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Feels thread

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Old one >>>8722427

>tfw just got an adorable oldschool sweet piece but way too ugly and chubby for it to look cute

Thinking of selling it, I'm so embarrassed
Work out!
Work out!


Everyone can do it, OP. If you need aduvce or backup, start a cos/lolifit thread.
I'm addicted to lolita, and my whole family knows it.

I'll literally blow my whole paycheck the day of pay day and do nothing for 2 weeks and hope I don't need gas in my car

My new years resolution is to budget. I'm going to put $50 automatically into savings for conventions and I'm going to start paying for a few of my own bills.
Start with walking anon! Park your car a bit further away from entrances to places, I always do that!

I do cardio at my house called 10-down
10 squats
10 push ups
10 sit ups

Then you do 9 of each, then 8 of each, then 7 of each, etc. I do that daily from martial arts and still do it!
That doesn't fix my huge ugly schnoz. It works alright in classic but I about died when I saw how gross my new coord pics in this were. I looked like a chubby, transwomen, 30 year old ageplayer. I will lose some weight, though. Haven't been working out because of depression lately.
I'm addicted too, spent half my savings :( my family doesn't know because I live alone. I am gonna start selling things, but i know I'll never get back most of what I spent
Yeah, I feel guilty, so I'm selling Nameless Poem because of it

Hopefully budgeting will help me
How you looks in pics shouldn't stop you from dressing up. I too have a crazy nose that makes me look ugly in pics but I know that 1)the pic isn't representative of how I always look and 2) regardless of my ugly nose I'm a fun cute sweet smart girl. Don't let your nose get in the way of having fun anon. You deserve to wear pretty dresses just like the rest of us
Ugh I have the same problem anon. I haven't bought anything all November so far though so here is to hoping I can continue that streak!
Anon from the last thread here being desperate about college and so anxious I wished I'd die, got my grade back and I somehow passed it decently.

Now to hope the other one which I didn't study for as much because I figured I flunked the first one, is also a decent enough grade.
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I want to cosplay stuff that I'm into (Samurai flamenco/Comic books/Kamen/Light novels I read/Jimmy Hendrix manga/etc.) but I'm getting old. I'm 29 and not married. No boyfriend. Lost my job. All of my friends hate me and dumped me for other things. Working part time and doing other things to make ends met. I got saggy grandma boobs too so I can crossplay only. I'm a tomboy but I want to cosplay at least one cute girl outfit but I can't because I'm too old with saggy boobs. It's a vicious cycle of self loathing. I used to have friends and we used to just hang out, talk about anime, and cosplay stuff but I haven't done that in almost close to two years now.
I can't stand my cousin (we were really close in childhood but she never grew up) but shes in Japan nkw and is buying me lots of rare anime stuff and has offered to be my shopping service if I want to order stuff to her and not deal with online SS fees. Plus now that shes offered if i buy anyrhing from japan and then post about it online shell see jt and then be sad that i didnt ask her for help. (Seriously...thats how she is) I really don't want to talk to her....but i feel like i should. Ugh. I'm having nightmares about her crying.
>Has decent enough face
>Dentist fucked up when younger and have pretty bad overbite because of it.
>Avoids pictures like the plague because always look like a 'Buck toothed beaver'

It's OK to have a schnozz. Just dress up and learn your angles for photos. There is a lolita I know online who has a rather large one, but when she faces the camera and tilts her head slightly up she looks really cute and you can't tell about her nose. Rock that old school sweet anon. Or just wear it and don't take photos. Photos are not a must.
>regularly starve myself to fit into precious burando
>have secret obssesion with gainers
>it is satisfying to watch and I live through them
>classmate borrow my laptop
>"anon, what's this?"
>mfw I have no face

>later same day
>request to be moved to another class
>"sure, we can do that"

Way too many extreme feelings that day but everything turned out well.
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>was sad as fuck
>new lolita arrived
>suddenly happy as fuck
It's like none of my problems are relevant anymore.
That's good anon! But don't try to rely on it, shopping runs out as a coping mechanism over time.
>Have 15 page paper to write
>my lolita inspiration folders have never been so well curated before
>what is avoidance
Husband was being a dick so just spent like 200 on jfash. At least I can feel pretty in New clothes!
please die
I can read two things in this:
He said something which made you feel bad about your looks and you spend your own money to feel better OR you had a small disagreement and you teehee spend your husbands money for ~revenge~
Which one is it?
>responding to bait
My own money. No matter how upset I am stealing is stealing.He was just generally being a dick about my work and it feels nice to have something to look forward to. Planning new outfits always makes me happy even when things feel shit.
Cosplay Sam Flam and get your very own Goto-san.
Use mint.com! It will take a few minutes to categorize your transactions and set up your monthly budget for lolita, but seeing your accounts grow over time is like watching your stats increase in a video game. The emails alerts when you go over budget are also useful. If I go over budget with my PayPal (usually what I use to buy lolita, convention tickets, or crap off Etsy or ebay), it will send me an email. The budgets can also be set to roll over, so if I don't use all of my hobby budget in one month, the remainder rolls over to the next month.

Good luck!
>needing a computer to tell you when to stop buying things because you can't even check how much money you even have before spending it

Christ how impulsive if a buyer can you be.
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Hahaha I wish anon! I seen a ton of guys who complimented me but nobody doing any SamuFlam cosplays at the last con I went to. I usually just solo cons because I enjoy the series and want to show more love but the older I get the more I regret it. I'm going to probably go anyway for my 30th birthday.
> when you love the design of a character from a guilty pleasure series
> but the source is not that well known
> but I'm okay with that, because I'm embarrassed to even like the source

Sometimes I miss being a kid with absolutely no shame.
>Got kinda okay with body
>Planned a few smaller costumes, stomach never out, all at least strapless tops and shorts.
>Do first costume of this sort
>Nail the costume
>Was just about okay with how my body looked in it.
>Start on dream costume, it's high necked, sleeveless with shorts, gloves and high socks.
>BF keeps just saying how he really didn't like the first costume
>It's because it's small
>He doesn't think I should even re-wear it.
>Wush there goes my body confidence.

like I know he probs doesn't like the costume because he's a bit protective, and I got some shit from creeps because it was small, and I like to think this is why he didn't like it. He never was harsh about it, just saying things like "It's not my favorite of your costumes" "I would have liked it better if it had x(A skirt)" "Why not just do a shoot and retire the costume?"
So it's not like he's trying to put me down...
...But I put about 15lbs on 2 years back, and I had just accepted that I liked how I looked now. Part of me has just convinced myself that he thinks I look too fat in those costumes. Even though he never said anything of the sort.

