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How about some ovi and/or infestation?

This is a red board which means that it's strictly for adults (Not Safe For Work content only). If you see any illegal content, please report it.

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I like the sound of that.
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Oh, bonus points for non-monstergirl ovi and xeno.
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moar butt stuff
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Here's a cute series about a world where having sex and mating with insects is the norm. 1/5
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Personally I find this normalized insect stuff to be really great. 2/5
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An idea that's common in these that I really adore is the idea of pregnant girls letting the bugs leisurely drink their milk while they mate. Since the lifespan of these bugs is short, there's a sort of tenderness to it, like it's the girl's parting gift to the father of her children. 4/5
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I also really love the idea of girls teaching other girls how to treat the bugs, like in this picture. It seems like a fun world. I hope you enjoy these. 5/5
dones anyone know any hentai serieses with this theme of ovi infestation i cant find any but i find it so hot
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the fuck s this.jpg
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>reverse image search to try and find source
>find nothing but men at a gym
Best I can tell you is that the artist's name is Norasuko and it's from a comic I found on e621 a fair while ago but seems to have since been removed.
The actual comic is gone, but that image is still on e621. Just search Norasuko, the art's pretty good.
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Not sure what to say here
Creator's name is Dizzydills.

Few stuff on sadpanda and all, that's from his latest set.
>insert into ears to enhance pleasure
this shit right there

why do they keep spreading that bullshit everywhere
I don't know why but that is hot as fuck. I'm not even into pregnant girls.
One of my deepest fantasies is to actually be Tiki from Fairy Fighting and be completely hapely and violated by all kinds of disgusting tentacle monster with giant cocks and egg implantation.
Ever licked the inside of a girl's ear? Some of them really like it.
It's a sensitive erogenous zone for some people.
ok, i can agree with that, as long as you use a normal tongue on a normal earlobe.

typically when tendrils get involved they always love jamming them way too deep for comfort.
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There's a CG that comes with those images, and it doesn't look too deep. Just lightly resting inside.
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Here's another. Doesn't appear too deep in there. Also, I really love the girls romantically kissing the bugs like a lover. It's very erotic to me.
Fast and bulbous! Killer stuff, surprised I've never seen these posted around on /a/ or something for shock value. Thanks for posting these anon.
there was such a comic about tentacle breeding as well, anyone have it?!
I wrote this recently for the sci-fi/fantasy thread and figured that the subject material may be appreciated here, as it features voluntary oviposition.

Maternal Instinct
Tags: MxF, FxF, insect-like aliens, oviposition and insemination, pheromones, large insertion, inflation
Pretty good anon, wouldn't mind seeing a bit more of that world if you're so inclined, like how things got around to that arrangement.
Reading the rest of your stuff, I have to say you write very well.

(not the same person as above)

Welcome to hentai alternative please enjoy your stay
Thanks. I'm considering writing a follow-up, as laying is also pretty damn sexy, but my writing schedule is pretty full. If it happens, it won't be for a while. Then again, there's almost always an ovi thread going, so I'll post it here whenever I finish.
there needs to be more traps getting stuffed with eggs.
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So thinking of getting a Krubera, does anyone know the details on how you can color them?

Website is a bit nondescript about which colors you can have glow or even real examples not just a color chart.

Considering Supernatural green glowing base and Fake Grape Flavor tentacle with glow if its possible. Thoughts? Anyone have one?
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Oh my god this. And then when he stops licking it gets cold because it's wet, and it adds a whole new dimension of vulnerability. Coming from a chick with a fear of pregnancy, it's weird that oviposition is my biggest fetish. Maybe because it's equal parts rapey and sensational?
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I think its the love of feeling filled, at least for me anyway. The idea of having shove out another person I find way more horrific than a nice round egg that gives a nice pressure with no real harm. And ya the sub aspect and humiliation of being mated kinda appeals too.
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>that iPod
Love these threads.....
wish there was more infected females penetrating and impregnating males though
Go back to Japan corpse-fucker!
what was it? I missed it... it looks like it have might have been guro
It's that somewhat weird one where a woman marries a giant fly, gets infested with its eggs, then gets eaten by the larvae while chastising herself for not being a good mother.
>that somewhat weird one
I haven't seen it and now I'm glad I didn't
Are there any doujins /d/ can recommend?
something about the barbed/spiky phallus dose something for me. is there even a name for that sort of fetish
Anybody got any doujin like chiba tetsutarou's work?
File: Arachne Ovi.webm (247KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Arachne Ovi.webm
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fucking awesome
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Don't have the full thing
>implying Yuuka wouldn't just genocide all the insects in gensokyo
Eh it was consensual.
pretty good, keep it up.
Super good. A+ 10/10. You should post more if you have any.
please post soon...
I haven't written any other oviposition stuff, but I do write regularly for /wst/. I mostly write stuff with at least one inhuman partner and gratuitous sodomy. My pastebin is here http://pastebin.com/u/mersenniusprime.

I'd love to, but I'm finishing up some other stories at the moment. I'll probably end up getting around to it in about a month or so, as there seems to be a good deal of interest. I'm currently finishing up a story about milf/daughter machine sex, then I have an orgasm denial story to finish that I promised a while ago.
Awesome. Looking forward to it.
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hello there little friend
holy shit.
Ah Egg Girl... where are you?
cuter than it has ANY right to be
So uh. Got a sauce?
So nevermind, I'm blind.
I'm pretty sure I found it on Digital Ero's tumblr.
This looks way too much like propaganda put out by some invading alien species.
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bz-how preposterous
there is no invasion bz
I wouldn't mind being invaded like that. The girls seem to be enjoying themselves.
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I like jewish porn
what does that have to do with this thread, exactly? care to post examples?
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The comic that image is from was certainly... Something.
What was it about?
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Alien flies have invaded. Love blooms between protag-chan and fly-kun (the kind where they just fuck all the time).

Volume 2 is essentially alien fly NTR.
I animated this a while back if anyone wants to see it:

Says we aren't allowed to see that, boss.
Sauce me, brother.
It's set to mature on FurAffinity, so you would need to get an account and turn off the age restriction to see it from there.


pretty easy finds with google
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meant to send the second link to >>6549762
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File: image.jpg (273KB, 1390x1294px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He's making an attempt at a racist joke.
File: 278509.jpg (370KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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brb converting to judaism
File: pink_sands.jpg (302KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1434366891630-2.png (258KB, 500x362px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There's actually a whole story and a bunch of CGs to go with these images. It's about a new girl transferring to a breeding school. Might post it in a bit.
I don't get it. Jews like oviposition?
That's a bit of a generalization.

Or are Jews eggs? Because that's just unfounded.
I like your story a whole lot.

