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Artifact Thread

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Okay /d/

You get to create one object that can do whatever you want. What do you create and what does it do?

I would be the proud owner of a mirror that turns people into bimbos (pic related)
A sword who's owner is the rightful ruler of mankind. The sword gives it's owner extreme strength, resilience, intellect wisdom, and compassion neccicary for a ruler, and the owner doesn't age, or die of old age and the only way for the sword to transfer owners is to kill the previous owner. Now I can fulfill my fantasy of being supreme overlord of mankind
Until someone kills you.
Something small, like a ring or a watch face or something that if you wear it for a significant amount of time, then some else touches it, they fall madly in love with you.
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I would create a ring, that when touched to a container holding a liquid, can create any sort of potion I want with any intended effects, stipulations, and/or time limits (if any).

Want to turn a cheerleader into a trap version of herself? "Here, have this Gatoraid, you look thirsty." Want to have a crazy sex romp with a coworker and have them not remember afterwards? "Well look at who left their coffee unattended." How about turning two girls you met at a bar into a cute lesbian couple? "Hey, shots are on me this round!"

So much fun and dickery to be had. Now excuse me, my wife has always wanted to know what it was like to have a penis, and she just asked for another wine cooler. (Maybe I'll be nice and warn her first, not that she'll believe me the first time around)
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an infinite bag of flour.
here's the catch: I can determine the amount of calories in whatever I make with it, including negative calories causing people to lose weight.
it works.
also, anyone who eats what I make with this flour becomes instantly infatuated with me and will do anything I say.
so, I can finally fulfill my lifelong dream of having an army of slutty bbw waifus at my personal disposal. pic related.
I would create a girl who loves me. :(
>A ring that makes me immortal and invulnerable/invincible.

>It will also allow me to indulge any sexual fantasy I want (particularly of the vore, absorption, and shape shifting varieties).

>Only I can where the ring and it can't be removed or lost, but it can change shape with the rest of my body.

>I can also give others imortality, invulnerability/invincibility so that we can live out our sexual fantasies to the heat death of the universe and beyond.
Corrupted Mirror of Erised
When looking into the mirror, your deepest sexual desire is played out in front of you.
Being unable to fulfill these desires, the longer you use the mirror, the more depraved and perverted your desires become, until you go crazy.
Now this a thread i can get behind sort of a mix between /tg/ and /d/

I'd make Indestructible glass orb that would adhere only to my original will i.e its point of creation, that would always keep me from going too far from my original self and is unusable outside my permission and it cannot be turned against me which would cause a backlash. Said orb would be capable of turning the impossible possible with the world of lewd so creating real bodysuits, turning people into monster girls, dickgirls, corruption really any fetish you can really think of. Should I die due to some kind of accident outside my power to predict the orb would being a process of my rebirth in which it would find a suitable method of bring me back. it would also acts as a nice flavor enhancer for any drink you put the orb into. Orb has anti choking and anti swallowing measures
A magic butt plug.

When inserted into a man he becomes uncontrollably hard as a rock. This erection never becomes painful. The butt plug also causes his orgasms to be dry (no cum) and eliminates any refractory period (even from orgasms before he put in the plug) allowing him to orgasm an indefinite number of times in sequence. Also, once the butt plug is inserted, over the next five minutes the man's scrotum shrinks away and a vagina begins to form between his legs. If the butt plus is removed before the transformation is completed he returns to normal over a like amount of time, but if it completes then the vagina remains for 8 hours even after the butt plug is removed, at which point he returns to normal. The vagina created by this device has similar sensations (including orgasms) to that of an actual female vagina but is critically different in a few ways. It has a hard circular tissue at the back that simulates a cervix but there is no opening as the man lacks a uterus. The man cannot get pregnant.

When inserted into a woman her clitoris grows into a full sized uncut penis appropriate for her size/race/genes. This transformation happens over the course of five minutes or so. If the butt plug is removed before the transformation completes the penis returns to its clitoral shape over a similar period of time. If the plug is removed AFTER the transformation is completed then the penis remains for 8 hours before returning to its normal clitoral form. While the butt plug is inserted the penis is uncontrollably but not painfully erect (just as with a man). Unlike with a man, the penis always orgasms dry and never has a refractory period, even after the butt plug is removed.

The user is also immune (and immediately cured of) all STDs. Female users have any residue of their current period cleaned up instantly. Also, if worn for 24 hours straight all damage (surgical or otherwise) to the sex organs is repaired (including foreskins).

pic unrelated
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A ring that when worn, you can focus on an individual and know their favorite fantasy. If you choose, you may approach that person, and they will find themselves attracted to you. If they follow you to a secure, private area - such as a residence or a hotel room - both of you, and the room, will physically change to meet the chosen fantasy. You will then be able to fully act out the fantasy, no matter its content.

When you are no longer together or in private, the fantasy will fade away. Any effects, no matter how permanent or even dangerous they seemed (even deadly), will be undone. There is no risk of pregnancy or transmission of disease. The chosen person will fall into a blissful haze and sleep, if safe, or safely return to their bed. When the subject awakes all memories of the experience are retained, with any unpleasant feelings or emotions fading, and any feelings of enjoyment or satisfaction prominent. The target will not, however, remember who you were before the fantasy started. You are free to return to them or seek others to enjoy the ring with you.
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A combo of a latex hood and bracelet, the hood when worn can expand to envelop the entire body and take on any shape. The wearer of the bracelet has control over the latex and can control the temperature, flexibility, or electrical current of it. For discreet wear the latex can be changed into an undershirt or underwear at the bracelet wearers discretion, but to be removed it must be in the original hood shape.
(pic very related as the initial expansion out of hood form)
A mason jar with infinite volume that is perpetually full of a flesh-colored, clay-like substance. This clay could then be adhered to a person's body and will change into whatever body part the user wants. Obvious use is to put a couple mounds on your chest to give yourself boobs. But this could also be done to add additional body parts such as more limbs or extra boobs. Also, for a brief amount of time after the clay is smeared on the skin, the flesh takes the same properties of the clay allowing you to scoop away body parts and store excess mass back in the jar. Spread some on you penis then remove it to leave a vagina. Or maybe smear some on just your taint and carve out one instead to make yourself a futa. The clay could also be ingested (or otherwise inserted) for internal changes.
Isn't this literally just an SCP?
I think the SCP version is a computer, though, not a mirror.
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A phone camera with an option to "print" images taken or downloaded onto it. If there is a person in the image, whether real or a piece of art, a small slot will open at the bottom of the phone to allow a capsule to pop out. Inside the capsule is a piece of rubbery material that quickly expands into a skinsuit of the person, turning its wearer into a replica of the person when worn aside from a zipper on the back of their neck. If the image included clothes, a second capsule may be printed that contains the clothes. The clothes and skinsuits created in this manner can be destroyed by holding the phone against them and pressing a recycle button, but this does not work if the suit is being worn. Pressing a lock button will cause the zipper to disappear until unlocked.
I remember that, it's called Factory porn.

I think it was SCP-104 but it's been so long that I looked at the scp foundation that I dont remember
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Collar that when worn, causes any attempts at making noise or talking to be replaced by muffled moans and whimpers.
it's okay anon, you'll find her one day
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BE gun
There would be a size selector. And anyone shot by this get's her breast growing bigger. Or smaller. Comes with a anti-back pain patch.
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It could work any female target. Regardless of age.
Also lactation amount could be specified with it.
Smartphone of customization

Once you have the target in control you can change anything about them, perception of words and command ("clean up" would actually mean suck my dick), change her mind (alter memories, give her animal insticts) , body (from a simple weight/height increase, how fat is shared in her body, breast size, adding 2-3rd set of breasts, removing limbs, to add animalistic feature to make her look any komonomimi, monster girl, or furry, or even extra parts like penis[be it animal or human one] or real udder that you see on cows), other changes too like lactation (and the amount), squirting (even how much she squirts), how wet she can get.

So with all this, you can reduce your target to human pet. Give her trigger words like "i need more milk in my cafe", to make her instanly lactating (if she normally doesn't or overflow if she does), or "i need you as pillow tonight", could be trigger for her to get plump or that her breast size grow.
It's more fun if she doesn't know about these.
Everything here has the potential to become an actual hentai or image a game based around using /d/ level artifacts to do so crazy stuff

Cock ring that can detach my cock

> There will never be a hentai about a bunch of perverts getting magical lewd artifacts and having to fuck each other into submission. No, that one manga about the guy with the camera that blows stuff up doesn't count.
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Query: extent of internal changes through ingestion/insertion, is it through pure force of will? EG one could through ingestion give themselves, say the glands of the dragons from reign of fire and be able to spit thermobaric death?

furthermore, if it is through force of will could the subject create bio-mechanical appendages, EG: Doc Oc mechanical appendages?

And final question, if one were to create... say a conjoined twin (starting with the head an overtime creating a full body for them) using the clay, finally leaving them attached at the hand for simplicity's sake, could one then "shave" them off by using the clay to "soften" the join between the two, and then using say a clay slicer to run it between their hands and split into two individuals, or would the twin revert to clay?

Simmilar idea actually.

"World customization tablet v 2.1"

This wonderous device allows the user to edit their surroundings, want to turn that rock over there into solid gold? go right ahead! Hottie over there not calling you back? You can edit her "character data", however you have to have her unique character ID and permissions, that means snapping a photo for the ID, and gaining her trust.

Still getting shot down? Well why not just copy her character ID and load it in as a "new character" maybe even do some tweaks to make the new one agreeable and not stick out like an exact twin.

you can even create a new ID from scratch (up to 7 character files can be created as Slot one is prioritized with the main user's data)

Let's not forget you can edit yourself with no problem.

spawn in items, edit the properties of your surroundings, the uses are limitless.

>World customization tablet is not responsible for any chaos created in the wake of your editing reality, users are allowed 12 hours to make unlimited edits before World customization Tabled deleted itself from the users inventory, any and all edits made to the user, nearby characters of up to 7 new data characters will become permanent, and all memories of world customization tablet will be wiped from any and all parties involved.
>world customization tablet cannot be used to alter any laws of thermodynamics, the speed of light, gravity, niki minaj, the properties of dark matter, or deals with Mr. Needful
>unsafe for children, may contain choking hazards, it is not recommended that the end user drop their intelligence score below 5, or to raise it above 20
>void where prohibited by law, not usable in Manilla, the District of Columbia, Iceland and Europa
>not recommended for use in Pripyat Ukraine, Salem Massachusetts, The Vatican, Altair IV or anywhere in the south pacific ocean.
What is this thing a new SCP?
An Opposite Ring.


Whoever wears it slowly becomes a polar opposite of their form and sexual kinks PRIOR to the moment the ring is slipped on. Ex.- A fat middle aged man who loves hot young girls slowly becomes a young (late teens to early 20s) girl who's got a thing for older men.

Once put on, the ring cannot be removed (barring amputation of the finger, arm, etc) until you have become the polar opposite of your original form. Then and only then does it become loose (as in zero resistance on every inch of the ring + repelled from your body like a magnetic repulsion).

Full transformation takes exactly 1 week from the moment the ring is slipped on.

You can put the ring on again to turn back to your previous form after the ring has left your hand completely, and as many times as you wish so long as you can get the ring (good luck if someone grabs it immediately after it's repelled from your hand and they keep it away from you forever).

Sexual fetishes get reversed during the transformation. Whatever is your current fap-material will become disgusting to you and things you couldn't fap to out of disgust will become your new fetishes. It is actually possible to become a Tile-anon if it any point tiles disgusted you as fap material. The greater the interest in the fetish = greater revulsion after your transformation.

Bisexuality, pansexuality, etc will transform into asexuality and lose of any attraction to anything remotely female and/or male (by anatomical terms).

Pregnancy is turned into male chimerism with heterochromatic colorations of the body, and with hermahroditic intersexuality of the body if the the child (or at least one of them in the case of twins, etc) is a boy. Should you revert back the pregnancy returns like normal as if it had been put on pause during your time as a male/intersex. At the same time, if you are a chimeric male or any form of chimeric intersex originally and put on the ring you will become a normal female just fertilized.
[spoiler] Man, Demon candy was so great when it was about the descend into depravity and an exploration of fetishes and kinks instead of a shonen anime wanna be[/spoiler]
yea but if they were better than me they kinda deserve it, and then they become a great ruler so humanity is A-Okay
No, but it is very like one I suppose. Impossible to secure, or contain though.
Cornbot Technologies presents the CLONE-AR-GUN!
Developed in our secure and secret laboratories, The Clone-Ar-Gun is designed for the aspiring mad genius or random degenerate on the go! Simply aim the device at the desired target and pull the trigger. BAM! The Clone-Ar-Gun has successfully copied the target's desired data, ready to be processed into an obedient full clone at the push of a button!
But wait, THERE'S MORE! With the companion smartphone app, you can record upwards of thousands of clone data files, and edit them any way you see fit with its user friendly interface. Want to change the clone's gender? Go ahead! Want to make them taller? Shorter? Skinnier? Fatter? We got that too! Want to fully manipulate the size and number of their various body parts? No problem! A FULL range of options at your fingertips, ready to experiment with!
Too many clones cluttering your space? Simply compact them into manageable and storable cubes that reactivate with water! It's that simple! You'll love how easy it is to make all the clones you could ever want!
You can get the Clone-Ar-Gun and free app download code for only $19.95 (Plus free shipping) We'll even include our complimentary 3-year warranty. Remember, you get the Clone-Ar-Gun and the free app for only $19.95
Don't delay, order today! Operators are standing by!
Your suggestions about the transformative clay are pretty much similar to what I had in mind for those situations except all additions to one's body are purely biological and organic. In the case of someone intending to create Doc Oc robot tentacles, he will pretty much succeed except instead of being hard and metallic would be chitinous and/or boney.

