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Mail Horror Stories

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Mail arrived destroyed or didn't even arrive at all?

Mail carriers steal your packages and the wonderful goodies inside?

Share here!
Sharing some stories/pics I found.

>Dear USPS,
>Thank you so much for sending me such a nice letter to apologize for any inconvenience you may have caused when you lost the contents of the package I sent through your high-quality shipping service.

>Thank you also for sending back the damaged, empty package (as pictured) that looks like it has been drop-kicked by a postman that “went postal” and then thrown into a puddle of water, driven over by said postman followed shortly by him/her tying the package behind his delivery truck and dragging it back to the post office at high speeds on a gravel road and upon arrival immediately sending it through an industrial sized paper shredder then proudly stamping the ridiculously ruined package with “”damaged by the United States Postal Service” and “return to sender”.
>Item advertised as shipped through UPS. Kind of expensive for shipping a simple envelope but whatever.
>UPS does not like to leave packages at my house, so ship to work address instead
>Turns out that package is sent through monstrous piece of shit service known as Surepost where delivery takes twice as long because UPS drops the package at random UPSP location, who then later on delivers it
>Tracker says item delivered on Saturday, left in front
>Wait, what?
>Massive office building is locked on Saturday, they must have just thrown it somewhere at one of the entrances?
>Package is long gone, UPS says it's out of their hands, USPS says they can't track it because surepost is cheap and uses their shitty first class mail service.

Every single mail service updates the tracker with "business closed" on Saturdays and tries to deliver during the week, but I guess the guy at this post office decided to be a moron about it.
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That's just ridiculous, anon. Sucks you can't get a refund or something. Who just chucks mail outside a business that's closed and doesn't expect it to get stolen?
I fucking hate Surepost. Worst thing is that they never tell you upfront that they're going to do that shit, you just check your tracking number one day and feel your soul die slow.
>live on busy highway in the middle of Bumfuck, Nowhere
>mailbox is right on the edge of highway road
>go out to get papers yesterday morning
>sturdy 4x4 mail post is snapped in two
>huge metal mailbox is flung almost ten feet away into yard
>mailbox dented beyond saving
>pissed because I have packages needing to be sent
>super pissed because I have packages coming in I don't want returned to sender
>have cheap plastic post and box in storage barn
>have to go buy 4x4 post and bag of cement for it
>neighbor is going to put it up but it's rained too much
>sit around waiting for mail carrier to drive up to house
>mail carrier never arrives

>day 2
>still raining
>still no mailbox
>been sitting in living room looking out open door all morning/afternoon
>going on 3:30PM
>still no mail carrier
>eBay item is marked as 'out for delivery'
>refreshing tracking every 10 minutes
>fully expecting 'cannot be delivered' status anytime now

>entire time everyone is telling me it's the holidays and I need to cheer up and not worry about it

I'd post pictures of the damage but I already posted in the Secret Santa topic. It's stressing me out so much. Fucking holidays can kiss my holly jolly ass.
Bought an ivory Emily Temple coat on Closetchild last winter. Customs opened the envelope from both ends and then didn't bother to seal it back up with anything other than a goddamn rubber band around it.
It's like people involved with the mail service have just stopped giving a fuck or are bored enough at their jobs to just start coming up with ways to ruin mail for fun.
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Screenshot (12).png
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cgl gets mail.jpg
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This one will forever be my favourite.
Related: Shipping a package to an anon on here and it got returned beaten to holy hell. The dress was fine and I shipped it back, but that box had seen some things.
I always wonder exactly how it got stuck on the roof. I know the mail person probably just threw it from the mail truck but damn. Seems like it was one hell of a throw.
I have no idea, and it looks like it got stuck so perfectly too.
USPS is slowly becoming my worst nightmare
>Not only is our route guy a complete asshole
>Dropped Kicked the box containing my nekomimi ears
>Denied it when my dad even confronted him after seeing it driving in
>His package containing a little car vacuum was completely slammed in
>Since has had 3 wigs be held to last possible point.
We've just elected to pay extra for UPS and Fedex on everything because of how shitty it's gotten.
Have you filed a complaint with the local USPS branch?
Are you able to complain to your post office or will they just not give a shit? I know some are worse than others but there are offices who will definitely fire people over things like this.
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>sitting here all day
>refreshing tracking
>this just pops up
>no redelivery attempts, straight back to China it goes!
>mfw that was one of my Secret Santa's gifts
>mfw probably every package I've gotten since yesterday has been shipped back out
>mfw dumbass mail carrier can't DRIVE UP THE YARD AND HONK THE HORN
Oh my god my heart rate.

