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Roommates from hell

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Post your worst experiences while sharing a room on a convention (Be it anime, furry, whatever)
Not my story, and I don't know how much of it is true and how much has been lost in the mists of time, but one of my less close friends has a stepbrother who has, apparently, gone through hell at Dragoncon.
Joe was about thirteen, and was going to his first con. Being stupid, he decided to go to one in the US. His family was going on holiday there anyway so it wasn't such a big deal, and he'd met some people online who were willing to put up with him for a weekend provided he was fine with sleeping on the floor and paid his share. They were 15, 16, and 19, so his dad's reasoning was that they were close enough in age not to be creepy and old enough to look after him.
When he got to the hotel, everything was fine. His dad saw he'd found his friend group and promptly fucked off. Ten minutes later, the 'responsible adult' was shuffling grim-faced to the group, telling them that there had been a problem with the room and they might not get it. They decided to go look around while the adult sorted shit out. 3 hours later they got a call saying it was fine.
Con was next day, Joe was hyped as shit, everyone was weebing out, and Joe, being jet-lagged, fell asleep on his corner of the floor. He woke up a couple hours later with a very large girl, clearly drunk, breathing on his face, because she was worried he was dead and wanted to make sure he wasn't.
Joe was slightly worried. He decided to go call his friends, but none of them were picking up. He then decided to go out alone, because fuck it, but the door had been locked, and he didn't have a key. Drunk Girl had, by this point, settled by his sleeping bag, and had pulled a water bottle filled with something pink from her cleavage, which she was slowly drinking. Joe was repeatedly invited to join her, eventually relented, and came to learn that Adult had found her at a bar after sorting out the room, invited her back to the room, then realised he had to call his cousins+friend to tell them they even had a room.
Adult then decided he was being far too responsible, and he should go out and have some fun, dammit. He sent 15 and 16 back to the room, told them not to go down to the con without him, and didn't come back.
15 and 16 were getting nervous about Drunk Girl, because A) it was well into the early hours and she showed no signs of leaving, B) she had started to undress and said she needed to shower, and C) she was shitfaced enough to drown in the shower and nobody even knew her name. They shrugged it off and went to sleep. Joe woke just after dawn to find vomit on his sleeping bag and piss all over the bathroom floor. He also found Adult, and Adult's new friends, a lanky guy,Acne and a worryingly small girl, Bones.
Adult told Joe, 15 and 16 to go to the con without him. Drunk Girl then stumbled out of the bathroom (she'd slept in the bath) and announced she'd accompany them. This turned out to be a blessing.
Drunk Girl sheperded them along, made sure nobody got permanently lost, and was generally responsible. On their way to eat, they met Bones and Acne, but there was no sign of Adult, who had vanished. Nobody saw him until that night, which was when the real fun started.

Bones and Acne split off from the group to go to a party. The others stayed in the hotel room. Drunk Girl had managed to get her hands on a large water bottle, which was filled with something Joe didn't recognise; it looked like tea, but this was Dragoncon, so the odds it was tea were pretty slim. They decided to drink it. It turned out to be an unholy mixture of alcohol and something Joe is convinced was weed, and Joe passed out not long after.
This time, when he woke, it was to a party. He had been stuck under the bed somehow, and could hear the springs above him, coupled with loud moaning and cries of 'Onii-san! Yamete, yamete!' which is not something he particularly wanted to hear. There was something that looked like a tripod at the foot of the bed two inches from his face.
>'Onii-san! Yamete, yamete!'
>tfw roommates acting out incestuous rape fantasy right above you
It didn't take long for them to finish. A couple of minutes later someone knocked at the door and announced they had gotten their hands on 'it'. 'It' turned out to be acid. Adult was in the room but 15 and 16 had vanished with Drunk Girl, so he had no reason to think Joe was there, which was his excuse later.
Acid was taken by a couple of people, Adult included, but they needed more drugs to satisfy their craving for irresponsibility. The solution, clearly, was to hotbox the whole damn room, smell be damned. Joe had never had any experience with weed, not counting the possible presence of it in the mystery drink. There were too many people around the bed for him to leave without shoving someone out of the way, he was too awkward to announce his presence, and the smoke was already wafting around the room.
Then, when he was already high on secondhand weed, in came the cavalry.
Drunk Girl had found Bones outside the con. Acne had said that Adult was having a party and needed drinks, which he'd gone to buy. Drunk Girl was slightly more sober by this point and realised that 15 and 16 needed to sleep in peace, so she sent them off to her room at a hotel closer to the con and went to look for Joe. Acne returned and they went to Adult's room.
Acne had brought along a gas mask, because that was totally cosplay, and decided to put it on for the party.
The door had been left unlocked in case of latecomers so they just went in.
Adult was convinced Acne was there to murder them. However, time was moving too slowly for that to be a real possibility, and Adult had a far more pressing problem, which was Joe moving about under the bed. Joe is unclear on exactly what happened next, but knows Drunk Girl dragged him out from under the bed and told Bones to take him to her room.
When they arrived, Joe's dad was waiting with a very drunk 15 and a moderately drunk 16, pissed beyond belief.
>Fanime a few years ago
>Room only has one bed, but no big, we brought an air mattress
>Someone fucked up my grilled cheese sandwich maker
>Locked out of my own room while in too much physical pain from shitty shoes to go back downstairs for a new key
>Finally muster up the chutzpah to stomp my way downstairs barefoot in an evening gown despite the pain, left my purse and all my shit at the door to the room
>Get back up to the room and let myself in, two roommates are sitting on the bed
>"lol we've been here for like hours you should have knocked"
>I did, repeatedly, loudly, and with much gusto
>Weekend ends with a flamboyant gay college freshman in an owl kigurumi perched on the arm of the couch in the corner of the room, screeching incoherently at his laptop while watching Eva 3.33 and gnawing on a week-old stale bagel