Internal changes could be to add new biological organs and functions to the one who ingests it and much like as the clay is applied externally the results are based on the intend and will of the user. Results can also be to remove certain organs and tissue, and an obvious application of this is to remove unnecessary and infected organs or tumors and cancerous tissue. But much like removing flesh from outside the body, mass is added to take it away, so expect some Pearl Jam style body horror as the transmogrified clay is ejected from the body however it could manage it.

Creation of a conjoined twin would also be an option, and the new entity will be sapient. By default, any intelligence created by the clay is a perfect copy of the mind of whoever they are created on at the time it is created though it is possible to implant certain thoughts, ideas, or personalities at the time of it. And as you suggested, it would be perfectly possible to keep adding mass to them and eventually separated from the original host. Though in each case, any intention to remove the new consciousness is entirely up to ethical consideration. Something to keep in mind before attempting this is to implant the concept that the new person will be completely okay with rejoining their host/sibling at any point in the future and will consent when requested.

In the case of someone wanting to turn themselves into a quad amputee or otherwise remove all their arms, this process would be in itself impossible since one functioning hand is still needed to work the clay and remove any flesh. This would require the aid of a second party preferably one you trust completely since you will afterward be completely at their mercy.
op's mom
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Ok I wanna try a twist: You aren't making this artifact for yourself, you're making this artifact and then releasing it to the world for good/hilarity/nefarity.

A pair of underpants are unusually attractive and, when worn, cannot be removed and slowly enlarge the ass of the wearer to ideal proportions, whilst simultaneously making all layers between them and the air more and more see-through, to the embarrassment of the wearer in public and glee of all observers.
The wearer will also get horny when any public watcher ogles them.

Can only be taken off in a public location whilst strangers are watching. This usually occurs when the wearer is horny enough to be fucked in public, after which the effects will wear off and the wearer will be left very confused.
Have you ever wanted your own slimegirl, but don't know how to make one?

Introducing the Grow your own Slimeirl Kit!

This kit will get you the slimegirl you want, guaranteed!

First fill up the container with water until you reach the desired relative size you want

Then pour in a packet of slime powder of the desired colour you want

Then, after it has achieved a desired consistency, simply drop in a slime core

After a week, you should have a fully developed slimegirl! All you have to do is show it a form to take, if you do not have anything for reference, please refer to the manual for images

Slimegirls make great, long lasting pets or companions, and they are low maintenance, all they need is water food every once in a while

Slimegirls are fun for both children and adults alike, they are also surprisingly intelligent, but they still need to be trained, although they learn mostly by watching things, it is still a good idea to refer to a training manual. A fully trained slimegirl can do many things! like cooking! cleaning! speaking! Getting into those hard to reach areas! and so much more! the possibilities are endless!

Get your own slimegirl today!

Warning! do not ingest slime powder, slime cores, or slime making fluid, if you ingest any of these call a doctor IMMEDIATELY

Do not touch slime making fluid, if you do, wash hands immediately, keep it out of reach of pets and/or children

Do not expose your slime girl to extreme tempuratures without proper precautions

Do not expose your slimegirl to pools of water, your slimegirl will dilute

Do not show an untrained slimegirl personalities or actions that can be considered dangerous

DO NOT pour slimegirl powder and cores in containers larger than maximum size

DO NOT flush slime power and cores, if this happens call a plumber, or in a worst case scenario, your city's water department


(one final bit)

Only use water to grow slimegirls, other fluids may produce unexpected results

SlimeGirlCo. is not held responsible if someone accidentally becomes a slimegirl, gets consumed from the inside out by a slimegirl, gets killed by a mimicking slimegirl, or if the world becomes overrun with slimegirls and/or colossal slimegirls
There may be typo or what not. Sorry for those beforehand.

Cosplay related artifact:
There is a shop, this shop actually could appear anywhere where there is a vacant unused space for shops. So no one knows where it is right now.
In the shop there is a male clerk, who is kind of chubby and average looking.
They sell cosplay for any character from any media. These clothes can be only be bought, not rented. For their quality, they seem to be kind of cheap.
Clerk will great you, ask you for what you want, once the order is clear, he will go back to the inventory and come back with cosplay clothes that the customer desired. Alternatively you can also look around for the desired character, you will find it, don't worry. There is no fitting room, where you could try it on, but the nice clerk will explain that their (his?) policy is that if the clothes doesn't fit, then you can return it without paying for it, even if it get's damaged. You can also return it and get refund. (How he hasn't gone out)
Where is the catch? In you mind. Literally.
The clothes will slowly change your body and personality to that of the character gaining their powers, abilitys, hobbies and trait too as long as you wear it and doesn't become permament. But there are some rules:
>The wearer wants to be truly be like to the character.
Result: The wearer slowly transforms in to that character, it comes with gender bending, body growth/shrink and any extra that the character possess (one limb replaced by fake/mechanic limb, tail, multiple body part etc.), if the character had mutant/inhuman powers you will also have that. Accent? that too. Personality? Yes, if he/she was evil, wearer to becomes evil. Odd quirks? Character lactates? Or have sensitive parts? So will the wearer too. Memories? Not really, it won't rewrite you that completly at the beginning, but overtime (10 year or less, how strong willed the wearer is, and his/her living will.) you may really think that you are him/her and no one else (except if the character had multiple personalities disorder or anything similar, then the wearer him/herself becomes one of the personality). [Strong willed person may remain the same as he/she was originally, not to stong person personality may become one with the character personality]. Once this happens the effect becomes permament.
Removing the clothes from time to time will also make some of the change permamently.
>the wearer desires the body of the chosen character as his/her own.
Same as before but without a very slow identity death. Also comes with powers. Changes may become permament if the user desires so.
May also comes with "negative" parts of the character (mechanic limb, going heat etc)
>the wearer desires a specific part/power/ability of the body of the chosen character as his/her own.
The character got huge breast and you don't? It would be nice to have those racks, right? Well if so desires the user, then he/she will be blessed with those.
Rectable claws are cool, right? Well be careful with them, and also get regenaration power too.
Over time the effect becomes permament, except if the wearer is fine with the new changes.
>the wearer has chosen the character, because he/she looks alike.
There won't be a drastic body change, may not gain some ability/power/quirk/etc. (Character with tail, will their tail made to be part of the clothes etc). The cosplay will be the most perfect cosplay in the history.
>Wearer just tried it for fun, and jokes
almost no change at all, no personality change, no powers except if it's part of the fun/joke. Traps will look more femine, Reverse trap more masculine.
>Special version of the said character:
Example: Girl wants to dress up as a female Snake from MGS series. She will really look like a genderbender version of Snake.

Some things good to know:
The cosplay comes with a manual, but it's never been read by the most user
Removing the cosplay will reverts back the effect most of the time.
It will be harder to remove, if the user is weak willed or the longer you wear it. (after a week, until the you can remove it without problem).
Already stated before, but becareful. Some of the side effect can be become permament even form first wear, but nothing life threatening. For women: lactation, squirting, sensitivenes. Male: cum production, precum production. These may fade over time though.
You don't help with dressing up, but if you do ask someelse, then only him/her can remove the cosplay from you. Also his/her desire will overwrite your own. So if he/she want's a 1:1 copy of the character you're gonna cosplay then the "The wearer wants to be truly be like to the character." part gonna happen. Based on how stong is each other will is, one become the other one slave (or atleast a sub to him/her. It is also probably possible to be on equal term.)
You're free to change your current cosplay set with other ones at the shop, even if the current costume effect became permament
No one really knows, if it's true, but if you piss of the clerk (with damaging the clothes, burning them, throwing mud at it in shop. Breaking the glass [not by accident]. Destroying his property) he will grab you and force you to dress up in his favorite cosplay and it's not like with the case with your dressing partner. He will always be in control no matter how strong he/she is in body and mind and never ever will he/she escape from him. People had been missing before in his shop according to eyewitnesses. But police never found anything at him, the shop is also his home. So there are no other place to hide the victim. Also there are only 5 well known victim. 2 from wealthy family, 3 from "normal" ones. Some people tried to investigate him, but found nothing. He is mostly in that shop, if there are no customer, he plays on his phone or handheld. In the backroom there is two room, one inventory that has various cosplay clothes and other one his room. It has a bed, TV, pc, some console system, videogames and a refrigeratory also some foldable bed in case guests come or so he say. Most of the time when he leaves the cosplay shop, he goes around shopping.
Reporting this shop for it's weird people changing clothes will be ignored by any authority even if one brings them one of these clothes.
What happens if I accidentally eat the slime powder and slime core? Asking for a friend, of course I wouldn't be dumb enough to do something like that, haha...
File: Sexytoy.jpg (353KB, 1200x916px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
353KB, 1200x916px
One day we'll get back there...if I ever go back to drawing...
You know. I just want that because of how convenient a bag of infinite flower would be. Also zero calorie food for guilt free food play
A ring that ensures whatever you draw can be pulled out of the medium it's drawn on and become real. Additionally, you can pull out other works of art than your own over the course of five minutes of contact with the medium. The object or person pulled out is as big as you expect it to be, not as big as the paper.

You can push anything or anyone completely loyal to you into a medium for safe storage, as long as they fit. If you start making waifus, you'll end up collecting dakimakuras after a while.

As long as the drawing recognizable by one other person, the thing you pull out will look like the vision you had in your head rather than the result of your art.

You can also write a description next to any picture (even ones that aren't yours) to apply a property to the thing you pull out. e.g. "this button makes me better at art than a Renaissance painter and faster than Adam Ellis making a comic."

If you make four items that give someone a power in their description, the ring teleports into the hands of a random extended family member and shows them a list of everything you made.
File: 1460085921656.jpg (2MB, 1275x1608px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1275x1608px
The Fetish Infliction Transmitter

At first glance this appears to be a 12 inch tablet with a built in kick stand and a radio antenna. The interface has every known fetish to have existed listed in alphabetical order. There is also a search feature, as well as short descriptions for each fetish.

To use, select a fetish or several fetishes you would like to inflict. You can select multiple fetishes to begin infliction at the same time, or you can select fetishes to start inflicting at different times. Additionally, there's a physical transformation setting for all fetishes, a timer, and a stop button.

Once you have selected the fetishes and their order/time settings, press the transmission button. The FIT will emit a fetish wave that can inflict a fetish on everyone in a single room up to the size of a grand ballroom. Fetishes will take a small amount of time to fully inflict based on a person's will and tastes. Once inflicted, people will feel compelled to enact the selected fetish on the user, or nearest acceptable partner if user is unavailable. Fetish intensity increases the longer people are exposed.

An example would be a husband selecting a Brother/Sister Incest fetish and inflicting in a room with his wife. While being exposed, the wife will start referring to her husband as her brother and try to get him to refer to her as his sister. As time goes on the wife will start to believe she is actually her husband's sister and start acting accordingly as well as aggressively pushing incestuous ideas and suggestions. If transformation is selected, the wife will start to physically transform into the husband's sister, or what his sister would look like if he doesn't have one. After exposure of over 3 hours, the wife will be indistinguishable, both physically and mentally, from the husband's sister and will very aggressively be perusing sex with her "brother".
For multiple fetishes, conflicting fetishes cannot be selected. An example of multiple fetishes with different starts would be a guy selecting mtf transformation and lesbianism, and transmitting in a room with his girlfriend. Since the guy is the only male in the room, he will be the only one inflicted by the first selection. After the guy has been fully transformed into a female, the second fetish with begin to inflict causing both girls to become lesbians at an increasing rate while the FIT remains active.

To cease infliction, user can set a time limit for infliction, or automatic stop can be achieved by pressing the stop button. Once transmission has ceased, all inflictions and transformations will be removed within 1 minute.

The only person who can be selected to be immune from an infliction is the original user, which can be done by selecting "user immune".

Lastly, while all inflictions will be removed at the end of transmission, repeated use of the same fetish infliction upon the same target will increase chances of said person gaining the fetish naturally. There are no known cases of transformation effects becoming permanent, but in the case of device malfunction, use the fetishes "normalization" and "purification" for one hour on the target.
And like, have a girl put inside her for the day, right? There's something like that in Towergirls, I think. Mithril rings, something like that?
File: bb84.jpg (166KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166KB, 1280x960px
I'd create an object that can create any object I want at will.
Special Notes:

The Fetish Infliction Transmitter is designed for indoor use. Attempting to use device outside will see a significant reduction in transmission range and functionality.

Some fetishes will need extra input for the direction of the fitesh. If extra input is needed, a dialog box will be available.

In the rare case that a fetish is missing from the list, or a fetish is not specific enough for user's taste, an "input fetish" section is provided at the bottom of the fetish list. This section will allow you to make a new entry up to 4000 characters and hyperlink existing fetishes. Once created, you will be asked to give the new entry a name, and the entry will be added to the fetish list preceeded by "User Edit Fetish: ".

