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Summer Festival Clothing General

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So with the summer music festivals coming up I think it's only appropriate to have a thread about it.

Post festival/party/EDM fits for some inspo!
Here's some party sloots and chads, James.
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>wearing anything of value to a festival

Senpai, I only ever wear thrifted basics with Teva sandals. If you go for anything more you are just asking for it to get ruined somehow and that puts a damper on your spirits.

What festivals are people going to this summer? I've got EForest, Camp Bisco, ML, and went to Ultra. Theres a rumor that ML might get canceled due to SFX's bankruptcy, but the other lineups are hype as fuck. Bisco's is especially jammin.
Have u been to Camp Bisco before? I went fro 2008-12 and swore never to go back, it was such a cesspool. Have fun tho ;)
It's a lot less heady now that its at Montage Mountain, I went to 2012 and 2013 when it was still at ILCC and I feel as though the new venue is a big step up. It's not those bikers acting as security anymore and with no Bassnectar this year it will probably have a different vibe than previous years. I'm excited to see what they have in store.
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Pic related, I think I will be attending Moogfest in Raleigh this year. It's close and relatively cheap, I blew most of my money on a trip to Iceland so my summer will be pretty lame otherwise.

I don't really have outfits for these type of events cause I usually have beer spilled all over me or sweat balls so I wear clothes I'm ok with pitching if they get trashed.
I'm going to a shitty festival here with my friends, Weekend Festival, it has a lot of mainstream artists but I'm really looking forward to Infected Mushroom, I was at their smaller gig in January and it was dope ass. Maybe some others if circumstances allow but not planned yet.

This is my first festival ever (I'm 23 btw) because I was a die hard metalhead just a few years ago, and I hate waiting in line and huge crowds but I was promised we'd mostly stick to the smaller stages so I guess it'll be fun. I was also promised an afterparty with one of the performers there, so that alone might make it an awesome experience.
Moogfest has a pretty rad line up this year. Reggie Watts seems like it'd be a really fun time.

As for OP: Do what other people said, just rock out in whatever you are comfortable throwing out.
OP go in full Rick. You'll impress everyone.
>thinking that /fa/ will go to any party let alone get invited to one
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North american white girl detected
What's it like seeing the same people over and over again for 3 days with Porto potties for the price of a trip to Europe?
Pretty awesome. You get to go and hang out with your friends as well as meet a whole new range of people, see some awesome performances, and generally just hang around and have a great time. Plus I'm not sure how you travel in Europe but the $2,500 I budgeted for festivals this year is basically a quarter of what I would spend on a two or three week trip to Europe.

It's always money well spent in my mind. The only one I've ever regretted was Mudson.
yeehaw pardner
Going to Coachella next weekend! Trying to figure out what I'm going to wear.

Gotta be comfy, going to be on a lot of drugs.
we get it, you do drugs

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If you're a dude just wear a tank (you usally end up taking your shirt off anyway) some basketball/sweat shorts and some cheap ass vans that you're fine with getting fucked up and high socks or no show socks and you're good.

>Douchey hats + sunglasses + camelbaks/backpacks are optional

Literally no one cares what you wear everyone is either faced or enjoying music too much to care

>Hitting up Outside Lands, Life is Beautiful and Snowglobe this year. Hopefully coachella and/or EDC next year

Outside Lands is only one to post lineup so far,

living where I do is super convenient for a lot of festivals surprisingly.
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>tfw most australian festivals are shit
Where in Australia are you?
The bigger ones are shit but there's a lot of smaller festivals that are really good
Adelaide lol

guess what you mean by 'good'. we barely every get many big international artists, but i probably have more fun at the little local doofs and stuff anyway

Corny cringefests with bad music. Go to a nightclub.
even worse

A good nightclub

>a DJ you might actually want to see
>fashionable and friendly crowd
>nice lights
>not far from home
>easy access to drugs and alcohol
>you can have a shower the next day and shit in a real toilet

A festival

>shitty mainstream teeny bopper music
>bunch of kids present in order to Instagram their festival trip
>sleep in a tent
>militant security
>all your stuff gets stolen
>no washing for days
i guess it could depend on where you live. most nightclubs in my city just play generic house music with obnoxious drunk dudes and sweaty gronks on too much mdma

most festivals here arent overnight and have weaker security than clubs lol
What a shit lineup. 3 days and only 3 good sets.
I want to go to Sziget and loose all my powerlevels and be free for once but i am affraid i will be the biggerst spagetti assburger on the whole place and will get laught at by alpha chads and qts.
also i am affraid im going to be very lonely seeing all those happy people while being alone myself
My summer festival outfits is usually sunglasses, straw gardener hat, tank top, shorts, beater sneakers.
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Thread images: 8

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