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Man Of Steel (2013) v. BvS (2016)

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Just how amazing were these trailers for this comic book property?

And can we all agree that the movie itself pales in comparison to these trailers?

And how much of the same can be said for the sequel in the DCEU franchise, you predict?


Zack Snydier is the film version of Kojima.

They direct trailers then make a movie/game around it.

Also they're both hacks.
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> And can we all agree that the movie itselfpales in comparison to these trailers?
No Mos while flawed was fucking incredible!

At least Kojima's work is more intricately designed and IMO much more intriguing with equal amount of visual fluff.
No hacks are incompetent.
Zach is not incompetent in anyway beyond being unable to be subtle most of the time.
I'll agree with that.

I truly think Zack Snyder is a fucking hack though, I have no faith in Batman V Superman after he failed twice with Watchmen and MOS.

I can see that.

While most of Snyder's work is rewatchable, I can't bring myself to see Man Of Steel and Sucker Punch again.

Watched Man of Steel twice in total, in the second go most of the plotholes hit me in the face like a brick. Can't even be bothered to see it the third time, very much like Thor:The Dark World.

Sucker Punch is, well, Sucker Punch.
But he didn't fail, not catering to the mindless no taste having masses isn't failure, it's dignity.
>not catering to the mindless no taste having masses

That's the exact fucking opposite of what he did you raging moron.

I wish I could punch your fat fucking face through your screen.
What Plot holes???
And what holes did TDW have?
the lack of Legendary Pictures is the biggest problem to BvS, WB really dropped the ball in not buying them out.
No if he was catering to the masses with Mos then he would have made a bright campy silly happy feel good film blowing sunshine up their assess instead of making his own serious Sci fi vision of this character.

And Watchmen was watered down from the comics, but that is 100% inevitable with the reduced time frame to tell the story, but beyond the squid removal I don't see anything added to it that made it parcularaly cheap mass marketable.
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DC > marvel

get mad drones
He assassinated Rorschach and Ozy's character for one, and the action scenes were so insulting that I almost walked out of the theater. Those are just the most glaring things off the top of my head, not gonna bother making an essay on why that movie is depressing.

Only thing he did right was Manhattan.

Instead of seeing an edgelord Man of Steel, would've loved to see an All-Star Superman approach to the character or Birthright.
This is Snyder's game, man. His films make for amazing trailers because they are 90% composed of trailer dialogue that sounds awkward and inhuman in the context of an actual continuous narrative and visual feasts that, while great while taken alone, often lack any engaging characterization or tension behind them, making them hollow and meaningless in the final product.

Snyder films are 100% worse than their trailers, no exceptions. Which means that BvS is proper fucked because that trailer was merely mediocre.
He did not assassinate any characters, the absolute least of all Rorschach.
And casting a thin and unthreatening actor as Oz has nothing to do with how his character was written.

The fights were exaggerative, that doesn't equal badly filmed or executed.
You got that type of Superman for the past 5 films.
Being a serious character in a realisitc world with realistic choices and moral grey areas and not a being a perfect Mary sue who can do anything and everything perfectly isn't being edgy.

Regardless, that makes this a film made for a different audience than you, such doesn't make it flawed for not catering to you anymore than Batman 89 is flawed for not catering to Adam West fans.

Judge it for what it set out to be, not for what it wasn't and should have been in your opinion.
Except Mos's first 2 3rds was nothing but engaging characterization and world building.
>most of the plotholes hit me in the face like a brick
Like what?

The Dark Knight Rises had a plot like swiss cheese. Man of Steel was quite solid.
Examples if TDKR's holes beyond irrelevant shit like how Bruce got back to America?
>anything in MoS

The characters in that film are paper-thin. Lois and Clark in particular are criminally underfleshed, and some of the film's players are so badly introduced and characterized that they constantly come off as extra tier in every scene they're in (every military character, every Daily Planet character, etc).
Well it's been 3 years since I last saw it but:

>Bane for some reason not detonating for 5 months
>bruce arriving exactly 1 day before the bomb detonates
>lol at clean slate what happens to paper documents lol
>Bane y did u keep all the cops alive makes no sense
>All the cops emerging from 3 months of imprisonment to be in top fighting shape against mercenaries
>people taking gordon's order to send every single cop into the sewers seriously even though he was jacked on painkillers
>robo knee brace
>why did bane build his sewer base right underneath waynetech's armory
>stock market chase begins in the day, immediately cuts to night
>for some reason bane's men hacking into Bruce's bank account is considered a legitimate transaction that isn't canceled by a bank
>lol why did Talia have sex with bruce, accomplished nothing

And many more i don't feel like typing
Thematically also the movie is poorly made

Man of Steel Trailer 3 is the trailer for the greatest superhero film that never got made. There's a mythic and epic quality to it, there's genuine and grounded sincerity, compelling action, and even a dose of levity.
I've never fallen asleep during a Kojima project though.

Jesus christ are you really so lazy that you took a screenshot of your copypasta? You couldn't just save it as a text file or something?
>that never got made
What you saw in the trailer was exactly what you got.

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>going through this much trouble
>going through this much trouble

Dude, I stated the truth. If you want to try to prove that separate people are samefags, so that you can ignore an argument, you're welcome to do so.
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 5

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