SlimeGirlCo. is not held responsible if someone accidentally becomes a slimegirl from the ingestion of slime powder and/or cores

(or potentially gets consumed from the inside out by one, although that has a very rare chance of occurring)
I'd have one of those dream catchers. The catch is that hanging it over any bed i sleep, my dreams would be vivid, long lasting, persistent scenarios of all my innermost depraved fantasies and desires, no matter how far fetched, elaborate or nonsensical. I'd dream my whole life away in a paradise of my own creation.

Not sure if i want it to carry whoever happens to sleep with me. I'd like it to be my own special thing.

Crossing me fingers here. T'was a good read.
Can i rewrite items description? Like this necklace gives me strenght was originally but now i also want it to grant immortality. And it will still remain one item, right? It won't count towards the limit?
And is there any limit about how much power/description can you write for an item/drawn person?
A functional replica of Odin's ring, Draupnir, with a /d/ twist.

Like Draupnir, every ninth night, the ring would "drip" eight new rings exactly like itself. Eight brand new, gold rings with the same properties as the original. That I'd the only similarity it will have with Draupnir.

Each new ring created (on every ninth night) will be subservient to the original, and likewise cause the wearer to become subservient to whomever is wearing the original.
Each subservient ring can expand and contract to perfectly fit the wearer, allowing it to be worn on the finger, as an anklet, a bracelet, a collar, a cock ring, etc. Once in place, the subsequent ring cannot be removed until 81 (9 * 9) days have passed.

In addition, the subservient rings slowly and permanently alter their wearer's bodies, transforming them, somewhat like the trickster god Loki (shapeshifter) into a fertile futa with assets befitting their original body.

Finally, while worn, the subservient rings cause the wearer to be completely unable to reach orgasm. Forcing each sexual encounter or attempt to masterbate to end in a frustrating, hard edge.

If the bearer of the master ring wears one of the subservient rings, they will become submissive to the first person they encounter and shows sexual interest. Their body will change over time, however they will have limited control over any changes. Things like breast, hip, waist, butt, and dick size gaining or losing no more than three inches.
Too many little, short-but-sweet ideas to count but consider the following: Tentacle Grenades!

Pull the pin and throw it, it explodes into horny, fleshy tentacles! Can contain hypnosis tentacles, sucker tentacles, good old-fashioned dick tentacles, and more! Comes in a variety of succulent flavours, including meats, fruits, candies, and (if you're feeling cruel) latex!
Yes, a slutty one!
The Pearl of Sideos

A small black pearl, about the diameter of a dime, that transforms a person into a writhing mass of tentacles when swallowed.

While transformed, people will see the person as both who they are and as a tentacle monster. People that the user finds attractive will find themselves far more willing to engage in lewd and sexual acts regardless of sexual orientation or relationship status due to mind altering pheromones.

If sex does occur, the user can secrete two different venoms. One venom makes the "victim" more sensitive and willing. The other venom erases short term memory for the last hour, leave only thoughts of warm happiness.

Additionally, while transformed, the user can enter a person's body orally, vaginally, or anally and take control of said person's body. People will never remember being controlled as the user's control mechanism prevents memories from being created. While in control of a person, a user can leave behind mental suggestions to influence behavior after they leave the body.

To transform back to human, simply vomit the pearl back up, which a user will find is very easy and painless to do.
Lovely thread! <3
A ring that allows the user to shapeshift four times. With no warning about the four times rule.
this one's interesting
A DNA Syringe.
Basically, you can plunge it (carefully, we don't want to hurt them) into anyone and get a piece of their DNA that you can inject into anyone, even yourself.
This DNA will give the injected a trait of the other person's DNA.
For example, if you want someone to have bigger breasts, just take the DNA of someone with big breasts and inject it into the other person. Boom, they have big titties.
What if i want to inject animal traits? Like udder from cows and stuff.
Also can it be selective? Like the big breasted also has HUGE ass, but the other has fine ass as well and don't want to change that.
I want a small rubber ball that, when kissed, would slip inside the lips of that person and seemingly vanish, coating the inside of their mouth with a rubbery lining that gives them the capability to perform blowjobs to the most cartoonish capacity without choking, gagging or discomfort, and potential feelings of such replaced with a feeling of pleasure that starts at the neck and works its way down. The more this object is used to perform in this way, the further it extends through the body until the interior of the body has a rubber-like lining, removing the need for food or water entirely as their insides are made into a giant fuck hole. This would extend to the rest of the body as an almost elastic effect, essentially turning the user's body into a giant onahole, condom, fucktoy etc.

While having no outward mental effects the pleasure that radiates through the body during use can be quickly addictive for those of a lesser will. Removal is also not readily revealing but is actually removed with ingestion of a mild acid, citric will do easily. The result of the application is the ball of rubber reappearing under the tongue and is removable easily afterward. The process, however, can take anywhere from a few moments (first contact) to a whole day, resulting in much pleasure and pain as the rubber gives to the flesh it had overtaken.

Any bodily fluids taken inside the body seem to vanish after roughly an hour.

Conventional uses include: living storage space, underwater breathing, an okay washer/dryer combo, being really fucking great at taking it in any hole.

Male female differences are limited but effects include a softening of features and body hair loss in both genders, a growth in genitals for males, but an inability to soften entirely (can go flaccid but no more than that), a general shift to hung femboy/twink aesthetic.
For females, the changes include a buoyancy in breasts, as well as an increased tightness and depth of genitals.
Thank you.
File: 1353250436653.png (358KB, 669x947px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
358KB, 669x947px

Pop one in your mouth and you can extend your tongue to 10x it's original length, plus gain ultimate prehensile use. Basically put, your tongue temporarily becomes a retractable tentacle for a few hours. Sold in your local grocery, or whatever candy can be found in your area.

Minor side effects from over/repeat use: Tongue permanently gaining tentacle like function, minor increase in saliva production, increased sensitivity (sexual), increased taste ability, increased flexibility in the whole body.

Major side effects: Growth of tentacles from areas other than the mouth, increase "stretchiness" of limbs, increased libido, increase in penis size, prehensile penis, clit-to-penis growth, increased production of sexual fluids.
Both very similar, I just want to give a thumbs up along with everything else.
To be honest I think this would be incredibly useful even outside fetish shit. Sculpt me some muscle so hard labor becomes easy. Sculpt some extra arms so I can multitask. Fix my eyes. Fix my lungs. Fix my pectus excavatum.

Fuck now I just feel sad.

God damn that sounds fun.

I'm gonna say... a little magic seal that animates whatever toy, doll, or figure it is attached to. Animated objects are obsessively loyal to the one who animated them, and can pull a Toy Story and just hide when you need them to.

When the seal is placed on a plant or non-human animal, it slowly turns them into a demihuman version of themself. I assume the process will be somewhat grotesque and maybe a bit alarming, but it's painless. Sex will not be changed.

All effects are removed with the seal, but memories and personality return when the seal is put back on.
I didn't know Towergirls was so /d/!
Some kind of mirror or book, that teleports me to a alternate dimension, based on this one, where I have unlimited power.Every change in that world doesn't transport to ours, excluding changes on myself.In fact, my own pocket dimension of debauchery and buttsex.
A cock ring, which allows it to freely change girth, length, cum amount, orgasm length etc.The thing is, it also can temporarily grow a penis on female, if you put it on clit.Also, changes of properties are controlled by me, and only I can put it on or off somebody.
File: 1494815711587.jpg (128KB, 1280x742px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128KB, 1280x742px
>Glass orb, about the size of an orange. Very difficult to damage, and easy to carry around with you.

This orb has one primary property; when you look in it, any scene you wish to see, will appear inside, in miniature. The scale is arbitrary, so you could put an entire world in there, but there wouldn't be much to look at. Whatever you will into existence appears as a tiny version of reality, where things still occur according to the same basic rules. You can imagine anything inside, and it will appear.

The more its used, the more the user tends to obsess over it, and over whatever world they've created.

When the total cumulative time a person has looked into it reaches 24 hours, a small hole appears in the side. The owner may, at that point, use this hole as a door to enter the world they've made, or just stick their dick in the hole (not recommended).

Once inside, the owner is trapped in whatever world they've built for themselves until they locate an identical door leading back out. Depending on the scale of what they built, this will take moments, or an eternity.
i have read about Draupnir and it actually dropped Mundane Gold bands not copies of itself...
thanks for it not being another makes me invincible item/make more relic item ....
probably end up back to normal though so no fun needs an odd number of uses no?
A magical, refilling notepad.
Whatever I write at the top of the page becomes the subject.
Anything I write underneath it happens to that subject. It doesn't always happen instantly, though I can speed whatever it is up by adding "quickly" or whatever. Some physically and logically impossible things can't happen, and it has a built-in safety that prevents anything with truly dire consequences from occurring.

As long as the page is in the notebook, its effects continue. If I rip out the page, the effects cancel, again, maybe not instantly. I can specify whether everyone forgets what has directly happened because of a page, if only the subject (if applicable) forgets, or if everyone remembers everything. I can also specify if the subject (if applicable) is to be aware that a force is acting on it or not.
Lewd HUD

When worn, you can specify any person you can see, and after a brief scan, the scanner will reveal the person's current arousal level, if and what sorts of lewd things the person is thinking about, and a brief summary of the person's strongest fetishes.
So with this i could even transform the subject to look like my waifu and to love me. Or maybe prank people and make them grow animal parts, like cat paw, cow udder etc.
I would like to buy that.
Yeah, I was going off memory, and don't much care for seriously OP items/gear, or "powerful" items not having potential drawbacks . . . But /d/ makes that pretty difficult. One deviants curse is another's boon.
File: 1461659111880.jpg (72KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 640x480px
A vial of magical ink that replenishes itself over time. Drawing basic magical symbols from any discipline, real or not, grants you the ability to control aspects of the body that those symbols are drawn on. Obvious uses would be to create a control circle around someones genitalia, to control their arousal/orgasms. You could also scribe a circle around someones mouth to give them a prehensile tongue, or a mouth and tongue as sensitive as a vagina. Pretty much anything.

The ink would last as long as a henna tattoo, after witch that portion would refill into the bottle. If applied as a real tattoo, the effects would be permanent, and the bottle would loose that much inf forever.
so would there be a symbol list for different effects?
Fuck I'd just use this for alt history simulations
File: 1482108345100.jpg (650KB, 1250x1700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
650KB, 1250x1700px
Glue Trap

Two containers, blue and pink, that never run out of their contents. What are the contents? Magic glue of the same color of course!

To use the glue, simply apply using the brush on the inside to any size of paper. Once the paper has been converted to a glue trap, you may set it out for someone to accidentally touch or you can just slap the trap on them (or yourself).

The pink glue will turn anyone who touches it into a 10/10 trap version of their self from high school. Looks, voice, and all the little details will be perfectly feminine, right down to the little hairless girl cock between the victim's legs. Additionally, the new trap's anus will become incredibly clean, self lubricating, and about as sensitive as a vagina.

If you haven't guessed it yet, the blue glue turns people into the perfect androgynous reverse trap equivalent of their high school self. Everything looks boyish, but also just soft enough to make people question. While being a reverse trap, the victim's clit will be noticeably larger than an average girl's. It might be possible, with enough stimulation, that the clit could harden and grow into something more phallic.

As long as the glue remains on the skin, the effects of the glue stay. To remove, simply wash off with soap and warm water. The original gender of the victim has no impact on the glue's effects, which is to say girls can become traps and guys can become reverse traps.

If a victim keeps the glue on their body for longer than 24 hours, a normalization effect will take place in stages. The first stage will occur instantly after 24 hours, which is people treating the person as who they really are regardless of the new look. A husband will treat his trap wife as still being his wife. The reverse trapped 30 year old still has to get up and go to their job as normal.
What are the other stages?
File: 1484157535466.jpg (607KB, 1200x1763px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
607KB, 1200x1763px

Stage 2 takes place after 1 month after the "trapping". At this point the magical effects of the glue weaken and the person will have to take a more active roll in maintaining their appearance. It will still be easier than regular trapping, but efforts must be made. Also at this point, anyone the victim is related to or in a relationship with will know of the real gender and start acting (or teasing) more according to this. To preserve relationships, the glue has the ability to help sexual partners become more bi-sexual, or at least get to the point of "its not gay if she's a trap".

Stage 3 is 3 months out from the start of stage 2, or 4 months from the original transformation. This will see the end of the magic in the glue. At this point the victim will have to go all in on the trap lifestyle, or they can stop and live as the actual gender of their body. Technically this does allow for real, permanent sex changes. The victim will also find all their identification has their new gender if the had their sex reversed by the glue.

The effects of the glue can be reversed by the soap and water method at any point before stage 3. Technically these glues have the ability to grant incredibly long life spans as the transformation will always take the victim to a body around 16-18. Be warned, using this as a means for abnormal life spans may cause the world to adapt to the victim in increasingly strange and bizarre ways, some of which may become very unwanted.
Sorry, was typing from my phone so it took a minute.
A machine that can create anything imaginable (no mater if it's real or not) that can only be used by the person who owned it first (which means that i am the only one who can use it)
i'd take a few cases of this and that mason jar from earlier
A simple brass coin with a hole in the middle that, when spun, nigh-instantly hypnotizes a designated viewer and puts them into a modified trance. The magic of the coin not only makes the trance irresistible for all but the strongest wills, but it also artificially reinforces all suggestions introduced during this state such that weeks of hypnotic retraining can be done in mere minutes.

