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Ask a Mcdonalds employee

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Hey /ck/, been working at an Australian maccas for about a year now.
Mostly have been doing mc'cafe and front area but i've seen shit go down occasionally

ask me shit about where i work

>no questions about names
>no questions about specific location
Do you guys have the McLobster?


Shit man, a couple of my managers would have told her to fuck off because she's wasting the time of everyone around her

mclobster does sound pretty good though
do you sometimes do nasty things with the food?

do they let you eat stuff for free?
Do you have that create your taste kiosk thing at your location? If so, how successful is it? Is it successful enough to revitalize mcdonalds in it current state, or is the franchise still slowly spiraling down the drain due to more and more losses every year?
Do you know how the patties' ground beef is made on McDonald's? Because every time i eat at McDonald's there's no sign of cartilage when i eat the burgers, but when i eat any other kind of ground beef-based product, wala! There's always nasty cartilage on it.
>do you sometimes do nasty things with the food?
Nope, never. In fact anything that touches the floor goes instantly into the trash. Back area doesn't see a lot of customers so even if a customer is being a cunt the people making the food will never know
fun story though
>just started cafe
>about 10 cafe orders on screen
>just me bymyself in cafe
>lady asks for cap and toastie
>have to make sandwhich while making 10 other coffee's
>she complains that cappucino froth has sunken
>why didn't you just drink it?...
>asks how long sandwhich will be
>maybe another 2 minutes? sorry had a lot of orders before yours
>more and more orders while making sandwhich
>she complains more
>end up dropping sandwhich on floor
>tell her
>go on break

why would you ever ask the one barrista behind the cafe by himself in a cafe with a dozen orders to make you a sandwhich when you're in a rush instead of ordering a burger in 30 seconds is beyond me

>do they let you eat stuff for free?
I get 50% off food before and after shifts, sometimes managers will give me a free meal if i've done overtime

Yes we do actually and in my opinion it's great
It takes a lot of stress off of the people working registers as customers only need to order on the touch screen and bring a receipt to the front counter.
Also lets you edit shit without looking like an annoying cunt

The actualy CYT burgers are pretty good too, i only eat there on my shifts maybe once a week but an angus beef with three different slices of cheese on a brioche bun by itself is godly.

We've also had new positions open just for CYT, our new crew basically stands near the front line asking people if they want to use the kiosks and helps them out

Not sure if it's enough to revitalize mcdonalds for people that are sick of it but it's a great addition imo
That's because McDonald's beef isn't actually beef.

Not 100% sure about how it's made before it comes to us but i've seen it getting unloaded into the freezers

To the best of my knowledge the back crew only has to clean the grill, chuck on the patties depending on what the order is, season them and leave them cooking for a couple minutes

The angus patties though seem pretty legit, especially the CYT patties and grilled chicken made for order, we have specific back crew who make those orders and they take MUCH longer because we use better products in them
>but i've seen shit go down occasionally
5th floor
What's your name and where do you work

Also why is your food so fucking shit? How's it feel knowing your contributing to Australia's obesity problem?

>old bogan with no shoes comes in with massive bag
>yeah sure
>get manager
>she asks what the problem is
>sir i definitely did not get your order wrong
>do you have your receipt?
>manager prints off receipt from call back screen, everyone in store is watching at this point
>so what's missing exactly?
>blt, sausage and egg muffin and four has browns
>everything is there
>take food and walks out
>for the rest of the day i ask my manager if she's sure the order going out is correct

>guy starts making a fuss because his food isn't 100% fresh and isn't steaming hot
>my manager at the time was 100% based, doesn't give a fuck
>sir that doesn't really matter, if you want a refund then ask but there's nothing i'm doing about it because i know our food is always fresh
>i don't want a fucking refund, i just want my food to be fresh
>screaming goes on for another 5 minutes
>old lebanese guy tells man to calm down because he's being incredibly fucking annoying
>he looks at leb man
>do you even KNOW what's going on
>no nobody cares, please leave
>you don't even know what happened OKAY?!
>continues for another minute
>he eventually leaves with a refund and throws his food out after 10-15 minutes

>What's your name and where do you work

>Also why is your food so fucking shit? How's it feel knowing your contributing to Australia's obesity problem?

probably because it's cheap and made to be completed in under three minutes. I'm not sure if i'm contributing to australia's obesity since i'm doing cafe but holy shit the amount of tradies that get upwards of 5 sugars in their coffee's in the mornings
Thanks for your honest Anwser OP

Subway fag here, and honestly.. Don't believe a thing about the whole 'eat fresh' bullshit.

cheers, subway will always be better though

the new flat bread is godly, but CYT is about as good imo
>mclobster does sound pretty good though
it isn't
Seems that since Australia they would have McPrawns and McFunnel-web spiders.
wow what a funny woman

What's the least fattening thing on your menu? That create your own burger gimmick isn't going to make me get out of the car desu, I feel so ashamed to even go to McDicks.

That dollar menu you cunts have is a'ight though, 5 burgers for like $15 is pretty good.
Don't you get a Metime discount?
Not OP but the answer is Grilled Warm Chicken Salad, with either the Garden Salad replacing the fries or a Coleslaw. And a diet coke.
>never seen a customer request extra sweetners/sugar in their Chai Latte or Hot Chocolates
I've had the McLobster / McHomard in Eastern Canada a couple times. It's OK, but sorta' expensive.
Looked like McHomolard.

yeah 30%


get a grilled chicken patty by itself, they're about $1


>soy hot chocolate
>4 sugars
>can i get extra chocolate powder on top

fuck i don't understand soy people

but yeah dickheads who put more sugar in sugar drinks are fucked
They sell them in the Gaspe peninsula in Quebec.
McCafe? At my store (US of A), that's just one small drink machine. we pump syrup into a cup, press a button and wa la, coffee drinks. Someone mentioned soy milk and chai, is foreign McCafe stuff more fancy or elaborate?>>7138476
We get free meals on our breaks here in Freedomland. I try to keep it healthy since I end up eating McDonald's 5 times a week.

What products do you sell with a loss?

I know that it's the plain cheeseburger here in Norway.
this thread sucks

Australia has had it's own cafe segment in mcdonalds now for a couple years now. Has its own counter and shit, massive coffee machine, pastries, sandwhiches etc


do you mean what we lose money off of? probably the dollar menu and senior coffees/teas

okay buddy
What's the best selling item on your menu?
Mcdonalds in Australia is a fucking rip off and I hope it dies
No such thing as trash here, it's called rubbish you dumb fuck
$1 Frozen cokes rn. Makes Drive thru go pretty smoothly

In McDonald's their vocabulary changes. We sell "fries", "ketchup" and "soda".
You still put things in the rubbish bin you dumb fuck

Fuck off with your trash
McManager fag here. Everything has at least a 65% markup, so that even the 50% employee meals are making profit. Only exception I can think of off the top if my head is the honey packets. Each fucking packet costs our store ~13-16 cents depending on the season.
>rubbish bin
can you really buy big mac sauce separately, and if so, how much does it cost?
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Thread images: 4

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