The aliens felt good and alien--I think one of the strengths of the piece is how little we understand them. There are no body language cues, and the dialogue they do deliver feels scripted and terse, like they practiced those specific sentences at the cultural center. The "Donde esta el baño?" of the mantis-threesome-impregnation world.
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1MB, 1024x768px
This has probably been asked and answered a thousand times, but newfolks are gonna be new...so, where (else) to find good stories?
File: 1432524016037.png (509KB, 900x828px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think I just got it
parasitism of other species for birthing young
sic, Jews
File: 12.png (892KB, 1271x1803px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
892KB, 1271x1803px

Where do I get more facehugger shit?
Sauce on this doujin?
got any good examples?
Rad Detective Skills™ say it's Jelly Multiplication
SMITE?! Ok that is something new for me.
File: image.jpg (930KB, 850x1186px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thank you so much
This was the first pic I saw that made me realize I was really into this.
Tanya lost the physical battle. All she could do was push away the limbs of the spider woman. At first she could not understand what the creature was trying to do. Would she be eaten alive? Would it spin her into a cacoon and drag her back to a nest? All the creature did was keep Tanya pinned to the ground, and stare her in they eyes, smiling. Tanya was lost in the awkward stare, until she was awoken by a sharp sting in her ass. It felt like a small tube had penetrated her anus! She immediately became distressed again and struggled. The beautiful spider creature kept her large breast pressed against Tanya’s, obscuring her view of her hips. Tanya pushed them aside to see what was stuck in her ass. She became horrified when she saw the creature had connected it’s large, phallic-like tube to her rectum. The tube was filled with eggs that were lined up to be pushed inside her! The tube that had penetrated her was already squirting a small jet of thick fluid into her rectum. The fluid would help cushion the eggs and slowly be absorbed by Tanya’s body. The hormones and chemicals in the fluid also tricks Tanya’s body into thinking it is pregnant, creating a more welcoming, comfortable environment for the invading eggs.

“I can still prevent them from entering me” Tanya thought to herself as the first egg pressed up against her anus. She tightened her sphincter, tensing her body has hard as she could. The egg was unable to get through her tight hole. Suddenly the creature kissed Tanya right on the lips very quickly. Tanya lost her concentration, and an egg slipped halfway through her anus. “What the… ! I can still at least crush this egg!”. Tanya beared down on the intruding egg, hoping her anal muscles were strong enough to crush it.
“Awww.. don’t hurt my babies.” The creature spoke, and started kissing Tanya again, all over her face. Tanya was confused at first as to why she was getting kissed. She kept her butt cheeks firmly pressed together. But then she started to notice her movements getting sluggish. She felt incredibly weak. She had a hard time pushing the creature away from her, and could hardly put up any fight at all.

Unbeknownst to her, the kisses contained special venom. It quickly entered Tanya’s body and relaxed her muscles and calmed her nerves, allowing her small, weak movements. It heavily relaxed her anal muscles. The egg easily slipped through her anus.

“No..” Tanya yelped. Another egg pressed against her.

“I’ll stop this one” Tanya thought, but it her anus wouldn’t respond, and another egg easily slipped into her rectum. Tanya was doomed. Egg after egg was pushed into her without any trouble. Tanya just laid back and stared blankly at the smiling creature. The venom kisses caused a slight euphoria, like a powerful drug, and Tanya started to enjoy the feeling of the warm, wet eggs passing through her relaxed butt cheeks, one after another. Pressure started to mount inside Tanya, as the more and more eggs entered her. The venom made her start to enjoy the full, bloated feeling in her body.
Since Tanya had accepted her fate, the creature began using her hands to pleasure Tanya’s pussy. The stimulation just added to her euphoria. The creature removed the tube from her anus and plunged it into her engorged pussy. In the same manner, the creature began filling Tanya’s womb with fluid and eggs. Tanya rubbed her expanding belly with amazement. As the venom clouded her brain, she began to get more optimistic feelings. She began to feel blessed that this creature was allowing her to bring life into this world before she dies. When the creature felt that Tanya couldn’t hold any more eggs, it got up and looked down on the docile, bloated girl that was sprawled out on the floor. The creature then sprayed the same fluid all over Tanya, thoroughly lubricating her body, which helps with the cacooning process. It began spinning a web around Tanya’s head, then breast. Before it could tie up her hands, she quickly moved them down, to be tied up against her belly, so she could feel the movement inside her.

Tanya would lose her life giving birth to her enemies, her body gently nurturing these monsters, that would soon go on to impregnate and kill many more of her people.
You put the cherry on top of 3 of my favourite ovi inflation pictures, capped and thank you.
You ever watch Falling Skies? Because your description of the aliens, save for the head, was basically a dead ringer for the Skitters from that series. Not complaining, it's a good design, and your story was hot as shit.

Hoooooly crap and now I'm sitting here turned on as all hell and wanting to be impregnated by an insect like that. I never knew that was one of my fetishes. O_o
Would have been better if the birth didn't kill her and the spider kept her as a breedomg sow. Showing her lots of affection whole dominating her forcing her to bear her children.
eh? First vol is ntr
2nd vol is the original fly that got ntr'd taking back his bitch, then she just whores herself out later
it's utterly adorable on top of being very well done

honestly, I think it would turn almost anyone onto ovi
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eggs (69).jpg
324KB, 971x840px
Oh god, I was just reading her other stories because I'm also into MC, and you happen to post this... well, I know what I'll be doing for the next hour.

Oh, two separate lines. Derp.
File: 1269432055656.jpg (75KB, 600x688px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 600x688px
Not the original asker but damn I'm glad you posted that. It's awesome.

Actually, that's made by rochestedorm on tumblr. If I remember correctly that was one of his patreon raffle commissions.
Still far and away one of the best parasite/infestation stories I've found.

Are there any doujinshis about an endtime scenario where humans are used as cattle to breed maggots or something like that?
true, so its just sad.
p1 https://hitomi.la/galleries/787987.html (make sure you read the lore before the afterword)
p2 https://hitomi.la/galleries/849138.html
Thanks man!
Why is it so hard to find monstergirl-on-girl ovi? Almost everything but the OP seems to be tentacle- or insect-based oviposition (usually with a more 'realist' art style). I managed to track down the OP source but it was a one-off commission without any similar work. Does nobody have anything similar?

(And yes, I have a very niche fetish. But the OP managed to hit it almost perfectly with only -1 point for anal.)
Get ready to be really disappointed
Were I only pervertedly imaginiative (not to mention rich) enough to commission my own...
File: e205.jpg (847KB, 1500x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
847KB, 1500x1500px
Project Pasiphae attempts first contact.
File: e206.jpg (834KB, 1500x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
834KB, 1500x1500px
It appears to be going well.
File: e204.jpg (676KB, 1500x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
676KB, 1500x1500px
Admiral Eyline Avari takes a personal interest in the research.
File: 36379693.jpg (569KB, 855x855px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
569KB, 855x855px
this was great, thanks
File: cg_n_01.jpg (173KB, 706x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
173KB, 706x1000px
Okay, I'm posting the CG story that goes along with this. I forget how long it is but I think it's sizable. The lines are for changes of scene. Here goes.

- October -

"Everyone, this is Kana Itou. She'll be attending our class from now on.
Itou's just moved over from the K region, so she knows little about our country. Please do your best to help her."

A bit nervous, I write my name on the blackboard and face the students with a bow.
"I'm Itou Kana. Nice to meet you all."
As I bowed down again to the class, my eyes crossed with one of the girls there.
A schoolgirl with twin-tails falling down her chest, and big round eyes, looking at me like jewels.


Looks like that day's class had ended early into the morning, so after finishing my HR all the girls surrounded me.
"How long have you been in the K region?"
"Since I was born... it's my first time seeing this country"
"Is that so... it's funny though, wanting to enter Breeding School"
"Yeah... I think so too..."
I was really nervous. Since I knew mother graduated from this country's school,
I thought it'd be just natural to do the same after coming back here.
I got really shocked when I read the data about this institute.
Despite telling her that I wanted to join an ordinary school, mother was really keen on me continuing her researches after graduation.
Knowledge of the breeding industry was indispensable for that... so after tearfully pleading me for a year, I finally broke down.
"I wonder if she'll be okay?"
"Like, with touching?"
"Oh, you mean that?"
"Foreigners always react badly to that."
"Aah, I really feel the distance of our cultures..."
"Say Itou-chan, how much do you know?"
"...Eh..? ...well..."

