clothes because Imma do the /fit/ sticky and I hope my size doesn't change
>roommates never wash up after themselves
File: 1397534711769.jpg (102KB, 400x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102KB, 400x388px
>that feel when you think what you're wearing is shitty, but see a picture of yourself later and you look good as hell
tfw lost my sunglasses.

>leave bk around 2 with roommate of go hit some shops before meeting friends out to drink
>go to retro super future cause roommate wants to scope pairs
>ask guys to tune up mine cause an arm has become skewed, he does, lookin brand new.
>see some stuff I like next door at opening ceremony mitehaf2cop.jpg after the next paycheck.
>meet friends out, rooftop bar, boozing etc.
>gets dark, leave them in breast pocket.
>there they stay, all is well.
>middle of the night realize they're gone.
>didn't take them out, put them anywhere, let anyone look at them etc.
>look around, nowhere to be seen.
>can't make any nice cops now because I have to get another pair.

why am I so stupid /fa/
>tfw legs still too skinny
>tfw hard tym changing diet
>tfw you can't make appointments before or at 9AM so in order to make them you pull all nighters.
depending on how that plays out it could be considered premeditated rather than self defense like you want.

if you say you knew he was coming and waited then you will not be walking away scot free like you may expect.

anyway hell never show up don't worry.
Just work up to like 500 crunches a night like me, do them in sets, take one day off a week. You'll get more than a 4 pack eventually
>decide to wear khakis
>first time I've worn these in a long time
>they don't fit like skinny jeans
>put them back in my closet

Why did I even own a pair of slim straight pants?
>I've never seen a soul wearing rick owens in my entire life down here
i dont think no one in mexico knows who Damir Doma or Rick Owens is

fucking third world country
yeah, but it looks saller when youre skinnyfat and tall, even worse when its full chewbacca

>tfw it looks like an inch dick when flaccid
4 realz?

i´ve been thinking in doing crunches untill i fall asleep
The '6-pack' muscle is indeed mostly an endurance musle. Normally this advice would be shit (e.g. 100 pushups for bigger arms), but in this case it isn't too bad. Still try to get planks/L-sits etc. in your routine
>go out clubbing and dress effay
>everyone dressed like plebs - feel out of place
>buy band tees or dress plain as fuck to look more normal
Hey,I might be a mexican poorfag,but I know who Tricky Ricky is.
we´re 2 now

where u at m8? if you´re outside metro area or Guadalajara you can kill yourself
Tamaulipas Pleb-race
Shittiest state in country, i know. :(
kek, ur allright, the god fogotten states are cool

>Edo Mex

those are cool because they´re filled with retards who cant do shit or very cool people
ye lol do that
I was disgusting skinnyfat
then I made a DIY weight, I got a wooden bar from a fucking wardrobe, took shelves, put them into a sheets, tied it, put two of those on each side of the bar, put a chair, a coffetable and a nightstand next to each other, lie on this consruction and lift this pathetic 11 kg total bar, adding 2 repetitions every day.
+ shitton of pushups
+ situps
+ some kind of crunches
now I'm more or less otter
oh and occasionally swimming, like 1-2 times per week
Lol I recently went to an art school and everyone here is wearing sick fitz so that feel is over for me :)
>tfw checking the fit of dudes in the subway
>i just realize they think i'm checking them out
File: 1400450045425.png (47KB, 542x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 542x600px
>tfw friends compliment your fits daily
>get known as the fashionable one
>"Your fits are fire bro"
>"You be dressing mad nice on the low"
>tfw still think I'm not /fa/ cus in between haircuts and it looks shitty,
File: 1370180909484.jpg (38KB, 240x226px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 240x226px
>sit next to her
>get number
>been trying all year
>Anon you dress so nice
>Do you really have more shoes than me?
>I usually wear sweats because they are comfy

She cleans up so well too
Wat do?
>tfw see a 6'4" qt dressed in a basic white tee and black pants
>tfw his gf is a 5' butterface
>tfw spaghetti when ringing him up
Post a fit
>tfw I realise how easy it is to get with girls

I've been doing it wrong for 20 years :/
the worst feel
>tfw moving from New England to Florida soon

Fuck, what do? All my clothes are for cold/mild weather. I have to basically get rid of my entire wardrobe. And get /fit/ enough for tanktops. Fuck me.
Livin' innaMiddleMurica because work. It's a somewhat small town. Locals still have that "He's homogay if he dresses nice" mentality of the pre-9/11 era. Stores are shit for resources the best places being Kohls or Target. Have to practically get everything online and return them if they don't fit.

