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Military/Tacticool Cosplay

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I went to my first con earlier in the year (Dublin Comic Con) and was really thrilled to see so many cosplayers in person for the first time. Lots of Inside Out, SnK and Witcher this year, on top of the usual anime and vidya staples.
But the one type of cosplay I saw the most of were just random, military looking dudes. At least 50, maybe even 100 the day I was there, and none of them were recognisable. It was just a lot of kids with tactical vests, shooting gloves, glasses, maybe a hat, and airsoft rifles. I hadn't any idea what series they were from if any, though I'm gonna just guess and say they were Call of Duty inspired. Now, Ireland isn't as militarized as America, and our own army looks nothing like the typical PMC, but in the back of my mind it was kinda concerning to see what would otherwise be mistaken for a real one.

So my question is; what do you make of this trend? Especially in America.
Does it weird you out? Do cons over there allow it? Maybe this is a more political question, but don't you think it's fucked up that so many kids are dressing as nondescript mercenaries when the activity of mercenary/private security companies are on the rise?
in america, they tend to be called out for stolen valor, personally i feel like its kinda out of place, but i really cant give a shit about it so long as they dont bother me
That's not true. It's only "stolen valley" when they try to say they are actually in whatever unit. If that was true airsofters at cons would get shut down real quick.
America here. California to be specific, so one of the two states most afraid of guns (NY being the other, well, NYC is at least). I have a negative number of fucks to give. No, it doesn't weird me out. Yes, it's allowed. Again, no fucks given. Best advice: get over it.
Usually they're always Umbrella corp or Call of Duty cosplayers

I don't really care about it if there's orange tips on the guns.
american here, own 4 guns (soon to be 5)

think it's stupid as fuck but hardly illegal. while it kind of chafes me when people talk about gun ownership as penis compensation, there is a subset of gun owners for who this is true. and in my few (personal, anecdotal) experiences with airsofters this mentality does seem higher among that crowd.

that said, if they aren't starting shit, I don't care.
I'm from Ameriland, and it doesnt bother me when people dress in these kinds of costumes. As long as they have orange tips on the guns and that sort of thing. However I think it would be prudent to plan how you're getting to the con if youre dressed like that. Better to go in your own car and park close to the con rather than getting on a bus or parking far away and walking. I think you would get a lot of weird looks and harassment (not that that's odd in any kind of cosplay/lolita, but still, its more of a safety issue).

Personally, I had one cosplay that was military style, but with the accessories I think it was pretty obvious that I was not anything real or legitimate. But I had a some random guy say 'Nice uniform' in a sarcastic way. I kind of felt bad because he looked like he may have served and I didnt want him to feel like I was making light of the military or anything. Oh well.

I also had a police officer tell me my fake rifle looked really realistic. Gave my friend and I a good laugh, as we got it for like $12 and rubbed some paint on it to make it look weathered.
whoops, meant to quote OP
Thread posts: 8
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