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Help with DC-DC laptop adapter/battery pack discussion

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I was wondering if anybody here would be gracious enough to help me out here. I got this voltage booster on ebay and put it in a tin so I could power my laptop on battery packs and such. It worked fine at first but now that I'm playing videos and drawing a full 90 watts (or near it) the laptop keeps switching back to it's internal battery, then back to the external one, repeatedly.

EVEN WORSE, my laptop started squeeling and I swore I smelled fresh almonds or something weird, and it wasn't coming from my external battery pack (it's a LiPo so I'm a bit scared of it). Did I ruin my laptops capacitors? Whats causing this? Is my voltage converter shit? Is there a way I can fix this?
Bumping with my battery haul off ebay. Gonna build a powerbank like the Anker Powerhouse. Can't afford a nice pure sine wave inverter so I'm looking at plans to build my own. I already fried one AC laptop charger with a cheap modified sine wave inverter, they may work for most things but it's not worth the risk.
Dell can tell. Maybe it's a case of www.google.com/search?q=dell+laptop+adapter+not+recognized
Thanks for the input.
Pretty sure that's a separate and much less worrisome problem. It shouldn't cause my capacitors to squeel or cause the power to cut out like it is doing. Since my charger isn't identifying itself through the center pin onewire protocol, the laptop won't charge the battery, but it will run itself from the charger, which is good enough for me. I'm looking into either spoofing the signal (it's been done and the code is out there) or just pulling out the onewire chip from an old dell charger and putting it in my adapter.

I've only taken basic electronics but I'm guessing the boost converter is putting out a noisy signal, or something weird like that. Wondering if I can filter it or if I should buy a nicer boost converter.
So I did some reading and I guess I need an LC filter to smooth the ripples that are killing my laptops caps. If anyone can point me in the right direction for building an appropriate LC filter or just buying one I'd appreciate it.

Funny that I thought this would be LESS damaging to my hardware than using a modified sine wave inverter with the AC adapter as in pic related. That drained the battery pack pretty quick, about an hour of browsing facebook and youtube. It also made the AC adapter buzz. The second time I did it the AC adapter died... but that's not as bad as frying my laptops internals, which this DC boost converter may have almost done.
Bumping with more battery stuff, my 21W solar panel with boost converter for charging my "car jumpstart battery" or my Nitecore i3 battery charger.
Do you happen to have the circuit diagram of the boost converter? If so, could you post it? What's the output voltage/current? What's the frequency of the converter?
You need to measure what is actually coming out of the supply and build a filter to suit. The theory is simple, there are many web calculators that tell you what inductor is capacitor values you need.
Inductive filters and capacitive filters are two sides of the same coin really.

If your output is supposed to be DC? Then literally any inductor will block ac but allow DC. You know power cords have those bulbous haemorrhoids on the ends? They are ferrous snubbers that work like inductor to remove high frequency shite. If you have one lying around you can try that.
do you happen to have an oscilloscope to see the voltage and what spikes maybe occurring?
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I can't find a diagram for the model I have but I think pic related is similar, I read somewhere that mine is the upgraded model of it. I set the output voltage at 19.5V but I haven't measured the current since my multimeter broke. The laptops regular AC adapter can put out 4.62A. This boost converter should do up to 8A according to the ebay listing. It says it runs at 380Khz but other listings showing a very similar item say 150Khz... It doesn't state the output ripple but I think I saw other listings say 2%

Thanks for the advice, I'll use one of those calculators. I actually thought about trying a ferrite choke! Haven't found one laying around yet but I have plenty of old cables to cut one off of.

I don't have a scope :( But I really want one, and now that I have a reason to buy one...

I was thinking though, if I fix this ripple it should quiet the capacitors but will it fix this problem with the laptop stopping charging every 2 seconds at full power draw (at low power it worked fine)?
Those convertors are only good for up to about 50w i believe. Your laptop will be fine most likely. Does the voltage sag when it switches to battery? If it does that confirms it.
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This one was rated for 150w, according to the ebay listing at least...
My laptop does seem to be fine but I know capacitors don't like extreme ripple and they shouldn't squeal like they did. What do you mean by voltage sagging?

Bumping with a pic of my old mining rig for no reason
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Bumping with a non-electric related thing because solar (cooker)
Pretty sure I burned my retina with this thing
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