Also, I think cutie bosslady at work was checkin' out my mane.

I went to an arts school for 4 years of HS

still plep as fuark
Do not listen to the other niggers, just eat less and you will eventually get a six pack you fat fuck
for real man

>find gf at 18
>break up with her at 21
>having the time of my life with many a bitch

First order of business is not moving to Florida imo

going to the keys, miami, j-ville? It's all hot but there's an actual winter up in noflo

anyways just wear skinnies and tees+tanks, nobody's gonna care how fit you are
tfw miss poet
so you are underage and your excuse for cursing is not having a smoke in days? holy shit
>so you are underage
why do you say i´m underage?

i´m 19, kind of young for this but meh
>go to music festival in all my awesome new floral pattern top and off-red shorts
>one in every six people has at least one floral design clothing article
File: 1367382161610.gif (358KB, 300x169px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
358KB, 300x169px
>mfw I cybered with Tori Black for free
>mfw I don't even know how it happened, I blacked out and woke up with her following me around
2 hours of jacking off to her naked body and watching her lustfully lick her lips/teeth

>mfw I cybered with a porn star
i made it
File: 1391473396063.jpg (7KB, 250x210px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 250x210px
>busty 16 y.o

you either lying or a creepy mothafucka
>dat vacant feel after taking your morning dump before having eaten anything

>that based feel when smoking your first cig while taking a shit just after you woke up and just before taking a shower
yeah brah even if you somewhere where that's legal that's still creepy

>having sex with someone perfectly developed and ripe for sex who is also of age is creepy

Man, normalfags are the best.
can't be /fa/ if your past is not /fa/
>tfw catch a girl 'mirin and she smiles and self consciously looks at the floor and plays with here hair
>tfw didn't do a damn thing about it because I'm a pussy

sow what else is new /fa/?
>sow what else is new /fa/?

>tfw no gf

It hits when you least expect it
>>tfw /fa/ has made me so pretentious about fits that when I talk to grills and they aren't dressed impressively I don't take them seriously and I come across as really "confident" now.
oh god i know this feel

and then i go on dates with them but they think i actually have romantic interest in them or something

like lmao no u slag i just want female company sometime

and then i feel like a piece of shit when i realize what i do

i hate myself

unpolitely saging
i fucking laughed
File: Foto von mir 78.jpg (22KB, 506x675px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Foto von mir 78.jpg
22KB, 506x675px
I'm broke my nose!

This means I get rhinoplasty. Insurance will cover it.

My nose was so ugly. I am so happy.

I will get a new nose! (:

Today gives good feels, friends (:
hallo am bjorn need sun spectacles for sun weather
helping me friends am bjorn
how did it happen?
>jacking off to her naked body
>not fucking her brains out
Nigga what r u doing

If u feelin it u chase it son
Hahaha. Rock on, friend :)

I fought a lion.

I will get attacked if I say the real reason, so I won't.
You broke your own nose, didn't you? Can't recall if it was you but a while ago someone was talking about how they'd break their own nose just to get rhinoplasty. Fucking retard, you didn't even have it bad.
No hahaha.

Longboarding accident.
what do you do if you want to be in art school envirorment but also want a real job after?
>turn the fuccboi up to maximum
>stared at by grills all day
>feels wrong
>girl messages me on tumblr pretty much admitting she has a crush on me
>she has for months
>she's hot as fuck
>talk to her. She seems surprisingly stable.
>she's into literature and tons of other shit that I'm into
>gf her up
>she puts out
>she's a virgin but so am I so it's alright
>take her virginity and the sex is great
>now I get attention from girls everywhere
>constantly get "Your girlfriend is a lucky girl, anon" and stuff like that

The worst part is I actually really like her and want to be with her for a long time. Fuck.
tell me about it
dont fuck up anon

i did. i had the same thing happen but i gave in

dont do it nigga
How old are you? Sound young. Brace yourself for inevitable breakup nigga.
girls want men that other girls want. It's that simple
same thing sort of happened to me.