Caveat: just like with actual hypnosis, you cannot force someone to do anything that they don't at least want a little bit. Attempts to do so may cause the coin to backfire.
I am usually a thoughtful person, and admittedly I didn't put much thought into it, but after reading >>7559164 I think I've got at least some lasting semblance of an idea.

A collection of programmable matter you can make into whatever you want, including people. You can dictate what they look like, what abilities they have, what they think, know, and remember, etc...

So what would I do with it? Probably turn it into some waifu, only for her to give most of the suggestions on changes and result in a dangerous feedback loop because I'm beta as fuck.

We should make a Pathfinder game around these artifacts, come to think of it.
Pathfinder/D&D Legend of the lewdifics edition
>The golden goose amulet
Similar to the namesake, the golden goose amulet curses the human who wears it to begin to lay golden eggs. Egg production ramps up the longer the amulet is worn, starting off at one every two weeks and ramping up to hourly by the 3 month mark.

Should the amulet be removed, the process will reverse over the same period of time that the amulet was worn, however these will be normal eggs, not golden. The golden egg portion of the curse only applies the first time the amulet is worn by a specific individual, subsequent wearings will ramp up egg production again, but they will never return to gold.
Pathfinder with lewd artifacts would be either hilariously awesome or a massive clusterfuck.
Just have the GM use the Lewdifics to mess with Players or force them to use their curses as boons in their quest.
Trapids Arrow's of love: anytime anyone is hit by one of these arrows their body becomes a cute trap version of their original. If said person would become intimate or have sex with anyone else they would pass on the effects of the arrow.
A giant robot with a really big dick-like thing.
Not sure what else it would do other than being a one-off production meant for the commander of the Neo Zeon forces, having plenty of fire power and a dick thing . That's probably good enough.
i'm pretty sure that theres a hentai based off a concept like this non-gundam related but...
Mom Jeans

A typical pair of women's jeans that magically fit anyone and bestows a new form. That form? All who put on the pants will turn into a beautiful, cury MILF version of themselves between the ages of 28 to 32.

If the pants are removed normally, the person will still remain in their MILF form. To remove the "curse" simply unzip the zipper before unbuttoning the top button.

While in MILF form, the victim will be very fertile. Additionally, the victim can cause lesbianism in women, thus assuring that the victim will be pursued by everyone.

If pregnancy occurs, the transformation will become permanent. In addition to the above mentioned lesbianism, the victim will cause women to temporarily grow a fertile set of cock and balls (women who have been subject to this multiple times have an increased chance at remaining shemales after intercourse).

If two victims of the pants engage in sex, the one with the highest desire to be pregnant will cause the cock and ball growth in the other victim. If a victim is turned shemale by the other victim and pregnancy occurs, the changes will be permanent for both victims to include the shemale changes.

Reality will adapt for all permanent changes and no health issues will arise from shemale statuses.
File: 1465961361756.jpg (113KB, 1205x663px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113KB, 1205x663px
Baring something that allows some kind of omnipotence Id go with a 'Universal Transformation Remote'.

When pointed at a person a list of options would appear on the inbuilt screen allowing for the alteration of any physical or mental characteristic of the target, including even their currently worn clothes.
This can also be used to transform anyone into fully inanimate objects or different/fictional species if so wished. If transformed into an inanimate object the full range of 'awareness' retained by the target can be stipulated as desired via the remote.
This needn't be done in front of the target, as long as the target has been selected by the remote, the user can spend as long as they want fine tuning the changes before applying the transformation.
Any amount of 'Pre set' transformations can be saved allowing for the same transformation to be inflicted as many times as wanted. These can be as generalised or specific as wanted, for example a 'bimbo' custom pre set may merely turn the target into a clone of the same bimbo you created when you first made the pre set or just 'bimbofy' the target appropriately.

There would be three general settings for 'memory retention' in regards to the advice.

Setting 1. Only the remote user retains memories of the transformation. Both the target and all others regard the inflicted change to have always have existed.

Setting 2. Only the remote user and the target are aware of the transformation. All others regard the transformation as having always been in place.

Setting 3, Everybody regards the changes inflicted via the remote as new.
All I'd ask for is for someone to make the cancer med from Neil Gaiman's Changes, which knocks you out cold for about 12 hours, after which you awaken with every injury healed, every illness cured - but also with the opposite sex as before.
>truly dire
Like writing "subject creates world destroying bomb and detonates it," or is it limited to dire consequences for the subject?

Now I'm imaging alt-right/gamergater/anti-SJW guys getting together to reverse engineer the tech in a BE gun so they can build even more BE guns and even build BE bombs that they use in an insane war to knock the entire female population of the planet back to livestock status.
File: 1459062310206.jpg (233KB, 1200x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
233KB, 1200x1600px
This kind of thing pops up a lot in globalized fetish threads (naturally), and one idea that still haunts me is the notion of someone building a device that causes all women on the planet to transform for 24 hours depending on what fetish the user selects with the device.

Of course, whoever has control over this device has control over half the population of the world (and can threaten the other half however he likes), so there's a big race to either capture or destroy the device before the inventor ends up destroying humanity with it.
Messing with tech beyond a person's understanding will always be their downfall, i can be that a lot of the artifacts would have secret counters or traps that would do horrible unspeakable things to those who mess with them.
It's the reality of all these lewdifics capable of bring a single person's greatest perversions to life at the potential cost of humanity's future.
Assuming people who differ from your political beliefs would be the first/only thing to destroy the planet is how the elites control the world. Also assuming a wizard is smart enough to put in a plan "b" for all their magical dickery is absolutely foolish.

And this is why I make sure that whatever I post assures mankind's survival. I don't know if there's some form of diety out there into researching humanity's fetishes, but if there is I'm going to make sure mine will allow people to continue to breed. Any fetish that sees the end of man ceases to be a sexual fantasy in my book because it ends one of the most sexually perverse species to walk the planet. What kind of god/goddess of sex fetishes would allow that to happen? (Unless they are planning on allowing humanity to evolve into a more sexual creature)
File: 1438907781500.jpg (174KB, 800x1132px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174KB, 800x1132px
A tablet that lets you manipulate your age, gender, and appearance at will. As well as set your character traits like stat points.
The tablet links with a person by taking a picture of them with it. So you can use it on other people as well.

You could make yourself into a bimbo and dial up your lust while dialing down your intelligence.
Or you could max out your intelligence to make crazy sex machines.
Or you could give the tablet to a master and let them play with your body as they choose.
Or you could use the tablet on others to make obedient sex slaves.
The possibilities are endless.
make this into a anime and i would watch every week
i would make a large slime girl train her then grow some small slime girls as kids
The Boi Pusci

A cursed buttplug. As soon as it is picked up, the victim will be compelled to go to a secluded place and place it into their ass. Once inserted, the victim will feel all the same pleasures of a vagina beginning fucked by the perfect cock...only from their anus.

After each use, the victim's body will slowly transform into the perfect, cute trap version of themselves. Boys will slowly become increasingly feminine, and girls will slowly grow cocks while their breasts melt away. Wardrobes will adjust if they must, but all victims will increasingly be treated as a girl with all understanding that they are actually a boy.

After full trap mode has been activated, phase 2 begins. This will see the digestive system of the trap re-oriented. Shits will be absolutely clean, toilet paper not needed. Anuses will permanently gain vaginal levels of stimulus as well as the ability to self lubricate.

After this point it was assumed that the transformation was complete, but further studies revealed a less know phase 3. If the trap continues to use the buttplug after phase 2, they will slowly become a natural shemale.

All forms are irreversible once phase 2 is complete. The world will adapt as the victim's body changes, to include the shifting of sexual preferences of partners.
If we're going to go into the evolution of sexual fetish where do you think we are? creation, variation, selection, prosperity, or extinction?
I know this post is stupid but still.
File: 1479009936154.jpg (371KB, 1280x820px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
371KB, 1280x820px

Even better was that the device restored all women to their natural state before inflicting a new globalized fetish transformation on them all, so even if one day's reality change caused all women to end up being turned into hamburgers (or god knows any other kind of bad end), they would all be restored to normal just in time to get turned into office furniture or cowgirls or Twileks or whatever at the crack of dawn the next morning.

At that rate, though, the race to to destroy the transformation device would be just as much about finding it before women lose their sanity as much as finding it before its user accidentally destroys the world.
Selection on the verge of prosperity. Due to current technological limits, we are at a point where fetishes can be fully explored in the realm of fiction, but not in reality and certainly not in any acceptable fashion if it involves any extremes (unless you got a lot of cash).

I'm not sure if we'll ever get to the point where fetishes cause extinction, but I do think we are close to a new sexual revolution with the advent of new robotic, prosthetic, and virtual technologies. Where this will take us as a species is hard to guess, but I look forward to seeing the perversions of the future!
>implying that they don't only belong to kitchen, being livestock or being a sex slave
So i add an extra to this as the maker. Not only lactation, but the type of lactated stuff. Holder of this item can specify what kind of flavor or even what she will "lactate". Like with chocolate, it could be normal choco milk or chocolade itself (it will be always liquidised). That person will crave for that flavor. Overeating from this won't result in weight gain, all of it go to breasts.
Because a person won't normally lactate chocolate/wine/beer etc. the lactation amount can't be specified but the efficiency can be. Not effective (<1x) it would be less effective, drinking from own tits may result in weight gain. Normal (1x) it will be almost the same amount as targeted person has eaten, drinking from own teats will result in autobreastfeeding(going by autoblowjob naming sense), but it will cause hunger because the same stuff goes in circle without getting nutrient. Efficient (>1x up to 2,5x) the targetet person will give back more amount than she herself has digested. She also needs eat other food to keep up with the coversion. Cannot get sick from overdosing. Could drink hundred liter wine without alcohol poisoning, getting unconscious or womitting from it. Also drinking hot/cold choosen drink will also cause no trouble, no matter how fast she drinks it.
Little bit how it works: eating just chocolate would make the lactated chocolate extremly creamy, but drinking liquid chocolate would make it liquid like. Extra choclate flavor like chocolate with cookies will be ignore except if the choosen substence was flavored chocolate.
In case of fizzy drinks the "milk" will be also fizzy drink (it is interesting when it comes out the nipple and it will tickle it because the fizzy)
In case of cold drink/icecream, it will be always cold, the person will feel it on their breasts that something cold is in there, the nipple will always be cool to touch.
Multi favored icecream favors will be stored in different breasts, in case there are more favor than tits then the favor will be randomly changed at every sucking sequence, extra note in case of using milking machine the flavor will automaticly switch once the body runs out of it.
In case of hot drinks, the drink will remain hot, no matter what kind of weather is out there. Just like before. The nipple will be hot to touch.

It would be entirely up to the users imagination. If rune magic works for you, fine, if writing the desired effect in sindarin works, OK. It consistent with your beliefs.
I'm glad there's someone else out there that enjoys the thought of being "gagged" without an actual gag. I don't even know why I developed this fantasy. Probably from some cartoon I watched as a kid where the protagonist was magically muted or something.

Anyway for my own item:
A mask which when placed on someone, allows you to either selectively limit, or add, stimulation to the senses of sight, hearing, or smell of the wearer. You can be specific, or broad. You could go full sensory deprivation, or you could simulate experiences for them. You could make them simply unable to perceive the key to remove the mask, even though it's sitting right there on the coffee table, or deafen them to everything but the sound of your voice. You could even have them constantly listen to their own voice, telling them how good it feels to be submissive. Or you could just bully them by having them smell their favorite food even though they're on a diet.
You can do that. Just take some DNA from a bunny, inject it into someone, and they have bunny ears now. And it can be selective, too! The wonders of technology...
I kind of what a girl made of liquid cement, I did a story full of monster girls and one was this golem but her body was semi quishie like an actual human body instead of being solid stone.

I fantasized about fucking her squeezing her breasts in many hands smelling her skin. This girl was kind of physically frail, the idea of a broken statue. She moved around with a wheelchair but could stand up if needed. She would use sex and masturbation to empowers her self from her impotence issues. That side she likes about having sex because how helpless and varnable it makes her because once she's on her back she is at the mercy of her partner. Really likes doing it out side because of she gets caught she can't run way.
File: 1097578-00000203.jpg (71KB, 1200x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 1200x900px
Great, gonna buy one then.
A golden idol that, in exchange for offerings of sexual fluids, greatly enhances both the libidos and virility/fertility of its worshipers. Pregnancies conceived under this blessing are guaranteed to produce at least triplets, be borne to full-term, and be filled with addictive levels of pleasure. Children born will be healthy and strong, and births will be not just painless, but a mind-wrenching multi-orgasmic experience that will leave the mother breathless and begging to be impregnated again.
Well i think you said it yourself that any sexual fetish that leads to humanity's destruction would count as less of a fetish and more of a method of extinction.
File: 1492271654790.gif (186KB, 560x420px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
186KB, 560x420px
I would create a cursed "globalised fetish" /d/ thread.

