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This is a question that is mainly for the autistic shut ins here,

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This is a question that is mainly for the autistic shut ins here, but I guess anyone can answer: why do you do it?

If you're a NEET, have no friends, and spend 16 hours a day in front of your computer, why are you even bothering copping fashionable shit?

>in b4 I dress for myself
dressing for yourself would still imply you regularly are out in public being seen, regardless. If you're rocking SLP or Rick or AMI or whatever just to ride with mom to subway once every couple weeks but hide in your room literally the rest of the time, why bother? No bully, I'm genuinely curious.
I don't think you understand how autism works friend.
Maybe. Explain how it works in correlation with my question, then.
I don't /fa/ but I guess it's because people are interested in fashion and post here to feel like part of a community that shares the same interest

Pretty much this, it's a hobby and a social outlet online.

Also a way of getting a feeling of superiority over normies who are probably doing better than you.

I come from a flyover town in the UK and feel pretty fa there. Went to London this weekend and there were so many nxt lvl people.
is there any cultural significance behind saturday the 14th 12:25 ?
Easy work:
1 complaining
2 pretending
3 blaming
4 taking
5 resenting

Hard work:
1 inspiring
2 teaching
3 learning
4 giving
5 empowering
In my case people usually treat well dressed, fit and good looking people better, so I'm doing it for that mostly
but why do shutins do it? why wear grail fits to sit online and never leave your room
Because it's a hobby where you can get better and better and then look back and laugh at your précédent fits/styles because they were so bad.
I also have a strong subconscious need to be accepted that's why i try to dress good but maybe that's just me. When i feel like my fit is ugly i literally start having panic attacks
why do people make art

why do they wake up in the morning

why do they keep eating
that literally answers nothing, you dodged the question and simultaneously failed an attempt to sound deep
ok but this thread is a dodgy passive aggressive shit talk so it fits in
Are you retarded?
Jesus christ, this board has become unbrowsable
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Even if that were true for the majority of the board, what the fuck is it to you anyway

god damn son
don't let the door hit you
curiosity. why can't you answer
because fuck you that's why iigbphwy
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Even shut in NEETs have to go out from time to time and it makes me feel better looking good when doing so since I feel constantly judged outside and people do treat me better since I started caring about how I dress.
>using mommy and daddy's money for clothes

it's just as fake as wearing zara knockoffs

mad lol
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In hopes that one day a group of people that perfectly fit my clothing aesthetic will approach me and ask for me to join in on their Instagram photos of them at in-n-out in the middle of the night.
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I've gone full-cocoon during this last semester at uni. Gonna emerge from this spunk-filled basement of mine wearing fashionable cops and a good degree at the beginning of next year.

>it will all have been worth it
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To look good and be attractive the few times I do go out. I'm not a social outcast or socially handicapped, so I'm not afraid of approaching girls I think seem interesting.
Looking good gives me that extra edge, in a way. Always dress as if you are going to meet the one. This way you'll always look professional if someone decides to offer you a job, you also look approachable and people won't judge you for your interests if you look good.

Think about it. Would anyone ever question someones nerdy interests if they were a literal 10/10? Absolutely not. Not saying I'm more than a 6/10, but looking good helps you in every day life. There's a reason that first impressions matter the most, and I intent to make the most out of it.

And most importantly, it makes me feel good about myself.

Hope you got something from that.
Lol this pic, my uncle is a fucking crust punk full off tattoos and piercings and he has this pic as a patch in one of his pants lol.
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>implying I actually try to be /fa/
>implying I buy "/fa/" clothes and attempt anything

I'm literally just here to laugh at all of you

cool blogpost, subscribed
Thread posts: 25
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