>Tog friend is amazing with pin-up or lingerie shoots.
>My aesthetic
>Have pipe dream of doing something like that
>Know BF will just shut down the idea if I mention it.

Just a little thing, but I now have a dream costume that's half made and I can't see myself wanting to wearing it any time soon....
It's ok. I have the same issue with my orthodontists except that I ended up with a cross bite. I thought that was supposed to be fixed before I got the braces?

Idk. I feel so unkawaii with a chin that looks too long, but it's really just not in the right space.

Also, I'm feeling sick and I have to work on Thanksgiving, but a friend sent me a little gift with a letter that cheer me up. She didn't really have to do that since I'll be seeing her at the next meet up.


>finally quit second job
>not happy with smaller paycheck
>but have more time now
>Imma go to the gym and get /fit/ before the winter con
>caught a cold

I hope it goes away by Saturday. I wanna go to the meet up this weekend before everyone goes back to school.

Halfway done! Ha-HA! I want to go die in a fire.
Mine were removed too early. Then there was a delay with my retainer so by the time it came? Didn't fit. And they told my mom she'd have to pay for another.

Then I hit 18 and according to my insurance all my dental issues went away
I know that feel. I've been steadily working on a term paper for weeeks but not even halfway done. and then just got an email a few hours ago with questions for a take home exam due in a week.
i've been alternating between writing a few sentences and browsing /cgl/ for the past two hours....
>want to quit job. Can't stand it anymore.
>trying to hold off till after the holidays because stat pay.
>getting emotionally and verbally abused at work by parents and supervisor. Saying I am not reliable because I am not at her beck and call every five minutes.
>come in for my scheduled shift, changes it when I am not there and expects me in early. Like really?
>parents call me a bitch. But their kids are little ass hats.
>anxiety at the thought of going to work.
>not worth the abuse and anxiety but need money......

What a salty cunt
>Just graduated from a fairly rigorous college program
>Got my degree, feels good man, I'm proud of myself
>Testing was really difficult in the last month or two though, and I slipped back into my bad eating habits and skipped working out in favour of studying and sleeping
>Almost back up to 175lbs after managing to lose 15 pounds when I started working out and eating healthy earlier this year.
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Gonna be kindve long but it still kills me to this day, and maybe it will help someone.

>be me 22
>going to cons regularly
>sleep around
>never thought anything of it
>defiantly never thought I would meet a chick that I liked
>meet a chick at pax a few years back
>we start talking
>minutes turn into hours
>hours into all day
>this goes on for the entire weekend
>we both pretty much flake on our friends just to hangout
>the weekend is over
>I have to fly home
>we exchanged numbers earlier in the week
>text and Skype for about a month straight
>decide to "date"

I pre wrote it in notepad so 1/3

Its ok if you all dont care, she showed me this board awhile back and maybe she will see it.
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Little back story before I continue.

I've never fell for a chick so hard, I was in love. She was perfect, gorgeous, smart, funny, and it was almost to good to be true.

I don't have a problem with women. I pride myself on health/fitness and might not be a model but I am attractive, I get told it all the time. So this feeling was all new.

>fast forward 6months
>everything is amazing
>I have no urge to sleep around even thou its long distance
>she has opened up dramatically
>we might as well have known each other for our entire life.
>decide we are gonna head to some huge con in cali.

I flew out and only saw her twice during that 6month period both from T-M, and everything was amazing.
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>so hyped
>I fly to her state since its on the way and we fly together
>amazing time
>realize our relationship is really serious.
>the weekends over
>fly home
>something is wrong
>I just get this weird feeling
>stop doing the things I love
>stop answering texts
>stop getting on my computer
>she is trying so hard to comfort me
>I have no idea whats going on
>I end up saying some terrible things one night
>break her heart
>dont realize what I did until a few days later
>fall deeper into depression
>dont talk for a little over a week
>finally recover
(I said some fucked up shit no one should ever say)
>she still loves me
>cant forgive mysellf for what I said
>I break up with her
>thought I was doing the right thing for both of us
>now realize I let the best thing ever go
>hate myself

Now its been almost a year, I still go to cons but I dont try and pursue any sort of relationship with anyone. I actually avoid it at all costs and run from it. I hate myself and to this day I still feel like I got scared because how serious it was getting.

