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Cordless Tools

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What are your favorite cordless tools? I'm looking to buy into a set (shared ecosystem), and want to make sure I buy crap and have to start over.

At work we use 18v DeWalts (pic related), they're pretty good, but I think they've been supplanted for the most part by their new 20v line. We have 1 20v cordless and it's much lighter in the hand than the 18v.

My boss has a white makita drill and impact driver, they seem to have held up pretty well to our abuse.

I haven't had much experience with other cordless sets, we have some Rigid and Porter Cable stuff laying around, but it never gets used because the batteries died.

Thoughts or Opinions?
At work, we also have DeWalts, although not the 20v.

I need to get a some to use here at the house and I'm thinking about going with Porter Cable. They seem to be just as good, but half the price as the DeWalts.
We use the Rigid 18v impact drill at my job
And i have one at home.

Impact drills are the wave of the future, duders.
Just checked Amazon, Porter Cable sets are indeed half the cost. I may check those out... have you used their stuff before?
>impact drills

Checking my local CL reveals quite a few 18v dewalt tool sets with various combinations of batteries, chargers, drills, sawzalls, circular saws, and flashlights for around $150.
>In order of preference.
Commercial line of DeWalt, Milwaukee and Makita are arguably the best you can buy. Consumer DeWalt is pretty much rebranded Black and Decker down to the internal's part numbers. All 3 have new brushless lines that are badass.

Festool makes shit 3-5x as much as them and they look faggy as fuck while having specs maybe 10% better. Never used these and probably never will. I'd be scared to leave one un-attended because if someone stole it, there goes a few days of work. I'd also be scared to be seen with it, because everyone would think I'm a girl inside.
>Power gap.
Hitachi has been good in my use, but haven't touched one in about 6-7 years.
Rigid, Bosch are meh, expensive but more cumbersome/heavy/weaker/etc than the top tiers. Used to be great. Both still make great corded tools.
Porter Cable, Ryobi, Craftsman, Kobalt, and just about everything else is fine if you treat them right and don't use them to make your living.
Black and Decker (including most consumer dewalt), Harbor Freight, and infomercial power tools are what the fuck are you doing tier. Don't go this low for something you'll want for years unless you reach for it like once a year.
>Commercial DeWalt

Which ones are those? The 12v/14.4v models? I've only ever seen 18v and 20v DeWalts used commercially.
14.4v is dead. Nicad batts are over.
I'm a carpenter I use the M18 Fuel range of Milwaukee tools with 5amp xc red li ion batteries.

so far in my arsenal I have

Impact Driver
Hammer Drill
Compact Drill
Skill Saw
Angle Grinder
Rotary Hammer Drill
Wet Dry Vacuum
Impact Wrench
Saber Saw

Also have a corded Milwaukee Skillsaw and 125mm Angle grinder and Sliding compound saw.

Nailguns I use Paslode Framemaster and Bradder

for things that Milwaukee don't make I have a few Mikita things like ummm a screwgun
If you can wing it try the new 18 or 20v drills with brushless motors. They drive twice as many screws on a charge..not even exaggerating. Pick a manufacturer. They're all good these days.

I've got a bit of Ryobi one+ gear and for the home handyman it's really good.

What >>901338 said too... you can't really buy 'bad' shit anymore (unless you buy some no-brand shit)
No no the product lines themselves, the high grade dewalt is XR/XRP. They used to make all voltages of them, tools are lighter, more powerful and just built better.
20V Dewalts are still basically the same as 18V.
Same voltage if you actually measure the batteries.

I do like their battery powered tools.
Certainly higher quality than most corded things.
The Angle grinders atleast pretty much have Black & Decker internals.
Absolutely no point in buying the lower end since you're just getting yellow Black & Decker tools.
Did I say something wrong?
Fucking this. All of it.

Meanwhile OP, what game are you in? Milwaulkie used to be my choice when I was doing more kitchen installs, been using Makita at home for everyhing else, have not had any of it break on me.
>bullshit like 20v = 18v
Metaposting aside, 20V does = 18V in Dewalts case.
The 20V tools are only labeled such in the US, they're sold as 18V in Europe.
The products are identical, the batteries both include 5 3.6V Li-Ion cells that once fully charged do reach 4V each, ending up at 20V.
It's just a little bit of harmless marketing.

This also applies to 10.8V tools that happen to have identical batteries as the 12V variants.
explanation aside, you're still using a trip, demonstrating everything that guy said about you was accurate. get the fuck out.
Pretty much all tools are identical expect the exterior.

