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ENF General #21

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"I have no clothes and I must hide!" edition!

ENF=Embarrassed Nude Female(s)

An ongoing thread for ENF themed images, stories, or videos.

Archived Stories: http://pastebin.com/LARgaXEF

Notable ENF manga: http://pastebin.com/EVxahg1f

Notable ENF anime: http://pastebin.com/B4ex1tUD

ENF Games: http://pastebin.com/edRBSW4p

Google Drive that's collecting ENF scenes from H-Manga: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6o7ql-46-V3eDZBSUVKZ0ZPZFU

If anyone has any other suggestions for ENF Anime, Manga, and Games then post them and describe them in the thread. They'll be added to the pastebins.

Don't be shy about posting content in this thread; there are plenty of girls being shy for us!
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Current stories:

>>1757315 A Christmas Gift by Metabot

>>1749157 Saki The Part-Timer by Saki (MIA)

>>1750682 Airport Escapades by Raius (MIA)

>>1762485 The Longest Call by Misa

>>1752758 Falling Star by DeemoCat

>>1761137 PBP RP Recruitment by anon
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why bother making a new thread if you're just gonna post the same old shit as before?
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Seeing as how the alternative was having no thread at all... I'm sure Saki will have new stuff at some point, so there's that.
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I actually have. I was totally planning on doing a new thread after finishing the next chapter of my story (which I was working on). No big deal, I was taking cutting it too close for comfort (plus I made the past three threads anyway).

That said, some link drops:

Pretty much all of archived ENF threads, to #9. (That said, if you still have the link to the threads, a thread will stay up for 48 hours after getting bumped off page 10, but you can't reply anymore.)

A huge collection of exhibitionism/enf stuff. There's a lot of /h/ content though, so thread carefully. (Also be sure to use Google Image Search for anything you want to save, as there's almost always a better quality of the image available elsewhere I've found.)
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Good that it's in the works, I'm looking forward to it.
>Notable ENF manga: http://pastebin.com/EVxahg1f
>>Includes manga that actually stop being about ENF
>>No Tennen Kakutou Shoujo Chihiro Chan

At least there's Kawara Keisuke mentioned but this list is really strange. Especially since Chihiro is five straight volumes of nothing but ENF.
Wot manga is this from?
I keep forgetting to add it, honestly.
One of Valssu's works, roshutsu shoujo nikki chapter 03
I'm partially reposting this from the end of the last thread in case someone new sees it.

On the subject of do-it-yourself ENF, I've decided to try to run an RPG with ENF elements using a rules-light system.

The point of the game is to have the player characters ending up in embarrassing situations. The current plan is to set the game in a fantasy setting, with the players on a quest to find out why these things keep happening to them.

I'm not a fan of hardcore humiliation, so the game will not have a very serious tone. It will also have a slower pace and a long term plot instead of being full ENF all the time.

There is currently one interested player and I'm open for another one or two additional ones. You can contact me at https://app.roll20.net/users/577952/ if you'd like to join.
Would you happen to know where to get the raws for Chihiro?
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This manga was posted on oneclickchicks a few days ago and to me it's pretty much the perfect ENF story. Thought I'd share it here, from "Stravaganza" chapter 7
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dude, this post is fucking beautiful, so i gone to post my favorites :D (all in english)
sorry about my english

you can see the name of the artist and search for more material
and if you dont mind about the traduction you can search here the artist for all the tomes in other language (korean are the most used)





the more complete web:
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I'll stop here but the rest is pretty easy to find, it's on mangafox for example
what is the name of the manga? pls D:
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These are from a Go Nagai manga called Kekko Kamen. It's about an evil school, high in the mountains, where the teachers make the students work by threatening them with horrible punishments. The punishments involve ENF more often than not. It's great.
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Kekko Kamen is a superhero who fights the evil teachers. She wears a mask and nothing else. This embarrasses the hell out of her but she does it anyway, because it's the only way to fight evil.
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You can get the whole thing on mangafox. I recommend it.
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I also recommend Dororon Enma-Kun, by the same author, which involves a beautiful ice maiden who doesn't wear anything under her kimono and often has it fall off.
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Slave to the Grind, Chapter 5

"Don't move." Harumi says, grabbing a nearby cloth and wrapping it around Saki's eyes. "I don't want to hear a peep out of you until I'm done, otherwise I'll just snap your picture and send it over the internet. And don't you dare peek either."

Whatever words Saki had for Harumi, she kept to herself. 'I hate my pride sometimes.' She thought to herself. 'What do I even need this blindfold for? What's she gonna d-'

Saki gasps, her thoughts silenced by a pair of hands.

"Oh, relax." Harumi says, dismissively. "I'm just checking your measurements."

'I'm pretty sure you use tape for that.' Saki thinks to herself. '...It also doesn't involve caressing my backside.'

Harumi's hands slowly make their way across Saki's posterior, and gently run up along her ribcage, causing the nude girl to visibly tense up.

"Hmhm..." Harumi giggles. "Looks like your enjoying yourself."

And audible sigh escapes Saki's mouth. 'I want to punch this girl so badly...'

Ignoring Saki's sigh, Harumi's hands creep up towards what was likely her target the entire time; Saki's breasts.

Harumi hmphs. "Well, if nothing else, you're certainly gifted here." She says, giving Saki's bare chest a hard squeeze.

"Nng..." Saki flinches in pain.

"Ah, right, I guess that would be a bit painful, wouldn't it?" Harumi says, petting Saki's chest and causing it to bounce. "Not that I would know..."

Harumi then backs away from the nude girl. "Anyway, I had my fun, let's get you something to wear."

Saki grits her teeth as she hears the sound of a sliding closet door opening. After what feels like an eternity of rustling, the door closes.

"Now then, I may not be terribly attached to these, but I still expect them back tomorrow, understand?"

Saki nods, begrudgingly.

"Great! Now let's get you dressed."

With a deep breath, Saki mentally prepared herself for what terrible garment Harumi had prepared...
A) A tube top and a pair of tearaway athletic pants.
B) A middle school sailor uniform that's much too small.
C) A surprisingly normal plain white t-shirt and blue-jean pants.
D) Write-in.
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I procrastinated WAAAY too much on this.
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B should be fun.
>D) Write-in.
White shirt and skirt
>D) Write-in.
A white men's shirt three sizes too large.

That's it.
A or >>1764327
Holy hell, it's back!
C, I want to see what the catch it.
File: 17.webm (3MB, 640x480px)
3MB, 640x480px

What is that from? Art looks familiar, I just can't think of the name.
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"In Bura", apparently. I found it on Fapservice, but it seems they took down a lot of their manga compilations (because their host apparently doesn't like adult content).

The animation style looks really familiar, but I can't remember it for the life of me. Source?
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Ah, never mind. I found out. It's from Rondo Duo by Tinklebell.
I'd like to know, too
Dumping a few.
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Public nudity would certainly help with the birthrate I imagine.
Or the rape rate.
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C because i dont give a fuck

Good to see this has returned. B.
that actually sounds really interesting
did you already start it?
We're just about to start the actual game part, so send me a message if you'd like to join and I'll figure out how to add you in.
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>The viewer isn't reflected in the mirror.

Are you saying you wouldn't suck her blood?
posting mainly to help spread the image. apparently the artist deleted their original post
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