>moral is you dont know how good something is until its gone. Always fight for it and dont lie to yourself. You deserve to be happy.
well thats it, and like I said I know its nothing special but it destroyed me. I hope no one ever has to go threw something like that ever.
Took you seriously until
Not even him, but how does that have any merit on his story?
One of my friends is the admin of our local comm. She's usually the one to plan meets and sometimes hosts them at her house. She invites me to all of them and I want to go. But I'm embarrassed. I only have two dresses, neither of which I even like (but they were gifts, what can you do). They're not the easiest dresses to coord, so I end up looking like an ita. So even if I liked them, I'd be too afraid to show up to a meet. I know it's making my friend really sad that I never go, because she really wants me to. Bluh.
Ask for help with your coords? Either on here or in your comm; I'm sure people will be willing to help you out. Or look for a new dress that you like better than the two you have and build a new, easier coord for it.
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I used to be a lone lolita ever since I got into the fashion back in 2007. A few years ago I finally joined the local comm, and was appointed co-mod once I started putting an effort into being more active and regularly helping newbies. I love my comm and I enjoy contributing to it in any way I can but a recent incident has called for keeping tabs on some drama-mongering members and it's left me feeling very worn out.
I have no intention to leave the comm or my position as a moderator but sometimes I wonder if I were better off as a lone lolita. I'm just so tired.
No dumb questions thread so trying here. Going to a con tomorrow, I've invested in a larger case and a room to myself, and my friends in the same hotel aren't arriving until Saturday noon-ish. I'm not really a big party person, kind of shy, and there's not much on Friday evening, so I was thinking of bringing my laptop to the con for the evenings, especially that first one. It'll also be easier to reassure my parents I haven't been stabbed, and see photos/stuff going on. I was planning on locking it in my suitcase during the days and locking the suitcase to a bed or table leg. It's a Travelodge, if that helps. What do gulls think?
Thank you for being the first feel post ever to talk about being a lone lolita that doesn't just sound self obsessed, because you are actually playing an active role which would change if you went lone.
Can you shoulder some of the responsibility with a friend, perhaps someone outside of the hobby? Also try to remember it's just a fashion, it's good that you're looking out for your comm but the world won't end if you need to take a step back, grown adults shouldn't need a supervisor watching over them.
So would my money lol.
But it's so nice to feel good for a little while.
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>two months ago
>get job at international corporate call center
>pay is shit but perks and benefits are good
>three months paid training
>also had a 6am-3pm schedule with thurs/fri off which isn't terrible
>I basically sit all day so the worst thing is dealing with irate customers
>I even like my team so far
>never get a chance to attend lolita meet ups
>all meetups are saturdays, midday
>as a result all the friends I made when I moved to this area aren't talking to me as much
>bc I mean, if I don't attend meets, then it only makes sense that people would forget about my ass bc they never talk to me or hang out

>getting a new shift schedule after training anyway
>we have to "shift bid"
>tl;dr we have to numerically rank a list of shifts based on our age and hiring date
>i.e. old fuck in my class who was hired the same time as me is #1 rank and gets first choice of shift
>i.e. I'm #50 out of #61 and have to rank preference of 51 shifts because I'm only 24 years old
>all the shift choices were terrible after the 12th one I ranked
>the decent ones would surely get picked by the 49 people ahead of me
>sure enough I got my 39th shift choice
>a 4pm-1am shift with wed/thurs off
>might be able to give away hours, but my shift is so shitty that it is an unlikely possibility
>I will never have a life for forever now

I kind of feel like just throwing in the towel and getting a morning job as well so at least I'll have a solid excuse as to why I can never socialize like a normal person. While I love lolita I admit I basically got into it for the joy of making friends and community. So now that I don't have that it's like I just have a bunch of expensive shit in my closet that I can only wear awkwardly on a wednesday or thursday. The most I could do is wing going to those midday meetups on saturdays, but I'd be pretty much doomed to hang out for only about an hour or so.
Keeping tabs on? So your creeping on your members?
Oh no, just looking out for specific people who occasionally post rather inflammatory comments on the comm's page and politely putting them in their place when and if they try to make a fuss. It's not that much of a big deal but it does make the atmosphere in the comm a bit tense and uncomfortable, and it's getting to me.
Fair enough
>grown adults shouldn't need a supervisor watching over them.
That would be right if the drama-mongering people in question actually behaved like adults. But you're right, I'll try to take it easy.
>grown adults shouldn't need a supervisor watching over them.
I'm in a program that's primarily women, and you'd be surprised. There are plenty of adults who don't know how to act like an adult and really do need someone watching over them. If they didn't, we wouldn't need mods in the first place.
Hey anon don't feel bad. You got your degree! I'm sure you can lose all of that weight again.

Hang in there fellow school-anon! We're all gonna make it....hopefully....

You are staying by yourself, do you think the hotel staff is going to break in and steal your shit?

You are being unnecessarily paranoid, also most hotels have a safe if you really want to lock it up.
It's more cleaning staff, and I know the rooms don't have a safe from staying there before.

Can you organize your own meets for Wed/Thursdays? Maybe there is more than just you that doesn't want to/can't do Saturdays?

Still think you are being paranoid. Put up your Do not Disturb sign, they won't even come in your room.
>Proposed Secret Santa for closest friend group so that "we could all save money buying gifts this year"
>Reality is I just don't want to spend a lot and don't want to shop for the boyfriend/girlfriend of a couple of friends
>I honestly just want more spending money for myself...

I love my friends. They're great and they deserve awesome presents. That's part of the reason I wanna do SS--everyone will get something cool that they really want. But mostly I'm being selfish. Ugh.
Don't feel bad. Christmas should be about buying for the people you truly love, not about being pressured to buy for people you don't like or know as well. Secret Santas are a great way for everyone to splurge a little on one person, but not break the bank.

I have a varicose vein coming in on my calf. Guess I'll be applying makeup in addition to wearing nylons for any exposed leg cosplay or lolita from now on. I feel old.
I'm a Canadian out of province poorfag student and am paying for all of my living expenses. Obviously my debts aren't as bad as some US people, but it's still a struggle, and I haven't paid for this semester's tuition yet. I just recently got a part time. Despite having my ass in debt I still keep buying taobao shit online (I do medium 2-3 orders per year), and yesterday I just bought the swankiss lp because most of my wardrobe is 3-4 yrs old and I couldn't let it pass...

I realize I might have a shopping problem even though I try to budget it.
I have 2k in savings, so not rich by any standard but enough that I can't complain about being poor. Unfortunately I really can't find a job with hours that don't clash with my studies, I'm applying to so many jobs each week and nobody wants me. My savings won't cover me until the end of the course and I can't get any financial support, so I'm just watching these savings I worked so hard for years running away from me knowing that when they run out I'll have to drop out anyway. It's such a waste and I feel so useless.
I wish I could blow these savings on dresses or a holiday to fabled Nippon or anything rather than just watching them disappear without things getting any better, I feel so hopeless.

