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Home rot?

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I'm looking at buying a foreclosed house.

It has some pretty bad rot at a corner post. Per usual with South Carolina, there are no gutters. Splash back from the propane tank rotted the siding, and eventually rotted through.

How much of a nightmare would this be to fix?

I build boats for a living.
Youll have to cut all of that away, and then replace the wood, which shouldnt be terribly hard. But Id go into the crawl space to look at the extent of the Rot
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Do you know the terminology for this piece?

I'm trying to look for examples online of the replacement.
Outer wall.
>I build boats for a living.

I assume fiberglass boats otherwise you would probably already know how to fix this.

Essentially rot, rust, corrosion, mold, fungus, and anything else that slowly destroys materials is cancer. You have to remove the affected material, and some of the adjacent unaffected material.

Given the photos you've posted you'll have to remove that wood siding, remove the plywood beneath it, and you may have to replace that floor joist just above the foundation footing.

If you're lucky the rot hasn't extended into the vertical framing, otherwise you may need an engineer to replace that structural framing member, then you might have to dick around with the code enforcement for framing.

If you don't already know what you're doing regarding structural framing including load bearing exterior walls, this isn't really /diy/. Call a good contractor, send him some good photos, and ask for a ballpark estimate.

In my estimation, it shouldn't be more than about $8k to repair the framing if its as bad as I think it will be. You can do the siding and painting yourself. You might be able to save a bit also if you demo what you can.
Inflatables actually! Unfortunately, i cannot glue this together with elastomer glue and Hypalon.

For our RIBs, we are wood-free. All divinyl foam core or heavy CSM layup.

Thank you very much for the excellent response! May the dubs shine upon you.
First problem:
The siding material is Weyerhaeuser(there were other manufacturers but WH had it first) Composite Fiber Siding material.
Essentially it is paper, there were HUUUUGGGGEEEEEE Lawsuits on that stuff back in the 90's.

Basically it's fucked.

Realistically, if the entire building has that fiberboard crap, you're looking at re-siding the ENTIRE building.
You cannot fix or patch that paper-board crap.

Even "back in the day" 70's and 80's when that stuff was "the New Thing!" it took specialized cutters and saws to not fuck it up.

Years ago people that joined in the lawsuit were compensated and got their homes re-sided for "Free" on Weyerhaeuser (or other manufacturers) money.

So, look at the entire building, and calculate what it would cost to do a complete Re-Siding job, taking off all the paperboard and putting up either vinyl or fiber-cement(Hardi)

It's possible that if you point this situation out to The Bank (the faulty paper siding) and that it is rotting away (as paper siding is known to do) they might cut you a sweet deal on the house.
Don't buy it.
Learned something new today.

OP, unless this neighborhood is just fantastic and you plan on staying there a couple decades at least, don't buy it. You're likely buying a less-than-cared-for house needing a lot of TLC to fix neglect and maintenence. Then you'll have to drop tens of thousands into it to make it nicenice.

If you plan on staying a while your money will be returned to you tenfold. But if you wanna buy a cheap house, slap on a coat of paint and make a few bucks, you're probably going to lose big.

Don't buy it is probably good advice.

Why on Earth did you think making blow up boats is relevant at all?
Neighborhood is 150 - 250k
House sold in 2007 for 175k
Foreclosed this year

Listed for 104k, owned by Fannie Mae

Lot is bigger than most of the lots in the neighborhood by about 0.25 acre.

I was going to come in at 91k + they pay closing costs.
1) Can you do lots of the work yourself? 2) Do you have a good skill set?/Good work in the area then... go for it! :D bought a fixer upper now 3 years later one more section of the house to fix up. Only buy if you have an expectation of living in the area 5-10 years minimum.
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op i have a better idea
>buy the property
>demolish lot
>take out loan for 40k and buy a tripple wide trailor
>cement blocks
>10/10 would dirty dancer again
frig off rick
Couldn't give a good assessment of that price considering we can only see one exterior corner of the house.
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Thats your sheathing, header, and sill plate. Replacing the header and sill is a huge pain in the dick. Replacing sheathing is easy peasy in comparison.
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