Anyone who starts a post with "All women in the world..." becomes a woman and is subjected to the changes they write down.

Well, with widespread BE tech available, the debate would be ended pretty quick as millions of women are turned into fat-uddered human dairy cows against their will.
I would want something to make fairy copies of people, like scan a photo or drawing with a device then out pops like this little slime seed with DNA data. Feed it by cracking open a raw egg into a bowl and place the seed inside to grow. When it grows big enough it makes a cocoon to turn into a fairy. Out pops this little nude copy with nipple and vagina and everything with the ability to lay slime seeds to breed. Two seeds can even mix DNA if they meet up to create genetic diversity. I would keep some to play with and release some in the wild to see what happens. See if the population takes hold and how people react to finding them.
I've always gotten a boner at the idea of all women some how being digitized and stored on a single harddrive that then exists in a single anon's bedroom - the anon may not even know that all the women that have disappeared from the world now exist as tiny compressed files on a harddrive that's just magically appeared on his desk, so the fates of 3.5 billion lives are in his hands without him even knowing it.

If anon eve *does* hook up the mysterious harddrive, he'll find himself able to copy share, edit, delete and export any woman's file on the harddrive like any other kind of data, though if he ever hits that "export" button, that woman (or a copy of that woman) will be returned to reality with any edits made to her now baked in, with the anon able to re-digitize her with the import command.

Essentially, all 3.5 billion female lives on the planet have become genies stored away in one tiny magic bottle, owned and controlled by a random anon without his even realizing it yet.
Could you level up your character in some way? Like you get updates of quests to complete within a time limit (usually a day) and earn experience points once completing them which increase your overall total stat points to distribute.
File: Machi Kyouko.png (75KB, 250x660px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Machi Kyouko.png
75KB, 250x660px
The mason jar of transmogritive flesh-clay sort of has its own nefarious applications inherent to its nature. Though the clay itself is supernatural and though it temporarily imparts its properties to living flesh it is applied to, once the clay turns into living biomatter, it does not grant any supernatural abilities to whoever it was used on. If any vital organs such as a kidney, lung, or heart were removed from the, in this case, victim, they will not be able to live as long as that organ is necessary. Though as long as the victim is still alive, it could be easily corrected as long as there is access to the clay. Also as long as a victim is restrained or otherwise helpless to resist, anyone could use the clay as they wish on them such as removing limbs or organs as previously mentioned. There are other ways to manipulate or torture victims with it as well such as working some into a person's head to change their thoughts or personalities or simply applying a small amount to parts of their body to make them more sensitive to pleasure, pain, or other sensations.

Also though the flesh created by the clay can only be organic and biological, the features and abilities granted by them are only limited by what is physically possible and conceivable according to the user's will. For example, removing a person's head in any other case would be much the same, though cleaner, than decapitating them in any other fashion, and the victim will soon die. But if there was a method of creating spacial connections between two freely independent and mobile points and the user was vaguely aware of some way to apply this in a biological fashion, then they will be able to safely remove someone's head or other body parts and allow them to still live and control their body.
Also, though the jar itself is an infinite supply of the flesh-clay, as long as someone has even a small glob of it, they can create a near limitless supply from it. They only need to use the clay to remove flesh from a living source and convert it into more clay. With the smallest amount, they can potentially start at a fingertip and slowly work it to replace and remove a whole finger, and once they have created enough, the user can apply it around the joint of a limb, remove it, and convert the whole limb from there. A whole creature or person can also be completely converted into flesh-clay effectively killing them.
So what i understand is that if the person knew of the mythical creature known as the dullahan then they could use the jar to create a headless person i.e a dullahan, or if there was a mother method that they knew of they could utilize it to create said headless person.
As mentioned before, the clay cannot grant magical, psychic, or other supernatural abilities. Awareness of mythical creatures such as dullahan alone will not grant the ability to create people able to separate their heads from their bodies. Another example is awareness of dragons as a myth will not allow you to grant the power to breathe fire. If you did want to create such an ability, you would consider some glands in the throat that would excrete flammable gasses or fluids, an organ to ignite the excreted substance, heat resistant oral tissues, and other biological functions directly or indirectly associated with it. The user would require at least a rudimentary of the functions relating to the ability or feature and to willingly apply them to create them. The clay doesn't require perfect artistic skill or understanding of what you intend to do with it, but it can't on its own work out what you should have done and didn't know.
A simple notebook.
Writing the name of a person within the book will grant them a body they will be most happy with.

You must know the person, the less you know them, the more off the body they are given will be.

Misspelling their name will also affect quality.

Also, don't let your mind wander into fantasy too much, as this will also create unintentional results.

You could write small notes, but the book doesn't want anything in much detail. Single words are more effective than paragraphs.
This makes it kinda of a pain to use then there are a lot of other artifacts that have similar abilities if not easier to use then the jar
Just a simple stone - just a freckled pebble worn smooth after millennia at the bottom of a riverbed - that, when carried by any guy, will prompt any woman to automatically obey any command he makes.

Most women don't willingly obey, however - when issued a command, their bodies just coast into a kind of autopilot mode, often before their minds really understand what it happening, resulting in plenty of victims begging and pleading for whoever is holding the stone to stop or recind the command made of them, even as they're getting on their knees and unbuckling the fly of whoever just commanded them to suck his cock.
A set of virtual reality goggles. While wearing them you won't age and the body won't decay in anyway, no need to eat or even breath. The person wearing them can experience any reality they want and can even alter their perception of time, so year in your virtual world could be a single day in reality.
File: slide5.jpg (256KB, 964x387px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No one knows what their original name is, nor the name of who created them, but in the 1920's the nick name "Coffee Break" was given to a strange ceramic cone with a clicking button where the opening should be, and the name stuck.

Upon finding a "CB", nothing will happen initially. The second a person has a lewd thought about anything with the CB in their possession, they will be compelled to pull out the object and click its button. Once the button is pressed, time will freeze for everyone but the user.

Only in this first instance will information be provided in word and vision. The device is a time stopper that only works when the user has has lewd and sexual intentions. Created by a minor god/goddess of perversion thousands of years ago, the device will allow the user to enact sexual gratification solo, with a partner, or many partners in time isolation and with special bonuses.

The first thing the user will notice is that they and everyone else are at their peak physical health and fitness. This can be turned off for everyone but the user. Second, the user will find that sexual stamina and fluids are endless and that refractory periods no longer exist while time is frozen.

The next, interactions with people will be be set to 3 modes initially. The first mode is frozen doll, which means people's bodies are completely posable and will act like sex dolls when sexually engaged. The second mode is puppet mode, which allows the user to mentally control one body at a time or give simple commands to be followed. The third mode is free, which is nothing more than freeing someone to move independently and of free will while time is frozen.

In the first 2 modes people will remember nothing. In the third mode people will only remember what the user wants them to remember. When time is re-activated, all will find itself exactly where it was prior to the time freeze.

From here things get a little complicated...
Being created by a deity of perversion, you will be granted bonuses and powers based on how you progressively use the power and gifted powers. You can also be given punishments for attempting to abuse the powers for non-sexual reasons.

After the first 10 uses, users can be expected to pick up abilities to increase the perversion of their time stop. Anything from increased flexibility to outright shapeshifting is possible, and so much more. The deity wants the user to have a good time and to explore everything they can dream of involving sex, masturbation, or whatever spills the sex juices.

Eventually the user can reach near god-like control over the time stopped world, with no fear of aging or getting caught as long as they embrace what the CB was created for.

As for punishments, if you attempt to use the CB for a purpose other than sex expect something terrible. One user in the 1940's attempted gather information about a bank robbery instead of plowing the dame they were eyeing...and spent 50 years being breed as a sow with their human mind intact in time isolation.

Needless to say, use the device as intended. If you use it long enough, and are perverted enough, you might find that some of your abilities might cross over to reality. Maybe that woman keeps the penis you gave her. Maybe you can shapeshift outside the time stop. Maybe something else. This gift is given based on what perversion drivers the user the most...and is usually given with temporary immortality.

Sure it could be permanent immortality, but you're going to have to work for that, along with more blessings. So many people to fuck, so many things to experience, and so many rewards to gain as long as you keep favor with the deity. Try not to become too boring or repetitive.

If this isn't for you, leave the CB to someone else and consider yourself a vessel for someone else's desires.
3 "wrap up" items to clarify.

1. Until powers are granted to extend beyond the time stop, all changes will be undone once time resumes with one exception. The user's body will slowly move closer and closer to the peak health and fitness mentioned earlier, and so will the bodies of anyone they "engage" with more than once a week.

2. Gained abilities will make themselves known mentally once the user enters the next time stop. A user can make suggestions for what abilities they would like by announcing them right before the end of the time stop. Suggestions for abilities are suggestions and might not be the next ability granted.

3. The time stop can remain active for the equivalent of 72 hours as long as the user remains sexually committed during the entire time stop. Sexual commitment can be defined as "engaging in an act of sexual gratification or involved in the set up for something that will lead to sexual gratification for the user or individuals involved". That's right, no penalties for prep-time or set up.
I like the idea of artifacts which grant great power but have great side effects.
For instance, this ring:
>makes you immortal
>makes you immune to all disease
>all aging stops at 18, with people over 18 regressing back to this age
>you can choose a new appearance
Here are the side effects:
>you have to switch to the opposite sex
>you are extremely easily aroused
>most people will feel an urge to rape you, regardless of sexual orientation
>you can never stay in one place for more than a couple days, as people's urge to rape you grows stronger the longer you stay around them
>nobody will relieve you if you try to report any rape
>changes the ring makes to you are permanent, even if you remove the ring
*nobody will believe you

So it's like getting raped by bill murray but daily?
Sounds like Promethean: the Raped.

Though rape is probably preferable to what being a Promethean entails.
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Cream coating.png
1MB, 1280x995px
Something edible where it makes you incredibly fertile

Men get a 10x boost on their Penis size and a 10x boost on sperm count can cum 10 times in a row

Women Ovulate around men, Hips Widen, become able to take any penis size (In Mouth, butt, Vagina and Tits) , breast size will double and Milk Production will get a 10x boost same for quality will give birth to more than 5 kids at once with explosive orgasms

Taking another will add that bonus then double it Also you will become really horny
Well it's not meant to be easy. Some of the fun is to find what you can do with your limitations and that occasional thrill once you have discovered something interesting. Though the clay isn't intended to do anything too outlandish or grant super powers. It is meant to give the user (or another person) the body they want and have fun with it. A lot of fetishes are possible with it including TG, futa, monster girls/boys, amputee, size, etc. Live decapitation (or however you would call it) is closer on the spectrum of physically impossible.
Shrink Rays!
They look like cheap tin toys, but they are totally functional!
There's a toggle to select whether you're making the target bigger or smaller, and a calibration knob to select just what exactly you're targeting. The knob is a bit incomprehensible a first, but when you play around with it you can figure out how to make someone shrink out of their clothes, or target growth so they have massive boobs but their bra still fits!

Changes (mostly) wear off after about an hour. There's always a bit of permanent residual effect, which becomes noticeable through repeated use.

Often found in pairs or in bulk. Runs off a standard 9v battery.
sounds like a ton of fun
I would make two magic rings. One would make it whoever wears it will experience any sexual fantasy or thought that enters their mind.

This would take place in an alternate dimension that only exists inside the user's head, but feels indistinguishable from reality.

Each experience would last a minimum of 1 week up to 1 year, unless the thought is designed to last longer.

The other magical ring would keep any of the memories or experiences that individual user has had. This is for instance, to prevent someone from loosing their grip on reality. Been out of the picture for a month? take off the rings and you'll forget the specifics of your adventures besides that you'll know you've had them.
Don't need anything else, really.
I love this. What's the source? I can't make out the first bit. "...essnostgia"?
Ah nevermind. I got the file name.
That fucking story is what got me into TG
Now that i think about it, I'll make it so that only girls have the ability to steal muscle/height from other people.
Guys can still swap dicks with vaginas, and such.
Its mirror from harry potter but sexual desire only
Cool stuff.
File: 1435698399327.jpg (8KB, 236x219px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Three magical rings, the Master, the Servant, and the Wildcard.

Upon picking up the Wildcard ring, it imparts the following knowledge.

This ring when worn, cannot be removed from your finger. When worn it becomes the Master ring.

The original Master ring becomes the Servant ring. Both you and the wearer of the Servant ring have a rough idea of each others location. The wearer of the Servant ring is compelled to find you. They will obey your every command.

The original Servant ring becomes the new Wildcard ring, and disappears from the currant wearer, freeing them. It reappears in a random location in the same relative geographic location, always somewhere where there is a chance to be found.
The Costume Gem - A small crystal bound to an infinitely stretching band.

To use, put on a piece of clothing or a related costume piece and think of what you are trying to look like and you will transform into an exact replica, clothing and accessories included if needed.

Want to look like your sister? Steal a sock and put it on. Want to be a horse? Buy a horse head mask and think of the type of horse you want to be.

In addition to this, you can make modifications prior to transformation. Want to be someone at a younger age? Think of that person but as that younger age. Rather be the opposite sex of the costume? Just keep the idea in your mind while thinking of the end result. You don't need a great imagination for results, just the ability to think about what you want.