You can lose that weight but nothing will take that degree from you. Remember that weight can take as get off as long as it took to put on so don't be discouraged if it takes a while, just keep at it.
have you tried applying to stuff on indeed? it's one of the best websites i've ever used for job hunting, i'm a college dropout with little work experience outside of retail and i've gotten tons of interviews and a few job offers off that site alone, it's really great. i'm sorry you're struggling so much, i really hope you can find a job and work out your money situation soon <3 keep your chin up things will get better!! they always do in one way or another
I've been havin' the runny shits for about 4 days now and on one hand I am so happy because I heard havin' the runny shits can help you lose weight so I am very conflicted about goin' to a doctor or not.
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I'm feel super lonely cosplaying.
I mean, I do it for myself but I'd love to have some cosplay friends to hang out with and discuss projects and stuff.

My community is full of drama and I still haven't managed to get close to anyone, they kinda isolate themselves in cliques.

Does anyone have any tips for socializing?

(My local cons aren't like US ones, nobody rents rooms or have parties since they happen during the morning/afternoon and only last a day.)
Ok this is really bad but here i go
>get back into lolita
>poorfag znd cant afford even second hand brand because no job due to fucking illness
>have to be patient and wait for a year or two
>am 20
>get this new friend,girl,kinda awkward but nice
>she buys so many things all the time and is one year younger.
>anon how do you afford all that if i can ask? i am so jelly! you always have such nice things
>is actually pretty rich
>on that day she buys me quite a lot of things like cute makeup,matcha cookies,a phonecharm and matching bras
>she is depressed and such like i was, and feel so so happy to have got some time with me and tell me how she likes me lots
>feels kinda embarassed but happy and spoiled like a queen
>"oh anon next week i can dress you up in my lolita brand!! you would look real cute and we can dress up together"
>talk to me about her second trip.to japan and how she wishef i would come with her
>this is too good to be true i am
swimming in happiness
But here is the thing
I am affraid i might profit of her to get things and get greedy and such...how do i prevent that from happening?
She was pretty lonely and we only met three times yet she seems so happy to have me and tries to keep me at all cost and it kinda breaks my heart to see that and i dont wanna be a dick to this girl...
For a start, never ask for things, accepting gifts is fine but requesting is different.
Second, make her something as thanks or even just because, as a surprise! I'm sure you can scrape together the money to bake a simple cake, or draw her a cute thankyou note. Suggest things you can do together such as having a crafting day together rather than just shopping, even if she's buying the materials that's still more fair and fun for both of you.
If I was spending all my money on a friend I would expect them to be gracious to me, and eventually we'd fall out over it even if I hadn't actually expected anything in return. If you make it more two sided by giving her gifts of your time such as handmade food or helping her with things, it becomes equal again.
If she wants to treat you, insist that you pay her back somehow. It's fine if she does something nice for you, but just make sure you do something nice in return. Maybe you can't quite do that the same way, but do your best to be a good friend.

Alternatively, make it very clear that you appreciate her kindness, but you'd feel more comfortable to not have the money thing being a factor.

Also alternatively, live the dream and become her personal dolly.
Thank you anon i feel better now...
i packed her a strawberry lipstick and some cute arpakasso pouch where i hid a little paper with a smile on it. So cheesy. When i see her sunday at a girl's lolita crafting atelier i will give it to her.
I actually thanked her so many times haha i was so happy yet still kinda embarassed you know...i am affraid of being a terrible person...
I was in a similar situation last year, just watching my savings dwindle away. I made the decision to not work and focus on my studies. I ended up getting straight A's with less stress but I need money. I got a work study job this year and it's pretty laid back and pays well.

I hope you find a job and continue to work hard on your studies!
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106KB, 400x400px
File: 1407620830903.jpg (15KB, 244x237px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 244x237px
>already spent $320 on a cosplay project I'm doing
>only 2/3 done
Makeup, girly! You can work that dress if you commit to working on cutting out junk food, exercising a bit more, and learning how to do your makeup. Anyone can be pretty with makeup!!!!
Brazil, actually :( are you going through the same in London?
Retail therapy is a real thing
File: 1290296161608.gif (2MB, 300x169px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 300x169px

I was sort of like you, but in my shoes, when I fell into depression and backed away from everything, the guy I thought I loved took every opportunity to show me that he desired to put no effort into anything that didn't directly benefit him. I tore myself up over it for months, while everyone around me told me that I didn't do anything wrong, he just didn't love me. I wanted to make it work, make it real and serious, to show him how serious I was, and all he ever did was act like a spoiled child because he couldn't decide what he wanted. In turn it made me confused as well, to the point that I questioned everything I did. I felt miserable about the way I looked because he was not attracted to me, he just wanted the emotional crutch. The way you talk reminded me of him a bit.

I wish that people would not make others believe they are confident about what they feel and what they want when they don't really know. They need to be honest, to at least voice their uncertainty instead of pretending to be confident and then blaming others for doubting them. Is it really wrong to place doubt when your doubts are confirmed to be truth?

As for my own cosplay/lolita feels, I am very self-conscious about my chest in anything I wear. I have lost a lot of weight but my breasts will never look right to me. They are so far apart and they look really bad compared to how I see others' chests. I hate it.
File: 1426359863481.jpg (25KB, 500x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 500x280px
Cons were all that made me happy. Cosplaying, cons, dealers rooms, artist alley, meeting other people with the same interests.
Suddenly though, even though I finally have the money to attend more cons, their appeal has dropped. I still love all those things but I feel too depressed to enjoy them fully and am terrified of dropping hundreds on a con trip just to not enjoy it.
Has this happened to anyone else here?
Currently spending Thanksgiving alone and feeling like crying. It sucks to have a broken family.

On cgl related news I feel like not going to conventions next year in order to save money. Idk I feel like the magic of conventions is wearing off for me
I've been on 4chan long enough to the point where I'm uncomfortable and suspicious around my boyfriend's hot cousins because of incest threads.

The fuck.
>Has this happened to anyone else here?

Not specifically cons, but I can relate.

I went and did the thing though and ended up having a great time.

