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Hey /diy/, quick question. Looked for a QTDDTOT thread but found

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Hey /diy/, quick question. Looked for a QTDDTOT thread but found none. Anyway:

I'm building a semi-permanent shelter out in the woods on a friend's property and I have it mostly completed except for one thing: a fireplace.

Now the whole structure is something of a wigwam debris hut, it has a wooden framework that i wove with flexible branches and then covered in bark and leaves. Obviously I need to put a little time into how to safely have a fire inside for cooking and heating.
I was thinking of getting some kind of chimney to route hot exhaust and smoke outside of the shelter, but I'm not sure what to use for this. I'm cautious about galvanized steel because I have heard that when it gets hot enough it can give off ZnO which is not good to breathe in.

Any advice for me? Tomorrow I'll go out and take a picture of the shelter and maybe that will be helpful for you helpful people!

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build a circular hole in the ceiling, and a lid that could cover it.
sized down to what you need
>Looked for a QTDDTOT thread but found none

I found yours.

I found no information on gel wrist rests, although there are instructions online on how to do the rest of a mouse pad. What are the rests made of and filled with? What would be a cheap/easy to get alternative?
Thanks guys! I think I will try the rocket stove option, may use a coffee can or something a bit bigger
bubble wrap!
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From what i understand, which isn't much, you'd probably want to build it out of brick while incorperating something like this>>901594
If you're building a Bug Out Shelter, you'll want to take some extra steps to hide your heat signature. Here's a very vague idea of what i'm thinking of.
On top of the exhaust ports you would have a real challenge. There are some ways to defeat IR using space blankets, preferably in green. Making an addition of this to the CAD file would take too much time.

Hide exhaust ports with foliage, space blankets which are tarped over many many small holes, and slightly above them. Hide any major exhaust port inside a hollowed tree, or create a heat dispersion system using pipes. You'll also need an intake port specifically for the flames that doesn't flow through your bunker or risk hypoxia when it gets cold and you close the entrance to your bunker.

The more tubing you have to disperse heat around your bunker, the less heat will appear in your exhaust ports.
And dont forget to do some research on gook nests. The Vietnamese mastered poorfag bunkers. If you find one that hasn't been translated into English, go to twitch.tv and ask a Russian to help you.
I'm fixing up an old metal stand for deer hunting. Roof rotted off and I need to replace it. Don't really want to go with wood again. What do you guys think about this corrugated plastic for a roof?
great at keeping out the rain until a tree falls on it... or even a stick.
Those get real brittle in cold, combined with heavy snow it may just break.

I don't know how your Stand is set up, but I would just lash some think branches together leaving the bark on, cover with pine needles. Natural camo and roof
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Hey /diy/ got some of this Insulating foam shit on my dresser, any one know of any thing that will take it off without ruining the finish on the dresser?
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Any sketchup wizards about?

Pic related are templates that need to be printed to A3 and cut out, made at a 1:1 scale. Blue rectangle is A3 size for reference.

Does anyone know a way to export these sections (the A3 rectangle and the template overlays) 1:1 as an image ready to then print? I'd hit the tutorials but I'm not even sure what I'd search for. Cheers.
in layout or whatever it is called
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need help with a furnace in my mobile home. I know these types of homes aren't the best insulated homes, but regardless my furnace has been unable to keep up. I keep my furnace quite low (usually around 62 degrees) and sometimes I'll wake up in the morning and it'll only be 55 or 56 degrees. Basically the furnace has run all night long and not met the 62 degrees I have it set on. I'll notice this when I'm awake and lower the temperature to one degree less than what it is in the home just to get the furnace to kick off. photo is just a random from goggle
I got some of that on my linoleum and haven't been able to remove it. I would think a razor blade would do it, but you run the risk of scratching the surface (this is also why I haven't done it to my floor surface either). I wonder if Goo Gone would be effective without damaging your dresser?
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You didnt look very hard.
you are correct, however I can see where OP is coming from as this sort of thread usually includes "QTDDTOT" am i right?
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