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Best EDC-DIY tool?

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Leatherman Signal.png
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Heya folks,

I've recently begun learning more about bushcraft, tools, fixing things, etc. and am now looking for my first multi-tool. The thing is I still don't know very much about tools and the companies ( Gerber, Leatherman, Victorinox, etc. ) that make them and decided it would be a good idea to seek out suggestions. Thus here I am and here is what I want to ask you: what is the best every-day-carry/do-it-yourself tool and why? Does X tool suit your needs better than Y or maybe you like A tool because it is smaller and/or more durable than B? If you have a knowledgeable opinion I'd appreciate you sharing it.

Pic related: Leatherman Signal ( http://www.leatherman.com/signal-439.html#start=5 ) consisting of 19 different tools including removable safety whistle/ferro-rod.
Multi tools fall into a few categories

Gimmickiy Toy

I personally carry a SOG Power Pocketpliers, a Victorinox Huntsman and a folding Husky utility knife.
>Does X tool suit your needs better than Y or maybe you like A tool because it is smaller and/or more durable than B?
Thanks for that clarification. May I ask you what you like about the SOG PP and the V-Huntsman?
SOG has compound leverage so the jaws have awesome grilling and cutting power, and the PPP is small enough to be inobtrusive in a belt pouch. Victorinox for Victorinox quality and a good blade. Also the tool load outs of the two complement nicely with little overlap.
My EDC is a leatherman micra. I have a Skeletool CX in my belt pouch incase my pliers or screwdriver fall out when I'm up a ladder.
Swiss Tool Spirit XC Plus Rachet.
Best overall thingy.
But keep your eyes on it..
I can imagine it "accidentally" winding up in the pocket of a family member.
For bushcraft, your best multitool is a hatchet / hand axe. For real. It is. What do you need a Phillips screwdriver in the woods for?

On to actual discussion of multitools. What do you actually want to use it for? If you want to carry random gadgets around cause they might be usefull, look at the Skeletool by Leatherman. Lightweight, has the basics.

If you want to use the multiool as a replacement for a real toolkit, go die in a fire. I mean, get one of the fancy ones with exchangeable bits, they'll have pretty much whatever you need for any odd job. They suck, but they're guarunteed to have the optimal sucking bit.

If you're like me, and use a Multitool for the convenience of not having to walk back to the toolbox for basic stuff to do one little job, then we're talking. I prefer the Swisstool by miles and miles. It's heavy as fuck compared to other tools, but it's solid as a rock. It's pliers are stronger and more resistant to bending then some REAL pliers I've had. Plus the knife stays sharp through multiple uses, something Leatherman doesn't have. I Work as a handyman, and carry a Swisstool RS (I really wish I had the ratchet version now, but I wasn't working as a handy when I bought it, so I didn't spring for it). The Scissors, safety knife, normal knife, phillips screwdriver, pliers and wire cutter are all top notch tools that I use regularly. Even after years of use, the Phillips is barely rounded off - my old Leatherman Wave had stripped to useless in the same time period. Victorinox uses some top notch metallurgy and makes a quality tool.

The advantage of the various Leathermans is their usability - one handed opening, etc. Swisstool is an old classic design with no flash, takes two hands to pull the blade out, etc, just like a Swiss Army knife. Also, they are usually available in store, while you probably have to online order the Swisstool cause it's not as popular.
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1MB, 3264x1836px
As you've figured out already, it depends vastly on what you do day to day. No one tool will suit everyone's needs and comfort.
For me, anything that I couldn't get done with my squirt warrants a proper tool and is unlikely for me to encounter unexpectedly. I just need a screwdriver, a knife, the file, and the pliers (wire strippers work nicely but have rarely used them). The scissors come in handy, but superfluous. Anything else is pointless weight for me.The squirt fits in that little pocket in my pants and it never bothers me. This is EDC, it's always on me save for when I fly.
I have a leatherman Surge and i love it to bits i use to have it as an EDC when i was working as a furniture re locator and the first 2 days it weighed a tone on my belt but after three days i couldnt even tell it was there. with my new job as a nurse its not really ideal to be caring a multi tool however the new leatherman tread looks great, what ur opinions?
I've been looking at the Signal but the price tag keeps me away for now. The reviews are not good though, especially concerning the whistle/firesteel and the sharpener. (I was planning on removing them if I got it)

It just seems like the tool layout has what I'd want without the extras but some of them need a little work (that awl looks horrible for actual use but nothing some regrinding shouldn't take care of).

Right now I'm carrying the original Leatherman PST in my bag and while there's obviously been a great deal of improvement in the market the tool is still great.
>the new leatherman tread looks great

No it doesnt

>what ur opinions?

Everyone told you it sucked in the other thread
Nice jewelry.

What's this tool you wanted an opinion on? I don't see any.
I looked at a couple of slide open SOGs but no one has them in store to play with. I settled on a Leatherman OHT. I wanted something that I could one hand pliers when I am up on a ladder fixing things. It is solid and heavy.
I don't carry it every day because I am a quality manager by trade.

It and a Klein 10-in-1 are with me for anything putzy.
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>Klein 10 in 1
what about leathermans bandage scissor thingy?
why not the 11 in 1?
I might build on this post. For any outdoor activities please follow the other guy and get a hatchet and a knife instead of this "survival" tool. Don't get me wrong, as I said before I really do think the toolset on the signal would be just about right but not for any outdoors survival.

Next up I might point out that my EDC is in three layers.
1. Lighter and a Victorinox tourist in my pocket. These follow me basically everywhere, with a set of wooden scales the knife even look decently fancy for any occasions requiring a suit.
2. A Swizzcard Lite in the wallet, this one is mostly for the superb pair of scissors. I really should do something about this one since its breaking from sitting on the wallet.
3. Leatherman PST, AA flashlight and a small pack bag of everyday useful stuff goes in my bag. Useful stuff here are things like:
- Small tin with some band-aid, a condom, razor, and some painkillers.
- 3 cable ties.
- A plastic bag.
- 3 m of cord.
simple basic bushcraft knife is the Bushlore by Condor
Sure. An 11 in 1 is fine too.

Actually mine did start out as a 10 in 1 but I dropped the torx bit and secondary tube in favor of a bigger Phillips/slotted bit. So now it's an 8 in 1.
File: 41Ebk3FU5UL.jpg (18KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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look 4 bahco, it is like leatherman, but u can exchange very part of it, an fox it of it gets broken
The 11 in 1 didn't exist when I bought mine. I have thought about upgrading. I have two. I let one get wet so the bits are a little rusty. May have to replace it.
Not him, but I really recommend the 11 in 1. The combination of hex drivers is wonderful.
Looks like a rebranded Bear and Son.
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Thread images: 5

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