I just noticed how this one girl who I used to think of is "fashionable" dresses like utter shit.
Bro that's great

keep it up, I believe in you
File: 9e8.png (322KB, 838x959px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
322KB, 838x959px
> just had a shitload of exams and coursework over one month
> I get really stresed and autistic about my grades
> feel I have to work nonstop
> no time to go shopping
> no time to go to the gym
> read
> revise
> write
> work
> repeat
> no time to cook
> eating whatever's easy
> pizzas, takeout, frozen meals, chocolate, energy drinks
> smoking like a chimney
> going to bed at half five in the morning
> finish exams, hand in coursework
> an entire week of beer and sleep

This week:

> feel like shit
> sleeping pattern is royally fucked
> bags under my eyes
> broken out in spots
> knackered and lethargic, yet unable to sleep
> trying to cut down my smoking
> trying to drag myself to the gym
> spend my time bingeing netflix


> look in the mirror
> holy shit I have moobs

Fuck everything. Hold me /fa/.
good luck getting out of it man. I just got over a shitty depression swing a few days ago.
Will do.
I can't say or I'll be banned.
Yeah, that's probably it.
Thank you. We're all gonna make it, bruv
Can you post more pictures of your hair?

Also you look surprisingly good with a broken nose and blood all over your face (srs)
I hate having to wash my roommates
seriously man, use this as motivation. eat better and start lifting
>Tfw I go to a top 50 school
>seen a few people who would probably consider themselves "/fa/"
>All look like massive faggots

>Go to a party, see someone in CPs
>See him start hitting on fat girls and grinding on dudes.
>typical /fa/ggot

Walking around campus
>Fratbros dressed like closet gay dads
>fuckboys in zara and fake yeezys/jordans
>Fedora le classy gents with messenger bags
>Asians in clothes that say "love food! Peace wow! team Go!" and other hilariously bad shit
>arabs wearing gym shorts, big pony polos, and $500 loafers
>Basic hoes in uggs TNF fleece pullovers and scarves.
>fat girls wearing printed skirts covered with disney characters

Unless you are in a /fa/ city like New York, it's pretty fuckin terrible in the US. Mostly everyone is broke.
>tfw in New York
feels good.
>actually typing the phrase "memeshoes.kek"

i'm imagining you in some generic fucking normcore crap with some overly-worn desert boots/malis in the corner of your room along with the sweaters and oxfords from your classy phase you're trying hard to forget
Jesus Christ, this is why people laugh at /fa/. Everytime we try to talk about decent stuff that may not be the cheapest option, poorfags start calling th "meme _____." Back to MFA you faggot

>I heard someone call Raf a "real life troll" the other day
Goddamnit /fa/
>see topless man bicycling
>check him out
>see women in crop tops
>fat bitch
thanks /fa/
Shit nigger, iktf.

>walking with friends, some are grills
>pass by people
>mirin some dude's sick fit
>call some bitches out for dressing terribly and being fat
>everyone thinks I'm gay now
T-thanks /fa/. ;_;
That fucking picture
How do your CPs fit guys? Should I size down half a size? ;))))
>tfw you finally develop a style people recognize
>tfw hear a friend say "this is something anon would wear"
>tfw some girls assume I'm gay
>tfw you realize form matters more than label
>tfw you go from judging other people's outfits to not bothering what other people wear, except when it is positive
>tfw you now drink coffee and tea from glass cups because it is more aesthetic
>tfw people give you that head to toes look and then smile

t-thanks guys
herzlichen glueckwunsch
Recently someone mistook me for an employeé at a mid to high end fashion store.
Dunno how to feel. Probably an improvement to how I used to dress up to 2 years ago.
>vivid weird dreams
oh man, rmembers me of today

>dreaming about some girl getting fucked in the ass in a circle of people
>some woman with short black hair turns to me
>she is right beside me
>wake up half-upright in sleep paralysis with only right eye open
>she is sitting on the edge of my bed wtf
>"anon, you have to learn to love"
>suddenly disappears
Apparently I opene
On the contrary,