That was a fucking weird weekend, to be honest. Maybe not horror compared to some of the things I've seen in these threads, but I lead a fairly tame life.
No offense but PLEASE learn how to write concisely.
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one of my roomates kept bringing a guy in the hotel room with her, even though she had a boyfriend.
he'd refuse to leave when all the other girls in the room asked him to- when we all needed to get into our cosplays.

this lasted two days since she had this smug attitude of "I can do what i want"
it ended when I physically picked her up and locked her out of the room and told her if she wanted to sleep in a hotel room so badly, she could stay with him instead. she did.
I didn't have a hard time following it at all, anon
Oh, shit, sorry! I'm exhausted, I'm not sure what I thought you said.
And the last part which you all are desperate to read.
Joe was stoned and still slightly drunk. Joe's dad decided that he was an irresponsible shit, which was rich coming from a borderline alcoholic. Bones had to repeatedly assure him that it wasn't like that, he'd just been exposed to smoke, and eventually his dad agreed to let him stay for the next day.
15 and 16 celebrated by pouring drinks. They assured him they were completely harmless drinks, because they were in opened water bottles in the fridge, and experience takes longer to sink in when you're 13 and accidentally stoned.
He woke to find Drunk Girl holding his, 15 and 16's bags, hungover and mad. Apparently she stayed and Acne got the hell out of there ASAP to find someone to drag everyone out. He found Joe's dad, told him how to get to Drunk Girl's room, and assured him that Joe was probably alive.
Someone had taken Joe's passport and most of his stuff. She went through everyone's clothes until she found it, and got back what she could of the rest. If people refused to give back what they'd taken she just went through their wallets and took the cash. Being high, they didn't seem to mind enough to stop her. Acne returned with helpful neighbours and they managed to relocate the worst people into the rooms of people they didn't like while Drunk Girl stumbled back with a handle of stolen whiskey and three puke-tinged bags.
She stayed with the kids, Bones and Acne for the rest of the con, and they had a pretty good time, considering they were all very hungover. A lot of angry messages revealed that Adult had just invited people who said they could get acid (who even takes that anymore), Joe's stuff was stolen because his bag wasn't locked like the others and 'passports get cash', and he was mad at them for ruining his party.
Adult is now living with his stoner friends when he's not in prison for drunk driving.
Joe's still friends with the others, and will be at Drunk Girl's wedding next year.
I hope you all still made her pay for her share of the room. Did her boyfriend find out?
her boyfriend didn't find out, but you bet your ass he paid for the room
>Anime Expo 2008, be 18
>Decided to go after all my friends bailed last minute with a weird group of Naruto TCG players that were going that I knew
>Brought a bunch of food and drinks because I was poor as fuck and barely paid for my 4 day pass and my share of floor space, literally only had 40 bucks in pocket.
>Fuckers ate some of my food and drinks and put it off like it was nothing, while refusing to repay me.
>Go to the "rave" that AX held expecting the group to be there too
>Group leader was a fatty and didn't want to walk to the venue nor lose his parking space so they decided not to go
>I still wanted to party but was told I might have to stay out for the night because "people will be sleeping in the hallway"
>Fuck it, partied anyway and told a dude I just met earlier about it.
> Met him earlier in the day during a panel who let me cut in line. I tried bribing him because I showed up late and he made it interesting and let his decision sit on a coin flip and I had won, bro didn't even bother to take my cash
>He let me crash in his hotel room, just him and his brother in a larger room in a closer hotel
>Smoked me out all weekend, hooked up alcohol.
>Thank you based bro
>By the end of the weekend I was ringing up overdraft charges on my atm to continue having fun and stuff and buying them some stuff in kind
>Ended up 450 bucks in debt, no big deal for such a great weekend.