I'd say at least try one more, go in with an open mind. If you don't enjoy it like you used to, then maybe cut back or stop going.
>Tfw I went to an interview a few days ago for a new job
>they told me there was a pretty slim chance I'd get it because of their family coworker policy (my mom works in a completely different department from the one I applied to)
>go and do their testing just in case
>they fucking love me
>offer me a job on the spot
>going from retail $10/hr to a 9-5 desk job with full benefits at $16/hr
>tuition reimbursement too
>will pay for gym memberships
>free medication

I'm literally in tears. I'm so happy. I can finally start saving money. I can afford my medication with worry. I can go to a gym because I can afford it AND I have a set schedule now.
Anons, last year on thanksgiving I tried to kill myself. This year everything is so good. Today is so good.
The only way to know is to ask.

Just walk up to them and say:

"Anon, do you think your cousin would be up for a threeway?"
I'm so happy for you anon!
File: incewhat.png (405KB, 850x1063px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
405KB, 850x1063px
>not liking wincest
File: 246.gif (27KB, 350x198px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 350x198px
That brought a tear to my eye, I'm so happy for you, anon. Happy thanksgiving.
well done. everything is money related, money will ALWAYS be useful.
kill yourself tbqh, what a douche
>friend always tries to make things using tutorials but makes REALLY BAD substitutions
>"oh anon this guide says to use this ~expensive~ glue but I'll just use flour and water paste"
>her projects fail horribly
>I have to console her
I don't know why she keeps doing this. It always makes her really depressed but she just makes the dumbest alterations. I try to kindly steer her in the right directions every time but she sticks with her bad ideas, or sometimes even worse gets inspired to make even shittier subs. It's worse when she ruins something expensive with a bad cheap idea to even out the cost of the project because she gets even more depressed about the money she wasted. It's getting so taxing to put up with. She just sets herself up for failure so much.
If you're depressed, you might want to consider getting help for it or at least keep it in mind that depression could be affecting your decisions. It could also be this time of year - SAD is a thing. Try to get sunlight or do some exercising.

I get like this too. I get very introspective to the point that I feel like shit and my stupid brain equates that to "you don't like yourself, so nobody likes you, so why bother going to the convention." I have an event coming up next month that I have to talk myself into going. It'll be fine, I get to see my friends, its just my dumb brain/SAD affecting me.
>buy converse shoes
>paint them all up nice for Spider-Gwen
>realize they're an inch longer than my foot
>dad laughs at me and calls them clown shoes
>mom has a cyst on her liver
>tfw half-iranian
>tfw not really much I can cosplay as without looking like a turd in a punchbowl
I never led her on tho, I genuinely loved this girl. I was ready to drop everything after 8months of being together. I mean everything.

We only argued once before my explosion, and it was about something so stupid.

She changed my entire outlook on life. I went from being a cocky douchebag. To not even looking twice at women that weren't her. Then in one second in a very dark moment I ruined it all, and still don't know why.

I understand where you are coming from though and I hope one day it will all work out for us both.

I know im a douchebag and no one can hate me as much as I hate myself for what I did.
Also congrats on the weight loss, like I said In my earlier post health/fitness is a huge part of my life and what keeps me going everyday.

I wouldn't worry too much about what others think, you should be proud of what you accomplished.

You lost the weight to look better and feel better not to still worry about what shallow people think. Rock what you have.
Today I finally went to a dietitian for the first time. It was very nice and I can't wait for my next appointment.
He suggested for me to take a blood test to make sure I don't have any issues with my blood sugar or thyroid (both run in my family).

This is it anons. This is the start of getting myself to live a healthier life and not hiding away all the time because I'm too ashamed of how I look.
>Be a guy
>Sort of interested in lolita, think it's interesting and pretty
>Definitely masculine, effort needed to look feminine to be able to wear lolita is beyond how much I like it
> No qt lolita gf to cheer for either :(
If you weren't born androgynous just walk away you'll never be pretty.
File: i regret this.png (56KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
i regret this.png
56KB, 500x500px
>been on Thanksgiving break since Monday
>worked all day Monday and Tuesday
>rested on Wednesday
>ate too much and napped yesterday
>spent 3 hours on Pinterest after my nap
>house still messy
>haven't touched any of my homework
>have a big project due Monday
>extra credit due Tuesday
>exam on Wednesday
>paper on semester-long project Friday
>sitting at my computer browsing all the Black Friday online sales

It really sucks being such a bargain hunter (consumer). I hate not being productive but I've worked myself so hard over the semester that I really needed a break. I did get a sewing project partially done though so that helps. I just wish I didn't need to be on my computer for the shopping; when I get on the computer I always find something else to click and next thing I know half an hour has passed.
Careful with that, anon. Diahrrea dehydrates you and messes with your electrolyte balance, so drink plenty of water and gatorade and such.
I get the runs a lot (IBS) and even though the "empty" feeling is nice, diahrrea's really hard on your body.

>tfw the last time you had it you pooped bloody liquid because your body just can't seem to cope anymore

It would've freaked the shit outta me if I had any shit left...haha. I'm alright now though.
Consider quitting college for a semester to work. Find a job, lie to the interviewer and work, get moneys and afford fashion and cosplay and such.

Same here btw.. Fuck college after doing literally everything and getting good grades you want to start chilling the fuck out, too bad finals are the most important shit, etc. College a literal shit.
No chance of me leaving school, even for a semester. My sister took a year off and has been stuck at Taco Bell for 7 years. Granted she didn't choose a fitting field of study anyway, but I have too many scholarships and financial aid to quit now.

What really sucks is after this whole week off I have one week left of classes and then the next week is finals. I'm glad it's almost over but I agree, I just want to chill but they tempt me with an entire week off then throw me back in to the two most important weeks of the semester.
Con tomorrow, right after a bunch of midterms. Problem is, my department at college added a bunch of tests at the last minute so I can either go to the con the whole weekend and study at the last minute, or not go both day even though I already have my ticket for both day. This is very frustrating but I think this will be the last days of the semester that I'll enjoy before the finals.
>tfw everyone thinks you're a prude

Just because I'm not comfortable with talking about how hot some things are or openly discuss them doesn't mean I'm a prude.

