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Just copped these Thorogoods. Anything that I need to do to them

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Just copped these Thorogoods. Anything that I need to do to them to prep for wearing? Mink oil? Water proofing?
nope. those look great beat. just wear them.
you dont have to do anything before you wear them, but you ought to treat them as soon as you can. since you asked i assume you know how. and dont polish them right away, just so you can really appreciate the color once you do.
oh and this is purely my opinion, but change out the laces.

Just rub them down with mink oil or neatsfoot oil? Anything else I need to do?
Not OP but what would /fa/ recommend for protecting the heels on my shoes? I'm interested in heel taps but are they a thing I would have to replace very often? What are some things I should consider
I prefer Huberd's Shoe Oil myself, but whatever product you like is good.

I'd give them one coat of oil, let them dry overnight, then give one more coat at least. I tend to do three coats when I first get a pair of boots and then one or two coats as needed in the future.
don't they have a 100% no questions asked no condition warranty?

don't bother if it gets salt stained get a new pair for free
Depends on the shoes and what look you want
For leather soled shoes or boots, I just put on a vibram sole topper but for something like sneakers I might use taps.

How quickly they wear down depends not only on how much you wear them but how fast you walk. The faster you walk the faster the heel wears because of drag.
never heard of that
are you thinking of the LL Bean Katahdin boots made by Chippewa?
it's been awhile since i've looked at these off brands but it was either this one or another lower tier true-work boot that had a tab and sold itself as made in usa

D something

or tanner or someshit
i currently dont have any, but im going to get some mink oil. what i do have is saddle soap.

my current process is clean the boots, wipe them down, apply saddlesoap, wait overnight, wipe them down, then polish. when i get the mink oil i will do the same process, clean wipe down, apply, wait overnight, wipe down clean then saddle soap, overnight, wipe, clean, polish, overnight, shine.
All these retards on fashion sites start slathering leather boots with goo as soon as they buy them. Makes the boots gross and turns the leather squishy. When they're new they've already been oil tanned.

Thorogood boots have SUPER soft and flexible leather. I wouldn't put anything on them until you've worn them for a while. I have a pair of the moc toes and I really like them. More comfy and half the cost of a Redwing. Leather's almost as good and the stitching is better as far as I'm concerned. The laces are shit and will start to ball up and tear pretty quickly.

Speaking of LL Bean Katahdins, worst quality boots I've ever bought. Exchanged three pairs with LL Bean before I sold the last pair on eBay in frustration.
>laces are shit
do you have recommended replacements? im not really feeling the laces on my bean boots.

No, but I'd like to hear from other anons. I'm still using the stock Thorogood laces on my boots.
ive got a pair of leather thongs that seem pretty good but im not too well versed in leather and i havent had them long, coming up to a month
I got the heavier waterproofed katahdins with the ankle reinforcement and heavy lug.
They are pretty good quality, BUT the leather wrinkles and fold in fat amounts.
I love 'em to death but I'm betting the upper doesn't last more than another two years, so thank christ for LL beans warranty.
More of a actual workboot though.
pic are my boots while doing some cleaning.
obviously don't over-condition them
the reason you treat them first is to waterproof them, not necessarily to soften them
OP here. As these Thorogoods are brand new and bought online, I got several sizes delivered. A 10 has a little room in the toe and feels comfy (maybe even a little too roomy) as is. A 9 1/2 feels OK, but a little tight in the toes.

Should I go for the 10, or do I need to get the 9 1/2 and it will eventually form to my foot?

I had the regular version. Here's what happened:

Pair 1: Bought used and the toe stitching on both boots was totally blown out even though they weren't that heavily worn. It's awful single-row stitching. So I exchanged them.

Pair 2: New from Bean. One boot's upper was cut considerably larger than the other. Like it didn't fit anything like the other. Exchanged.

Pair 3: New from Bean. One boot was made out of awful cracked and wrinkly leather that looked a million years old. Both boots had ripped stitching. Exchanged.

Pair 4: One was slighly smaller than the other but it wore in. One boot had the sides of the soles ground unevenly like a blind man was doing it. Sold on eBay.

I wanted to like the boots but the quality control was nonexistent. They're made in China by Chippewa, FYI. If you get a good pair they should be good boots but not for the $240 or whatever Bean is charging for them. You could get a pair of Red Wings for that.

Thorogood boots might not be as traditional but the quality and stitching are top-notch.
A half size up is right when I got mine and can still wear a thick pair of socks with em
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Thread images: 2

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