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Monster girl thread

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because fuck you I want to spank the salami to some women augmented by the fantastical works of old and not furry
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fucking REAL monsters girls up in here

Not that pansy ass echie shit
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Because phoenix is dead thats why
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Thomas you fucking abandoned me, wheres the epilogue to this shit? Frog girl diddled a mans rear in hers, wheres Bat girls extra time to shine?
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I mean FUCK Thomas, Z-Ton created perfection with Ms. Garo and you do the same with Bat girl but you do fuck all with it! I want to hate you but yu have give me so many good wanks I cant bring myself too. God damn why you got to do me like this?
There is a daily thread on /a/ I know you deviant fucks are out there!
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If you dont think Granberia isnt the best girl you are dead to me! Do you hear me! You might as well be a buffet for worms if you deny her best girl status!
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double trouble.jpg
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giving me a heart attack
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It aint even midnight where the ever loving shit are you shames to society?
That got moved to /jp/ and it's become a shrieking cesspit of cults of personality and puritanical mob rule regulation of fetishes since then. I'd recommend staying here
>Implying you don't want to feel the suede-soft touch of her tender reptilian soles on your dick until you bust a nut all over her feet and legs
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How did it get so bad? Hell, they even threw a shitfit the last time this image was posted there.
>Browning Cerea

For what purpose?
Not sure DESU. I remember there was a time when just about anything you could do with a monstergirl was good to go, but I think at some point the guy who runs the blog where all the stuff that comes from the thread had some kind of shitfit at a bunch of writefags who liked the more /d/eviant material for not liking his OC or something and sockpuppeted continuously until a bunch of other people joined the bandwagon and eventually after he cooled off all that was left were a bunch of really loud, really paranoid people who shitpost any fetishes that they don't like into oblivion because their "zero tolerance policy" makes them better than all the other monstergirl communities on the web. I completely bailed on that whole mess as soon as I read the words "zero tolerance policy", so I dont know anything beyond that.
> the guy who runs the blog

Does anyone remember the monster girl entry on a mutli armed bohemian bandit?
They were like desert highwaymen who accepted sex as payment?
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Does this count as a monster girl?
File: Lynn the Siren.jpg (193KB, 1032x964px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lynn the Siren.jpg
193KB, 1032x964px
ELH. LDR was one of his targets. LDR de-admin'd ELH out of the old blog because he had a continuously growing blacklist of writers he didn't like and wouldn't feature. Now he has his own blog and LDR's blog was shut down due to reports of "commercial advertising" and anytime you mention LDR in the thread someone shows up to tell you about LDR's history of mental illness and how he unjustly booted ELH from "his" blog. Another reason why I left.
Ooo! Like Asphyxia!
Do lamias count?
File: Lamias by control5.jpg (444KB, 1680x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lamias by control5.jpg
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Lolth dump incoming.
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Lolth by chow312.jpg
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Lolth by lunaseas.jpg
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The sun isnt up yet. The perfect time to post the best god damn monster girl doujin that has ever graced the face of the earth
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fucking perfection
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absolute fucking perfection
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And we are done.

Thomas why did you leave without doing the rest of the epilogues?
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>Not posting the animated version

Come on, man.
still the best
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Thank you!
That's been bugging me for the last week. word searching multiple arm monster girl was getting me nowhere.
source? I think I've seen this before.
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This counts, right?
Anyone knows where I can read some monster girl hentai? Since Fakku took them down I haven't found any

Also Muffet is best waifu
>garters on stingers
I didn't even know I wanted this
Very nice, thanks anon.
Hentai.ms has a monstergirl tag and a good volume of titles.
I'll continbute since we don't have enough of these kinds of threads
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need and uncensored version of this
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Got large collection on my mobile, how many should i dump?
>tfw not much great dragon girl porn.
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Not the same guy but here ya go
File: Mon-Lala (1).gif (456KB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Mon-Lala (1).gif
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Mon-Lala (2).gif
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Mon-Lala (3).gif
490KB, 480x270px
File: Mon-Lala (4).gif (505KB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Mon-Lala (4).gif
505KB, 480x270px
>not cum
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