File: cg_n_02.jpg (333KB, 706x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
333KB, 706x1000px
"It's okay, don't worry! I'm holding him."
A huge fly was staying between the girl's arms.
Though the bug looked calm with its expressionless face, it sometimes rubbed its four legs together with a frushing noise,
making all the fear and disgust I had barely driven away come back full force.
"I'm keeping his legs down. Why don't you touch his belly?"
"Ah... uhm..."
When I told them that I'd never seen a bug outside of the school material,
the girls immediately started talking about seeing the real thing,
cheerfully (and kind of forcibly) taking me to the gym.
"Don't worry... I'm here, okay?"
Smiling at me, the girl I had noticed during my introduction gently took my hand.
Hesitantly, I stretched out my finger to the fly's body, tracing it lightly.
The fly's belly bumped a little to my touch.
I could feel myself sweating and my back stiffening with fear.
However, the fly was being softer than I thought. Despite having some rugged parts here and there,
I could feel the warmth of a living thing under my fingertip.
"See? Nice, isn't it?"
"They're pretty cute once you get to know them"
"Is... is that so..."
Certainly if you think about what's supposed to happen here, doing something like this must be nothing scary to them.
Throbbing under my touch, something like a long stick emerged from the fly's abdomen.
It beat lightly into the air, giving off a foul, fishy smell.

"Huh? Didn't we just touch his stomach?"
"Yeah, I didn't see any sign of courtship"
Courtship... in other words, a girl exposing her genitals to an insect, signaling her readiness to mate.
It seems the bugs go through a severe training not to attack women who don't first display their consent in such a way.
"...Is it because of Itou?"
"Oh... could be. After all Itou's skin is so snow white, and she smells so good~"
"Ahaha, that must be it!"
File: cg01_1_s.jpg (475KB, 1000x706px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
475KB, 1000x706px
I'm not really happy to be popular among insects...
"Uhm, what now? It's about time to go back"
"Yeah, but... I feel kind of sorry for him, leaving like this..."
"True... this guy's already out of it..."
Squatting around the fly, the girls started talking fast together looking down on it with worried expressions.
The fly's sexual organ had clearly gotten larger, a transparent fluid leaking down the tip as they caressed it.
"It's such a pity... you got like this, and yet..."
"Fufu. Do I feel some late courtship in the air?"
"Aah, not really. I was thinking of blowing him"
I had a really bad presentiment.
"So? Who's going to?"
"I don't mind having some more"
Then, the twin-tailed girl took my arm and...
"Why don't we let Itou try?"
...said with a kind smile.


"Hey, someone take her panties"
"Don't worry, we'll get it wet so it won't hurt~"
"I've got lotion here!"

Everyone started talking rapidly around me, and before I could say a word,
I was laying down with my legs wide open, the twin-tailed girl holding me up from behind.
"E... excuse me... this.... it's a bit..."
"I know it's sudden, but it should be okay. Even if you waited a year you'd still feel like this."
The girl with twin-tails whispered into my ear.
"....besides, I used to be like you too..."
Looking back at her, her smile looked a bit embarrassed.

File: cg02_1_l.jpg (1MB, 1200x1700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1200x1700px
"Alright, here goes~"
"Don't worry. I'll control him from here~"
Towering above me, the fly's empty gaze looked straight into my eyes,
a shiny liquid dripping between my legs from its grotesque penis.
I took in my breath, my body stiffening with fear.
Pushing my lips apart, the fly's glans allotted to my vagina.
"Uh... ngh..."
Feeling the foreign body grinding at my opening, I winced taking the hem of my uniform between my teeth.
Suddenly, I felt something popping in.
The tip of the glans had disappeared inside.
"Haa.... haa..."
"It's only the first joint, there should be some room left before your limit."
"...How is it? Does it hurt?"
I shook my head lightly.
I could feel an unpleasant discomfort in my crotch, but it wasn't that painful.
"Alright, this should go easier now"
The fly was released a bit more, and with surprising swiftness, the second joint slipped inside.
"Fua.. haa... ha..."
"It'll probably hurt from here, you ready?"
Whatever, just end this quickly.
I told them to continue with a small nod.
"Do your best..."
The twin-tailed girl rubbed her cheek on mine.
As the last joint and the rest of the fly's penis started to make road inside of me,
the barrier who had got stretched to its utmost limit finally gave up.

"Oh... blood."
I felt pain like an open wound somewhere down the spot the fly just entered.
"Oww..! I-It hurts..."
"It's almost there, hang on!"
No longer grinding against me, I felt something now sliding deeper and deeper into my stomach.
".....There, it's all in."
"Aah... ha... haa..."
"We'll be staying like this for a while."
"This boy needs to release his mucus first. It'll be easier once it's all slippery."
The girl with twin-tails whispered into my ear.
"...and, I think you'll feel different too..."

File: cg02_2_l.jpg (1MB, 1200x1700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1200x1700px
Time passed, as the girl with twin-tails did her best to make me relax.
Even though the fly was remaining quiet, I could feel its member hardening inside me,
beating lightly as it filled me with a viscous fluid.
"There, it's leaking. Shall we continue now?"
"Y...yes. Somehow, my head's been feeling fluffy for a while..."
"Then, let's go~"
Feeling the hands around it loosening, the fly started to slowly pull out its sexual organ.
"Ah... ...nh!"
"Does it hurt?"
"Ah... n-no... wha..."
It did hurt a little, but much more than that, I felt a strange sensation.
As the fly pushed back in, something like a shock ran through the back of my belly.
"Oh, he's really eager... it should be okay now."
"Yeah... this boy had to endure it for quite a while..."
The hands were removed entirely from the fly.
"...! Ah... hya..!"
File: cg02_3_l.jpg (1MB, 1200x1700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1200x1700px
Having been freed completely, the fly started moving faster on me, thrusting in and out as mucus raked around its glans.
Even after reaching my limit, it kept trying to go in, pushing me up from inside.
"Fuah! kuh... ahn..!"
Thrusted in a deep, circular motion, my vagina started making a wet sound as more mucus leaked onto the mat.
The insertions became smooth soon, and I could feel it nudging me insistently somewhere inside.
"Oh, he's about to ejaculate."
As soon as she said that, I felt the fly's sexual organ swelling up.
"Fuah.. kuh...!?"
With a strong thrust, the tip pressed firmly by the end of my belly.
File: cg01_2_l.jpg (1MB, 1700x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1700x1200px
Beating violently, the fly's penis started throbbing in my vagina, pulsing quickly inside.
"Aah... wh, what's this..."
Frightened at the unknown sensation, I turned my head to the twin-tailed girl.
"He's cumming, Itou... It means he liked you..."
Looking back at the fly, even though its expressionless face hadn't changed at all,
I thought I could see pleasure in the way it was trembling now.
"Eh... ..me..?"
Without any space left to fill, semen started leaking from my crotch.
Even so, the fly didn't stop ejaculating, thrusting and coming between my legs.
"Congratulations, Itou! That was a fine mating~"
"Yeah, you're gonna fit in just nice!"

As the girls gave a little cheer, the fly finally pulled out its penis from me.
Faint traces of blood mixed together with the dribbling sperm.
"And now, round two will feel even better! These guys are never satisfied by doing it once either!"

File: cg03_l.jpg (2MB, 1700x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1700x1200px
"Haa... kuah.. haa..!"
How many times had it been?