After transformation, all articles of clothing can be removed without disrupting the transformation except the gem. In all instances, once the gem is removed you will instantly revert back to your original form.

If you want, you can use your own clothing to transform yourself into different variations of your original form. The limits of this would be sex changes and non-human characteristics, as those still require a costume piece not related to your personal wardrobe.

When imitating a person, you will have an exact replica of their body minus any alterations. If you are copying someone and come into contact with them, nobody will believe you are the original.

The gem can be worn with no time restrictions but user will remain fertile as their original self and species, so not body trapping pregnancy or knocking someone up as someone else with their DNA.
It's from recouring commission from Chief Judge. The guy has a bunch of fetish commissions he kept re-ordering from different people.

Technically there is more about those two story-wise, but he never posted those commissions and the only ones floating is the comics and this.

Still, digging that type of bondage (if it really can qualify as bondage) really hard. Didn't even know I could like something like this before seeing it.
>28 to 32
I know the term itself is subjective, since it takes to be mom and hot to qualify for MILF, but still...
>all the women that have disappeared from the world
Bone killer due to the fact it creates chaos so huge nobody cares about any harddrive at this point. It's a full-on species extinction.
People being stuck in unremovable clothes? It's a thing. There used to be a site dedicated to it, but the admin kept getting harassed and shut it down. It's also hard to find art that doesn't look awful.
I know what stuck is as a fetish and it's not exactly appealing to me. Mostly because it's too often overlapping way too hard with latex encasement, which is definitely not my thing.
But unremovable clothes, especially those getting attention, but without going into steel corset territory definitely are great.
I think the idea was to put the transformee at the beginning age of MILFdom since the transformation can be made permanent, although I could be wrong. However, if it helps, my sister had her first kid at 17, so by the time she hit 30 she was a prime MILF with 3 kids.
a bodice that turns men into women, it can't be removed (cursed) and it itches
File: 1460004051354.jpg (543KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's not quite a physical artifact, but:

Every anon in this thread with a fap folder suddenly finds a new image command in his OS that allows him to “export subject”.

Choosing this option causes a real-world copy of the woman (or guy, or trap, or however you swing) depicted in the image that you’ve chosen to “export” to suddenly appear somewhere in your home, Weird Science style.

The copy of the woman (or whatever) you’ve chosen to export exists exactly as she did when the photo you exported was taken, and will react exactly how that person would react if they had just been suddenly teleported from wherever the photo was taken into your own home. Guys quickly discover another option in their fap folder than now allows them to edit strange new exif data fields regarding photos (and the people exported from them), including that person’s general likes/dislikes, place of origin, marital status, sexual orientation, fetishes and even “owner”. Editing any of these exif data fields immediately alters the behavior and personality of the person, though any unwanted changes can be easily re-written.

Even better, guys naturally experiment to see what happens when an exported person’s photograph is run through Photoshop, and of course, any changes to the person’s image is automatically inflicted on the person. Saving multliple copies of that image while the person is exported will create newly exported copies of that person, and deleting said copies (and/or the original photo) will also instantly delete that exported person from existence.
Flattening device consisting of two rolling pins that allows to turn people into as flat as you want them to be. All it takes is blowing into your finger to get back into 3D.
File: 960011.jpg (726KB, 2000x1312px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Conversely, a bike pump that works on humans.

Dare you stick your dick in it?
Stupid question, but why there are so many rings in this thread? I mean I know you need to "pack" that magic device in some form, but why almost all of them are rings?

Am I missing something?

Speaking of which, CoffeePilot's ring recurring in his stories and captions. Wearer is molded by the givers desires. So when bunch of patrons wanted busty inn wench, she ended up with almost gargantuant tits and thights, without turning into a fat blob or breaking her spine. And so on and forth.
I noticed that many rings were being used as well. The reason might be rings tend to be easily worn without interfering with daily activities and that many magical items from fictional works tend to be rings, wands, staves, and pendants. Out of the four, only rings and pendants would fit in our world today, but rings still give that feeling of physically holding the power in your hand.
CoffePilot? You may need to dump some pastebins friend
No need, he posts almost everything on dA
I would make a magic ring. Nothing fancy like a big gem in it, but a simple silver band that isn't extremely noticeable. It can only be transferred between owners by having the owner place it on the recipients finger and saying "I relinquish my ring to you". Or when the owner dies.

>can support any type of transformation (except furry and inanimate)
>the ring grows and shrinks with the finger
>works on both genders
>can control when you're hard or soft, when you can cum, and how much
>nobody will suffer physical or mental harm, owner and sexual partners included
>ring only affects the owner
>changes only go away if you want them to go away
>never falls off your finger by accident
A smallish, light blue egg-shaped stone, glassy and warm to the touch. When fully inserted into a vagina, it animates, sliding in deeper. The user's vagina becomes tougher, more sensitive, elastic enough to engulf a watermelon with ease, and arbitrarily deep, in a hammerspace-like way; she also gains the ability to pull objects deeper into it, in addition to pushing them out. Further inserted objects can be pushed out easily as the user desires, regardless of the order they went in, with the exception of the egg itself, which must always go last. Objects produce no visible bulge past a certain depth, being swallowed entirely into vaginal hammerspace. Anything within this hammerspace can still be felt, but it never becomes uncomfortable. Finally, any living thing engulfed by the user's vagina discovers that it can breathe normally.

Ditch your purse! Get fisted up to the shoulder! Play elaborate practical jokes! Be prepared for any emergency! Store some wine, or your entire collection of sex toys! Unbirth your crush! The possibilities are endless!
>Magical device disguised as a basic smartphone, looks normal but won't break
>Loaded with thousands of apps, searchable by fetish, the main menu is populated by the user's most loved fetishes
>Absurdly powerful but with a limited battery- the more deep the changes it causes, the more it drains the battery, modern tech can actually provide a bit more juice but recharging requires a lot of time
>Battery drain is based partially on what's being used, and how popular a fetish is globally- using a bunch of related apps can save you some battery, but switching between unrelated fetishes eats more; popular fetishes tend to cost slightly more battery for some reason and obscure stuff is less

>This phone isn't actually the only one, there's a total of 108 hidden around the world. If someone should come to own more than one, units will combine and the battery power increases dramatically, moreso than just adding another full charge
>Combining all 108 would allow you a choice- either enter a world where you are a god and the world listens to your every whim, crafted entirely by your lewdest desires, or gain immortality, the ability to make slow global changes, and infinite phone charge for the "small stuff", in addition the phone gains new apps to make your life as easy as you want

The question to you guys is, what would you do if you got such a phone?
1. Go find an outlet in a public place to tap into the grid and reduce battery use.

2. Actually spend time figuring out how the phone works and what it can do. Thousands of apps, even being searchable by fetish, is kinda crazy.

3. Makes notes on operation and start planning my next moves for ultimate enjoyment!
File: 1408668074258.png (578KB, 880x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
578KB, 880x1200px
The Cursed Chastity of De-Masculinity

The cage can be used by another who finds it, either on someone else or themselves if they are male.

When applied, like any male chastity, it will prevent all erections. Unlike other male chastity, it will not prevent male orgasms.

With each sexual release, the male will become more and more feminine. The trapped individual will be eventually be reduced to male trap status, but it doesn't end there.

Once the male can be 100% mistaken for a female (the device will make sure all work/social changes are accompanied for) the penis will fall off, still in cage.

If the penis is applied to a female and then uncaged, the female will become a "natural" shemale. While the penis is detached, the former male will progressively become female. If they reach the stage of 100% female they will become a "natural" shemale just like a normal female if the penis is re-attached and uncaged. If the re-attach occurs before subject is 100% female they will slowly revert to male.

These devices wil be sold widely and without restriction for 5 years until their effects are fully known. Get one ASAP if you want.
Yeah, I write on couple of fet sites, and one of my stories has a character getting trappified into a kemonomimi form, then locked in over the top gypsy clothes. One of my favorite sequences I've ever written.
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This dildo
rumors path.
A device that can create anything i want.

Check mate
I honestly can't make a good enough argument against the idea other than its too easy of a concept.
Magic Girlification Panties:
>instantly absorbs all sexual fluids of any kind, turning it into energy; glows more brightly as more energy is accumulated
>the panties remain clean forever
>wearing the panties transforms all clothes worn afterwards into a magical girl-style outfit. Thus, putting them on and then putting on a military uniform would make a military-style mahou shojou outfit.
>the outfit(s) also always remain clean
>the panties act as a battery for traditional magical girl feats like flight, firing beams of light, summoning weapons and stuff, etc.
>all outfits of any kind have a short skirt; flashing the panties is incredibly easy
>the panties give any wearer at least a slight permanent exhibitionism streak immediately.
>any time anyone catches a glimpse of the panties, both the person looking at them and the wearer both feminize a little bit
>the feminization for the wearer halts once they turn into a girl (permanently), and observers who are already girls or are turned into girls through repeated exposure simply feel their boobs and butt grow a little bit.
>If the wearer purposefully lifts their skirt up, the panties will shine strongly and anyone caught in the light will feminize rapidly; if the wearer makes contact with the panties with anyone's skin (such as with a butt-bump), they instantly turn into a girl, bypassing the feminization entirely
>if the wearer facesits on anyone, they can activate one of three modes
>Mode 1: Thickification; every breath drawn by the person being sat on makes turns their body significantly towards that of a thick, sexy, mature woman
>Mode 2: Lolification; same as above, but with a short, cute loli
>Mode 3: Bodyshaping; allows the wearer full control over sculpting the sat-upon's body however they like, as long as they remain female
>The user can also use the energy stored in the panties to change her own body, but only once they've become a full girl.
>you can grant another set of panties these abilities once a year
File: Dat chest.jpg (186KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Dat chest.jpg
186KB, 1024x1024px
The idea is to come up with a device that caters to your kink, even when used by someone who doesn't have the same preferences as you.

A magic wand that can grant any wish is obviously more powerful, but a magic wand that can only be used for breast expansion is more thread-appropriate.
Oh no I'm another anon that was looking for an argument against the other anon's concept but you make a great point.

also i present the X-Suit
> The X-Suit is a body suit designed for more than one person
> The size and the design of the suit are wholly based on the number of people entering the suit at one time hence the X
> The suit once filled with its occupants will close and assume a Blank state which appears to be a plain mannequin
> Since the Blank state will have no features from the start it will begin drawing from the people inside the suit
> the form the suit will take will be based on the best mental and physical features from all the individuals creating the best suit entity
> The newly formed entity has some will of its own
but also has a majority system as the users will deicide what actions to take
> If a single person wants to leave the suit they can be expelled via osmosis back outside the suit
> if the users have a desired form or design the suit should have, a suit can be adjust through special options on the site or in stores
> WARNING over usage of the X-Suit can lead to loss skills, talents, lack of opinion, desire, individuality, creation of a hive mind, identity death, and the suit entity taking complete control and a life of its own for good
> note that the lewd items for everyday or L.I.F.E corporation is not responsible for misuse of it's items so please enjoy our perverse items responsibly
That's boring, though. Good artifacts have a lot of character to them, like an Immovable Rod, or a lamp with a wish-granting genie in it.
An artifact that allows the owner to change anything about their body. Nobody will notice any changes unless you want them to
>A Mask of my own face
>I wear that

A dick mold that when used turns your dick into a silicone dildo. Whatever become attached to the empty spot become a lifelike appendage that requires another use of the mold to change.
so wait if you added a different kind of dildo to your empty spot would it become a new dick or not?
>spawns second tablet
Problem solved
From what I read:
>use mold, your dick becomes dildo
>apply dildo to empty spot, it becomes dick
>stuck that way until you use the mold again
There's a bunch of stories written with this premise under the name, "master pc", you might be interested in if you haven't already read them.
You guys know this is a creative writing prompt right?

We don't care about people wishing for more wishes, that's just boring. Think about the first interesting horny wish you make instead of trying to game this imaginary hypothetical scenario that's being used to make horny stories.

Male chastity devices dont prevent orgasms. You can orgasm without an erection.
I think they had confusion due to some of the literature surrounding male chastity device. In many of the stories the male locked in chasity is "begging for release" with more suggestive emphasis being placed on cumming for release rather than just asking for the device to be removed. That said, I would invite people to look up the differences between a climax and an orgasm. While the two are usually associated with each other (especially in porn), someone can achieve one without the other.

For this, and other educational pursuits, I am creating the Encyclopedia Erotica. Simply go to the website and order a course on any sexual act or fetish, and the course gem will be delivered to your door in 3 to 5 business days.

Once you have your course crystal, follow the activation instructions to be transported to a time lock dimension (time stands still outside of the crystal with no aging effects for the user). In the dimension the user will be treated to a full, interactive course on their selected topic. Once the course is complete, the user will be allowed to create a sexual partner (or use one of the course teachers if desired) to enact sexual acts related to the course as a final exam.

Once the exam has been passed, the user will be ejected from the dimension, but granted the ability to re-enter at anytime for "refresher" course work. If the exam is failed, the user will be sent back to earlier parts of the lesson they have failed, as well as having their sexual stamina and fluids reset.