I just don't want that shit to be on the internet or even just talking about it irl. What's so wrong with that.
Same, Anon.

>was about to make clay figurines as Christmas gifts
>realized everything I've made for my family before has been thrown in a drawer at the end of the day that I gave it to them
>my dad doesn't even usually say anything about them
>realize my boyfriend has said at the most, "...I like it." awkwardly to my drawings/crafts for him
>one time before we were dating he proudly showed off this painting an ex did for him to me because it's from a game I like
>nobody will ever say "I love it" to the things I make for them

I've never even liked celebrating Christmas, it's just a huge obligation. I guess I can get everyone a $1 tin of cookies and they'd be just as happy.
>get paid Monday or Tuesday, idk which
>still feel like shit spending money on cosplay supplies
>even though I'm making the most of the crazy sales and discounts

feels bad man
thaaaaat's exactly why I don't try, my shoulders in a lolita dress would probably be the equivalent oh putting money through a paper shredder
>been friends with someone for about 5 years
>moved in with me 3 years ago
>we're basically platonic soulmates, tend to call each other brother and sister, make jokes that we're one being, blah blah
>find out today that he actually hates me
>he's been talking to a mutual friend and telling them how i'm such a bitch, i'm emotionally abusive, i treat him like shit all the time and misgender him behind his back
>also telling them how terrible my mom is
>i know i'm not the nicest person and will admit i'm a bitch, but he's just as bad
>that's part of the reason why we've been friends so long, we're salty cunts together
>i'm thrown for a fucking loop
>he's out of town right now so i can't even talk to him
>i just bought him a badge for a con and a cosplay and shit for his ita bag as a christmas surprise
>now what the fuck do i do????

honestly i've been crying for about an hour over this. yeah, we've argued and fought but most roommates do and we always get over it. but he's been holding a fucking grudge all this time? how the fuck can he lie to my face about being my best friend. how can he look me in the eye and say i mean so much to him when he's hated my guts and has wished death on me??? i'm so fucking lost right now gulls.
>misgender him
>girl pretending to be a guy
>but still acts like a chick by not confronting you and gossiping about you behind your back

Reeeeed flaaaagggg

>how the fuck can he lie to my face about being my best friend. how can he look me in the eye and say i mean so much to him when he's hated my guts and has wished death on me???
Because she's a bitch, and that's what the worst women do.
I would return it and see if you can move out, don't room with backstabbers, it'll only end badly
dude has been using you as an excuse to be a victim. he probably loves that you're always there for him to cry about so other people will kiss his ass and tell him he's a precious perfect flower. Just fucking kick him out. Make him leave what you paid for and find someone else to use.
>tfw ordered Christmas meetup dress that was supposedly shipped Nov 18 and it still hasn't left Japan.

Origin post is preparing shipment my ass. Every other company I've bought from has shipped so quickly, fuck takoyaki co. I guess I'll just have to wear something not Christmasy :(
I didn't even fuck with black Friday this year, the deals were not good at all compared to a few years ago
>Park your car a bit further away from entrances to places

I do this too- but mostly because I don't want my car getting door dinged so i park in the back where there are less/no other cars.
How reliable is the source you found this out from? Do they have anything to gain from upsetting you/ driving a wedge between you? Have you talked to your roommate face-to-face? I wouldn't necessarily confront him, but just find out if everything is ok or what. Still, I would try to distance yourself from the situation.
I would double check the source first, but cut that shit out immediately if it's true. I've been friends with a few people like this and it hurts like hell, but after a few years of them 'cutting me out for being abusive QQ" they are miserable as fuck so?
If they want to destroy their life don't let them drag you with them.
>develop a scalp condition due to stress that ends up being the worst huge flake dandruff ever
>can't wear wigs because it just exacerbates the situation (dries out further, agggravates, so when don't have a wig it's embarassing as all hell)
>has a wardrobe of mostly all black

Well I'm fucked.
The friend he's been talking to ended up bringing it up with me. She's very confrontational and wanted to know how and why I could be so terrible to him and when she realized I was legitimately confused, she sent me screen caps and shit of what he's been saying. I'm honestly wondering how many other friends have it out for me because of his lies.

And while I'm still sad, I'm actually pretty fucking pissed too. Like, what the fuck. I took him in rent free because he got kicked out, for months I worked double time to provide for us while he was looking for a job. Yet here I am, the terrible abusive bitch. Yeah, I'm not the best person and I can be extremely temperamental and nasty but I at least apologize.

A part of me wants to try and work this out, but another part of me just wants to call him up while he's still visiting family and tell him to stay there while I pack up his things to mail them.
>gf left me
>my meds are too expensive
>little sis left me
>mom drinking again
>shoes are too big
>got roped into a shitty con full of pedos
I would kick them out, you helped them when they needed it most, and they're doing this shit to you?

It's fucked up
>find size 15 converse
>a little big on me, but whatever
>paint them for a cosplay
>parents ridicule me and my "clown shoes"

Should I just eat the loss and get size 13s? I guess I can give the painted 15s to Goodwill, for some gay giant to find. Money's been tight, but I can just cut back on chicken tendies for a few months.
File: 1443948146936.png (174KB, 279x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174KB, 279x400px
>finally my Heanuli Jellyfish Princess JSK arrives!
>had to pay a lot of customs to get it. But that's okay, its such a beautiful dress!
>open the package, see the dress, realize it's not an overall chiffon dress like I assumed.
>all that disappointment seeing they chose a thick sturcured fabric for the top and the waistties.

I'm really mad right now. I have to admit the descriotion of the dress reads: "Chiffon skirt", so it was wrong to assume that is chiffon all over, but honestly that heavy sturctured fabric against the light and smooth chiffon really bothers me.
>ap restocks Vintage Doll OP
>all colourways are in stock
>really want this dress in ivory and know it's going to be hard to find on the secondhand market
>tfw i have can't shell out that money right now
I have the money but I have to go to new York for a drama school audition and I have to save up money for tuition fees
for which cosplay? post reference
Same here, anon.

