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Gumball Coin Mechanism Fucked Up

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Hi /diy/ I don't usually go out of my boards asking for help, but I tried googling and I found nothing. Sorry if this is shitposting.

My problem is simple, I dismantled a Coin Mechanism of a Gumball machine and I can't rearrange it. I THINK I have all the small pieces, but I can search agian, I made it jump when I took it out the last gear, know nothing about the inside.

I would like to ask to help to assemble it again making it turn, disposing bgums, etc. . .I would like to make it work again.

This is the pieces I have, and what I want to assemble, you will save my ass /diy/, thanks.

Pic related.
Find the serial number of your machine and google that. Hopefully you can find a service manual or something.
Pretty sure I see it, but I need a good overhead shot of the rear (face that's currently showing) of the front plate. Flip the back plate in the pic for me as well.
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1MB, 3264x1508px
To be clear, I mean a clear shot of the part on the left, and the other side of the part in the blue circle. All I need is to see where the spring and the round end of the coin detect lever sits, we'll be in business from that point.
File: 14486874561391.jpg (2MB, 3264x1782px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3264x1782px
Install in the following order 1,2,3,4,5,6.
3 and 6 need to be flipped over and the dog (4) needs to be rotated 180 degrees.
That's what I >>907275 thought but with a spring that strong, the weight of the coin is not going to be enough to pop that lever out of the way of the ratchet wheel. I also can't see there being enough physical room for it to pop back, neither is there wear marks in the metal where that latch would have been moving back and forth over the years.

More pics OP.
I tried to mount some picks on paint, there is that shots do you need.

Very thanks, but I'm having a hard time mounting 4 toghether, how it should be put? Pic related, is the most I can understand to mount, I don't know how to mount the spring.

See mega link, I put all the pics toghether. And that's my issue too, I can't see where the spring goes.

If it helps, it were free spin, the hook that makes it it work with the coins was already modified as you can see in my 1st pick. But it worked and had endless turns.
File: spring.jpg (246KB, 1216x724px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
246KB, 1216x724px

Perfect, cheers. I notice spring side A points away from the center of the springs rotation, and I also notice what appears like a small hole where I have pointed the arrow. Is this a hole? Could be side A is supposed to sit in the hole while side B sits against the back of the ratchet. It looks like there may be room for it in the curve of the ratchet after all (assuming the ratchet is up against the wheel where it would normally be).

Looks like everything else is 100% otherwise.
Damn! It was that! I think it fits perfectly anon, I will try and post results in a while.

Thanks /diy/!
Sick as aids.

I have a funny feeling you have the coin wheel on back to front as well, idea being the coin wheel rotates clockwise (using pic in >>907339 as reference) With no coin, the ratchet will engage the lobes preventing rotation, with coin, rotation is allowed because the coin pushes the ratchet out of the way before the first lobe on the wheel engages it. This would be impossible with the wheel as it is because it appears the coin would go over the ratchet. The ramp at the bottom right would also suggest the coin would be sliding over it to be pushed out of the wheel and into the coin box.

Play with the orientation of that wheel and see if you can verify this before you install the spring, last thing you want is it shooting into a dark corner of your workspace while you fiddle.
I tried what I understood from you, anon. Looks like the main wheel couldn't be on other way than that. Also I made it coinless removing the top piece, and now it spins perfect.

I would provice a wemb if I would know how to do it, though.
File: 20199284610.jpg (4KB, 124x164px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 124x164px
So you're up and running? Good as gold man, enjoy your free bubble madness.
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 6

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