Multiple courses may be purchased at a time, and related courses can be combined for an advanced course by activating two or more gems at once. Courses can be taken by multiple individuals at the same time, and fantasy courses are available.

Special Note: If user is physically incompatible for the selected course, the user will be allowed to design a body that is capable of completing the course work and exam, or if health is an issue the related problem will be cured.
We at Encyclopedia Erotica would also like to announce the re-opening of our course recommendation program. After filtering and creating new course work based on user suggestions, we are now taking new suggestions for fetish and sex acts we have missed. Please be sure to review our full catalog before recommending a course or an update to a course.

Also back by popular demand is our Content Filter, free with orders of 5 courses or more. For those unfamiliar with the item, the Content Filter will allow users to create a more personal experience and will allow users to pick only selected topics from a course prior to activation.

Examples of Course Filters: User selects couse Blowjobs and is male. If user wants to take the course as a female, user will place the course crystal into the device and type in "as a female". If user would like the instructor avatar replaced by another person, user can type "with <Insert Target Name>". In the case selected person does not meet gender or species requirements, user will be ask to select from a list of acceptable forms such as turning an avatar of users girlfriend into a trap, futa, or male for the "giving a blowjob" section. Finally, with the Content Filter, users can select only the course work and exams they would like to take prior to completing a full course. User could enter "receiving only" and would only have to take the receiving sections of the Blowjobs course.

Finally, don't forget to take advantage of our Hot Days of Summer School site event available till the end of August. All basic courses are buy one get two free and all fetish courses are 25% off!
File: 1458395706159.jpg (110KB, 700x656px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110KB, 700x656px
I just create a blank sex doll that transmits anything that happens to it to all breeding-aged women in the world.

I might not even fuck around with it much beyond testing it to see if it works before just leaving it somewhere that I know some perverts are destined to eventually get their nasty-ass hands on it.
>not recommended for use in ... the South Pacific
What, is it going to wake up Cthulhu?
You fiend!
I gotta start posting in hose threads now.
Yes, I would like the Gender Bender, Futanari, Giantess, Monster Girl: Lamia, and Living Dismemberment courses, please. And I would like that free Content Filter, thank you.
Stupid question from someone sitting on /d/ for 2 years and still not figuring this one out:
What's the difference between trap and futa? I more or less understand what "trippified" means (or at least where it leads) but what's the difference between futa and trap?
the whole thing is a complicated mess traps are often just guys that look physically like girls with dicks and not much else, futas have both genders and there is one more i.e the shemale which is a futa with a vagina or a trap with tits
Its simple a futa is a girl whit a dick and a trap is a guy who looks like a cute girl but is a guy.
File: 1439031817105.jpg (264KB, 906x1133px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
264KB, 906x1133px
A bracelet or two that changes the sex of the wearer while worn. Pretty simple. I guess the opposite-sex form would express aspects of the wearer's regular form combined with his/her ideal self.
Extended use of the bracelet will make both the wearer's male and female forms shift more toward his/her ideal self.
File: 1494029718566.jpg (271KB, 1280x959px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
271KB, 1280x959px
Addendum: Wearing both at the same time makes you a futa or cuntboy depending on which one is on which arm. Not that simple any more, but whatever.
so how would you know which band activates first?

We here at Encyclopedia Erotica have received numerous customer inquiries over the years into the definitions and meanings of many fetishes, and to that extent we have developed the ultimate resource for sexual and fetish explanation.

Introducing the Interactive Dictionary of Sex and Fetish Topic. This handy tool operates in a similar fashion to our course material, in that the user is transported to a time lock dimension for the duration of the item's use. Once inside the resource tool, simply search for a term by name or topic, or hit the random topic option.

Once a term has been selected, a perfect representation of the term will be produced in life like feel and dimensions. All representations are fully posable, as well as possessing all proper bodily fluids and functions.

Would you like to know how a trap differs from a futa? Create or import (by using the Content Filter) a model and apply the definition to your model. The model will change, and even have items or partners added to fit the description of the selected definition. All produced material can be interacted with in the realm of the definition, or can be interacted with under the doll feature.

Have you chosen the definition "golden shower"? If so, your model will continously urinate on another random model for as long as the definition remains active. Selecting Doll Mode will allow you to pose both models in the definition to your liking or to be able to interact with them as if they were human sex dolls able to react to stimulus as if a normal person without the ability to move on their own.

An example of Doll Mode would be selecting "Missionary". Your model will take the proper position for the definition and will have a partner added. You may remove said partner and enter the missionary position instead. If you do so, you may engage the model sexually with their body reacting to all stimulus as if it were a real person, and this includes mock orgasms.
File: fortune teller.png (2MB, 1700x910px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fortune teller.png
2MB, 1700x910px
This is a fortune teller.

But it isn't any ordinary one

It's a lewd fortune teller

Here's how it works, simply use the fortune teller as you normally would, pick one number from the top, moving that amount, picking a second number, moving that amount, and picking a third number revealing your fortune

Every fortune on the fortune teller is lewd and caters to almost any fetish, ranging from simple things like tg, to more excessive things like giantess

The effects will last an indeterminate amount of time the most being a day, the shortest being an entire day, after that time, you can just simply will yourself back to normal. This could also effect what has happened to anything else when you were transformed, too

If you intend to use this on other people, they will still be able to switch back, but if you were the one to hold the fortune teller, you can choose to wipe their memory of the transformation and of the fortune teller's powers

Each time it is used, the possible fetishes will change, if you try to cheat and look at them by unfolding it, it would appear as if there are no results at all, writing down a fetish in this state will not work either as it will simply erase it

Depending on what the fetish is, it will either transform you, or summon something, any of which will happen immediately after you read the fortune

There is a rare chance that an effect will effect everyone else but you, the effect will always be a transformation, and you must wait a whole week to change everything back, if you wish to join in on the effects (if possible) you must tell the fortune teller within an hour

the effects of the worldwide transformation are more random, they could possibly effect only one gender, or either gender gets different changes, everyone (or everyone of a certain gender) being transformed into something different following a certain theme, or everyone simply being turned into a random fetish following no theme

(part 1)

Overuse will eventually make the wait time longer to turn back, if still overused, the effects will be permanent, willing yourself back will only change you into another random fetish, with a one in a million chance of turning back to normal, same thing goes for other people using it and for worldwide effects

This fortune teller is indestructible, so you don't need to worry about burning it or dropping it in water

But be careful not to lose it. (if the fetish it effects you with makes it so you cannot keep it on hand, it will be transported into hammerspace for the duration, and appear in your hands when you turn back, this does not work, however, for other people using it while you are holding it)

The fortune teller also somewhat links to the mind of the one using it, so things like transforming into a certain character that you know, etc.

Also, giving it your own sexual fluids before using it will increase the chances of a fetish you like (it will absorb it so you don't need to clean it), if you give it too much, it would be a random world effecting one

(part 2)
I'm >>7586399

For me it's been less about strict definition and more about context. For example, a futa looks entirely female with an exception of the dick. A trip usually has one or two distinct tells or is otherwise androgynous.

A trap might also still think of himself as a male and is coincidentally, or unwillingly feminine in appearance.

Even if it's unwilling a futa is distinctly feminine.

A trap might also deliberately hide his masculinity and be ashamed of it. Which is sort of what I wanted in the story I linked. I like the idea of the character seeing themselves as male, but recognizing that it's easier or less embarrassing to present as female, and then get found out. It's all about tricks and humiliation and confusion when it comes to traps. At least for me.
nice take on the ideas
File: 1490127076346.png (74KB, 540x255px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74KB, 540x255px

So if you fuck the doll in the ass, every woman on the planet feels your phantom cock burying itself in her ass?

This could be a very fun artifact, but how far does it go? If you move the doll's left arm, will the left arms of every woman on the planet move the exact same way as well, or will they only feel the phantom sensation of their left arm being gripped?

Take it even further, if you set the doll on fire, do women spontaneously burst into flames, or do they just *feel* like they're on fire until the doll burns itself out?
File: TF_Farm.sized.jpg (79KB, 640x407px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79KB, 640x407px
The Cutlery Set of You Are What You Eat.

The Fork: When using the fork, simply sink it into the meat, egg, or milk of an animal (non-human) and then feed the item to yourself or another. If feed to yourself, you can take on any characteristics of the animal you are consuming (up to a full animal transformation) and keep the power to shift until you have fully digested the meal. While shifted, people will find your animal parts irresistibly attractive, while also thinking they are completely normal.

If you feed the meal to someone else, you will have complete control over what animal characteristics they take on. As with the above, people will think the changes are completely normal and the changes can only occur while the meal is still in the person. Once digested and disposed of, the person will completely revert to normal. (Warning, overuse of this item on an individual with the same animal content may lead to certain animal characteristics becoming permanent)

The Spoon: The user simply has to cum on the spoon to activate it. Once activated, the user must think of a change (mental/physical/both) and wait for the spoon to convert the cum into an odorless, tasteless liquid. This liquid will bestow the suggestion of the change upon whoever consumers it. The more complex the changes, the more liquid in repeat dosages will be needed.

Trying to have someone lose weight? They'll lose about 5lbs per dose. Want to turn a girl into a dickgirl with her thinking it's normal? You're looking at least a month of daily consumption if not a little longer. Additionally, mental changeswill take much longer if they are outside that person's personality or taste. The spoon can be used on yourself, but the effects take as long as if they were being resisted. In all scenarios, the user gets to control the world's perception of the changes in how normal it is.
The Knife: Simply produce the knife to someone and ask for a piece of them. The person will think this is completely normal and happily provide however much you need. You may cut up to just under the head, leaving the skull separate from the body. When a piece is removed it will grow back within a minute (to include the whole body in case of head separation. The body part removed will not decompose, but it will become edible.

When a small piece of a person has become consumed, you will be able to turn into an exact replica of that person at whatever age, weight, or gender combination you wish minus any health issues, piercings, or tattoos. The flesh taste like a flavorless taffy. Just like the fork, you can only transform while you have the flesh inside of you, and then you will revert upon complete digestion. Should you cut away enough material, you can use it as a pseudo-sex toy. Additionally, you can consume more later to keep the transformation up. Finally, you can feed this to someone to turn them into a copy of a person, however they will still only see themselves, even in the event of a gender change. (Warning, people will never see you as the original person if you are in the presence of the individual or you would still like to be recognized as yourself)
not bad
Excellent. This could make for some good stories.
File: heartthrob-candy.jpg (672KB, 1100x831px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
672KB, 1100x831px
Thank you!

After re-reading what I posted last night before going to sleep, I realized I left out a few things.

The Fork: The amount of super natural attraction people have towards you is directly related to the amount of animal characteristics you take on. While taking a minotaur from would have all the women throwing themselves at you, becoming a full bull means you can have your way with anyone regardless of any pre-set standards. Repeatedly exposing someone to sex in a form 50% or more animal will slowly erode their resistance to the idea of bestiality. The transformed person will not be fertile in any transformed state, so no pregnancy worries or questions. DO NOT USE THE FORK FOR CANNIBALISM. If the Fork is used on a human the transformation may be ugly, painful, and permanent. Nobody will eat human meat you attempt to serve them with the Fork.

The Spoon: Because the spoon is the only item that can cause permanent change, you can obtain a form of immortality by saying a person will not age that day. In other words, the individual or yourself will have to consume your cum daily for immortality. As an extra suggestion on self use, concentrate on increased fluids and eliminating any refractory periods. The only way to remove a spoon change is with either a change that negates it, or using the spoon directly for removal. Changes that can stack, will stack. Changes can have a trigger added, but this increases the time it takes for the change to take hold.

The Knife: All cuts will be bloodless, clean, and pain free (possibly even pleasurable). The Knife cuts as easy through people as a hot knife through butter. All cuts will end with flesh caps to protect the insides. When anything is cut off a person, the bite needed for transformation can be simply and easily pulled off a larger piece, and only needs to be the circumference of about a dime. No cutting of the head is allowed, and any attempt to do so will be treated as a threat.

Robe of Caligula
More a small cape than a robe, but allowances for the thematic. It has a unique power in allowing whomever puts it on to assume a form inline with the desires of a sexual partner. Even those desires that they might not know . . or have buried deep down. The wearer of the robe can control the shape of the form adding their own quirks and desires to the form letting them become sexual monsters irresistible to their targets.
Usually it's just an improved form of his human body, letting the boy fuck his partners in the way they want. But more extreme shapes have come out, letting this horny young man change into a great canine beast, a towering hulk and even for one especially indulgent partner a small mass of writhing tentacles.
A majority of the stuff here could be used to make great stories.
Then some writefag needs to get to work.

Disappointing that new management doesn't allow threads like that now though. I was expecting this thread would have been judged as a story thread and thrown in the /trash/.
isn't there a broad for erotic lit?
Goddamn, this is like my dream item.
I'd make pills that, if regularly taken, would slowly feminize a guy and cause breast growth, softer skin, more curves, etc. If taken at a young enough age, they'll grow up to be for all intents and purposes a girl, and have to live life as one. No one would be able to guess they were born a guy.

The only exception is the penis. It might just shrink a little but that's it.

What do you think?
I'd prefer it if there was a surefire way of avoiding that (or even having the penis - maybe balls, too - grow).
Maybe the pill's exact effects could be controlled somehow, like the fluid with which you wash it down?
Water would probably be the "no effect on genitals option", milk might cause more breast growth and/or lactation (possibly bigger loads, too), and so on and so forth.

