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Bimbo, Gyaru, Moral Degradation Thread

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Other thread died, let's do it again edition

Let's combine all these fetishes and both sides of the pacific here and enjoy women, futa, and traps being drained of their wits and or morals until they're hungry enough to modify their own bodies into walking fuck toys all for the D.

Some runes posted in the last thread to help look
ヤリマン - Slut, really just any woman who isn't fucking moe pure because Japan is retarded
ビッチ - Bitch, although it's more of a slut for us
ギャル - Gal, a slutty fashionable woman this term has been around for decades and is an umbrella term
黒ギャル - Black gal, same as gal but tanned, it is considered more extreme so you'll see tats and other stuff too. There are other types of gals but they focus on backgrounds like highschool or occupation so not important.
ガングロ - ganguro, not used anymore but think of it as a makeup focused black gal
ヤマンバ / マンバ - yamanba / manba, dead like ganguro it's even more extreme makeup and 80's metal hair

These are kinda related:
洗脳 - Brainwashing
エロ衣装 / ボディコン - Erotic clothing
悪堕ち- corruption, if anyone knows if there's one for moral degeneration that would be awesome

化 - changing / making / -fication, add this to the end of most nouns and you'll get the process
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Let's get going
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Mizuryu Kei is a god
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Please for the love of god tell me there's an actual series for this and its not just a one off picture off of some assholes pixiv
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I got you covered senpai
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Perhaps i'm just stupid, but i don't see anything related to >>6585383 In that gallery, nor in his pixiv.

I think you might have linked for the wrong set.
Sorry, for some reason I thought you replied to >>6585385
Goddamn, that pic.
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Anyone interested in a transgirl that wants to be brainwashed into a bimbo slut? :P
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also, I miss when google translate had a ton of different translations for one word because at least one would work, usually the shortest version, now it translates everything into the longest versions and there are only 2 or 3 other options and none work...
also, I just stumbled onto this, seems to be a wiki of commonly used Pixiv tags, figure it could be useful, I haven't mastered how to use it yet, but you can use google translate to give yourself a sense of what you are looking at.
>Anyone interested in a transgirl that wants to be brainwashed into

People still RP here? Seriously?
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your type is the worst, get a life and stop trying to police what other people do
Well, thanks for trying at least. its still appreciated.
I was expressing genuine surprise. Stop being such a whiny, insecure bitch.
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the only person being whiny here is you
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Zelda 3.jpg
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You must have been the star of the debate team.
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