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skills to build

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What specific skills should be weel developed to build a plane so that it doesn't John-Denver me?

I would like to build something like pic related (a cub copy) from a kit.
>What specific skills

all of them
Bump because I want to know also. I didn't know you could get kits.
Depends on the kit.
made from wood? --> woodw├Ârking skills are needed.
made from aluminimumumumum? How the fuck do I weld and rivet and stuff

Does it have an engine? yes, so know about engines in general and electronics that are required to run it.

Avionics---> read all of the stuff you can find. google is helpful as always..
>made from aluminimumumumum? How the fuck do I weld and rivet and stuff
Nah, aircraft aluminum can't be welded, is against safety rules in structures.
A riveter a tons of patience is what you need.
As usual, this is not the place to ask this question. Search for "building kit aircraft."

is wrong.


This is why I asked here. From what I can find it looks like the cub copy airmframes are steel so can be welded.

Engine work and general bolt together items are no problem.

Avionics is a concern -will need to do more research.

Dont be such a ptetentious fuck. This isnt the place to ask anything since you could always find an alternative source of information.

Gathering info from multiple sources is usually a good idea.
You only need like 4 instruments, no biggy
Go to the EAA website and other experimental aircraft resources.

You really should become a pilot and aircraft mechanic before building an aircraft that serious. I know you don't want to hear that so I won't mention it again, but you'll find the people who succeed have professional level skill sets.

If you can afford the kit you're better off spending on a license and flying hours first.

You'll need a serious workshop facility and all that goes with it.

You can learn OA welding or TIG, as both are used in welded tube frame construction. I mean by serious fucking practice including destructive and NDT of welded samples, not niggering with some Harbor Freight flux core consumershit.

You can find other kit builders to learn from.

It will take several years not counting shop and equipment.

Since you asked here you are starting from less than zero. It's doable, but you have a shitton to learn. Alternate option, join Air Force or Navy in a structural repair specialty. Then your skills will be in much more demand than an aircraft mechanic when you separate or retire and you'll have had time to learn what tools you need for any structural work.

You won't save any money but it could make you a god tier aircraft tech after you are done.
You need to hire a TIG welder for the aluminum
Or a god tier OA welder. Most WWII aircraft aluminum weldments were OA welded because TIG was so recently invented.

Wanna learn advance fabrication and OA welding?

Piper Cubs frames are chromoly steel tubing, traditionally welded with oxyacetylene, but TIG can work with pre- and post-heating (chromoly is prone to cracking if heat-stressed too fast, and post-welding stress relief is a good idea). Non-structural parts like fuel tanks and cowlings may be welded aluminum. So professional-level fitting and welding skills. Then various mechanical skills to put the engine, control equipment, etc. together. Electrical skills if you want modern instrumentation. Then the skills related to the fabric that will cover the frame, which will depend on which system you choose to use. There will be documentation for this stuff that gives the steps you are to follow in painstaking and explicit detail. Then actually learning how to fly and the various regulations and practices associated with aviation.

Like >>1237622 mentioned, EAA has a bunch of resources for this stuff, since lots of EAA members do just this. Cubs in particular are very popular. The fly-in in Oshkosh Wisconsin has several free basic workshops on topics related to aircraft building, and more in-depth paid classes. IIRC several of these classes are held around the country at various times.

From your PDF:
>The weldable aluminum alloys used in aircraft construction are 1100, 3003, 4043, and 5052. Alloy numbers 6053, 6061, and 6151 can also be welded, but since these alloys are in the heat-treated condition, welding should not be done unless the parts can be reheat treated.
The six thousand series alloys are commonly used for structural aircraft parts. The weaker non-heat-treated alloys are typically used in non-structural ports where the annealing form the weld heat won't be a problem. That video is of an ultralight engineered to use aluminum and subject to to different regulation than a Cub.
do you even read the link that you post?

Thanks for confirming that aluminum is not acceptable to weld in an aircraft.

The only possible think is an aluminum gas tank, whick no one uses.
Develop your plane building skills
Start with a scale model
>Build scale planes
>Experiment with airframes, building methods and materials
>go from glider to powered rc
>Slowly go bigger
>One day go from RC to piloted
Most kits come with a fuckton of instructions, be able to read something and then do exactly as the instructions say
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 2

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