My BF and I have been together for 7 years so it goes without saying that we bang but that doesn't mean I want to talk about it with my coworkers or my sister. I have one friend I talk about it with because she's very open about sex and I don't feel like she's judging me.

I also don't like push up bras or thongs but that could be because I'm not trying to impress anyone anymore. I still dress cute for my BF but he's not into sexy lingerie because "it's going to end up on the floor anyway." I do have a nude thong for cosplays or times I just can't have VPL.
>buy some nifty pink blue pastel bluetooth headphones
>update my info on Rakuten
>got a new card in the mail
>definitely changed all a dresses
>fucking Rakuten defaults to my old address
>thankfully it's just on the other side of town
>track shipping daily until it shows up
>bus it to other side of town even tho I gotta work layer
>there is the package just sitting there
>snatched that shit up, it's got my name on it, it's fucking mine
>no one saw me, no worries
>get back on bus and book it to work

I was 2 hours too early lmfao. I had time to go back home and eat breakfast and now I'm on my way to work again. I'm gonna be so fucking tired.

Fucking rakuten.
File: spider-gwen1[1].jpg (256KB, 1175x951px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
256KB, 1175x951px
Get tar shampoo or SLS free shampoo should help.
I don't understand why the shoes had to be that big through...
I wear a size 15 in regular shoes, but apparently just a 12 in these little Chuck-style shoes. I didn't notice how huge they were on me until I'd painted them.

Whatever. I sucked it up and bought another pair, size 12.
>Get new colleague several months ago
>Don't normally add co-workers on facebook but he's into vidya and other geeky shit so we got on well.
>Tend to keep my power level at work pretty low as most of my colleagues are a lot older or very normalfag. They know I'm into "gothic fashion" and "comic book conventions" because that's the easiest way to explain it.
>Co-worker doesn't have as much of a filter and has been chatting about me with colleagues and showing some of my photos on fb.
>Normalfag colleagues are now hounding me about my "gothic doll" dresses and asking if I can make them for so-and-so's daughter's birthday even after I tell them I don't sew dresses.

I don't know if I'll seem like a bitch for bringing it up or if I should just leave it because I'm starting a new job soon. I really don't like discussing my hobbies at work though.
Can't you just tell them that you'd rather not discuss your hobbies at work?
>tfw your commission 'business' finally takes of and you have extra money to spend for christmas.

even though I specialize in lolita, I mostly get those gothic/steampunk people. at least they aren't as cheap with commissioning as lolitas, don't get asked to make a dress for 10 euros
I try anon, but it doesn't seem to deter them. Either way I start a job in 2 weeks.
Ah yes, grown adults that won't take no for an answer. Beautiful. Hopefully these next two weeks pass quickly for you so you can get out of there before you notice. Stay strong, anon.
That sucks... Hopefully the next two weeks fly by! Good luck with/congrats on the new job, btw. Hopefully no nosy weirdos there.
>get friend into lolita
>for a while she doesn't have much of a wardrobe so she borrows some of my things
>she eventually puts together a small wardrobe of her own
>still asks to borrow my stuff
>would literally come to my house before a meetup and ask "Hey so what am I wearing?"
>always a damn pushover and let her borrow things

>she goes a little overboard whenever I make a purchase and tell everyone, instantly hounding me "if you don't want it I want it! I want to try it on when it arrives! Can I borrow that sometime?"
>speaking of which she wants to try on everything of mine
>even after she rips the seams on one of my dresses (she's a bit bigger than me) she still asks every single time

>a while ago she tried on one of my dresses
>it fit me snugly, but the cut wasn't flattering so I sold it
>her being bigger than me, it didn't even zip up
>"aw oh well anon..."
>a few months later
>she messages me excitedly saying she's going to buy a new dress
>it's the exact same dress she had tried on that didn't fit
>"X, this dress was too small on me, so I don't think it will fit you..."
>"Remember anon, I tried on yours"
>she bought it
I have been getting fit for the past 2 years to do justice to a Kamen Rider costume I made and fully plan to die in it, doing something stupid to help someone out.

Which Rider?
First. Just need an appropriate scarf. I'm looking for a big red muffler for that Ally of Justice look.
I've always had a problem with my weight. I was overweight for most of high-school. My max weight being 175lbs 5ft 2in. I lost down to about 115 over the course of 6 months about 5 years ago. Since then I had stayed about 135-145lbs, but in the past two years I've gained so much weight. I think about my weight every single day, I refuse to step on the scale but I'm positive that I'm either back at my max weight or have exceeded it. I hate myself for this. I know I need to lose the weight. I've started skipping a meal, replacing a meal with a diet shake, and eating dinner. I joined the gym, but because of school I haven't been going. It's my own fault, I'm just sick of being a landwhale.

Sexy, hope to see some pics when you finish
File: bloli_6.jpg (95KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95KB, 640x480px
>make new lolita friend
>she seems mature, worldly, if a bit old-fashioned as far as how she wears lolita
>she helps organize events and takes care of noobies in the comm
>i think of her as a big sister and look up to her
>get an invite to her birthday party today
>mfw she's turning my age next week

i gotta get my shit together.
>get into cosplay with my sis
>bond like never before
>years pass
>sis gets too busy with other things
>barely hear from her anymore

