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Do you want to know what the best food in the world is? Pic related

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Do you want to know what the best food in the world is?
Pic related
Tell me! Tell me already!
what? Burnt Umbergriss?
So you fags, these are Krautkrapfen, a specialty from southern Germany, only known in that area.
I know about it because my Granny used to make them, and i think i have perfected the way they are done.

There are 3 main parts to it, dough, Sauerkraut and diced Bacon.

Anyone interested how it works?
I'll let it die, if noone is interested in tasting pure bliss.
please tell me, I am very interested, pls accept this rare Patti as a token of gratitude shit sounds dank
alright, I'm at work and haven't got anything to do anyway.
Step one: get all the shit you Need
5 eggs
500g of flour (i take type 630, works best)
250g of diced Bacon
2 large tins of sourkraut (770g ea)

Step 2:
Start off with the dough, you take the flour, 1 tablespoon of oliveoil, and whisk the 5 eggs.
Through everything together, knead until it's nice and soft, and it should be quite even.

Step 3.
Take a pot, put some oliveoil in the bottom, and put in the 250 g of bacon, let it get brown, whilst it zizles in the fat of it's own making.
Take it off the heat, and then get the sourkraut ready.
You open the tins, take a pot, and then press out the exess sourkrautwater into the drain, put the sourkraut into the pot.
Take all the sourkrautballs over to the bacon, take like 3-4 balls, depending on size of the hands which molded them, and fluff it over the bakon, so that theres a layer of sourkraut ontop of it.
Mix thoroughly, so the juises of the bacon and the sourkraut mix. Repeat until all the sourkraut is used up.
Then put some water into the sourkraut, with some oliveoil and set the heat to high.
Mix the sourkraut every Minute or so, to the end you should be doing it more. This makes the sourkraut taste fantastic, try a Little, it isn't hard anymore, it gets soft and juicy, while still being sour and refreshing. (this can be used to eat with anything, it tasts fantastic.)

Next step will come in a sec.
Step 4.
Devide your dough into 2 balls, then flatten the balls into a thin layer on a even table. (it has to be as thin as possible, it can also rip in places)
I have white table i do it on, and it is so thin i normaly can see the table shine threw beneath it. Also use flour to not let it stick.
then you take the sourkraut mixture, and spread it out, nice and eavenly. Just use half of the mixture, you have a second lot to do.
Then when everything is nice and spread out, roll it up, into a sausage, or like a pancake.
Slice em up at around 5-6 cm, and get a pan.
Put a generous amout of oil into the pan (so it covers it) and then put in the krautkrapfen.
It should be enough space to fill up exactly one biggish pan.

Step 5.
Put the pan onto the heat, put it up to the highest and let them sizzle in the oil, when they get brownish on the bottom, get some water and fill it until it reaches half way of the krautkrapfen.
put a lid ontop, with a slight opening so it can breath, turn down the heat to a midrange.
Repeat for the second pan, and whilste you have done that the first pan should be nice and brown as in my OP pic, take a big plate, and just flip them onto the plate.
Next step is again to put oil into the pan, and then to slide the krautkrapfen onto it.
leave the heat in medium range, and let it sizzle for another 25 min, or until it has a nice brown crust.
Serve without anything, you could use pepper, but the sourness of the kraut gives it enough saltiness too.
They should be nice and tender, crispy and the bottom and top, and juicy in the middle.
Perfect dinner, and it is enough for around 3 people, and one helping the day after for one.
Here are some more pictures.
In a grittled pan it tasts great too
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Whoops forgot the pic
Post more rare Patti's pls.
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Heres the mixture in the making
thx m8, gonna save that and try to make it eventually
Spread the word, i want to see it in restaurants, so i can give it back because they can't do it as well as me.
oh no im going to hoard this recipe and keep it as a secret to annoy my reddit tier friends, this is a family secret and we are also family now btw

First time i post on CK, make family, feels good man
Still i browsed through the catalog, it seems like this board is kinda sad.
I am a little elitistic when it comes to food, though most of the shit i saw were fastfood tier food.

Also it is the shit, perfect it on my friend, though remember, less is more, don't go overbaord.
thx will do, there are some quality posters here but it can get lost in the sea of fast food threads, can always use more quality posters
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Pic related
Wait... So will it kind of be cinnamon roll-esque when rolled up?
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This is how they look when rolled up in a pan and about to be turned.
Cinamon rolls are usually thicker, or not?
Cinnamon rolls are thick, yeah. I was just having trouble connecting the 'rolling' described with the appearance of the final product. Going to make it tomorrow with some home-fermented sauerkraut!
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 7

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