>call postal office hoping someone is still there
>someone picks up, rushing to explain that someone hit our box and we haven't gotten mail because of it
>"A postal carrier hit your box?!"
>Omfg lady no, someone hit it and we thought you all would just drive up and honk the horn like you usually do if something can't fit in our box!
>"Okay well you need to put a hold on your mail until you get a new box."
>Okay great but I'm calling because it says my mail was being returned so please don't because it's international!
>"Okay we have your mail right here, come pick it up tomorrow?"
>yes sure anything just don't touch my shit!

Told her we have a new box and we just need to put it up and that we'll come get our mail tomorrow. I can only hope anything I was supposed to get yesterday didn't get sent back to glorious China.
I think we saved somebody from a potential horror story.

>visiting friends, as we're driving up to the house notice something rolled up in front of their mailbox.
>pick it up, it's a rug in a clear package. Looks like some type of Christmas company.
>address isn't friends house. Either USPS delivered to wrong house or it fell off the truck.
>address is a couple miles away so we just drove it over to the house.
>lady is greatful we delivered it to her.

If the driver made a mistake, then it was a stupid one since my friend lives on Beckely and the package was suppose to go to a house on lemon street.
Oh believe me they don't care. They 'talked' to him. And he retaliated by not delivering down here till past 7 when he always comes around 3
I feel this on a personal level. I once saw him outside decide that cause few cars in the lot. Obvi my apartment must be empty to right??
I ran out and cornered him for being a lazy idiot.
And the next week he does the same thing
That music video was so disturbing.
High five for knowing the image though!
walter white became a mailman is what happened
I legit don't understand why anyone sends Surepost? It's way cheaper and faster to just send the damn thing via USPS in the first place.
w-what the fuck happened. Was this a gull's?
Luck was not this person's friend in any sense. Damn the pain from reading this.
Nah, was just something that's been posted here a lot like >>8744715
UPS just decides to do that sometimes without asking though. I don't understand. I would never choose that option myself.
How about the mail carriers that just leave expensive shit outside cause their too lazy to knock or anything. Ahh good times.
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>that looks like it has been drop-kicked by a postman that “went postal”
No that's not true... your shipper is probably just not telling you that they sent the cheaper Surepost method (or Fedex Smartpost), but this is a different service than ground with a longer ship time. I've seen websites advertise their UPS option as "surepost" with a much longer time estimate than the usual 3-7 days. That would be like me paying for 2-day and UPS randomly decides to send my package ground.
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>Make two separate AliExpress orders.
>Both are full of essential packaging items for store.
>Pay out the ass for EMS shipping. $23 for each order (which both have values of like $5). Both ship on Thursday.
>One is sent by EMS. It arrived today!
>One is sent by S.F Express??
>According to the tracking it was 'picked up by S.F Express' yesterday. Only started moving around China today and stopped at Shanghai.

What the fuck? Has anybody heard of/used S.F Express before and should it be this much slower?
This thread causes me physical pain.
>mfw I live two blocks from the post office and go to school two doors down from it
I had customs (in the US) rip apart a taobao order once. You know how garments are usually folded and individually wrapped in plastic? They opened everything and didn't put them back in the plastic, just wadded everything (plastic garbage included) all into a big ball and shoved that back into the box. Ruined a star clip (deeply creased in multiple places) and permanently smashed the bows on a jsk. No amount of steaming and starching will perk them back up.
Like what the fuck. I had pics from my SS showing everything was neatly folded and wrapped but I honestly doubt they'd ever own up to their carelessness.
Worst customs has ever done to me (thankfully) was misplace a package for over a week for a Taobao group order. I had to call USPS over it and get them to find it and the lady over the phone said she had no idea why it was still in customs. It left the very next day, thankfully.
Posted this one before.

>join GO for lumiebre parasol
>parcel arrives damaged, can't tell if parasol in side is or not
>try to refuse the parcel, to make insurance claim
>delivery person says I have to take it to he post office and file my claim there
>take parcel to post office next day
>"You accepted it in this condition, your insurance is void."
>open parcel finally
>parasol is badly bent but not broken

I ended up fixing the bend in the parasol by hand, but goddamn. The box looked like it had been braced on top of two other boxes, and jumped on or some shit. It was bent to form a roughly 150 degree angle.
Keep us updated, anon
fuck that delivery person for lying to you
I live one block away, but that doesn't mean horrible things can't happen. Shit could get lost, badly damaged, rerouted 5000 times because the postal workers handling your package is completely incompetent.

>package arrives in my city
>package goes to other side of the country
>package comes back to my city
>package is out for delivery
>package is out on wrong delivery route
>package is rerouted
>package is returned to sorting facility
>package is out for delivery again
>package misses me by five minutes
>package is sent to post office after hours of operation

You could live IN the post office and shit will happen.
>Customer not in on 1st attempt. Delivery will be made to a UPS Access Point™ next business day for customer pickup.

