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Beef AND pork

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Hey guys. So I have 1.5 lbs of ground beef thawed and 1 lb of pork thawing now to use for dinner.

In my infinite drunk wisdom I took the beef out last night and now I don't know what to use it and the pork for. I'm sure last night I had a grand plan in mind but as you all know it's gone now.

So, anyone have suggestions for using ground beef and pork for a meal? And don't say meatloaf please, I made one last Wed I think and I don't want to cop out and do that again.
I'm in New England so I could go use my grill, it's not cold enough out yet (Not like that matters I shoveled to my grill last year through 3 ft of snow)

I was thinking maybe taco night? I could do some shrimp too. Throw the beef and pork in a pan and season and then do the same with the shrimp.
If I would do chili I would use my crockpot. It's just a lot easier and I love slow cooking. Thanks for the suggestion though.

BTW: I have a pretty good pantry, I have a good amount of spices and herbs, I have onions, jalapenos, potatoes, parsley, cilantro blah blah...
OP, how about some meatballs? Red sauce?

You could make patties, and eat like burgers, like your grill suggestion.

You are talking about a pound of ground pork, right?
I just had the idea for hash? I've never eaten it or made it but it's basically fried potatoes right?

I could do the potatoes and just crumble the beef and pork and serve it? Maybe some eggs?

I love breakfast for dinner so I'm cool with any idea like that.
Hey thanks for replying, I am actually using up the rest of my sauce I made and froze. I make my sauce in my Grandma's old 1950's cooker and I always make a HUGE batch when I do so i can freeze it, so I'm at the end of that stuff. (BTW I miss you Grandma)

I'm cool with grilling but I'd rather not, I'm just not in the mood for burgers or a grilled loaf ya know? I haven't touched my grill in like 2 months, I need the snow to come so I get mad and have to shovel again.

And yes, it's ground pork, if you want I can post a pic of the beef and pork?
Hey guys, OP here. I was thinking maybe breakfast for dinner would be a good idea? I could make some buttermilk pancakes (I have everything to make them) and some bacon and eggs, and then use the beef and pork in some kind of egg scramble?

BTW I cook for about 8 people so I need to be able to scale.

I never made a has or whatever before, and maybe vodka is influencing me on that but I'm gonna google it.

Anyone have suggestions or ideas??
Hash is usually something you make from leftover corned beef and potatoes. I think meatballs or meatloaf are probably your best bet.
Oh ok, thanks for explaining that. Ummm, I assume I could just cook them in a sauce pan and server with pancakes/waffles and eggs? I guess I'm feeling the breakfast vibe now and I wanna run with it.

I never made hash browns from scratch before, but it's just peel and shred potatoes and season and then crisp up in a pan right?
Allright, so no burgers, no loaf, willing to grill but rather not.

No meatloaf.

You could do a real meaty/potatoey kind of dish. I'd say skip the eggs. Like a hobo dinner kind of thing. Just do up your meat with some onions, and then cook up potoates in the grease. I'd say keep them on the cubey/bigger side instead of shredding, but you could do a shredded skillet kind of thing where the meat is all through it. Keep eggs separate. Cook them runny so that there's gooey yolk to sop up in there.

Vermonter here, so we're kind of brothers. Eating some ground pork myself, right now, with a hanger steak int he fridge...
Awesome, I'm from Connecticut so you're a little farther north.

Like I said I need to cook for a good amount of people. So maybe I could do some potatoes in the oven? Like oven "fried" potatoes? I guess I'm kinda set in the "breakfast mode" So I'm cool with whipping up some buttermilk pancake batter and doing that, oven potatoes, sauteed beef and pork and some eggs?
How's that sound?

Oh and when do you guys usually get snow? The past few years in CT we've gotten snow hard in Dec but I don't have to get my snowblower from the shed until usually mid Jan
I grew up in CT and I was just remembering a good Thanksgiving snow we had about 25 years ago. WE had snow up here at Halloween a few years ago. I can't tell you when the norm is.

OP, I'd suggest going the breakkast route. The meat doesn't really fit in, but I think if you mixed it with potatoes you;d be pretty psyched. Big, savory, meaty side dish.
Make a ragu, and serve it over some fettuccine, and use the rest to make a lasagna.
I am the OP haha.

I know about the Halloween snow storm. I was driving home from Uconn on 84 during it (my Subaru fucked that snow up but that car is no longer with us)

To be honest, we have a family that "rents" from us, but it's all under table stuff and we all are like family, I mean the mom bought me some aloe because I had a burn, we're all basically family and much more but not 4chan ya know?

But anyway, I do like the idea of potatoes and I have to use the meat. I can't let things waste or "refreeze" ya know?
If anyone is interested I could post pics later
Spaghetti and meatballs. Have your sauce simmering away. Fry the balls in batches and plop into the sauce.
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