A small pond of semen covered the mat under my legs.
"Ha.. haa... Ha~~~!!"
Arching myself behind, I felt my stomach trembling again.
I couldn't say a word, a string of drool leaking down my mouth.
"What's this, the fourth?"
"Yeah, four times. Amazing~ I wasn't that good on my first time"
"Well, of course~ We were still little then"
My body rocked mercilessly back and forth, the fly taking me hard from behind.
"Uah... ha.. aah..."
"Hang on, this guy got at least three more shots to do!"
Even though the girls were doing their best to keep me up, my arms and legs were quickly getting tired.
"...ha... haa..."
"Here... it'll be easier doing it missionary"
Moving so that its penis wouldn't leave my body, the twin-tailed girl expertly turned me around so I could lay under the fly's belly.
"Hya... ah... aahh!"
"You need to put a hand on his stomach if it's too rough, see?"
Raising my hand to the fly's abdomen, the bug immediately slowed down.
"You can control them this way. And when you feel like coming, just put them like this"
As she lifted my arms around the fly's body, the bug immediately buried itself to the hilt in my vagina.
"Ah..?! ah... Aahh!!"
Surprised by the sudden movement, I instinctively hugged the fly with all my strenght.
The bug immediately responded, thrusting and rummaging my vagina as much as I was embracing it.
"Nn.. nh..! mhn..!!"
I could feel my waist jumping up, an electric shock running through with each insertion.
Then, my vision went white.
"Ah.. Aahh~~~!!!"
Arching back, I hugged the fly tightly against my body.
The tip of its penis pressed firmly within me, and that sensation flooded me up again.
Semen sprayed out of my hole as my walls clenched around the shaft.
"Fah.. haa..a.. haa..."
My head had gone blank, to the point that I even forgot to breathe.
As I tried to regain myself, I noticed some movements around me.
"Sorry, your moans were so sweet... we couldn't hold back."
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2MB, 1700x1200px
To my left and right, schoolgirls and insects were all having sex together.

Welcome to Breeding School.
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1MB, 1200x1700px
- November -

"Say, wanna go somewhere a little different today?"
The twin-tailed girl asked me out that day, so after school ended we both headed
for some place four stations ahead our usual stop.
A chilling wind blew as we approached the platform at the end of the station, where a pink line said "Vehicle for copulation-only".
There, people were taking off their underwear and stuffing them in their bags.
We did the same too.
Classes had just finished, so there were about 60 girls waiting in their school uniforms.
"Geez, it's even colder like this. Is it not here yet?"
"Yeah, I want to warm up soon"
The train came after a while, and the doors opened.
Steam rushed out of the entrance as a smell of sweat and body fluids washed over us.
It looked like no one was going to get off, so we and another 20 girls boarded on.
Before the train could leave we all declared our courtship, and the dragonflies who were hanging
about the ceiling immediately flew down and attacked us.
One by one, they stuck their slimy penises inside.
Carrying a dragonfly each, we sat down on two empty seats.
"Fuaa~ so warm~"
"We can take it easy, it'll be a while before we arrive"
The dragonflies bellies moved fast on us.
Rolling up my uniform, the bug immediately stuck its head to my breasts.
Something like a sucker was hidden between those fearful mandibles, which they'd use to feed off our milk.
"I made a lot, so drink as much as you want"
Smiling, the twin-tailed girl patted the dragonfly who was sucking her strongly with a buzzing sound.
"Doesn't it hurt when they pull like that?"
"Uhm, a little"
I patted apologetically the dragonfly moving on my still empty breasts.
File: file.jpg (452KB, 1200x1700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
452KB, 1200x1700px
"Well, it can't be helped. It took me almost two births before... oh? "
Flying before us, a lone dragonfly seemed at a loss.
It looked like it had been left out.
"Hey, hey. Here"
Pulling her folds open with her left hand, the twin-tailed girl called out the dragonfly.
"What, two of them?"
"Mmh. I feel sorry for him..."
A second penis eagerly sank into the opening.
The two bugs stretched her walls forcefully aside, her clitoris popping out of its shroud.
"Wow, it really entered~"
The dragonflies started moving rhytmically inside her.
Many bumps covered their segmented glans, scraping and rubbing her walls with each thrust.
As they moved inside her, her genitals started making a soppy, squishy sound.
"Mn... n... ahn..!"
Despite always keeping her cool when handling the bugs, this time she was trying hard to keep her voice down.
"Hey, are you okay?"
"Nn... y-yes... I'm fine..."
As I thought they were indeed being too rough, and she put a hand on their stomach to slow down.
Seeing her this flustered, I thought she was kinda cute somehow. It was a strange feeling.
Maybe this is how the girls felt watching my first time?
"Hya..! no... wait a.. Aah..!"

Trembling, her hand searched for mine.
Were they too strong to push back? The dragonflies were barely being controlled now,
thrusting down her hole as they quickly approached their ejaculation.
"No... my voice... my... aahn..!"
Not knowing what to do, I grasped her hand back.
"C'mon, do your best!"
"Nnh..! Ahn..!
Her knees trembled, her moans getting louder.
They could probably hear her by the next wagon now.
"Aaah! Aaahnn~~!"
Arching herself, she screamed hard.
Her nails sank into my hand.
At the same time the dragonflies ejaculated, their bellies shaking hard with her as the passengers turned to watch the trio.
"..I... I'm sorry, I... fuahn..."
Bubbling with a loud, dirty noise, semen started falling heavily from between her legs and onto the floor.
She covered her face shamefully with both hands.
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1MB, 1700x1200px

"Geez... they must have heard that all the way to the normal cars..."
I replied something with a vague smile. To be honest, I was kinda happy to have been able to see that side of her.
We were getting close to our station, so we let go of the dragonflies and started wiping off the semen sticking to our skirts and genitals.
The two bugs had made a considerable mess of her, cumming inside three times.
"Huu... I need to find a toilet..."
Brushing the sperm leaking down her inner thigh, I gave it a little lick.
I was still green, but I thought I could taste something sweet mixing with the scent and bitterness of the bug's semen.
Seeing her blank stare, I smiled.
"Sure, let's go"


After the toilet we walked down the station for a few minutes, heading towards a massive building made in concrete.
"There we are. This place's a bit funny."
"What's that, a public bath?"
It kind of looked like one from the outside, but apparently I was wrong.
"Public... Breeding Grounds?"
Is what the sign at the entrance said.
"Interesting isn't it? Let's go"
As she took my hand guiding me inside, an intense heat, smell and the sound of many voices washed over me.
A number of glass windows opened into the hallway, each housing an insect in what looked like private rooms.
Most of them had a girl inside, having sex freely.
"This place is soundproofed, so it's okay to go all out"
We walked through.
"...Or rather, it's unavoidable..."
As we passed a room labeled E-5, I saw a familiar face.
Breathing hard with her head thrown back, she was being taken by a lobster almost as tall as the entire room.
I could see the bulge in her stomach jump whenever the bug moved its tail in a powerful thrust.
Was she enjoying having her insides pushed up? The girl kept drooling freely whenever the bug pierced her.
"Wah.... it's huge..."
File: cg07_1_s.jpg (481KB, 1000x706px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
481KB, 1000x706px
"Cool, isn't it? Their penis is amazing too"
It looked like the girl next room had just finished mating, the bug pulling out its member from between her legs.
It was a pink, undulated penis, almost the size of a two-liter water bottle.
A torrent of semen flowed out of the girl's outstretched genitals.
"...so, wanna try?"


"It's okay, just stick out your ass."
Crawling on all fours, I moved under the lobster's belly.
The tip of its sexual organ brushed against my buttocks, skillfully finding the opening of my vagina.