Bull fucking shit. UPS dropped off like 4 boxes earlier, you're telling me I somehow got those but was mysteriously unable to receive my PS4? I'm trying to figure out if I can schedule redelivery but it sounds like once they send it to a pickup point you pretty much HAVE to go get it. Postman probably forgot the last box and didn't/couldn't drive back.
I used to work for USPS and when this happens it means the sender wrote your address wrong; it could be a mistake as minor as leaving one number out somewhere or writing a 6 instead of a 7, but most of the time it means they put a street name that doesn't belong on that zip. Some offices will go and look you up and make sure it gets to you, and then others are just like meh, not my problem.

Funfact: USPS has it's own employee suicide hotline. It took me four months before I called it, because that was the most miserable four months of my entire life.
It was marked that way because anon's mail box got destroyed >>8742523
That happened to me today. I live in an apartment building and they left the office chair I ordered in the room with all the buzzers. They are always let in the building so why they couldn't just drag it inside and leave it there I have no idea.
Yesterday, My new computer monitor, video card and case were left by my front door where it could have been rained on or stolen. What the actual fuck. They usually leave big pieces at my apartment's office. I'm really lucky that my roommates took it inside before anything happened.
OH, oops, didn't read. But yeah, that happens too, though of course much more rare. Just go to the office and tell them to put your mail on hold, anon. You can have them hold it for a month for free and pick it up when you feel like it. There's a regulation against delivering to places that don't have mailboxes, though, whether it's your fault or not, so by law they can't drive up and honk. USPS is the only place that I've worked where you risk catching a felony charge for on-the-job mistakes.
I love how here where I live violence and robberies are so commonplace that there is even a pre-programmed message to show up on the tracking website, which says "package was lost when the mailman got robbed".

Fucking love it.

At least it's a pretty convincing argument to get refunded by the post office.
I'm mostly just glad I don't have to worry about not being able to make it to the post office before they send my shit back and getting it as soon as it arrives. There was a while when I lived on a military base and the post office was miles away, took and extra two processing days, NEVER came to my door, and ran shit hours so I'd have to beg my supervisor to let me leave for a while to get it. I once had to pay $100 shipping twice because they sent a taobao haul back in three days.
Brazil or Mexico? I remember someone mentioning this before but I can't remember where they said they were from but I want to say it was one of the above.
They left a package in my back yard with my dog once and it wound up shredded
Clearly the package should have defended itself better.
Honestly this one is your fault, anon. They got the package to your property just fine (sounds like it was fenced off even if a dog was in there), and your own dog then destroyed it. Either train your dog better or buy one of those large package boxes that they can put things inside of.
fingers crossed for you, anon
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>size: snowman
That's happened to me except they sent it aaaall the way back over seas and told me it was my fault the address was bad. The shipper got the package back and my address was perfectly fine.
Lazy assholes.
Sorry for double post but:
Not always anon. That's happened to me and my address was perfectly fine. The box had been rerouted through a bunch of states after being stuck in Chicago for 3 weeks, and once it got to my post office they marked it for delivery and then five minutes later they changed it to being sent back. I called and they told me there wasn't anything they could do to stop it.
> package out for delivery when I have to leave for school
> grandma promises to wait for the postman
> sees delivery truck arriving at our street from her window
> they make eye contact so he knows someone's home
> grandma walks to the door and opens it
> delivery truck nowhere to be seen
> didn't ring the doorbell
> blank missed delivery slip in our mailbox
> no information on package, doesn't even state hours when we can pick it up at the post office
So he saw my grandma, drove up to our house, ran to the door, dumped the delivery slip, jumped back into his truck and drove out of our street. All within 10 seconds. His unwillingness to deliver my shit was almost impressive.

What happened next was hilarious:
> go pick up my package at post office
> new guy behind the counter
> tell him what happened and that I want to file a complaint
> "Oh, err... did you contact the police yet?"
> "No, you misunderstood. My package isn't stolen. I just want to let the post office know he did this to ensure it won't happen again"
> "Yeah, you should really call the police about that so they can start an investigation."
> "...Are you telling me to call the police on your own company because your employee was slacking off?"
> "err....yes?"
I left and called the postal service later on to file that complaint. But really, shouldn't they at least tell new workers about filing complaints?
Destroyed Mailbox anon here. Posting via mobile from a restaurant in town.

Went to the main post office in town and told a holiday worker what happened to my box and that they said to come get my mail. He took my address and went to the back to check.. Nothing. No mail.

He said they probably put it back on the truck to take out there to see if the box was back up but it won't be until late this afternoon when neighbor gets off work and does it for us.

