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Why do drawing and theater kids always dress like shit?

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What is it about a drawing or theater class that attracts unstylish people. Of course there are exceptions but for the most part they just don't care or wear cringey outfits that they think looks good.
(Picture not related)
Either you're underage, or your mind is the color of television, tuned to a dead station.
By kids I just mean students. That's just what we called them in high school and college. Did I offend you because you took theater or drawing.
90% of everybody dont give a shit what they wear
fuck off
theater kid here
not majoring in it, but do it constantly
Because they care more about their craft then how they look. Most artists/designers are in their own little world.

I went to an art college.
You could distinguish different majors just by they way everyone dressed.

Computer Animation majors were the worst.
Interior Design were prob. the best dressed.
Photography students dress the best.

I have the hugest crush on a girl that's in theater, tell me your secrets.

How important is acting ability to you in the people you are friends with?

Do you act as fictional characters in everyday conversations to make it more interesting? Do you find yourself doing more expressive eye movements and stuff?

How deep is the average cast member, like do they understand the symbolic and analogical significance of their character and change their acting in response? Also do you do that thing where you try to imagine a situation that reminds you of the same emotion the character is feeling?

Also what's your favorite play?
They dress stylishly, its just 2deep4u.
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I'm a production student so I usually stick with other production and design students, but you sound autistic and I would stay far away from you. Or you'd get along just fine with the first year musical theatre students who are all on the same spectrum as you.
If you're interested in theatre, bring up shows that you've seen, plays you've read. Brecht is always an interesting topic to bring up, and if you want dick jokes, start talking shakespeare.
If you like this girl, go see her fucking perform, take her to an improv night or a show that's going on. Honestly most people in my department say the same thing and that is that any of our friends outside of theatre barely have an understanding and don't give a shit about it. It's kind of disheartening so even showing that you're interested means a lot sometimes.
>Brecht is always an interesting topic

I'll find one of his plays to read, thanks. Any recommendation?

>barely have an understanding

It seems really insular. Without already knowing people or taking classes, all I can do is read plays. But that doesn't cover production at all.
Act normal. In a play, actors and actresses kind of grow attached to their character and form a bond. Joke around, call her by the name of a character she's been. Don't worry about not being a theater kid. A lot of theater kids don't just like theater, we like other stuff too. Theater and music are close knit communities. I'd encourage you to try out for a play she's considering, anon. I'm not sure what my favorite play is though tbqhwy pham.
Who is this semon demon
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Often times they don't follow trends just cuz they are "lame", they more just follow their style which i love.
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