"It might hurt at first, but I'm sure you'll get used to it soon"
Pushing against my entrance, the tip started to slowly sink inside.
"Ah... no... big..!"
I felt what was left of my hymen ripping away.
"Oww... kh..! it's scary..!"
"It's okay, hang on!"
The bug pushed and pushed, until finally resting by the entrance of my womb.
File: ra1zVPI.png (422KB, 779x606px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
422KB, 779x606px
Here is an infestation picture I never got to finish before my previous computer went to shit and I lost all the files on it.
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395KB, 1700x1700px
"It might hurt at first, but I'm sure you'll get used to it soon"
Pushing against my entrance, the tip started to slowly sink inside.
"Ah... no... big..!"
I felt what was left of my hymen ripping away.
"Oww... kh..! it's scary..!"
"It's okay, hang on!"
The bug pushed and pushed, until finally resting by the entrance of my womb.

"Haa... ha... haa...."
"Hey, you okay?"
I still felt a considerable pressure, but it had definitely gotten in.
"Y... yes... let's do this..."
"Ah, wait. That's no good yet."
Lowering its head down to me, something like a tongue slipped out of the lobster's mouth.
"First, a kiss."
Sticking out mine as well, I sucked the lobster's tongue.
We twined our tongues together drinking each other's saliva.
Then, I felt something touching my ear.
"That's his feeler... just let him in."
Closing my eyes, I nodded a little. The feelers delicately entered my ears.
I felt a little strange, but it immediately started getting good.
The sound of our sucking tongues echoed dirtily into my head.
Taking in my breath, the lobster started mounting me.
File: cg07_4_l.jpg (1MB, 1700x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1700x1200px
"Aah... mn... nnh..."
All I could hear was the sound of the lobster digging into my stomach.
My waist started moving naturally so it could reach better inside.
"Mn!.. fuah... ahn..."
It was pounding me greedily, my belly-button rising up with the pressure.
Foam bubbled down my crotch with the friction of our genitals.
"Nh... mn..! Mnh..!"
Holding my hips with its forelegs, the lobster shook its penis mightly into my body.
Our union became strong soon, my body waving sloppily back and forth.
"Fuah! Ah... Aahn.."
It was stretching me wide, my clitoris rubbing against the shaft.
I couldn't hold my voice any longer.
Squeezing around its penis, I started pushing my ass back.
Responding to my tightening, the lobster's penis also hardened, wriggling up my vagina.
"Haa..! Aahn! Ahh..!"
I could feel it trembling inside, knocking at me repeatedly.
My head started going blank, speckles of light dancing in front of my eyes.
"Kuah... ..Aaahn~~!!"
Screaming and with drool leaking down my mouth, I shook my waist hard, impaling myself on its penis.
Feeling my vagina strangling it, the lobster also spat out saliva, ejaculating deeply into me.

My stomach bulged up for a second, and then a torrent of cum spouted like a fountain from my crotch.
"Ah... ahn... aah... ah..."
Shivering with pleasure, I noticed the twin-tailed girl.
"See? Amazing isn't it?"
She had crouched down with her hands on her chin, watching me with her usual smile.
"You were so cute there, I got a little hot too"
Looking down, I saw that her panties had gotten really drenched.
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1MB, 1700x1200px

The next day.
Several schoolgirls came carrying a metal box before breeding class began.
"Okay, lay down on your desk. Turn your back this way."
Following the twin-tailed girl's instructions, I laid myself down raising my ass.
"Are we doing a new bug today?"
"Yes, Tama-chan."
Opening the box, she took out a pill-bug bigger than a bowling ball.
"I see... Tama-chan..." \Tl: tama means "round" or "ball"
"...Fufu. So, declare yourself."
Rolling up my skirt, I lifted my ass for the insect.
A pink lump filled with many little bumps emerged from the bug's lower belly.
"We'll begin as soon as foreplay is over."
The schoolgirls were passing bugs to each other, lightly fellating them in preparation.
The pill bug's penises trembled leaking down pre-cum, their tiny bumps wriggling excitedly along the tip.
As they put them onto the girl's backs, one by one they took hold of their waists, beginning to mate them.
"Let's do it. They're quite intense, so brace yourself."
As the pill-bug clung onto me, I felt its penis wriggling inside.
The bug immediately started humping me at an incredible speed.
"Eh.. ..ah! Aah! Aaah!"
"Strong, isn't it? These guys can do you about 6 times a second."
"Nn..! Ah! Ahh!"
Innumerable little bumps wriggled all over my vagina, scraping and soaking with sexual fluids.
My knees suddenly got weak, forcing me onto the desk.
"Fuah?! Ah... aahh..!!"
With my pussy grinding against both the desk and the pill bug's penis, pleasure doubled up.
The pill-bug started hitting me deep, our friction getting stronger.
As his penis bulged up, he gave a little cry at my behind, and a warm sensation soaked my insides.
"Aahn! Ahh..?!"
It seems he had just ejaculated.
I felt really sticky, but the pill-bug didn't show any sign of stopping.
Continuing to rage inside me, he kept stuffing more and more of his sperm into my womb.
"Aahn! No way... b... but you just... aaah!!"
Semen leaked down my legs as the bug restarted humping me.
File: cg08_2_l.jpg (1MB, 1700x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1700x1200px
Despite cumming a few seconds ago with his somewhat pained cry, the pill-bug didn't seem to feel any tired.
"These guys can hardly control themselves... so they make sure to hold on firmly on their mates so they don't get away."
A pill-bug in her arms, she smiled at me stroking his penis.
"This boy's gonna be ready soon."
"Ahn.. haa... I... I see... ..ahn!"
Barely 10 seconds had passed since the bug first ejaculated.
Even so, I felt his penis hitting me deep again, another bulge coming down.
Crying hard, a second load poured into me.
"Kuah... aah..!"
There was a lot more sperm filling up my pussy now.
It dribbled out of my vagina, falling heavily onto the floor.
"Nnh..! Ahn...!"
...Four... ...six... ...eight times.
As the poor thing kept inseminating me, I also came several times, our love juices making a white puddle on the floor.
And still the pill-bug didn't stop shaking against my hips.
"Fuah..! Ah... wh... what..?"
I've been feeling it for a while, but now I really had a strong urge to pee.
The more I tried to hold it back, the more my waist trembled, my head getting numb.
"Ahn.. guh... ah... Mnn~~~!!"
My pussy squeezed tight around the bug's member.

And without wanting it to, liquid spurted out of my crotch.
"Ah! Aah..! Aaahn!"
It scattered down onto the floor splashing the twin-tailed girl's shoes.
"Wow... amazing. You actually squirted!"
Did, did I just piss myself? I felt my face blushing all the way to my ears.
"Huh... auu..."
As if to answer my sudden squeezing, the pill-bug also came for the ninth time.
Now finally exhausted, he plopped down onto the sticky floor.
"Don't worry, that wasn't pee. It's called "squirting"."
Looking away embarrassed, I felt something clinging onto my waist.
"Alright, this boy's next."
And smiling like always, she said:
"Each student got to copulate with at least 5 of them... give it your best, okay?~"
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290KB, 706x1000px
- January -

The morning of a certain day.
As I was having breakfast, I felt a sudden nausea and had to run to the toilet.
It might be morning sickness.
I phoned mother who still hadn't gotten back from the research institute. She told me that I'd better go check by the hospital.
Feeling really anxious, I finished buttoning up my uniform with unsteady fingers.
I called school to warn that I'd be late and headed for the hospital.