After we eat we're going to our tiny local post office to check there since the main branch didn't have it. All our mail goes to main branch and then to the tiny local office so they may have it.

Wish me luck!
I'm rooting for you anon!
What happened to you really sucks anon. Best of luck
This is one big clusterfuck, anons. I went to the local tiny post office and told the worker there that's always helped me in the past what happened and if maybe they had my mail.

She said they're only a PO Box service and everything operates out of the main branch so she didn't have my mail and did I put a hold on it? Told her no I hadn't because I didn't really have a reason to because our mail box is getting fixed today and the main branch said they'd keep my mail for me (implying they were putting a hold on it themselves).

I told her what the holiday worker said and she said to give the mail carrier until 4pm to get back to the main branch and then I have until 5pm to go pick up my mail.. if it's even there.

So I have to sit around for two more hours until I can call once again to see if they have my mail and can I come pick it up.
dear god

so sorry anon
Canada Post does this all the time and it stresses me out so much. Last time I got one of my BJDs back from a faceup, the mail man just left it on our front porch and the tracking never updated to say it was delivered so we only realized it was there the next day.
I'm going to be out of town for at least a week around Christmas too and I'm expecting a bunch of packages. A family friend is going to check our house every day or so while we're gone but I'm still really nervous about it.
This must be my karma for laughing at other mail horror stories for so long.

Heed my warning, don't brag about how nice/on time/helpful your mail service is. They'll find a way to fuck you over.
>be me
>be gothic lolita
>order a dark blouse with a bat ribbon
>aw yeah
>two weeks later
>ding dong
>package arrives
>opens package
>it's a fucking rilakkuma plushie and a light pink shirt with a sleepy bunny eating a strawberry
>wtf is this shit
>contact seller
>never answered
>so mad
>but eventually i get attached to these thing
>try the shirt on
>oh fuck i feel...cute?!
>snuggle the rilakkuma and it's super soft
>tfw now i want more but i am ashamed of showing this side of me and look like a tacky sugary sweet girl
Don't be ashamed, do what makes you happy, anon.
You looks so adorable, anon
Go for it! Try to be cutie
Do it anyway anon. Embrace the fate that the mail gods have bestowed upon you.
>order combat boots from eBay for a cosplay
>get package
>last item needed to finish it
>open package
>ugly as fuck shoes
>message seller
>seller apologizes
>seller says someone got my boots, and I got their shoes
>seller gives me other sellers contact info
>tells me to figure shit out
>have name, address, phone number of other girl
>con is getting closer
>they want me to repurchase boots
>'it's your fault I got the wrong item seller'
>tell them to either refund me or remail me the boots with express shipping
>never hear back
>open a paypal dispute
>'dear please close dispute'
>get refund
>leave negative feedback
>seller messaged me asking to change feedback
>straight up tells them no, that it was an awful transaction
>still have the ugly shoes
Our awesome as fuck neighbor put up our new box in like 20 minutes and then refused to accept payment for it so we're going to spoil them for Christmas with homemade foods and junk.

Called the post office since it's now just past 4pm and told them my address and that I was trying to find my mail since it wasn't at the office this morning. All the lady said was that all the drivers for the rurual routes were back already and I told her I'd be there to pick up my mail then and she hung up on me.

So I have no actual idea if my mail is or isn't there but I'm going to put faith in the fact that me bugging every postal worker in the area today means that someone is going to have my mail bundled up and waiting for me when I get there.
That sounds like some shit TaobaoNow tried to pull on my friend when they left her pair of Antaina shoes out of our group order. They found her shoes in their warehouse and tried to get her to pay shipping for them even though we'd already paid for what we assumed as ALL our items weight. She refused to pay and ended up paying half the cost (TaobaoNow fronting the other half) just to finally get her shoes and be done with it.
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Kek. I imagine on some other side of the world, some cutesy girl that ordered a rilakkuma plush and a bunny print shirt ended up with a gothic blouse.

> she tries it on and suddenly feels like a cool vampire lady
All the fuss for that?
I salute you, you glorious fujo trash
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This is what the mail carrier stuck to my mail. Nice choice in stationery.
That and worst case scenario of three big untracked Christmas gift orders and two AliExpress ones. I had no idea what had arrived so I'm relieved it was just my fujoshit stuff for my itabag.
Not really a horror story, but waiting on my dream dress for ILD.

