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What are the top three brands you are interested in *right now* /fa/?
Feel free to provide explanations and support others in their choices.
They dont have to be similar, everyone knows its chill to have a diverse style - they also don't have to be anything you own/wear, just what excites you.
Post pics of some of their work too.
For me at the minute it's got to be -
>rick owens
always delivers something new, beautiful, different, constantly evolving very naturally and never failing in my eyes, such an all encompassing aesthetic.
really like the ethos of this brand, so happy, creative and inclusive, as well as looking cool as fuck, really hard to get hold of many of the pieces though
>cav empt
bit of a fuccboi choice, but really pushing streetwear and the japanese streetwear aesthetic, really cool prints, as well as interesting shapes and construction on pieces.
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69 jackets hug.jpg
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69 worldwide FW 15 lookbook
cav empt pullover denim jacket
hope we get some good contributions to this thread, actual discussion rather than "is this effay"
>Carpe Diem/it's derivatives
At their height they were like a rogue band of craftsmen, with an inability to compromise their plans. Antifashion seems to almost be a disservice to the brand, but that is also one of the best descriptions I know. Overall they were and still are a fairly unheard of brand, but made some pieces and produced ideas thay easily went on to shape popular fashion.
The derivatives never get too close to what CD was but Marvie, Lucca, and some of MA's stuff was just incredible when they first started their own lines.
I think what makes me really love a designer is the apparent passion they put into their work. This passion is always so prevalent in Ricks collections. His ability to consistently capture a new part of his "universe" and project it in a fresh way always amazes me. Especially recently he has really done some surprising things in his shows that I was in awe over(women's fw15 most notably). Also it can be worn in such a versatile range, but anyone who is even slightly in the know will instantly recognize the proportions or silhouette as Rick
>Tie between Ann/Damir
Early Damir, and Ann at her best again just so perfectly capture that intense emotion thay I love seeing in collections. I hesitate towards Ann more than Damir becuase of how solid she was for so long, stepping out before she lost her touch. But at the same time Damir's early collections were just on such another level from so many others at the time. If he can continued on the trend he was on his first couple years, I would easily say he could rival Rick or soke of the other "bigs"
great choices man, up until very recently mine would have looked very similar but my taste has really branched over the past couple of months, i think it's being enamoured with the ethos of a brand as well as their aesthetic
Minimalism done differently, kindof reminds me of Half-Life, kinda distopian undertones but that may be just me noticing that
>Raf Simons
Still in the game id say which alot or recent opinions would say otherwise, i feel like you can see in his work that is brain performs on a different level to most mainline designers and i like that, also the minimalism, post modernism
Checked out the adidas collab and then the mainline stuff Kolor produced, really nice colour palettes i feel.
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>Carpe Diem
always hear mentioned in the same breath as like CCP etc but don''t really know anything about Carpe Diem. Like I'd heard of ma+ (mauricio ..?) stuff but didnt really know it/he was part of the same collective or anything... Basically I know nothing.

these are interesting man, never really been a minimalist fan but i can see why you like these brands, strong themes through your choices
Thom Browne (absolutely in love with grey wool)
>Engineered Garments
Literally every piece I have gotten from them goes above and beyond what I expected. I love interesting patternmaking and EG lives up to its name.

Always uses interesting materials, fits me surprisingly well even though I am super tall, and is made in japan, one of the only countries that that means a damn anymore.

Should go without say, Hiroki Nakamura just has that eye for detail. Mostly I just buy the footwear though.

>(honorable mention) Acronym
God of Gore Tex. I love my hardshell and I just ordered the Nike collab, but I don't have anything else from them, so Errolson Hugh barely loses out to visvim.
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