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Stories of Neet Cooking

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To me, Neet food falls into 2 categories:
>You have no money for food
>You don't want to leave the house to get different foods
Either way, you wind up eating the exact same thing day after day. What have you done to change your food to avoid going to the store / spending money?

When I first moved out, I had a case of chili and a case of (white) clam chowder. It was a month later when I realized that's all I had eaten. My first horrible creation was: 1 can chili + 1 can clam chowder + 2 slices American 'cheese'.

What have you added to ramen, mac 'n cheese, or anything canned so you can force yourself to eat it one more day?
I have eaten peanut butter sandwiches for the past 26 years.

I do nothing. I wish I could spice it up without toasting it.
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(OP here)
1. Why no jelly? I once bought 6 different types of jelly so I could just eat PB+J for a month. (TIP: you can freeze bread to avoid going to the store every week.)
2. You can toast PB bread and then make it 'undry" with butter (or margarine). I've done this a bunch of times.

Buy some fucking vegetables, retard. Get a saucepan and one of those folding steamer inserts. Peel and chop some carrots and red potatoes. Steam them. When they're nearly done, chop some broccoli and add that. VOILA you have a decent meal.
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(OP) I don't think you understand the reasons for NEET cooking. FRESH vegetables means 5-8 trips to the grocery per month. Some people don't have that kind of time (or a car). Some people can't afford low calorie vegetables (other than potatoes). Some people are too young/inexperienced to actually cook.

I don't Neet cook anymore. I have TIME, MONEY, A CAR, and EXPERIENCE.
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If you've "moved out" you're not technically a NEET...you're working.

If you are a lazy shit and don't like going to the store often and/or need it to be lazymode from the pantry and freezer, there are a ridiculous ton of options that aren't the exact same thing everyday.
1 can of tuna
2 slices of white bread (or really any kind of left over bread like product)
mayo, mustard, ??? spices, pickle juice

wala, perfect neet sandwich
Grating cheese onto chef boyardee makes it taste a lot better
If you're willing to do a little bit of cooking eggs are pretty great, keep for a long time and cook quickly
OP could've moved out on NEETbux
Actually, being a NEET is how I learned to cook. After high school, I was at home pretty much all day while my parents worked, and since I'm not a self centered piece of shit, I figured I could at least do shit around the house if I wasn't gonna try to get a job. So for about 8 years I lived at home and basically worked as a live in chef for my parents. It started out basic, with lots of curries and stir fries, some soups and pasta dishes, and from there I just expanded. I learned how to make a good grocery list for balanced and healthy meals. I learned how to make all kinds of stocks and soups from vegetable and meat scraps. I learned about pickling, fermenting, making bread. Now I work as a professional chef. Make use of that sweet, sweet NEET time, my dudes.
What about those of us who don't have our parents' money to buy ingredients with?
There is literally nothing wrong with living like that.
Seems like it'd be hard to not be malnourished like that, but other than that sure
Funnily enough, I used to eat beans on toast quite often.

You can try adding things like: chilli powder, garlic, worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, hp sauce, curry powder, mustard and such like.

Put a little grated cheddar on top and you're set.

set for what? a shit-tier poverty meal?
> Either way, you wind up eating the exact same thing day after day
umm... no?
eggs: boiled, scrambled, fried (three major variations here), omelette, poached
eggs plus toast equals either eggwich or pig in a poke
and so on. it really stretches the ol' grey cells, to imagine something new out of the same ingredients.
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This happened to me a lot because my parents would by me cases of canned food from a warehouse store.

I started adding random crap because I was half way through 2 cases of pork and beans. I've added:
>sliced hot dogs
>hot sauce
>BBQ sauce
>Can't remember a spice that worked (but I did TRY a lot of those same spices.)
Not really beet cooking but when i first moved to college and got an apartment off campus I became a huge stoner for like a year. I used to sautee mushrooms in balsamic vinegar and put that on top of spaghetti. But one time my firends went to burger king and I asked tgem to mich me up some chicken nuggets. So we smoked a bowl and they left. I got so high I forgot they were getting me food and I was about to east my mushroom pasta when they got back.
So only half as a joke I put the chicken nuggets in the pasta. It was actually pretty delicious but it definitely helped that I was baked and starving.
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Pasta with lemon leaves (tree in backyard of share house).

>sliced up the leaves really fine and left some water in to make a sauce.
>not bad/10
that's a 5 star meal where i come from
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not really. budgeting means bare minimum to not get sick.
i haven't bought meat for months cause k. beans are cheaper and healthier.
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use ur imagination and experiment if can't think of anything logical.
*1/2 litre long life milk
5 slices bread

>t. perfect neat meal
im a neet and i cook most of my meals
i have all the fucking time in the world plus cooking is cheap and i have little money
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>"...cooking is cheap...."

hunting for ur food with a stick and some rocks is cheaper
>, I had a case of chili and a case of (white) clam chowder.

Jesus. Describe the shits you had while on this diet.
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Thread images: 10

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