Many girls in different school uniforms were waiting in the lobby, together with what seemed to be their mothers.
Judging by their clothes, they must have all been on first stage.
They were all smiling cheerfully on top of their big bellies.
After finishing the reception the nurse handed me a small tape.
"This is a pregnancy test. It will check elements in your urine, so please stick it against your nethers."
After about 15 minutes in, they called my name into the examination room.
"Mmh, let's see... morning sickness... and no birthing experience, yes"
A young doctress with almost no make-up was filing my medical record.
"Alright then, let me see your test."
Putting a hand in my underwear, I peeled off the film and gave it to the doctor.
She stacked it on top of another, confronting the two at a fluorescent lamp.
"....Yes, you're pregnant."
She said with a kind smile.
The moment I heard those words, I felt as if something white and big flashed over my eyes.
Closing my eyes and touching my stomach, I felt a warmth much stronger than my own.
"As for the breed... it's impossible to tell now, so let's have an echo"
Holding me gently by the shoulder, she guided me to the obstetrics room.
"Please take off your skirt and underwear. I'll give you a check-up."

File: cg09_l.jpg (2MB, 1700x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1700x1200px
As it resulted, I'd been impregnated by a flesh fly.
The echo confirmed seven babies in me, of excellent shape and average numbers.
"Your genitals don't present any abnormality. The color is quite good, and your pleats look clean and beautiful.
You're still in the early stages of fertilization, I'd say about 4~6 days. There's a risk of miscarriage
for girls at their first pregnancy, so please avoid intercourse for the next two weeks.
Masturbation shouldn't pose a problem, but don't put anything inside. Wait until you've stabilized."
The doctor's words echoed into my head.
Leaving out for school I kept stroking my belly, feeling strangely light.

- February -

"...Yes, very good. You did well during those two weeks."

Watching my echo on the wall, the doctor smiled.
"Mh. I didn't notice this one, it must have been hiding itself in the early days...
Either way it seems they're all maturing nicely."
"Thank you..."
I slowly rubbed my belly who was now bulging visibly under my uniform.
"So, doctor... uhm..."
"...Aah, sure you can. Just don't tire yourself too much."


Afternoon breeding class.
Amongst the school's many insects we were to sate the fly's lusts that day.
Without counting other breeds there were more than 500 flies at school, making half the students tasked with their copulation.
Most insects tend to grow healthier when getting to mate often, and since the girls need to improve their techniques
and physical fitness, this whole system kills two birds with a stone.
"Is it okay now, Kana-chan?"
"Yes, the doctor said I'm fine."
"It's been two weeks, isn't it~? Aah, had it been me, I couldn't have resisted so long~"
"Me neither, but... whenever I felt the need... I got a little worried."
As the bell rang, the girls on duty released flies into our classroom.
"Oh, it's starting. Don't worry too much, okay? Insect babies are tough."
Declaring our courtship, everyone started having sex as they pleased.
File: cg10_2_l.jpg (1MB, 1700x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1700x1200px
Schoolgirls getting mounted while blowing one off with their mouths.
Schoolgirls taking two of their slick penises from front and back.
As the fertility exams got closer most girls started showing big, mature bellies,
now screwing strongly with the bugs having finally entered their stable period.
Me on the other hand, though I've been looking forward to it, it had been so long
and was still scared of hurting the babies that I wasn't doing as good.
Screams and moans filled the classroom.


"Ahn! Aah! Ah! Aahn!" The twin-tailed girl was shaking pleasantly with a fly.
Bulging like a balloon, her pregnant belly already made it impossible to move by herself.
She was opening her legs wide to call her partner in as deeper as possible.
With her hands kept away from his body, she signaled the will to submit herself fully to the insect.
The fly was knocking his glans carelessly against the spot where her babies were growing,
sipping the milk oozing through the front of her uniform.
"Aah! Haa... fua... ahn..!"
The movements became deeper, the entrance of her womb pushed against violently.
"Hya! Ah... ahn.. mnn... nh!!"
Thrusting strongly, the fly nudged his glans firmly into her, ejaculating.
File: cg10_5_l.jpg (1MB, 1700x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1700x1200px
"Ha...ah.. ..Aaaahhh!!!"
She tensed and climaxed together with the bug, semen shooting between their genitals.
After finishing ejaculating the fly pulled out his penis from her, flying away satisfied.
"Haa... haa.. ha..."
White sperm bubbled out noisily from her vagina.
"Nn.. n.. ...kuh!"
Groaning painfully, her balloon-sized belly trembled.

The liquid suddenly became transparent, gushing out in rhythm with the pulses of her belly.
"Haa...kh.. nh... guh..."
Pulling the hem of her skirt who was dangling down the chair, she made something like a net between her legs.
"Kuh.. nh. ..ah.. haa.. Aaaahh!"
Thrusting her walls aside, two maggot-like babies bursted along the mucus, emerging from her vagina.
"Guh.. kuh... uhhh..!"
The infants crawled out loosely with the contractions, falling onto the skirt.
One by one insect babies kept dropping out, their umbilical cords bundling together.
"Kuh! Fuuu... nnh..!"
Ten... eleven... twelve...
"Haa... haa... haa..."
After giving birth for the 14th time, she looked down onto her skirt, and...

Smiling satisfied, she watched them crawl with a face full of affection.
File: cg11_1_l.jpg (1MB, 1700x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1700x1200px

Today's lesson was 50 minutes long.
After about halfway in, the room already gotten hot, the windows and lamps getting foggy with the steam.
There were almost no spots left on the floor which hadn't gotten sticky in a white fluid.
Making use of their bodies and techniques, the girls were expertly squeezing sperm out of the bugs.
A fly moving at my behind, I grabbed the penis dangling before my eyes and filled my throat with its semen.
Even more of it dripped from my vagina, falling onto the pond on the floor.
I wasn't giving him any breaks.
Shaking my big belly, I pushed my waist back on the fly so that he wouldn't leave my body.
"Haa... ha... not yet... you've got... more, right..?"
Tightening myself around his still sensitive penis, I caressed and invited him in again.
"Haa.. ha.. ha... ...Ah."
Trembling lightly, the fly gave a small cry, restarting to mount me.
"Aah... yes... good boy... mnh..!"
Pleasure started once again.


"Mn! nnh..! Nfu.. nbu..!"
A trio of schoolgirls was doing it front and back on the seats immediately before mine.
"Mmh..! Mn... *gulp* *gulp*"
The sperm was too much for them to drink, leaking down their mouths and noses.
Even so, the schoolgirls didn't stop moving, bobbing their heads back and forth and swallowing the thick juice.
After sucking out what was left in the urethra they took the flies out of their mouths, even licking the leftovers around their lips.
"Nfu.. n..fu..."
And during all that, their hips hadn't skipped a movement with the partners at their behind.
They had amazing technique.
Unable to resist the pleasure, one of the flies ejaculated.
The schoolgirl moved her waist skillfully so it would enter her the deepest.
Drooling saliva, the fly trembled pleasantly as he filled her.
As the bug finished cumming and pulled out his penis, a white clump was left closing her hole.
File: cg11_2_l.jpg (1MB, 1700x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1700x1200px
Did she drain him empty? Pulling a string, the fly's penis shrunk back into his abdomen.
"Haa...haa.. ..Ah..?! Ahh..!"
With a pained groan, semen started spouting off the girl's vagina who was now gaping slightly.
"Ngu... kuh..h..!"
A transparent liquid flushed out the semen.
Looks like her water broke.
"Ahn! N... kuh.. I'm... giving birth..!"
While the schoolgirl trembled, the other two also started groaning.
"Kuh... kuah..!.."
With the latter two now shaking together, babies started dropping out of them, dangling off their umbilical cords.
Dragonfly nymphs from one, pill-bug infants from the other.
Their numbers soon surpassed the dozen, their umbilical cords twisting together like a rope.
The girl who started first still seemed to be in trouble.
"Ah..kuh.. Mngh...!!"

