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Poorfag Dining Thread Breakfast: 3 Eggs (Dozen costs $1 at save

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Poorfag Dining Thread

3 Eggs (Dozen costs $1 at save a lot)
Grits ($1.69 at walmart)
Glass of tea
+ butter, salt & pepper for grits n eggs

Already under half a dollar for breakfast


Tuna sandwich with teaspoon of mayo and light pepper.
(0.65 for tuna, 0.88 for loaf of bread, 2.19 for bargain mayo)
Glass of Tea

Little under a dollar


Pack of ramen noodles (0.15 cents)

Now on for Dinnah:

2 Potatoes (whole sack of 30 is 3.25 so lets round it out to 0.25 cents)
Half a can of peas/green beans (0.88 cents a can for each)
Barbecue sandwich ( 4.00 for canned pulled pork. Heat it up on stove and stir in 1.29 barbeque sauce until its practically tuna consistancy. Save it in tupperware and spread like tuna. 0.50 for two sandwiches.)
Glass of Tea

Sometimes ya just gotta splurge.

Vitamin B12 Supercomplex (70 pills for 1.00 at dollar tree)
(Yes they sell vitamins at dollar tree)

How did I do /ck/?
>buying mayo when poor

nah pham take that shit in packet-form from gas stations

btw, ramen isn't actually cheap for what you're getting (or not getting nutritionally, really)... it's pure junk food.

anyway, breakfast is

>oatmeal ($2.39 a tub at aldi)
>egg mixed in (currently 88 cents/dozen at my grocery store) mixed in
>banana (39 cents per bunch at aldi)
>tbsp peanut butter ($2.99 big jar at aldi)

rest of my food is protein shakes and canned tuna and more oats with an egg. don't really do meals except breakfast.

ah, forgot the multivitamin with an additional b12 and vitamin D pill. just got bloodwork done and they're checking for the last 2, so will confirm if vitamins are bunk or not when doctor calls with results.
Consider adding organ meat to your diet. I've been living at various levels of poverty for a few years and organ meat is extremely cheap.
Pork organs are pennies. Unfortunately they're also stupid high in cholesterol but moderation allows. Chicken organs are generally your best bet, they're much lower in the bad and they still have the good. Chicken hearts are one of my favorites and chicken livers make for nice curry.
Every month I have a week where I'll be like "I'm totally gonna live like a poorfag THIS week"

And then I end up spending $250 that week on "poor people" groceries like the most obscure gnarly parts of heritage-breed pigs, and local biodynamic dried beans, and of course seasonally-appropriate, spontaneously-fermented whatever alcohol to pair with it. And, obviously, the weekday morning kouign-amann with a cup of single-origin ethical coffee drives up the cost of living but quality of life is key.

Where I regain savings is the fact that no bottle of wine I buy that week costs more than $20. Because honestly, who can afford fancy wines on a fixed income?
So around $2.32 for the day? That's not terribly impressive.

Let's go with what I had Tuesday. I'd go with yesterday but I fatted out that day and ate a bunch of junk and I'd go with today except for the fact that I had a sandwich with really good quality corned beef for lunch ($11/lb corned beef).

Oatmeal with prunes and walnuts. 44¢
Coffee with milk. 30¢

Pasta with beans. 44¢

A gala apple. 25¢
Instant ramen: 17¢

Mixed vegetable fried rice with scrambled egg. 66¢

$2.26 total. See? And I'm not even trying to be thrifty. This is just how I cook and eat.
>$2.39 tub oatmeal at aldi
Yeah? It's $1.89 at mine. Still 42oz?
And your Aldi sells bananas by the bunch and not by weight? What?

yes and yes, whereabouts do you live? very odd. oats have been $2.39 at any aldi i've visited in either city in which i've lived for as long as i can remember.
If you include cum for protein you could make some extra cash.

you're getting like 20g protein a day though

If you live in america, please leave.

pretty good OP. where are you located?