>left 3 days ago and hasn't popped up since
>I just want my first ILD to be amazing
Brazil. And yeah, I mentioned it here before cause it's so absurd and hilarious I love sharing it.
I'm a mailman and I enjoy reading these stories.
> tfw you check your tracking number and it says it's been delivered already to somewhere that is not only not your address, but not even in your country
Fuck you
mexifag here, mailmen are rarely robbed here, it's more common for the mailman to steal your package.
Check to see if it's maybe still at the post office. I had a package supposedly sent back, but they still had it weeks later and hadn't sent it back.
Can some of this USPS delivery person fucking up by leaving mail out to be stolen be avoided by getting a PO box? Have been thinking about getting one for a few months.
Hey anon, I ended up getting my mail at the post office today so thank you!
Definitely. The only hassle would be if you had packages that couldn't fit in your PO Box you'd have to come in during work hours to get it? I think that's how it works.
I have a friend that had something similar happen excluding the different country part.
She had a signed package get delivered to someone that wasn't even in the same state as her. And worse that person signed for the package and kept it. She had to call the company about it, and by then what she had ordered had sold out. Her only silver lining was that at least she got a refund.

I want to say fuck you to assholes that keep mail that aren't theirs.
Actually my haenuli dress got misdelivered and was signed by some asshole who kept it. BUT they do have a record of where the item was signed at with the gps in their trucks that take note. So I was able to go to the home with threats of police and the idiots handed it over. Sadly my waist ties were missing and the dress was mused, but I got it back.
What did they say when you showed up to confront them? And what excuse did they give for having tried to keep your package?
And wft on you having to go back and get it. That's something the postal worker should have gone and done.
Post said for me to call the police and I knew the police would of done shit, like last time. The people were rude, but since I had proof they thought it wasn't worth it and shoved the dress in my face then slammed the door. I wasn't given a reason why they tried to keep it, they were trashy people anyhow. They commented "Fucking dress was too big anyway for my kids".
I have my items get sent to my parents now because I know that postman and he's a damn saint. Once forgot my house number for a few aliexpress items and he remembered my name and bundled them all up and delivered them. Didn't loose a single package from my mess up then.
These stories make me so happy with our postal system, even with our ridiculous customs.
Netherlands ? Cause I'm feeling the same and even though I pay a ton in customs my mail always gets delivered perfectly,.
File: 1322936854001.gif (255KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm really thankful for how well the US postal system has treated me. Had a bit of a scare about a month ago that was completely my fault:
>used to live in small rural town in ny
>moved south to bigger city
>wanted to order lolita stuff from a seller in Brazil
>seller was awesome and gave me tracking and fast shipping for close to nothing in USD
>she ships my package
>notice the tracking basically passed my state and was in one of the hubs in nyc
>wtf, but it wouldn't have been the first time packages have been routed strangely for me
>at work
>tracking status says out for delivery
>get home expecting my package
>it's not there
>think maybe it got stolen but double check address on tracking just in case
>my computer cookies autofilled my old ny shipping address and that's where the seller sent it to
>no idea how I was going to get package
>decide to calm down and sleep on it until the next day since hours were over anyway
>amazingly, my old post office called me first
>my phone number was on the package
>post lady had known I moved months ago and was confused when she saw a package for me
>"Haha I'm an idiot, sorry!"
>post office shipped my package to my correct address for no additional charge
>got here within the next few days

I miss my old post office. I was so spoiled. The post office here is constantly swamped because of the volume of people, they can't possibly give a shit about individuals, and my mail doesn't arrive until 4 or 5pm if it gets delivered at all.
My aunt bought a nativity scene last Christmas and it got delivered to someone else in the neighborhood so she got the address and went down there to find it. She got invited inside by the lady and there was her nativity scene sitting in the lady's living room on display. My aunt threw a fit and the lady got super defensive and tried to claim it was hers until my aunt showed her the proof from the delivery company and threatened the police and finally the lady just gave it back to her.

>tfw opening other people's mail is a federal crime but people in Murica give fuck all about it
>the lady got super defensive and tried to claim it was hers

LOL. "Christians."
I didn't even consider that at the time but it is pretty ironic. The funny part is my aunt is a minister's wife.
>be me
>live far far away from the US
>$$ falls to 0.6
>buys Arda wig 4 weeks before convention
>pays for most expensive shipping bc track record of wigs not arriving in time
>ends up being over $170 for 1 wig and ponytail clip
>wigs don't get shipped until 1 week later
>paris happens
>no update on shipping
>spends over 400 in other items for cosplay because i hate myself
>1 week before con
>no wig
>3 days before con
>no wig
>1 day before con
>no wig
>5 days after con
>can't wear cos next year as putting on weight
So I ordered a pair of shoes and it just arrived in
Kirkland, Washington
I live in:
New York, New Fucking York.