>fat thighs
>exercise(run/walk/cardio) a lot
>Height increase bonus ++
I have a problem right now actually:

>Used to be generic denim jacket, band T-shirt wearing metalhead
>Spent years transforming my style and becoming more /fa/
>Get a qt gf who I have pretty much everything in common with apart from music taste
>She likes her generic emo/alt rock stuff and has a style that matches.
>I am cool with that as qt emo girls are great
>She starts wanting me to wear 'emo' clothes as well and I can't stand them. I have also spent years trying to distance myself from that kind of look.
>I keep saying no but she is really pushy with it

What should I do? Is there any clothes that would keep her happy yet still /fa/?
>spent time in this shithole
>when i could have been learning from the legend

i was once asked by a SA at barneys if i worked for the local louis vuitton store.

i told me no and said i would never step foot inside such a plebby store. then i stormed out still holding the robert geller shirt i never paid for
Atleast you made the logical decision of not paying for anything made by Rober Geller
Green parka pleb checking my shoes out today whilst i was looking at her, she then realised and promptly looked at the ground. She was pretty cute though
go full gothninja
how come every teenage girl in the uk owns a green parka

>I don't find yoga pants attractive anymore on grills
>Been dieting/exercising for a year and a half and my pot belly won't go away. The type where I can suck in and look fine but just enough to bulge over my belt
>shit tier hairline, looks like a kindergartner tried to draw a semi circle in ms paint
>i want to be a fuccboi but i only look not ridiculous in normcore or prepcore
>how come every teenage girl everywhere owns a green parka

y though

it's mostly post-chav girls from what i have noticed, or the female equivalent of 'lads', but they are fucking everywhere
because it's fashun
i swear its always exactly the same green parka too, or always very similar, topshop must have one they have produced about a million of. How dumb
File: 1396283434318.png (197KB, 500x513px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
197KB, 500x513px
hold on, we talking emo or pop punk? cause paramore, fall out boy, and my chemical romance aren't emo

emo's more of pic related
thats pic is fucking gold lol all these snowing references
>That feel when you walk past chicks who brush their hair out of their faces and look down at the ground when you make eye contact with them

>That feel when you see people trying to replicate fits you've been repping in certain areas

Niggas been trying to copy my cold america fit for a while now
>tfw binging
>tfw eating 1600 cals
kill me now

>start wearing leather jackets and Chelsea boots
>3 months later i see plebs wearing oversized leather jackets
>just a month ago i start seeing Chelsea boots

i personally hate it, there's a reason why they're plebs, now they make me look like a regular person with well fitted clothes
kek, everytime

i take that as a fit check
>all dose feels

thanks fah
im doing highschool again because Mexico
>knackered and lethargic, yet unable to sleep
why is that? Because of stress?
idk of i could make it, bday is soming and i cant see my friends and my staple "friends" are annoying as fuck and i hate them

kill me pls
that sounds pretty cool

my vivid dreams last like 30 seconds but they're so of messages, like crypted radio signals

maybe that's why im depressed
>tfw qt3.14 girl asks me on a date
>tfw gf
>tfw really like her but we still haven't had sex after two years

Hell is real
Damn, I got lifetime b& for literally no reason three years ago. I did not expect that to post
shit is getting trendy in Mexico and the patterned leggings shit is still strong

shits gonna hit the fan
nigga nobody was born being interested in clothing
>tfw work in a warehouse
>tfw work is too dirty to wear anything nice so just wear thrasher clothes
>tfw qt works a couple businesses down
>tfw no confidence to talk to her because I'm not in my sickfits
>tfw I stare at her all day and only think of what could be
yeah fucking right. i can't believe you broke your own fucking nose, you idiot.

iktf, it's like cheating if they really knew me they would never look
>roommate drank all my milk
dónde está mis sides
File: 112a220004m.jpg (103KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103KB, 600x600px
Get a fitted shop coat, wear some black levi's and bad ass work boots and you'll look /fa/ af

think pic related but a skinnier fit on everything
>work at Jack in the Box
>bright green polyester button up
>don't give a fuck, hit on qts all the time

I'm the sexiest cashier this Jack in the Box has ever seen, and I don't give a single fuck
File: 1349448473614.png (615KB, 579x761px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
615KB, 579x761px
>mfw I don't know if always dating older girls is bad or good

I'm 20 and the girls I'm dating are always around 23

Stress and a horrendous sleeping pattern.
>tfw 20 and the only girls that want you are 17 at most

>implying any of us can afford to ball out in the Design District or Bal harbour

Cost of living, bro.
fa..I got the feels. and watching anime doesn't help.

