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What have you been reading?

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List a few things you've read recently. Say if you liked it or not, how you felt about it. Comments, etc. Tom Strong, JLI, Booster Gold v2, a bunch of Judge Dredd. Tom Strong started off very true to the name, strong. After a while I felt it grew monotonous. Dredd is actually really funny, I've been reading the complete case files. Read 1-10 so far, been reading it for a month off and on. Liked just about all of it so far. JLI was really funny. All in all I liked most of the stuff I've been reading.
Marv Wolfman's New Teen Titans v1. Pure fun, good writing, excellent art.
He-Man: The Eternity War. One of the best Fantasy series ever.
Astro City: Dark Age.
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Read Sex Criminals Vol.2 and the complete Heinburg/Cheung Young Avengers recently.

Sex Criminals is definitely my favorite work by Fraction, but this volume felt a bit more frantic than the first. Not a negative necessarily, I'll just have to see if all the buildup and new characters introduced in this volume paid off.

Young Avengers left me with mixed feelings. I really enjoyed all of the characters, their designs and many of the fights in the book, but the plots felt very cliched. The ending felt rushed as well, was this perhaps due to editorial?

Loved Teddy and Billy though. Is there a follow up book to young avengers? Besides the recent Gillen run?
it my reading list of Comics/Manga

Garth Ennis/John McCrea's The Demon
Fear Agent by Rick Remender and Tony Moore
Mind MGMT by Matt Kindt
Rurouni Kenshin (got some of the vizbig editions)
JSA by Geoff Johns/Goyer/Eaglesham
Jack Kirby's Black Panther
Sin City by Frank Miller
Hip-Hio Family Tree by Ed Piskor
Dr. Fate by JM DeMatteis
How are you liking Fear Agent? That's probably my favorite series by Remender.

I have fond memories of sin city but am always scared to go back and read it, for fear of it being awful

also JSA and RuroKen are rereads for me.

I have 4 issues of the Demon left and man this is a fun run. pretty underrated in the Ennis canon
>Tom Strong started off very true to the name, strong. After a while I felt it grew monotonous.

Was it during Moore's issues or after he left and other writers came in?
Fear Agent I'm only about six issues in but I love the fast-paced nature of it and Moore's art. I've been on and off with remender recently (love Deadly Class and Tokyo Ghost, hate Low and Black Science) so I thought I'd check out his older work

Sin City is entertaining and has some of Miller's most decent art but a lot of the characters feel like Miller projecting his ideologies on to the characters and it gets super iffy in parts
Gotham Academy.
It's kind of gay.
burnham ghostbusters in preparation of ghostbusters international
also peter david aquaman
I've been reading Cerebus the Aardvark and Aztek the Ultimate Man.
Cerebus is still good I'm kicking around 245, I know this is where it'll get bad soon.
Aztek is great, but I'm on issue 4.
Hellboy: Seed of Destruction
Kirby Thor Omni #2
BPRD Plague of Frogs hard covers (currently bk3)
All rereads, although I am going slower with the Thor this time. Good stuff.
Thinking of tapping into Hellboy: Wake the Devil a
Ittle later.
Been marathoning through all of Iron Fist's and Thor's appearances. I'm currently at Power Man & Iron Fist #72 and Thor #189.
Thinking about reading Harbinger and Preacher next.

have you ever read any Ennis before? A lot of his work, Preacher especially, is juvenile potty humor and hyper-violent but it works well in conjunction with the really well-developed characters and their equally well developed relationships. Ennis is one of the few in comics who could make me tear up (especially Rover Red Charlie)

Wake the devil is fantastic, I consider the 1st book more of a prologue
I've been reading Flex Mentallo and Black Hole. I'm enjoying them both
Welcom Home, Frank. It's okay. Albeit humor at times is very immature.

Ultimate Spider-man 1-10. I am on a mission to read everything from Ultimate Universe.

Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra. It's okay except for Larroca's art. Feminism shit is absolutely needless and very on the nose. Telling story through Elektra's POV is an interesting idea.

Right Hand of Doom. Fun short stories about Hellboy.

Darth Vader 10-12. God fucking dammit Aphra's devotion to Vader is adorable. Still good despite Larroca.