Get the COMMERCIAL line if they're going to be used by multiple people in a commercial setting. They cost more but use better components.

Find a set that you like the feel of. Something that fits your hands well and has good weight distribution.

I personally prefer Milwaukee tools. Plus I get a discount because I know one of their merchandisers and he gets me them basically at cost.

Also protip: Don't buy into the bigger battery shit. Capacity that is, not voltage. Guy I work with has a hard-on for the extended capacity batteries. They weigh three times as much as the compact battery and take longer to charge.

Much nicer working with the smaller battery, especially above your head. Takes me 20 seconds to swap them out. We have the contractor charger so I can keep them cycling all day.
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The M12 impact is my favorite thing ever. Can't believe how much power it has. I do use the extended run batteries in them.
Anyone in this thread that recommends anything other than Milwaukee Fuel is a chump. Don't believe me? Look up AvE on youtube. Milwaukee constantly under-rates their equipment, AND they have the best warranty in the business short of going to some of the ultra-premium equipment like Hilti.
>impact drills
>what is actual labor?
sorry, I need big boy tools. Dewalt 20v can't be beat.
Your "20 volt" tools only put out 18 volts. Sorry to piss on your parade mate. Besides, I've got plenty of real world experience proving that the Fuel M18 are immeasurably superior to the 20V Max brushless.
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2015-11-14 05.02.53.jpg
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best power screwdriver I've owned

it's about 4 years old so you can see how much I use it, but it's small, 1/2inch, can drive 8" lag bolts into decking, and even drill holes.

Ya know, the dewalt 20v stuff if just 18v
>no compound mitre saw
>no table saw
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You need both capacities for different things. I got mini pancakes 1.5ah for ladder work and shit, and then some 4ahs for when i need that shit to last a day.
>Not buying bluetooth batteries.
Get the fuck out faggies.
For average non-commercial user, I suggest Rigid from Home Depot - lifetime warranty on all cordless power tools, chargers, AND batteries.
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pivot vac.jpg
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In general, the average consumer that's shopping for Black & Decker tier of tools, look around a little bit and consider getting tools that don't have spare parts. So once you fuck it up, you'll just get a new one instead of a half burned 'repaired' one you'll get shipped back.
I've just finished working at a Dewalt service (been there for 2 weeks). Basically the policy is, if it's under warranty you have to fix it if possible, regardless of the cost, you're not getting a new one even if you're replacing everything.
CD115 angle grinders were especially annoying in that respect since you can basically completely re-build it, unless the case is damaged as well.
Drills like KR504 were great since we don't actually have any parts for them. So they were mostly straight bin and replace material. Only thing we did carry were the Chucks, but that's piss easy to replace.
The stupidest example of this policy have to be the vacuum cleaners.
One of the worst offenders was this piece of shit. A new one from the store cost 40€.
The battery, which is absolutely nothing special, cost 70€.
I don't know what the actual cost to the company for those parts is, but that's how much we'd charge to replace it without warranty + cost of work, obviously.

On the topic of repairs.
The best tools I've had the chance of working on were 90s Black and Decker corded tools.

Better quality then most of the high end Dewalt kit, most of them were likely still running on the first set of brushes.
Like this anon said. Ya gotta have both. Slim for working at height, portability and light jobs, big for extra run time and demanding applications.
3/10 jimmies not even jimmies
> big boy tools

Dewalt is nothing more than a ryobi with yellow plastic and double the price. Milfukee is pretty much top dog in cordless power tools right.

AvE really needs to do a tear down of some ryobi gear, I bet most people would be surprised when you compare it to dewalt.
A power tool tread with only 33 replies?
Skookum nigga
Locksmiths reporting in..

I use Makita 18v lithium gear... drill/driver, impact driver, and vacuum to cleam up after the job is done. Only issue i had was one of the batteries wouldn't charge after i had it about 6 months... took it back to where i got it from, and they replaced the battery, no questions asked. I use the drill on a daily basis, and i've been using it for about 5 years now. Gearbox is starting to show a bit of wear, but thats to be expected when you use a cordless drill to drill open safes and drill into concrete for anchor points and the like..

TL;DR: Makita has served me well.. 10/10, would buy again

>Thoughts or Opinions?

Extension cords > cordless.

My opinion a shit though as I work in a shop all day.
Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 6

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