>tfw no qt gf ;_;
>hard to incorporate bandages into dope fits

Oh well, the sympathy I get from qt's makes up for it.


>People ask me what happened
>I say I fell off my longboard
>my accent makes it sound like "lawnmower"
File: 1338322947372.jpg (39KB, 550x453px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 550x453px
>that feel when your shipment from ssense gets checked by customs despite ssense marking it down
>buying something online
>see price
>convert from euro into usd
>oh this isnt too bad
>go to checkout
>tfw its actually gbp
hi im bjorn and sally became a famous woman also bike
>trying this hard

hey fellow south florida /fa/g!

iktf. I go to FIU and all the spics here just wear nike frees and abercrombie and other shit-tier shirts/pants.
File: 1398366937174.png (299KB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
299KB, 800x800px

>tfw i live in Bay Harbor, 5 minutes away from Bal Harbor Shops
>tfw ive never bought anything from any store there
>tfw i go just to mire the clothes and the employees dont even bother to ask me if i need help because they know i cant afford them

>buying something online
>see price
>convert from usd to gbp

top fucking banter
>wake at 4 am
>tea and elliott smith for breakfast
>watch sunrise on deck
>relax before exams
>tfw u look too much like trunks, terrible hairline and all
File: reptarcomb.png (174KB, 500x359px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174KB, 500x359px
>everytime you get a haircut someone new compliments it
>omg anon I love your hair
>that's a really nice haircut
>you cut your hair it looks so good :)))
>I like your hair you look beautiful

I know i'm not the only one
>start going to /fa/
>start going to /fit/
>learn lots but took it all with a grain of salt
>buys some nice basics
>when I need something, I take my time and buy something nice.
>now have decent taste that will allow me to enjoy life a bit more
>don't become a pretentious asshole who hates everyone
life is pretty good if you use your head while on /fa/ or /fit/
>get new haircut
>get compliments all day for 2 days
>haircut looks like modernized Hitler style
>just realized it myself
unless you're 5'3 like me
You live with a /fit/izen?

>I live in Switzerland
>There's a chain of stores that sell expensive clothing, there called "Bon Genie"
>Often go to the one in Lausanne
>The employees are absolute smug scum cunts
>Though I cannot afford most things, I try them on
>Go there relatively ofently, ask questions to the staff "do you have this in size... Can I try this on? Will you make me a discount on this?
>they know me and I know they hate me
>feels good
SS+GOMAD. You're already a fat cunt so you haven't got much to lose.
You gotta strike first buddy. Either call the police and say you've been threatened or beat the shit out of him when he's alone.

This problem won't just go away, trust me. Good luck anon.
What city you in brew?
I just played a gig and I put my Damir Doma cardigan on my amp for like a minute while I got water and when I came back it was gone.

Fuck fuck fuck.
yeah we hate people like you
Crunches are a shitty workout made for people on steroids.

Do leg raises and have some muscle and actual functional strength.
>TFW /fa/ ex contacts you after seeing a fit pic on facebook.
>TFW she was the love of my life.
>TFW moved accross the country, so can't be with her in Arizona.
>TFW hate my current gf, but don't want to be alone or sexless.
>TFW No other girls in my town like my style because this is the south.
Th-they're just p-plebs, right guys?
that sucks

I remember there was a thread about how some dude got his ricky jacket jacked at da club off the coat rack

>tfw you spill AgNO3 on your CPs in lab
That's the advantage of preselection for you. That's why walking into a club with a girl on your arm, be it your sister or a friend, is going to get you mad attention.
File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (147KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147KB, 1280x720px
>studying in my room and thinking about tfw no gf
>look out the window and see a qt azn chick dressed in all black and (I think) wearing geos

