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Texas Anime Conventions

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Discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly.
I'm particularly interested in highly recommended conventions for the summer time
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j don't give a fuck about the AM drama, it's a con that I won't have to book a hotel for (~40 mins away) and it's still pretty big. a little pissed tickets suddenly jumped to $65, i thought i was watching the price but whoops

also for anyone that doesn't know, Mini-Mini Con is free. It's only a day, but it's in San Antonio at the Wonderland of the Americas Mall and looks pretty neat. Might just drive, spend the night, go home next day, but at least it's free.
i might actually be able to get time off in this upcoming year, so what would be a fun and decent first convention for an Austinite who doesn't mind driving to attend? I just never had the time and now that I might I want to plan it all out in advance.
The good? It's Texas, you don't get "good"

Stop shitposting
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follow >>8783502
Oh no, someone hurt your sensitive feelings? Oh darn
Can we stop being a bunch of babies before this gets out of hand with shit posts and actually discuss
then get a discussion going! what cons are you attending this year?
Otakon, hopefully. I'd have to fly back home and hope for time off, but hey- worth it. How about yourself?
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no, you're just clogging up the Texas thread. don't like Texas, don't post.
San Japan. It's an hour and a half from Austin and one of the better options.
Going to Ikki for the first time. Probably just going to drink and mingle the whole time because I couldn't care less about the programming. Interested in PAX South; a couple friends went last year and said they had a really good time, especially at the pub crawl

How about keeping the thread on topic while generating a discussion and tall about Texas cons.
I mean I could have just lied or not answered. That said, got a group of friends together for San Japan so that's nice
A-kon is the biggest one, but other than to see good cosplay, it's objectively not fun. I get absolutely smashed at A-kon with old friends and that's about it.

Matsuri used to be fun, then it got expensive, then it moved to the huge ads George r Brown (or whatever the name is). Its still fun, has good cosplay and alright panels, but it just feels so empty and expensive.

Onicon is pretty dank for the money,hotels are cheap because Galveston is a shithole, never any lines for panels, 18+ panels are usually very lax guests tell crazy stories because no one feels the big con pressure to maintain good public image.

A-fest is fairly fun but only for the nostalgia, we used to get caught underage drinking there almost every year, and every year we would just run over to the plaza of the Americas and finish the alcohol before going back to the con we were "banned from"

San Japan is your average con

I think A-Kon and the other larger cons are what you make it. I always have a blast at panels if you check out the right ones. Tons of people, but never had a bad time.
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