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I love the feeling of hot showers with the steam and love how

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I love the feeling of hot showers with the steam and love how it makes my sense of smell better. Love the way to steam opens up my pores etc.

but the hot water does a lot of damage to my skin. really dries it out. this past summer I did nothing but cold showers and my skin felt sooooo good. was amazing.

So how do I get the benefits of hot showers without drying my skin out.

buy steamer and then use cold water through shower head? Saw one for $1000 and it looked dangerous to use. I'm more of the type of person that sits in front of a computer monitor all day.

thanks for the advice in advance gents.
Its because it strips the oil off your skin, much like using cheap shampoo too often or using harsh body soaps.

I dont iuse soap but every 3-4 days, but take long hot showers every day. Makes a difference. The No-poo meme has some basis in reality, even if its a trolly thing.
how about a warm shower since you obviously loves showering
the cold water makes my skin feel so good though. I just want the steam. Is steamer feasible?
you know face steamer is a real thing right
You should literally be using your bathroom exhaust fan during and after your shower as to not destroy the bathroom with moisture.
Regardless a steamer is a retarded idea.
Cold showers take some time for your body to adjust to the temperature.

If you add warm steam around yourself inside of the cold shower, your body will never adjust to the cold and you will be uncomfortable until you raise the temp of the shower. Its defeating the whole purpose
do you take cold or hot showers?
Im not OP, but I take both depending on how im feeling and what the temperature is outside. I live in a state that can hit over 100 degrees in the summer, and below 0 in the winter.

I took a blistering hot shower this morning because I have the week off and had nowhere to be. Barely got out of bed, and decided to stay cozy in the shower too.

I understand what you are trying to do but really dont think it will work.
Just buy some lotion.
I just thought of something.

>have a shower chair (from when I tore ACL) but still use it because I like lounging in the shower.
>have dirt cheap shower head with a crappy mist setting.

I dont use the mist setting

When im sitting down, by the time the almost vaporized mist hits me its lukewarm to cold water. It is still hot at the showerhead so It shoots steam out down towards you. Its just the water itself cools very quickly in its "mist" state.
If you crank the heat the more steam comes out, it pretty much blows steam into your face while at the same time hitting you with cooler water.Its interesting, but I dont like it.

Maybe you can achieve something similar by distancing yourself from your shower head and using a mist setting.

This. I only use soap on my genitals, ass, and armpits. I also only use shampoo every other day but still wash it through water. I used to be so dry to the point I was constantly itching. Thought I had mercury poisoning or something but the doc said it's just dry skin. Taking showers like this is a lot more comfortable than having greasy lotion on your body all day.
anon, you forgot to mention which shower head you have!
wait do you take cold showers now?
will this product help? I have bad hair and dry skin for years.

The non handled version of this, they dont seem to make it anymore. Same exact head though

I drape a towel over my head and go over the kettle, then ride the switch.
At risk of being called a fag, I suggest getting some in shower body lotion. It puts all those oils that you just stripped off back on to your skin.
Thought about using a cool mist humidifier? I used to love falling asleep to the sound of those old ones with the impellers.
is this worth the money?

What exactly is this snake oil machine supposed to do?
Do you have 3rd world level tap water that is destroying your skin?
I have psoriasis. I know from flaky skin.

1. Use a women's body wash, scentless. Dove is my go-to. Go with a scentless shampoo and conditioner as well, if you use Pantene, frankly, you're fucked.
2. Use a scentless, perfumeless detergent for your clothes. Instead of dryer sheets, buy wool dryer balls, and NEVER use anything other than a free and clear detergent.
3. Washing boost: Baking soda. That's it.
4. Deo: alum crystal.
5. If you start to break out, use coal tar shampoo and LEAVE IT ON for at least 5 minutes, don't rinse.
6. If you shave daily, use a blade - not a safety razor, not an electric razor, a basic cartridge Mach 3.
7. Keep your body hair trimmed. Metrosexual, I know, but your hair can irritate your skin. Get a beard trimmer and buzz everything down - legs, ass, back, chest. Setting it to 6 or higher keeps some hair - important if you don't like the feeling of scratchy legs.
8. Switch your cleaning supplies to nontoxic, as well.

Do all this and I guarantee you'll be able to do a steam shower every day. I do.
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>Just buy some lotion.
other than water,,, there is two main ingredients in most skin lotions that have "fairly" natural ingredients: petroleum jelly and lanolin

petroleum jelly is [generally] bad as it drives moisture out of your skin. sometimes you may want this result but most of the time you don't.

lanolin is a fatty wax from sheep wool that helps your skin maintain moisture. you can buy pure lanolin on ebay + other places online.

it has a kind-of musky 'animal' smell when you first apply it, but that goes away in a couple minutes so don't panic about that. it also gets absorbed into your skin and doesn't leave your skin greasy like petroleum jelly will, nor does it accumulate on clothing and turn black (accumulate dirt!) like petroleum jelly does

if you want 'good' skin moisturizer lotion without all the bullshit ingredients, then just buy pure lanolin.


Of course,,,, it can be argued that even lanolin doesn't really "help" your skin, from a medical standpoint--and that is true--but it is the best ingredient to use externally to do as much as possible.
So quikc question here.

When i turn on my shower, all the pipes start making noises, like a jackhammer.
Not as loud, but its a resonating banging.
What is it and how do i fix it?
Turn off the water to your house at the shutoff. Find your lowest water trap and highest. Open them both and let your house completely drain. Water will stop coming out. Close the taps, turn water back on. This should recharge any water arresters in your house. You might have to do this every few years. If ot remains a problem your houses pressure regulator might be busted or need adjusting. If that's okay then you're fucked. I'd call a plumber at that point because it takes experience and luck to properly place arresters/anti hammer devices effectively.
>At risk of being called a fag

All of you hipsters are fags!
Talking about beauty regimens like a old ladies sewing circle. geesh!

If you're so frail that a shower hurts you.......
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Thread images: 2

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