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Hunting/ gathering thread

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This thread is for manly men to discuss manly things, such as putting food on the table. Vegans need not apply. We don't care about your weird kale fascination.
So yeah, went to the store and got some steak without dealing with the hunting and cleaning bullshit cause I live in a modern metropolitan area in modern times. Put food on the table in a reliable and adult way.
Let me start by saying I just moved to Oregon, and am going to be getting a combined hunting/angling license, as well as shellfish. Once I fill up my chest freezer, I'd like to start selling my bounty legally. Anyone have any experience?
>I buy my food from the store
>this food just magically appears on shelves because of modern society
>I am an adult who thinks as such
>watch me project my insecurities
Fascinating thread. +1'd from me!

I'd love to talk about hunting n fishing with you because you seem knowledgeable in the fields!!

Liked & subscribed cause I'm stoked for your new content!
Is this sarcasm all because I bad mouthed kale?
Fuck man, I'm sorry. I'm sure it goes great with your bean burger and tofu fries.
Rule of thumb, you can't.
Making money out of the woods and nature has been regulated into oblivion for the sake of "safety".
Long answer, pay out the ass for licenses and bribes and maybe you can sell it to a few restaurants, but most wont buy from you since you are not a stable source of product compared to their farmed rabbits/squirrels/deer.

Just sell to friends and shit for the price of processing.

Used to be able to make money out of the woods at least with fur, but ever since Jimmy Carter felched the fur industry by making it illegal to sell a lot of pelts to Russia it is an unsustainable job. You used to be able to make good money off of Raccoon fur, but thanks to the fucking peanut farmer it is down to 8 bucks a pelt for grade A fur, but don't worry Canada can still sell to Russia, so just sell your fur to them for 8 bucks and they will resell it for 80.

Thank you peanut farmer, thank you Washington, oh laaaaanddd of the freeee and hooommeee of the saaanncctiooonnnsss
you want to live like a 3rd world animal fucking move, stop bitching about advanced society.
You're embarassing yourself, stop it

Do you think I'd be hassled for openly selling it to willing friends and customers through craigslist or similar means? I'd be willing to do all the licensing and shit if it means I can make a profit doing what I love. I already make a good living selling firewood on the side. I'd like to quit my day job altogether.

I just don't want to be that weird guy selling crab meat from the back of my truck.
nigga you are openly trying to get people to wear rat and you think you're right in the head?
>Coon skin hat is basically rat
Guess how I know you are a Mediterranean Yuropoor.

Some people like to be warm when it gets cold you PETA fucking faggot.

But noooo you just love your little vermin don't you, explains why you are so dark skinned over there I guess. The Migrant Crisis that you lament is just another step in a long cycle of your wives and daughters spreading their legs for blacks and arabs.
I wear wool or goose like a normal person.
I'm east coast bitch, where we're civilized enough not to dress our selves in whatever critters we can find.
My deer stand is within easy walking distance from my house and I take one every year for the meat for 2 people, not for trophy. I also butcher and process it myself for 2 reasons: I don't want a processor giving me meat from some idiot's animal they gutshot or failed to immediately field dress, and I want every scrap of meat off the bones as well as the bones for making stock. I also routinely take rabbits and squirrels.

I haven't yet tanned the hides myself, though. Anyone do this? I looked it up and it seemed a bit complicated.
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On Christmas Eve a deer ran into the side of my car at a stop sign and died

I didn't tell DNR and put it in the trunk and cleaned it at my parents house

Got a good kek at all the liberal bullshit my sister in law started spilling when I was stringing it up. All this anti-gun bullshit, Then I told her It killed itself and she still wouldn't shut the fuck up
At least you weren't moving. Deer are assholes. Hope you get a few good meals out of it.
>>watch me project my insecurities
you're better off donating extra to a food bank. specifics vary by state, but you'll likely have to take the deer to a state approved meat processor who will either process the deer for free or the state will reimburse you for it

you'd be fine selling to friends, but I would avoid anything more than that. craigslist seems like a terrible idea
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 2

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