Just as I noticed how oddly her crotch moved, a lobster's baby head pushed out between her legs.
"Kuh... gh...."
The girl was shaking hard, her entrance now stretched wide as her genitals were turned inside out.
"Ah... kuha... ahh!!"
As the infant also struggled to come out, at last his forelegs emerged.
"Ha.. Ah... Kuahh..!"
With its tail finally slipping out, the baby fell with a splash onto the semen stained floor, a fat umbilical cord trailing behind him.
It was bigger than a human baby.
"Wow! Good work!"
"Oh... so this is a ground lobster's child. I'd never seen one before..."
Having also finished delivering, the two girls congratulated their friend, the whole class cheering for the trio.
File: cg12_l.jpg (1MB, 1200x1700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1200x1700px

A week later.
Breeding class began as usual, with us taking care of the insect's needs.
Most students had already given birth by now and were enjoying sex freely with their light bodies.
A number of us was still maturing, including me.
"Nn! Nfu... fu.. Mn..!"
My belly had grown a lot since then, so much that I could no longer move by myself.
I opened my legs and, like the twin-tailed girl, just submitted myself to the bug.
"Ah... ahn.. nn..!"
The babies sometime wriggled inside my stomach.
The sensation felt strangely pleasant whenever it happened during copulation.
As I squeezed myself rubbing my belly, I felt the fly who'd been circling at my insides beginning to nudge against my womb.
"Ahn.. g.. geez, you..!"
I trembled with unexpected pleasure.
My genitals were squishing sloppily, bubbling with mucus and sexual fluids.
"Haa... ahn... ha..."
Giving out on the impulse, I hugged the fly tightly against my body.
The movements immediately became violent, knocking impudently at my womb's entrance.
"Aahn! Y.. yes..! There!"
Our bellies smacked pleasantly together.
I arched myself back, and...
"Ahn! Ah.. ah.. Aaaahhh!!!"
With my whole body tensing, I squeezed him as if trying to tear his penis off.
The fly also reached his limit, pouring sperm down my narrow hole.
After a moment's pressure I felt it flowing backwards between my legs.
"Haa.... haa..a..."
I was shivering with pleasure, drool leaking down my tongue now hanging lazily out of my mouth.
Still soaked in the sensations, it took me a while to notice that something was still pounding in my stomach.
It gradually became stronger, a dull pain expanding from the center of my abdomen.
"Nh... eh... wh-what..?"
Pulsing painfully, I saw my belly tremble.
"Th... this.. is..!"
Still holding the fly in, I felt something gushing between my legs.
A transparent liquid flushed out the semen, splashing noisily onto the floor.
File: file.jpg (475KB, 1200x1700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
475KB, 1200x1700px
"Ah...! No... it's..."
Even more water gushed out of my crotch as the fly pulled himself out.
Having seen my accident the twin-tailed girl quickly came to my side.
"Oh... her water broke! Hey, come here!"
Calling another girl, the two of them raised up my legs.
"It'll be fine. Just push when I tell you, okay?"
"Haa... haa.. nh..."
My stomach trembled heavily, the pain growing duller and bigger.
"Nku..! guh..!"
"She's already into labor... C'mon, push!"
Hearing her call, I held on my breath and pushed.
Something wriggled strongly in my vagina.
"C'mon! Just push a little, the baby will come down by itself!"
"Haa.. ah.. Nnnh..!!"
Unable to withstand the pain, I sank my nails into the girl's hand.
The wriggling in my vagina gradually moved lower.
And finally, it reached my opening.
"Nn... kuuh..h..!!"
Feeling my lips blooming wide open, something dropped out.
It fell onto the floor with a wet sound.
The twin-tailed girl gently picked it up, putting it on my chest.
"Congratulations, Kana-chan."

A small maggot-like baby moved timidly against my breasts.
Stretching between us, his umbilical cord definitely proved me as his mother.
"Waah... you did it..."
"Haha, hell yeah she did!"
The other girl also cheered me on with a broad smile.
"Aah... m... my baby... ...my.. ..Kuh!"
I'd almost forgotten about the pain, which quickly brought me back to my senses.
"There's still more of them. Do your best, Kana-chan!"
Smiling, the twin-tailed girl lifted my leg again.

In the end, I gave birth to 8 maggots and got an "A" on my fertility test.
After finishing the afterbirth I spent some time playing with them, and then we had to say goodbye.
Though I knew this would happen, still I couldn't stop bursting into tears when we actually separated.
"Raising babies is tough... besides, they'd have turned into a chrysalis soon.
Maybe you'll get to see them again once they've matured and finished their training, who knows?"
I went home crying that day, the twin-tailed girl holding me by the shoulders.


28 days later.
I got a call from mother, telling me that of all the babies who'd become adults, only one of them was going to come back.
(This is normal though: as insects are never returned to their parent's roofs, it was only thanks
to mother's connections in the breeding industry if we were able to make an exception.)
Apparently she had referred it as part of her researches, and appointed his breeding at home.
Of course, I'd be the one taking care of it.

- April -

The morning day of the entrance ceremony.
As I woke up feeling a bit strange, my eyes opened straight into a fly's gaze.
Slipping out of my vagina, my son's penis left a white trail as I knocked him off the bed.
I had trouble sleeping last night, so I'd taken my child into my room. It seems I fell asleep hugging him.
"You... could it be, you went at it all night?"
Pulling him closer for a kiss, I tasted some of my milk from his snout.
I moved my hand down caressing his thin, short penis. It had gotten really limp.
Judging by the semen scattered on my sheets he must have cum dozens of times.
My crotch felt really sore, my lips stretching outwards.
"Sorry~ It was mommy's fault..."
Patting his back reassuringly, I brought him back to his room.

File: cg13_1_l.jpg (1MB, 1700x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1700x1200px
My homeroom teacher called me to the Teacher's Lounge after the ceremony ended.
Coming in, he invited me to enter the School's Council room.
Several people dressed in suits were waiting there. They asked me to sit down.
"So... Itou Kana, right? I heard your mother's doing well in the insect engineering industry."
"Yes... that's true."
"About our presence here, we've come to ask your cooperation for a special educational program."
"...Educational program..?"
"We're planning to launch a series of educative shots aimed at children, with the mascot of the show,
"Umiko Haramura", to be showcasing a number of lessons normally occurring in breeding class.
We'll be distributing them through all Insect Schools, and we'd like you to star as her character, Itou."
To hear such an incredible proposal left me completely speechless.
"Your mother's done a lot for the Breeding Industry. If you're her daughter surely you'll be the same.
Your homeroom teacher also told us that your grades are very good despite having transferred here so late,
and since the show will require some practice shots too, we think you fit perfectly for this position."
"...Err, and mother..?"
The men looked at each other, and
"Please use her by all means, she said"


"Alright, take number 6!"
With a clack of the clapperboard, shooting started again.
"S.. so, when you're doing it missionary, it's important to put your legs behind him, if... if you think he's about to cum!"
File: cg13_2_s.jpg (513KB, 1000x706px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
513KB, 1000x706px
I stumbled lightly on that last line as I put my legs around my son's body.
The stage's light were brightened up, a second camera closing in to our matching genitals.
Thrusting steadily, my son's penis was nudging insistently at my womb.
Feeling both pleasure and embarrassment at my situation, I realized my face was getting stiffer, my words cluttering together.
"T-This way, the penis will go to... the deepest, and... the seed will..."
I felt myself blushing all the way to my ears.
"That's why... just keep squeezing yourself, and soon... soon you'll be... Mmh..!!"