Pretty sure it's more than 20g.
Let's see:
the oatmeal had 6, the pasta and beans had 18 and the fried rice had 7, a total of 31, but I'll round down to 30 in case I screwed up somewhere. According to DRI, I should be eating around double that amount of protein, but I'm not convinced the DRI is right. I mean... Sardegnans eat this way, more or less (carb heavy in the morning, light meat or bean lunch, veg heavy dinner), and they're among the longest living populations on earth.
How about you just stop being poor?
nearby gas station used to serve these double cheeseburguers for a buck each, it was a pretty good deal since the pattys were big and i could fill them with as mani pickles as i wanted, only downside was the cheese tasted exactly like cheetos and honestly the burguer would have been better without it but you know the burguers werent made at the moment but rather they just made a bunch and let them rest on the heated thing so i couldnt just get it plain.
One of these burguers was big enough for a meal but i got two each time. Fast fowards a month and the double cheeseburger was off the menu, there is no way they made a penny off these things since people would rather get them instead of the chicken sandwiches and other more expensive items, instead they offered the shit you not premium burger that costed the same as an angus bacon while being infinitely shittier. After another month gas station stoped serving warm food alltogether.
Rip double cheeseburger you were the best deal i ever got
>According to DRI, I should be eating around double that amount of protein, but I'm not convinced the DRI is right
I'm sure you're more knowledgeable than the world's best nutritional experts. Peoples' bodies can adapt to dietary habits they've been conditioned to survive with by genetics and eating that way their whole life.
Buy bulk protein powder, mix a scoop with 1 cup milk, it's like 40g protein for a dollar or so.
struggle sandwich



take a slice of bread, and put ice on it. and enclose that in another slice of bread. add tobasco to taste.
I don't know, Anon. The DRI on protein is based on one's weight, yeah? And, as we know from the silliness that is BMI, basing your dietary needs solely on weight rather than fitness is fucking stupid.

According to DRI, a 6ft tall, 174lb man should be eating 60ish g of protein per day. If that same man suddenly packed on 20lbs of fat, he should be eating 70ish g of protein? No, that doesn't sit well with me. I could understand if he packed on that much muscle, absolutely. The whole idea is flawed from the go.

but then you just chip your teeth and have no money to fix them... rather just drink the bottle of tobasco and eat two slices of bread
>a larger body needs more fuel to perform daily functions
Weird, huh
Tracking the body's use of protein is based on nitrogen balance. A 220lb muscular body will use more protein as fuel to maintain nitrogen balance. A 220lb fat body will use less to do the same, the rest being excreted.
Basing DRI on weight rather than fitness is intrinsically flawed.

>i need more fuel
I didn't even think of that point. And here I was trying to exhibit how flawed DRI is by explaining how protein is metabolised based on a body's musculature when you show DRI's silliness in five words. Brilliant! Hats off to you, friend.
where the fuck are you getting walnuts that cheap my guy
>using prepackaged mayo at all

1 egg (xl or larger, preferably, though you could probably just sub ~1.5 larges or something like that if that's what you've got. My understanding is the more egg, the "stiffer" your mayo will be and the less, the runnier it'll be.)
1 cup of oil (any oil will work; chowhound suggests 50-50 olive oil and a neutral oil like canola or grapeseed. I've done it with 100% cheapo olive oil and it's come out fine, but if you're poorfagging it you might want to go the other direction.)
1 tablespoon lemon juice (in a pinch, any acid will do; lemon juice has a pleasant, neutral flavor and odor not shared by e.g. white vinegar. It seriously will NOT taste like lemon or anything, so don't worry about "I don't want a citrus flavor in my mayo")
Salt to taste (you can do as little as none and I definitely suggest NOT overdoing it but it is great stuff)

This works best with a food processor, but I suppose you could poorfag it up with a whisk if you don't mind killing your arm.

beat the egg and slowly add oil. The goal is to form an emulsion, so go slowly. It won't be the consistency of mayo at first, that's okay. Once you've integrated all the oil, you'll wanna add your acid. add some salt if you like. Continue whipping until the consistency is similar to mayonnaise; remember that it's probably room temperature and thus not really as firm as jarred mayo from a fridged jar.It'll set some given time and chilling.