Guess that wasn't much of a roommate from hell story, but it totally could have been.
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>AX `13
>rooming with my bro and his friends
>not fond of his friends,(specifically this ONE beta asshole, Chris) but whateves I can deal, won't be in room for most of con anyway
>Specifically stay in corner of room nobody wants to be in so my shit can be free of anything that happens in room, and away from his unsanitary friends
>Bros friends decide it's time to drink and have fun in said room around 8ish
>not there, I'm chillin at the con having a good time
>get back around 2am, everybodys asleep
>sleeping on the floor, get stuff (bed/pillow) out
>pillow is wet
>pillow reeks of alcohol
>groan but realize it couldve been worse (could've been wee wee, or on my cosplays) so just set pillow aside, used blanky as part of my pillow

>fast forward to same night, 5am
>wake up to somebody moving around room, being loud
>try to ignore
>hear rustlin get closer to my side of room
>look up to see who fucking kicked me
>can't see because I'm partially blind without glasses
>too lazy to get up or say anything, because only 3 hours of sleep
>later that said day lower back hurt but never ended up saying anything, assume it was all accidental
>later that day I brought up to my bro about the pillow, he said beta Chris was hanging around my corner of the room drunk
>jimmies continue to rustle

>Fast forward again a month
>bro has his whole squad over our house, talking/reminiscing about Ax
>mention the pillow to Chris, ask him why he didn't apologize the next day
>"oh lol, I didn't mean to kick you, I was on my way to the bathroom-"
>mfw Chris thought I knew it was him
>mfw he still didn't apologize

Thankfully my bro isn't friends with any of his old 'squad' so I don't have to put up with any of them anymore, our last AX was amazing without them.
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my mistake.jpg
92KB, 552x625px
>at this con, drunk as fuck
>decided that it would be nice to sleep
>haven't seen room mate for a day
>found him on the internet as I was too late obtaining my own room, so couldn't care at all where he was
>got up to my floor, hear huge party coming from the area where my room is
>fuck that shit if its in my room
>hope its not my room, because I want to sleep, don't
>its one of the neighbors, door open, few folk party on hall, not sure if this is OK, inb4 security drama.

>open my own room door, walk in and I hear: who the fuck is this, gtfo
>its your roomy and stfu i want to go sleep
>see my roomy with 2 other guys whom I have never seen before having a gay 3some
>standing there, drunk, trying to realize what I just see there.
>one of the guys tells me I am hot, wants me to join
>pretty shocked, didn't expect this

>think about this, am asexual so that aint gon happen
>still tired as fuck, party next door, and then there is that.
>roomy asks me to leave, he is far from done
>decide to be alpha male, assert dominance
>go to bathroom
>take of clothes
>have a piss
>walk out the bathroom, the other two guys get exited
>go to my bed, crawl under my covers
>i'm going to sleep
>bru, I have sex here, I want privacy
>you can have privacy when you pay for the complete room, I pay half so this half is mine
>since I already payed my share, you have nothing to say
>lay on my other side, facing to the window, and ignore what he keeps muttering
>falls asleep

>next morning, breakfast, roomy still asleep under nasty cummy bedsheets
>go downstairs to get breakfast, one of the guys from last night came up to me
>thanks for ruining the sex
>sorry not sorry
>rest of the con, my roomy and his 2 buttbuddies try aviod me
>lesson learnt, better get a room myself or with someone i know

>My Creative Writing 101 story is done, professor.
Bless you Drunk Girl, whoever you are. You inspire me.
My only bad experience was rooming with a friend who ended up trying to have sex with me. Was fucking awkward, turned him down and never spoke to him again after that. Wish he would have just read my signals and seen that I wasn't into him. My best experiences are just getting a room with a close friend and not allowing anyone to stay.
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