Advice? I just messaged the store I bought them from, but it's pretty late.
Uuuuh, why put on weight tho ? Just go exercise and eat better than you are right now and this shouldn't be a problem.
Message the store and wait? See if they can ship another pair out. Have proof.
Maybe they are pregnant
Yeah that's how it works.
>just ordered from a shop located in mexico
>tracking number + picture of package/labeling
>24 hours still no tracking update from provided website
>check my own country's postal site
>"error - please try again later."
>try another site
>"Please reenter the number as we can not integrate Mexico completely due to technical reasons."
>"click here for alternative tracking option"
>click the link
>"Not allowed to track item"
>prays to kami-sama that it will make it out of the country before something happens to it.
When you buy stuff from China and the tracking number is for small packet, all numbers starting with 0 or 1, and in the extremely rare case you're even able to track them, the tracking ends once it leaves China.
Who the hell sells spiders in a box that can come open and without properly securing them inside other, smaller containers? I feel sorry for whoever bought those spiders.

here's my story:
>sending a package full of alt fashion stuff and gifts to the girl I have a crush on
>we're long distance and it's the first thing I've ever sent her
>package arrives, mailman leaves it outside her apartment where some other resident presumably steals it
>they're supposed to leave large packages in locked boxes at the mail station and give the keys to the recipient
>nope, leave it at her door instead
>some random fucker steals my courting presents, my love note, and some cute clothes

Fuck you, whoever you are.

>crush's roommate orders a package with some new hardware for her car
>fuckers steal that too
>a few months go by
>her package was "found anonymously" by someone in the complex and gets kindly "returned" to her
>you guys had no use for car parts but you stole and kept my gifts and handwritten note

Extra fuck youuuu
Wow I actually have an update to this

>Lazy day at work, open desk drawer to see if I left halloween candy in there
>Express disbelief to coworkers
>Coworker 1 explains that the package got delivered to the office last Friday.... 6 days after the tracker claims it was "delivered"
>Package only had my office name on it... seller did not even put my name on the label??
>Coworkers had to eventually call the seller to figure out who it was for. Stuck the package in my desk since I was gone for Thanksgiving and it was expensive, and forgot to tell me on Monday

Fuckery all around, I swear
>sell dress to friend
>"Hey anon, I really want this by Sunday, can you send it ASAP?"
>sure thing, friend
>have her address saved on my phone, just use that
>completely forget that she moved recently and I haven't updated it in my address book yet
>"Anon, my package hasn't arrived yet, what's wrong?"
>check tracking immediately
>it's being returned to me
It's not here yet and I feel super anxious about it. She was really understanding about it, but damn. Still kicking myself.
File: marxchan.png (501KB, 572x662px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not cgl related but it's still a horror story somehow
>buy electronic dictionary on denshi jisho for college, it costs 150€
>because of the warranty and other accessories that are supposed to protect the dictionary it costs 200€ in total
>whatever, it for a greater cause, I need it for 2 upcoming tests
>according to paypal I spend the money on it but denshi jisho won't send me an email for more than a week
>i send them at least 3 emails to get my tracking number, no answer
>start to panic, maybe it was a scam, maybe I won't receive my dictionary on time
>get a message on my phone right when I'm in college some minutes before the first test
>"you'll receive you're mail this morning, here's your tracking number"
>fucking what
>thank god my cousin was at home, she payed the sending fee for me and I reimbursed her once I came back, there was nobody at home at the time

I ended up getting my dictionary literally during the last 10 minutes of my test, and the total cost ended up being 260€ instead of 150€. It fucked me over because of other unexpected expenses right before having to pay the sending fees. Never again. I also have no idea how the warranty thing works because I didn't find any paper about that in my package.
File: I ran and tried.gif (1020KB, 220x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I ran and tried.gif
1020KB, 220x300px
> mailman comes today
> CAD125.83 in taxes and duties
> wat.jpg
I'm pretty sure something is off seeing as the highest priced item I've bought this month is the Meta Dozing Cat JSK (at 30,024 yen). Not really sure how to go about this, but I probably have to stop by the post office tomorrow to check it the item description out and then possibly ask for a reassessment.

What a hassle. Does anyone have experience in these things?
That sounds about right, unfortunately. Usually when Canada Post hits me with customs it adds up to about 1/3 of the package's total cost. They like to tack on some handling fee bullshit because apparently them assessing how much import tax we have to pay should cost us another $30.