If you want something less, well, "mayo", try adding garlic to taste, perhaps along with some mustard. I've put a whole head of garlic (of the mediocre, not-very-flavorful stuff you find in supermarkets in america) to a batch this size and it was great, though obviously very garlic-forward. Or maybe your favorite hot sauce; keep in mind that if it's vinegar-based you may need to cut back some on the acid.

Emulsion-making is very much so on the "chemistry" side of cooking, maybe even more than baking.


because pre-packaged mayo is FREE

not about to waste an egg (and some oil) (or buy lemon juice). this is a thread for poorfags gtfo


lol damn

5'3" 127 here eating 140g a day fuckin carbies
I know this is 4chan and so probably not the place for this but...

This post pretty much summarizes why so many poor people are fat as shit. It's counterintuitive but vegetables are pretty fucking expensive. This dude's cheap menu is made up entirely of carbs, protein and fat except for one serving of peas for dinner. He'll probably have diabetes by the time he's fucking 35 and weigh 250 pounds and it wont even really be his fault. Poor fucker.

>only carbs, protein, and fat
>except peas

nigga what the fuck are peas made of cardboard?

do you even understand the concept of macronutrients

god you're dumb
The point is that there is only one tiny portion of one meal in his entire day that is not completely loaded with calories.

You can afford vegetables you can afford to eat low calorie food. this guy can't so his blood sugar is going to be getting fucked up three times a day and he's either going to be hungry all the time or fat as shit.

did you know that your body needs calories?

did you know that eating exclusively "low calorie" food will probably leave you undernourished?

unless OP posts his total daily calorie consumption you can't really assume how much he eats. i see no fast food or pizza on that list.
If you're gonna steal mayo packets why play this penny-pinching game anyway when foodbanks will give you free shit?
If you can look at the list:

bread (probably wonderbread since he's a poorfag)
more wonderbread
barbequeue sauce
1/2 can peas

and honestly say "seems fine no obesity/diabeetus/constipation here" then we have nothing left to say to eachother.

I will leave this on my way out, however, on the off chance that you actually want to educate yourself.


hm, maybe you didn't realize that diabetes is a reaction to accumulated insulin resistance built by eating too much sugar, which is no-where to be found on this list

but yeah, literally nothing on this list screams "high calorie." also, wonderbread ain't cheap. plenty of grocery stores sell wheat bread for a buck or so, and even if he eats white, it doesn't look like he eats many carbs at all. the G.I. of the bread isn't an issue in the grand scheme here.

i have no idea what makes associate eggs, grits, tuna, and pork with obesity, but you seem to have some issues. the condiments can add up, sure, but looking at everything else on the list, probably not.

additionally, you;re making assumptions about his activity level. inactivity is the primary source of health issues/obesity. and again, diabetes = a sugar problem.

constipation perhaps. i'll give you that and only that.
...okay this is just bothering me. What kind of nigger ghetto store requires that much much slotting for ramen?
if you are poor you don't need a breakfast. lunch + dinner. aim for turkey meat instead of fish, or eggs, or milk/dairies (sometime). rice or pasta are still the cheapest filling calories you'll find.
I just ate a yogurt that costs more than what you poor fags spend on food in a day in this thread. Feels good man.
1) eat less tuna. like, 1 or 2 cans a week at most. you _will_ get issues from all the mercury otherwise.
2) make pulled pork. you can get pork shoulder for around $1 to $1.50/lb and slow cook fucktons of it. instead of buying a $4 can (of what, 1.5 lbs?) you can homemade it up, so it's healthier and tastier
3) speaking of health, incorporate more vegetables into your diet. carrots, beans, yams, lentils, radishes, squash are all very cheap and very good for you.
see point 3. OP is a lazy fucker, that isn't being cost effective with his money and is dumb with his health
>eating too much sugar, which is no-where to be found on this list
>cheap sugar-filled bread
>canned pulled pork
>copious amounts of HFCS bbq sauce
I only use maybe a half ounce to make my oatmeal, so that's one reason it's so low.