Tis' a sign, gentlemen. I must find her
Abs are made in the kitchen mate

That's the point you smug cunt
>get new haircut
>look like a 7 yo kid
>three weeks pass by
>hair grows
>"hey anon, your hair looks pretty nice"
>waiting for class with a very relaxed pose
>SLP tier
>"hey anon, you look pretty sexy and handsome"

i just have to wait
the bane of my existance

>tfw no girls in my area that are effay without being some crazy bisexual LGBT new age weirdos posers
>tfw only befriend girls who have potential to be effay
>try so hard to make them effay
>feel so akward while doing it
>abandon them because i get bored and tired of their shit
>still sexless and single

just kill me now
>walk into a shitty retail store with an odd name
>make my way to the menswear section
>there's actually some good lower end pieces
>retail assistant comes up to help, he's overweight, wearing a mono fit and is audibly gay
>notice he's wearing adirafs in the grey/pink cw
>strike up a conversation with him, he's really into adidas collabs
>he's planning on copping the orange stan smiths and the tech runners
>james blunt walks in the front door
>the staff go over for a photo opportunity
>make awkward eye contact with james blunt
today was an odd day
just googled james blunt
this nigga got such a pussy face no wonder he sings about how he saw a girl and thought she's beautiful and love of his life but he never talked to her and seemingly enjoyed the idea of smn else fucking her
>audibly gay
Fuck those people
i don't understand why it's a thing, are gay people predisposed to speech impediments?
He means people who conform to the stereotypically 'gay' persona
Not really, I really mean those people who develop that lisp. It's just the lisp that bothers me, the rest I can deal with, but the lisp is so unnecessary.
I need someone on snapchat to send fashion related stuff to. Anyone up for it?
>ask /fa/ which outfit to wear clubbing
>/fa/ hates them all
>go home with a blonde hottie anyway
just another glorious day in the life of a nomalfag amirite
>7.5 inch dick
>premature ejaculator

this is the worst feel
that fucking arms reference, man, lmao :)
go back to /pol/

anyway this is something i remember from like a month ago
>me and one of my friends are just chilling
>said friend is absolutely not into fashion, and was wearing some red graphic tee and red cargo shorts, but we are friends nonetheless because we are chill dudes and have other common interests :)
>i was wearing my white ocbd, pinrolled stonewashed cm's, adi zx fluxes and some sweet sunnies
>friend told me i looked like a movie star and really good and stuff
>tfw it made me very happy
thanks, friend :)

other story
>had some dumb army theme day for the last day of school
>was wearing a tank top
>all these girls were miring
>got some friend requests from yung thirsty girls after school on fb
>feels good mane :)

well time to fuck up my exams now :)
people always seem to work out i'm gay and i don't try to act like anything or bring attention to it. it makes me kind of sad that u would dislike me just for that.
Is my dick fashion related? If so sure
Maybe if Rick Owens signed it, but I doubt it since he likes longer silhouettes
I'll bite. What's your Snapchat handle?
File: FUCKABOS.jpg (44KB, 396x385px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 396x385px
>Mfw abos stole my motherfuckin car during a pizza delivery.
>My electronics, wallet and uni notes in my bag
>Mfw prolly fired
>Mfw had been planning on coppin some new shoes exactly tonight

enjoy your aids
tiger don't change it's stripes etc

effay isn't only about the clothing
ur a pizza delivery boy?
File: 1399166299810.png (137KB, 453x668px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 453x668px
>tfw when want to build pc
>tfw when only manchildren play pc games
>tfw pc rig costs same as one/two ricks
i just fucking farted hard. "tfw when"
fuck. an hero time
damn man you're such a dumb faggot
sexy numb fay bois covered in blood are my #1 fetish
hes inside his own home dumbass, if someone breaks your door down tweaking you have every right to bash their brains in with the biggest fucking metal bat you have
16 and 19 is hardly anything? I know of 17yr old girl with 25yr old? Girls always go for the older guys
>tfw alternative core is back
>tfw our lord Hedi is coming back

i hadnt feel this glad for a while
it really disturbs me, even i (the one who posted the original story) dont like the fact of hanging around with little kids, but damn bitch b always gets my Ann D hard as diamonds and tingling like a fucked up engine trying to turn on
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