Star Wars 10-12. This series is so shit, despite Immonen.

Spider-girl #40-46. Darkdevil is Ben Reily?

Green Arrow #1-10 and Longbow Hunters. It's good, but majority feels like filler so far.

Thunderbolts #30 I kind of lost interest in series after #25, I don't know why. Maybe because I read too much in short span and Busiek's writing is so fucking boring, and Graviton thing is so dragged out, literally nothing happened this issue. Up until Graviton it was a god tier series.

Daredevil Yellow is great despite Loeb. I was very hesitant about reading it. Might check out rest of Colors.

I read all these approximately in span of two-three weeks and this is something off the top of my head.
>Busiek's writing is so fucking boring
Fuck, I meant wordy.
You weren't wrong.
>Nailbiter #1-15
Pretty fun, although in the first few issues the art lacks some clarity and I am slightly worried that by the time the book ends the plot could easily have become ultra retarded. So far so good though.

>Outcast #1

>Vision #1
Pretty interesting so far although I am slightly less hype for it than I am for King's other stuff.

>Black Magick #1
The premise is cool, the first issue was alright but not really spectacular. I liked it enough to keep reading. Nicola Scott's painted art is fucking great.

>Prez #1-5
Amazing. If they don't actually put out the second mini I may kill someone.
My most recent reads would be:

Harbinger (relaunch, not OG early '90s) - One of my favorite series ever, after reading it. Most of the art was ridiculously good. Only some of the guest stuff in the final issue was decidedly wonky. A few issues were a bit lower quality in art than others, but not enough to disengage someone. I'm going to recommend this for anyone who's never read it.

Justice League Darkseid War - not as bad as I'd expected. Grail was dumb, but probably intentionally so. I can't say I'm fond of the new Anti-Monitor origin. The Batman and GL one-shots were pretty awesome, and I actually actively dislike Hal Jordan. Overall, a 6.5/10 for me. Not terrible, but not a "for the ages" deal either.

Witchblade #185 - Other than a bit of Stjepan Sejic's art, I can't say I liked it. I was waiting for it, since I enjoyed the series back in the late '90s and early '00s, but it must've went to total shit when I put it aside in early high school. That, or I grew out of the motif. Glad I caught the storytime, and didn't actually buy it.
Plague of Frogs 3

Gotham Central tpb 1 - It already has its hooks in me, I havent read much rucka before but anything with brubaker kicks ass by default.

Cosmic Odyssey - Goofy as fuck but the Mignola art more than makes up for it.

52 - Really good but been slowly crawling along, In the middle of what would be the second tpb, but I'm reading it digitally which I don't prefer. Can't wait for the reprints to start coming out

ONeils The Question - 1-8, loving it so far.
Been working through JSA Omnibus Volume 1 at the moment. Loving it so far. My first omnibus, really pleased with it.
> Hip Hop Family Tree volume 1 1970's - 1981

Ed Piskor may be my favorite new talent, but I guess he won't be working on anything else except Family Tree for a long time. That's fine with me because the comic has been fantastic so far.

> Usagi Yojimbo Saga 1
I should've started reading this comic earlier, it's probably on it's way to becoming one of my all time favorites.
I'm reading Morrison's entire Batepic right now. Currently I'm on Black Mirror.
Recently, I read Hawkworld; The origin story, not the ongoing. It's really great with some good underlying themes.
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All New Illuminati
Extaordanry X-Men
All New Wolverine
Darkseid War tie ins
The Flash by Geoff
I've been reading Ultimate Spider-Man. I'm up to I think issue #80, I've been enjoying it, but since the Carnage saga it feels like Bendis couldn't think of a story and decided to start throwing in more Marvel characters till he could think of one
Im surprised at how much I'm liking Outcast. I originally picked it up for Bettie breitweisers colors but I find I'm actually enjoying the writing, not a lot happens but it's smart enough and interesting enough that I've picked up every issue.

A lot of fun with great art of a little uninspired in terms of writing.
Not original by any means but a solid take on space western and pretty darn pretty to boot.
This is what comics should be, fun,inventive stories that don't get too bogged down in continuity or seriousness
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Thread images: 4

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