Also, a guy I know owns a produce store that also sells nuts, candy and a few refrigerated foods. None of the nuts he offers have their shells.

His regular price for shelled walnuts is $5.49/lb, which is pretty damned cheap. He takes off an extra 50¢/lb for me for some reason, so it's even more fucktardedly cheap. One pound at $4.99/lb ÷ 32 half-oz servings in a pound ≈ 16¢ per serving.

Even at his full price, the walnuts are a goddamned steal.

His prices on other nuts are also pretty great. Like hazelnuts are $10.99 or $11.99/lb (forgot which), shelled, which seems expensive. At the local big name supermarket, I can get shell-on ones for $4.99/lb. I'm not sure how much the shells weigh in comparison to the kernels themselves, but even if the shells make up half the weight of a hazelnut, considering how much of a pain in the ass it is to crack the fuckers without crushing the goddamn kernels, I'm okay with his $10.99-$11.99/lb price tag.

I got the prunes at Aldi. They're $3.89 for an 18oz canister. Again, eating a half oz or so means 36 servings for $3.89 IE around 11¢ per serving.

Add those two costs plus those of milk, sugar and oats and it's about 44¢ for a serving of oatmeal.

eggs are like 4 bucks for 20 at walmart where i live
>20 eggs
That's a weird number of eggs for any store in the US to sell eggs in. I've never seen eggs sold in anything but multiples of six and, in extremely rare occasions, a carton of eight.

Eggs were $1 for a dozen large at Walgreens locations nationwide two weeks ago. They're $1.18 at my local Aldi right now.
Larger families are cheaper to feed proportionally to those who buy for themselves because buying in bulk is more cost effective
Stop buying single cans, single packs, and single jars
ALWAYS buy family size, gram for gram it costs less and will give you more food for less price

Invest your poorfag money in preservation, get a place with a large pantry, buy an energy efficient freezer, like those big industrial ones with the open top lid.

I'm not sure how frozen food fares over in the states, but here in the UK, frozen (especially vegetables) have all the nutrients locked inside and are undeniably the best quality you can buy.

Instead of the 6 egg cartons, get the bakers double dozen and keep in a cool place.
Unless you buy those cancerous bleached eggs laced with salmonella, eggs do not need refrigerating and will age beautifully on the shelf for up to around 12 days

Buy all your veg for the month and stow it in the freezer, keeps fresh for ages

Avoid processed meats, not only expensive, but full of sodium and preservatives, while most these tend to be natural in the EU, they will still rot your guts if over-consumed

Again, buy frozen meat, but don't be penniless, if you can see the cheapest sausages/beef in the supermarket, buy the next tier up
Obviously it will be more expensive, but food companies are jerks, any ground meat is often combined with crumbs and water to keep the price low.

You can still eat healthily on a poorfag budget, it only takes more effort and critical thinking, but considering 90% of single under 25's living on their own are students/bachelors and are therefore lazy, uneducated or both, they take the easy route and buy prepackaged foods, which will rinse your wallet if you aren't careful
>chipping your teeth on ice

this is why you're poor lol
I just bought a 20lbs sack of white rice for $9.99usd ($0.49/$0.50 a pound).

>One pound of uncooked rice equals approximately 2 cups uncooked or 6 cups cooked. - University of Minnesota Extension

So, 20lbs of rice is about 120 cups of cooked rice.

>1/2 cup (79g) of cooked rice = 1 serving, - USDA

So, that's 240 servings of cooked rice for $9.99 ($0.04 per serving).
They are bundled and pre weighed and priced. Organic is sightly more per pound and all come in two pound bundles where the non organic vary.
You guys keep forgettin suck a dude's dick for an after dinner snack. +20g of protein and +$1.00 to your budget.
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