The good thing is I almost never get hit for anything under $200 so I just adjust orders accordingly. But still.
I don't know about Canada but for an EU country that sounds about right (customs + handling fee + import taxes) and if they're in a extra good mood they might just have included the shipping cost in the price they took numbers from
What I found is that the amount is split apart and so you wont be able to reasses since it will be probably 50$ hst, maybe 20 handling fee and then the customs. It sucks, but the amount is right.
Agree with the other anons. Eurofag here, but I had to pay 75€ (CAD 109) on a Meta JSK that cost about ~26k yen + an accessory. I think you're SOL.
Well shit. I did an estimate on the official cbsa website where the highest estimate was used, and got $114.48. Not sure where the extra $11 came in, but maybe it's some brokerage fee. International shopping is suffering. ;;
File: sfexpress.jpg (272KB, 430x953px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
272KB, 430x953px
S.F Express was ridiculously slow for me at least, received my order december 3rd. For some reason the tracking code changed after arriving to Europe. Pic related the adventures of my package
EMS is being a piece of shit for me right now. Ordered some wigs, not only did it take almost 2 weeks to ship out, but my package has been sitting at "Arrival at Sorting Center" in Shanghai for eight days now. I know the EMS estimate is 6-12 business days but should I be concerned?
You probably won't get any tracking updates for the next 6 weeks. Expect your package to arrive out of the blue
>tis the season
That sounds like a lot of garbage to me. They don't just ship bull semen in giant vats, nor would any medical supplier label their goods so weirdly.
File: DSC_0586.jpg (33KB, 487x558px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 487x558px
> dream dress: $320
> international priority shipping: $50
> customs and taxes: €108
> package arriving in pictured condition: oh my god

The dress showed no signs of suffering, however. The gods of lolita had mercy on me that day.
Or a noisy neighbor... I will find the bitch that keeps stealing my water bill to return it damaged past the due date
If it was sent on the weekend just wait til Monday afternoon for any update
>stealing your water bill
For what purpose.
Shit if I know, I'm fearing is for a credit card fraud and is using my address for that
this is so true, i've had some shitty experiences this past month with my usually ok-to-good postal system and office
>everything later than usual
>ems takes 2 extra days and doesn't arrive in specified time frame
>registered post takes 5 extra days
>no good explanations

>delivery slips not being delivered

>get neighbour's mail
where did my mail end up going that day?
That's terrible, anon. Glad it was okay though.
Anon you replied to and I ship out a lot of things and my Priority Mail and even First Class if they're headed somewhere on the West Coast (I'm East) will be days overdue. I shipped items to people in CA and WA and the CA one was nearly a week late for First Class and I ended up refunding the poor girl thinking it had been lost in the mail system for good.

It's honestly just that time of year because everyone knows December is a nightmare for shipping packages so people start sending them mid-November and that just makes both months terrible for any sort of non-letter mail.

I was on USPS earlier and it said that this year they're looking at double digit percentage increases of holiday gift mail so I don't doubt at all that it's what's causing all the delays in delivering packages to you since they can only process so many packages in a certain amount of time.
>Needs wig for 4 weeks time
>Buys $40 eBay wig
>Seller sends out wig
>6 weeks later and wig stll hasnt arrived
>Seller says that after 30 days and no item receival they will refund and send new item
>Asks for refund
>Seller says wait a week
>Gets refunded money
>Wig arrives 2 days later
>Next day paypal account is limited
>Paypal wont say why
>Can't get money out of paypal acount
they could be ana-chan?
Did paypal really extend their dispute time to 180 days? Or am I reading nonsense?
go read their Tos to be sure
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>Placed 2 different orders with Arda on the same day during their black friday sale
>received one of the orders in good time
>other one hasn't moved for 6 days
>pic related

Man, should I be concerned or contact anyone? I know it's that time of year but still.
Considering it's sent via priority mail, I'd contact USPS about it.
Don't like 10% of all packages get stolen there?
Maybe they have an eating disorder or are just severely underweight or pregnant, anon. You can't know.
Ordered some gifts for my work's secret santa but the first one I ordered on November 2nd hasn't arrived yet. The party's on Sunday. Gorammit, Aliexpress.
sort of a mail horror story in that I never received the items I purchased, although not because of the carrier:
>friend of a friend wants to order from a lingerie website
>bulk orders receive a discount
>friend asks a bunch of us if we want to get stuff too
>decide why not and get $70 worth of items I can use
>we all live in different states and agreed in advance that the organizer will be recompensed for breaking the shipment down and forwarding to all of us
>everyone pays organizer, organizer completes the order
>organizer informs us that some of us overpaid and some of us underpaid. I overpaid by $10 and my friend underpaid.
>ask organizer to apply my credit to friend and keep the change for doing all the work
>ask organizer to also package my stuff with friend's since I was going to visit next month, and so she can save on shipping costs
>friend lives in CO and I live in IL, for reference
>1 month later, arrive at friend's place and ask about my stuff
>"oh I left them at my friend's apartment in Chicago when I was visiting her last week, I thought it would be easier for you"
>I don't know who this girl is
>tried contacting her several times and no response
>some bitch in Chicago is probably wearing the cute lacey stockings and frilly panties that I paid for
Needless to say I don't talk to her anymore.
You can contact USPS like >>8756871 suggested if you just want information. Usually the most a carrier can do for you is advise the current shipping status if you are not the invoiced party. If something is holding up the package then the shipper will need to be the ones to straighten it out with the carrier. I would contact Arda and let them know your concerns.
Not carrier related
>In dorm
>Friend orders me dress form to my dorm
>Is told by student housing they will email me when it arrives to pick up
>Month goes by
>Asks friends for tracking
>"Oh anon it was signed off 2 weeks ago"
>Turns out student housing was holding my package for 2 weeks and never emailed me