Before I could finish reading my lines, my son started ejaculating.
"Ah.. ahn..! Aaah..."
He's always been wild while cumming, thrusting and raging inside me as his seed splashed all over the place.
"Woah... cut, cut!"
"Let's take a break for a while! We're not gonna get anywhere if that bug doesn't calm down a little."
I moved off of my son who'd finished cumming.
"S... sorry..."
File: cg13_2_l.jpg (1MB, 1700x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1700x1200px

Even if I'd tried to refuse back then, Mother would just have forced me to the part anyway.
I didn't want to double those people's efforts, so I ended up taking the job willingly.
The video shooting proved to be really embarrassing, and I also kept fumbling upon my words,
so I kind of regretted my decision now.
Anyway, after many stumbles and mistakes on my part we were able to finish the first set of recordings.


I returned home with my child.
I opened the windows a little, letting some fresh air into my room who'd been shut since morning.
As I laid down on my bed, my son jumped on top of me.
His foreleg brushed insistently on a spot of my stomach.
"Ah... right."
Thinking about it, we did had to stop many times during that video. He hadn't been able to finish me properly.
"Yes, yes, I got it..."
I took off my panties rolling up my skirt, his penis standing up happily, pre-cum already leaking down the tip.
As I opened my legs calling him, his slimy glans easily found my hole.
With my son starting to move inside me, I heard my cellphone ringing.
It was the twin-tailed girl.
"Heya, did you finish the recording?"
"Yes, a little while ago. I'm home now. ...mn.."
"...? Sorry, it's a bad time?"
"N-no, I'm fine..."
"Fufu... so? How was it?"
"Eh... well..."
"Everything happened so quickly, it must be difficult for you"
"Yeah... ...nh!"
"Fufu. I'd really like to hear more, but it seems you're busy now"
"Don't worry too much, okay? If it's Kana-chan, I'm sure you'll be fine.
After all you managed to catch up with us in only half a year... have some confidence in yourself!"
"Eh? Ah... thank you."
"See ya!"
Putting down the cellphone, I caressed my son's head who was sucking my breasts through my uniform.
"Confidence, huh..."
A warm wind swept through the room.

- END -

The end. I hope you like it. In retrospect the translation and pacing were a little odd, oh well. Hopefully it's readable.
Damn. More bug/wildlife stories where?

Much appreciated for the thing up there.
All these reposts.

The amount shit content that gets recycled here is amazing.
well, no one starts out with a folder full of an admittedly obscure fetish

give the newbies time to grow their collection
Top tier taste
Transman in santa cruz now
File: e207.jpg (981KB, 1500x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
981KB, 1500x1500px

stuck in sleety WI
File: e207.jpg (892KB, 1500x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
892KB, 1500x1500px
I'm curious as to if yall have com across splorch, and your thoughts on the dildo?

I've never tried one, but personally think they're kinda hot.

who dat?
An ovipositor dildo (I think that's the best way to describe it?). Basically you can lube up a gelatin egg, put it inside the hollow dildo and lay the egg inside the person it's being used on. I imagine it's great for roleplay. Personally I'd love to see some videos of it in use, to my knowledge only Dawn Willow has any worthwhile stuff involving it.
source of request?
File: 1.png (344KB, 540x405px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
344KB, 540x405px
Just search on mless for splorch. :)
Also if there are any "gilrs" with this dildo please contribute to humanity and share videos :)
Is there anything more to this than just that scene?
Please continue!
You all are freaky, and that one story about Itou was hot and got me into it, as if I needed to be weirder....
Does he have his own website? I can't seem to find it and I've seen all of his old stuff
yo post that shit for the rest of us
Nope, don't have an own site. For new stuff there is only


Some older stuff (generally, images that are not squares) can be found here:


and on other gallery sites. I don't think I have a complete collection of my older drawings myself.
has her second video been leaked yet?
I wish. Might be a torrent of it or something but that's really not my forté, though given how rare videos like hers are (and hers are real gems) I'm tempted to see what I can dig up.
File: 53303066_p0.jpg (277KB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
277KB, 800x800px
Author is making a part 2
btw there is a Short story i think its releted to Daisy Chain in Adrenaline Shot sadly untranslated there is only raw(a gril breeds in one of the bug firms a specific bug) + several shorter stories on his pixiv one is abou the girl from Daisy Chain
File: 1406947865279.png (2MB, 1316x962px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1316x962px
Is there a technical term for this? planting eggs in a host body?

that's what I was looking for, not often fetish and work meet. Thanks
So you're in entomology?
Not actually my work, I'm just helping and it's english studies. My partner is doing a breakdown on sexual themes, comparing the Alien series to Silent hill 3.
The tag on sankakucomplex is egg_implantation
There are some low-quality Fairy Fighting gifs that kind of fit... Lamia, blue futa with parasite dildo/creature, and, well, that's about it. Might be something to look for though!
File: tiba.jpg (552KB, 1200x1700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
552KB, 1200x1700px
Anybody know of anything like Tiba-Santi specifically something like this with the monster knowing it is weaker and the girl knowing she is stronger but he still fucks her?
read the post

Who's art style is this? I like it.
File: 1448767687821.jpg (280KB, 1280x759px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
280KB, 1280x759px
This reminded me of how bad I feel about myself for enjoying this stuff.
Anyone else have trouble with inner conflict and bad conscience while and after fapping to this thread?
[Tiba-Santi] Her Secret - Sasara's Secret
Gentlemen. Rejoice! For there is another Video of the Splorch by Dawnwillow available.
Vice has a article on this fetish.
That's some great shit, anon.

Well done.
As it is completely fictional, nope, not a single second.

I'm actually royally pissed that most RL symbiotes are parasites fucking up their hosts with diseases and that RL parasitoids almost universally eat the host's offspring one way or another.

Reality sucks at being fucking hot.
That's what we need more research spending for. Fuck everything else, we need to make reality better. The worst tragedy of our time is the sheer number of impossible fetishes. This cannot stand.
There are rather impressive things out there for sure, but the entire premise is heavily fucking things up.
Natural selection favours species that live long enough to reproduce and do so. Killing the competition has been pretty much the best option from the get-go.

Sometimes I try to imagine the kind of planet that could harbour life but harshly punish murder, down to the microscopic level. That world could develop an entire array of sexy shenanigans instead.
>$25 for a single video
nice ad...

tfw will never be pretty enough to charge 25 dollars for a lewd video
Since it may be have interest to those in the thread, the ovidepositor dildo works well, but if you aren't use to long toys it will take getting use to. Its very soft so despite being almost a foot long it can go to the hilt. The eggs melt fairly fast so if you don't want to lay them you are going to leak, which either can be fun.

Some people asked about it a few weeks ago.
this guy draws so much ovi stuuff <3

torrent when?
Other than Inyouchuu, are there more good h-movies with eggs/infestation?

I mean, there's that one scene in Tentacle and Witches, but that's all I know.
I'm the one who commissioned the original

It was super soft and couldn't go in by itself.... it took so much work but when it went in and you had tons of lube everything slid out perfectly....it was amazing
Why always squeaky voices? The squeaky voices make my ears bleed.
name on this sauce?
Winter of Alien & Summer of Alien, they've been translated by now.
>Sometimes I try to imagine the kind of planet that could harbour life but harshly punish murder, down to the microscopic level. That world could develop an entire array of sexy shenanigans instead.
I'd hate to see what they'd think of us.
Her fringe looks like a barcode.
Well, I'm disturbed.

Which is rare, so well done.
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