Hey I said might. I only mention the shrinkage because, being realistic, the lack of testosterone would eliminate morning wood and random breeze induced boners, which can cause atrophy due to a lack of bloodflow. I'm certain if one just made sure to regularly stimulate themselves, there'd be no shrinkage.

I mean, as we all know, pills like this are way out there fantasies and in no way realistic, so I'd rather not add on more layers of absurdity.

I get it
what would happen if the current master put on the wild card?
>when undergoing magical feminization, it's easy to lose interest in one's male parts
>indeed, there are many who are happy to let their last vestige of manhood whither and shrink
>but while incidental bloodflow may decline to a minimum, full functionality is retained - especially with proper encouragement
>indeed, while the body is in a state of transformative flux it is not difficult for one to overstimulate themselves (or be overstimulated by others) for a dramatic effect
File: 1496936633024.png (1MB, 1848x1330px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1848x1330px
Does it have to be a physical object?

I was imagining an app that suddenly appears on every mobile device marketplace that, when installed, allows that device to emit a sound that automatically reprograms the minds of any woman within earshot into engaging in some kind of humiliating behavior.

I'm thinking the app would at first only cause women to suddenly drop to their knees and suck the cock of whatever man is closest to them, but it might be fun to start off even lighter by having women just become inexplicably horny, or strip against their will until they're completely nude.

Whoever created the app could threaten to update it with new tones that cause new behaviors, at least until the app is removed after the first few instances of its use start making headlines and guys start figuring out ways how to get their hands on pirated copies of the app (and edit it to force women to do even worse shit).

an advanced computer program that can take any image of a female adult/child even real and drawings like comics and anime and in real time simulate what they would look like in the nude. Run thought videos too striping females on TV shows and movies in real time for instant casual nudity porn if you don't want fucking to get in the way of you viewing of tits and pussy.

I would be shocked if this doesn't become real in the next in years with how AI is advanceing. A couple years back they made a computer that replaced everything in a photo that it thought was an eye with an eye, next step tits and pussy.
An empty genie lamp

You can point this lamp at a person and it will lock on and suck them in. Once inside the lamp, they will be transformed into a djinni of your desire (man woman looks and so on). Afterwards you have them for 3 wishes. They have to abide by the general rules of genies and must obey you. After the 3 wishes are used, the victim is freed in their new form and changed permanently. You can re-trap the target and make changes that way or another to change that person if you wanted. Trapping the victim more than once will cause them to change mentally into a willing slave, the lamp becoming an addiction.
This artifact is a white stone tablet with an inlaid silver plate on its front surface. Pouring at least a fourth of a cup of one's own blood or sexual fluid on to the front surface of the artifact causes the stone glow brightly and the user of the tablet falls unconscious a minute afterward.

In this unconscious state, the user of the tablet awakens as a formless, invisible presence that cannot travel more than five feet from their body. The user of the tablet has a total of fifteen minutes to shape their body freely, including the ability to change how aspects of their body work. If the user of the tablet wishes to add mass in one place, mass must be taken away, but notable is that it does not have to be the same kind of mass. Changes made to the user are applied when the user's time runs out.

If the user of the Former Tablet removes their own methods of eating or drinking without replacing them, they become wholly reliant on the sexual fluids of others for sustenance. If they remove their lungs or the need to breathe entirely, they instead breathe through their skin and require at least half of their body to be exposed to breathe comfortably. If the user creates a body incapable of survival even with these failsafes accounted for, the changes are discarded and the sacrifice is wasted.

A notable detail of the Former Tablet is that the amount of initial sacrifice does not have an upper limit, and the amount used causes the user to stay unconscious for longer. Additionaly, if blood or sexual fluid belonging to other beings is poured on to the Former Tablet while the user is unconscious, the user is given more material to work with than their body has. The extra mass is "stored" inside of it if it is not used, and the user can store mass that they started with if they wish.

Yes, very magical pills indeed.

Honestly, I wouldn't want any of that growth crap. The shrinkage would take months anyway.

I'd add having to watch your potassium intake, though. Also, slightly elevated risk of liver damage.
Female Control PDA
>Can allow you to alter the average porperties of all women.
>Body Compositom, Facial Features, Height, Bust, Feet, Hip distance, Personality traits, intelligence, and hormones.
File: grabby gloves.jpg (149KB, 734x734px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
grabby gloves.jpg
149KB, 734x734px
These are the Grabby Gloves

When you wear both of these gloves, you can easily and painlessly remove the body parts of people

When a body part is removed, the body part and body change to be as if they were always that way (which means it doesn't look like you ripped someone's arm off)

The original owner of the body part can still maintain control of said body part, the way to counteract this is to just give the part a quick flick, this does not however, change if they can feel with it

With the Grabby Gloves, you can reattach the body part wherever you want on your (or anyone else's) body, and have it work perfectly as if it were your own, without any medical issues, the last owner of the body part will lose feeling in that body part

If you want someone to have that part back, but do not want to give up the part you received, simply poke the spot where the body part was, it will grow right back, although sometimes it might be back in a better condition

If you do not wish to use a body part, simply crumple it up, it will become a little die sized cube that can be brought back with a tap from the gloves

Any body part can be copied simply by tearing a body part in half with the gloves, if you want to change a body part you already have to a different one of the same kind (let's say you want the legs of an athlete), you can simply poke the body part and poke your own corresponding part

if you want to change the size/length/shape of something, you can stretch/squeeze/squash/style/etc. it to fit your desired size/length/shape (Consistent stretching will make the part elastic and prehensile)

If you want to use just the body of someone, simply grab them by their sides and pull away, it will create a copy of the body that you can either add or copy

(part 1)

If you were to remove someone's head, they will still retain control of their body and breathe, eat, and speak normally, but they cannot reattach the head back, if you attach the body to your own, they will lose control of their original body, and only have the ability to control parts of the body you want, or none at all, they cannot use the grabby gloves' effects when connected to you, however. You can also attach your own head to the other body, seizing control, but you will need to put the grabby gloves on the body you took. If the head's body is gone, used, or if you have plans for it, you can simply tap the bottom of the neck of the head, and the body will grow back, although without clothes

If you want to make an orifice in the body like another orifice, simply put the orifice that you want it to change into into position (like put a vagina IN your mouth to have your mouth have the insides of a vagina), this also means you can make new orifices and change ones into different ones (like switching vagina and mouth and placing vaginas in other places)

If you are removing things from the head (eyes, ears, mouth, tongue, hair, nose) they will normally grow back quickly, all but the mouth, tongue, and ears will grow back immediately (because they have possible things that you can change)

You can also move mass and fat into favourable places

If you attach a penis without balls or remove balls without removing the penis you can choose if it will actually shoot cum or not, another option is that it will shoot a cum-like substance that cannot impregnate, if you attach breasts, you can choose how much they can lactate, and if they can be penetrated or not

(part 2)

If you take a face of someone, the face will grow back on the body, and you can use it to replace yours (the voice will change to match too),
but if you place the face onto a body, it will be fully conscious, and able to move like a normal face (eyes, nose, mouth, tongue), the original body will be in a safe, 'standby' state until the face is removed, they will have no memory of the event

You can also clear body hair by rubbing the spot where the hair is

Embracing someone (a hug for example) while wearing the grabby gloves can make you take on the form of that person (not the clothes though), or change them back to their normal state (you must think about changing them to normal), to change yourself back to normal, simply clap your hands while thinking about changing to normal

These gloves only work when both of them are on you, be sure to remove them if you do not intend to change anything

Also, if you remove an arm of yours that has a grabby glove, another arm will take it's place, with another grabby glove on it already, this will remove the grabby glove on the removed hand

The ability to add non-human parts is still in the beta stage

(part 3, final)
Uh, yes, at what stores are these available?
i'd like a pair too
Multiplying body parts should be implemented too.
It is, though:
>If you want someone to have that part back, but do not want to give up the part you received, simply poke the spot where the body part was, it will grow right back, although sometimes it might be back in a better condition
>Any body part can be copied simply by tearing a body part in half with the gloves, if you want to change a body part you already have to a different one of the same kind (let's say you want the legs of an athlete), you can simply poke the body part and poke your own corresponding part
>Also, if you remove an arm of yours that has a grabby glove, another arm will take it's place, with another grabby glove on it already, this will remove the grabby glove on the removed hand
Omg I don't even need a feminization mode, I just want panties and magical girl clothes that never need washing. I'm lazy af. But also, want to be cute. ;__;
Don't we all, my friend
may haps the future will give us something if we're not too old by then
Knew exactly what I was opening, listened to it twice anyway.
Good taste, Anon.
I'm actually okay with this
sounds likes fun
clearly a butt-plug that gives the user reality/probability control.

I'd name these mystical magic artifacts "spironolactone" and "estradiol". Whaddya think?
not bad i feel like all the artifacts should get their own names, at least the one's that don't have name already.
"Flesh Sculptor's Jar"?
that works nicely

I can't tell if you're being obtuse on purpose or not. Those posts we're a joke, the "magical" feminizing pills exist in real life, no magic involved.
Not him, but you don't really need to watch your potassium intake with those.

t. pharmacist
File: IMG_0898.png (693KB, 1280x1334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
693KB, 1280x1334px
>the joke
>your head
>ctrl F "womb dagger"
>no results
Considering I was partially responsible for the abominable thing, I feel compelled to post it here.
A stick that grants sex toys life.
>What do you create and what does it do?
I would create an STD that causes rapid body changes to whoever is afflicted with it. Males who contract it will have their body rapidly feminize, growing breasts, wide hips, a vagina and fully functional female reproductive tract. Penis is kept intact while testes become internal. Symptoms include extreme hunger and thirst, sweating, and fever for the duration of the transformation and may last for up to 3 weeks.. Females who contract it will grow a penis with fully functional internal testes. Symptoms include massively increased libido and may last for up to 3 weeks.
The Reality ReCaption App

A program that is easily downloaded on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Once installed, you will need to import captioned pictures to activate the app.

To better understand how this works, follow this example. A man has a picture of his wife, and writes a caption about how she is hiding a penis she just grew that morning. When the caption image is loaded into the program, the wife will grow a penis to the details given in the caption of the image.

All changes made by the program will stay in place until the image is unloaded. Only 3 captioned images can be uploaded at a time. Images with conflicting captions cannot be uploaded at the same time. The number of people affected by the caption image is directly related to the number of people visible in the image without magnification.

The amount of text per caption image is restricted to 5000 characters. The caption can control transformations, attitudes, memories of the time effected, and temporarily bestow powers. Images active for 1 year straight will become a new reality and disappear from the app, thus freeing an image slot.

All images loaded must be lewd/sexual in context and pursuit. If desired, you may make captions at a future point from the upload time. If the same husband loads a picture of a man with the caption that the man was his wife, the wife will become the man within the rules and context of the caption.

The program will take liberties with any missing information that is needed, so it is stressed that captions are as descriptive as possible to the original intent.

Once an image is removed from the program, so are all of the effects of the caption, minus any memory altering text in relation to when the image was active.

This app cannot grant globalization or simple immortality. This app only effects living beings. However, for the creative writer, anything can be gained eventually with the right idea.
Bump to keep this thread alive.

Also is there a site where captions, cyoa, and other storytelling and RP stuff is collected? If there isn't, there needs to be one since that kind of stuff was pretty much banned from /d/ some time ago.
That probably counts for most of the activity on (4+4)chan's /d/. There's also a thread in >>>/trash/ but it was more furry than not, IIRC.
/cyoad/ (Choose Your Own A/d/venture) moved to >>>/trash/ and became /cyoar/ (CYOA Refuge).
>other storytelling and RP stuff
I think there was also a thread for erotic fiction on (4+4)chan's /d/. Also >>>/trash/ had one as well.
What is this "(4+4)chan"? I tried searching for that, and all I got was links and references to 4chan. Are you trying to obscure it, and I am supposed to do the math?
yeah you are, i think he did that because I'm not sure if it violates a rule or not to talk about (4+4)chan
IIRC there's a filter in place that prevents you from posting the actual name of the site, hence the (4+4)chan thing.
Thanks for that bit of info.
Google searches don't even show the original site anymore. They've been blacklisted.

For a short time there was also a fake look alike, but I think they've secured that domain since then. New url is (4+4)ch.net. Do the math.
List of 4chan Rules

This list contains a list of rules which, if broken, result in the breaker of said rules being banned from 4chan.

>tolerate the most horrifying of Transformation threads
>Chaos spawn are too unsexy for /d/

These people
Fappable or not fappable that is the real question
I feel "fapplable or not fappable" should almost be a standard of what should be on /h/ or /d/. That being said, I don't know if /d/ is a place where we can ever answer the fapplable question because we invent new fetishes as the world turns.

I mean, who back in 2009 thought we'd have a near-daily female-to-trap thread?
That is a good one. I would use it to cure my wife of all medical ailments she suffers from. Giver her an ideal body. Make her super responsife to all erotic contact (basically make her a huge cumslut) And make her 100% fertile for 1 week so we can finally make a few babies.
no one, but as time progresses things begin to be come more common and other no as much.
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