Somehow my fault for not checking email even though they never emailed me??? At least it was safe and my other order was in and able to pick up as well. I'm sure if I didn't ask them about it they would have held onto that package for another 2 weeks as well.
Damn, what kind of friend does that? Glad you're not speaking to her anymore.
Well, this is more of an 'I'm absolutely mortified right now' story more than a horror story per se, but
>buy 2 pairs of socks (only tried on) from Swedish lolita on Tumblr
>ship it to my parent's house since closest post office to me is 20 minutes away (theirs is less than 5 minutes by car)
>package gets here, I tell my mom to go get it for me and give it to me next time she sees me
>"ok anon"
>few days later, brings it to me along with candies
>don't bother to get it out right away
>hungry for candy during night
>oh that's right I had a package
>take it out
>contents marked as 'sexual enhancement devices' in big letters
>that's definitely not what I ordered
>decide to open it anyway
>inside is package box for a sex toy
>wtf is this crap?
>open the box
>inside are the 2 pairs of socks I ordered

I did get the socks, but now I'm absolutely mortified to see my mother. I can't blame them for thinking it was sex toys, considering the box it was shipped in, but still...
..who even thinks to send items repackaged in sex toy boxes?
Probably is was the only box that Swedish anon find in her house that was the right size an she was to lazy to brought another one... Or she thought it would be a funny joke without knowing the socks would be send to the mother anon house, whatever is the case don't worry to much either your mother take it with humor if you explain the story or she will never bring it up
Good news tracking finally updated holy shit. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow. Heads up to anyone else sending/receiving packages around now and are worried about them being delayed.
I feel like it got worse for Canada. Our dollar fucking sucks right now. Look at our currency exchange rate for most countries, we fucking suck fuck Harper fuck Treadeau fuck fuck. Also 900+ refugees a day in Toronto for god knows how long. FUCK THIS COUNTRY.
Yeah, shit is being delayed left and right because holiday packages.

At least you don't have Trump. We're going to be ground zero for a real life re-enactment of V for Vendetta.
Swedish people, apparently

That's what I figured, but now I have to explain this to my mother and she'll never believe me...
File: image.jpg (128KB, 1008x671px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128KB, 1008x671px
>winter ball is tomorrow
>"winter" where I live is so mild, it must be an "emergency situation"

Well fuck me, time for a backup coordinate, I guess...
I dreamt that my tracking got updated.
>checks hopefully
>still haven't moved for almost 2 weeks
Sounds about right. Tax + customs on apparel is about 33% + $10 handling fee. By that math, you owe $122.53, or really close to what your bill is.
I had a package coming into Chicago from Phoenix and it got stuck at the Chicago Metro Hub from November 30th to December 8th. I live 40 miles away.
The bull semen one is definitely bullshit. My mom bred horses on our farm and they would ship our semen in blue canisters that were cooled. There's no way the semen could spill out. Plus it's only about cup of semen that gets produced.
> order CGL secret Santa present on 17th November
> tracking code never works
> message seller, they post same item again
> tracking code doesn't update for over a week
> item is going directly to the recipient so I'll have no idea if it arrives unless the tracking says so

I ordered it so early and everything. Pic related, tracking page that hates me
I know that feeling so well, anon, since mine included a flaky seller who had reviews for sending empty packages if they even sent one out at all. I hope your gift gets to your secret santa partner.
>leaves it with someone you don't know
>also expects you to make your way to this stranger's apartment, if it's "easier for you" then it must not be a large distance and she could have dropped the shit off at your place while she was in the area
>also doesn't bother to tell you she did any of this until a week later

Wow. I am so sorry.
>Pay out the ass for DHL shipping on a taobao order right before con
>Few days pass, tracking number isn't showing anything
>Contact Bhiner, they reassure me that the number is correct and that DHL is having delays
>Package arrives right before the con, exactly when it was supposed to
>Tracking number wasn't even close

Thanks for giving me a fucking heart attack Bhiner.
Me again. Is paying a postal worker under the table to just scan the package a thing or am I being paranoid? it has been over two weeks with no movement.
paranoid about the postal worker part for sure
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