I tried to be a good niisan.
I know the feeling. Trying to lose the weight again. It sucks. I feel terrible about myself.
File: 145850603203544.png (292KB, 500x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
292KB, 500x450px
>tfw you go to a con 100% solely dedicated to the franchise you love, but deep down you sometimes felt out of place
>coord for ILD looks wonky
>colors don't match
>switch to back up
>wig hadn't shipped
>Fuck my life
File: 1443445901764.jpg (110KB, 759x508px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110KB, 759x508px
>be male, "just average" according to a close friend
>buy girls clothes off taobao
>buy $35 thighhighs
>feel awful when they arrive and hide them in my closet where theyve been for the past year
Tell her why! She can probably help you find something new, or help you coord one of those dresses in a totally new way. It would be a fun chance to spend some time together.
Dude plastic surgery lmao
>no motivation for anything
>supposedly going to Japan with a friend next summer
>friend hardly talks to me but it's already set in stone
>work a little too much to make other friends
>talk to only about one other person and my semi long distance boyfriend
>don't have time to go to meet ups because I always work around the same time
>I don't feel depressed but I just feel like I don't have any happiness or motivation to do anything
>feel like selling all my Lolita because fuck everything but not sure if I can bring myself to do it because I know I'll regret it
>not even that old but feel like gross age player in pastels
>biggest joy was 2008-2011 AP sweet
>keep thinking in the back of my head selling Lolita will some how make me happy even though I'm going to Japan to buy Lolita and cute clothes...
>started uni in September, moved to cute little town full of adorable cupcake shops perfect for meets
>excited to wear lolita/jfashion as much as possible
>6 lolitas at my small uni, creates local comm has a lovely first meet
>went a bit overboard and spent too much student finance on dream dresses for myself and my gf
>ok whatever still have enough money coming in from our joint etsy/redbubble to live
>two weeks into semester mental health/other illness issues came back
>too depressed and anxious to do anything
>can't remember the last time i wanted to wear lolita or do anything that previously made me happy
>feels lost all the time because half of my facebook feed is people from old comms hanging out
>only have energy to leave my flat to go to the doctors/hospital/uni nurse
>told on monday that i might be getting kicked out due to lack of attendance

>gf tried to kill herself last week so i've spent the past week looking after her whilst dealing with my own issues

i feel so lost, i'm trying to help myself but nothing seems to be working
>always been overweight, Italian heritiji not helping one bit
>all my friends are really pretty and naturally super-slim
>finally finished my education, can now focus 110% of energy on losing weight
>exercising every day, watching what I eat like a hawk
>trying hard not to give up but goddamn it's fucking hard
>meanwhile all friends are sugoi cosupurai idorus in the comms and I've had to put cosplay aside for the entire duration of my studies so I'm 3 years out of touch
>they want me to go to Japan with them next year on a holiday and I'm so excited, but at the same time terrified because if I don't keep this shit up I'm going to be the whale gaijin in all the photos

My heaviest weight I've ever been is 104kg at 5'6, which is fucking obese. I started this lifestyle change nine days ago and since then I've dropped to 99.7 on the scales tonight, but I've got this lowkey anxiety that I'm always going to be the 'fat friend' and I can't talk to anybody about it because they've never fucking experienced being fat. Goddamnit, seagulls, I'm a mess.
Some good feels for a change
>promise bf we'd do a couple cosplay
>I'm a noob cosplayer and it's my first time actually sewing the cosplay rather than altering bought clothes
>anxious if I bit off more than I can chew, but oh well I have to start somewhere
>quickly realize that I seem to have a natural knack for sewing
>shit actually looks pretty good
>just finished bf's cosplay earlier today, mine is almost done as well
>everything went way better than expected.jpg
Yo, you sound like you're in England like myself.

Dunno if it's any help but I took a leave of absence halfway through my third year. I think it's something you should consider/ see if it's an option.

If you get kicked out you will be required to pay back all your grants etc right away. Ask your uni about a medical leave of absence, if you have been going to uni support services for your mental health issues then it should be easier to get evidence/back up needed to be allowed to do.

I left half way through my 3rd year, so around Christmas, went back home and went back the next September and completed a final year. Yea it cost me another half a year of loans but I'd prefer that any day to drop out of uni and waste the chance.

Might be something you wanna consider anon
>I don't feel depressed but I just feel like I don't have any happiness or motivation to do anything

Not to be tumblr, but that sounds like depression.
keep at it
keep lifting and running and swimming

either you'll be the skinny one or the one able to flip a truck tire. both have their advantages.
I'm so angry, I just tried to dye my hair dark brown TWICE and it keeps coming out the same color. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I'm using the same brand that I always use but It's just not coming out any different. This is the second time I've dyed it this week trying to get it to the same shade. I got so frustrated that I ended up chopping off three inches of my hair because I have no impulse control. Now I have short hair AND it's a shitty color.
that's what being depressed is. it's not being sad. a lot of people think that to be depressed you have to be sad. most of it is lack of motivation, the desire to do things but inability to actually so them. if you don't want meds or anytihng you can try some supplements like melamine.
I don't know if this is the right thread. But what do you all think of that Amino app? My friend really wants me to join, but the whole selfie and self promotion aspect of it is something that makes me feel stressed. I just want to do my own thing, in the background, and not have to worry about comparisons to others or how well people liked or didn't like my stuff.

Does anyone else feel like they don't fit in on it?

If you can bump that up to 14, you are doing the One Punch Man workout, without the 10k run every day
I agree with you.

Sometimes I feel a bit out of place, as I have no interest in self-promotion of my cosplays. I'm just in it for the crafting. I also have a really nice career and am active online in places relevant to industry, and don't want my hobbies to overwhelm my reputation.

I just post on /cgl/, and sometimes post progress pictures and generic selfies/phone pics on social media for my nerdy friends.

Plus, I'm really skeptical about niche social media these days too. Many of the new platforms are centered around the types of media that their sharing, and can attract a diverse amount of subcultures, and single-topic communities are really a dying breed.
Just go to the damn salon and get it done since you don't seem to know what you're doing. They can do it right and walk you through how to do it yourself.
The world is depressed then. The world is mediocre and barely gets shit done.
Some good depression related feels:

>Feeling like shit forever and constant atypical migraines
>Doctor prescribes antidepressant for anxiety/depression issues and a legit barb for the headaches
>Finally feel normal and clear-headed again after five weeks on the meds.

>tfw waiting for 2 sellers to ship out stuff
One seller said she'd ship last Monday. I know it's a holiday weekend but ugh
I'm not really sure when a polite check in message would be appropriate. I messaged the Monday girl on Wednesday, she just said "I've been too sick" and left it at that.
I moved a couple states a couple years ago. I've been estranged from my family for a couple years because of years of abuse and an extremely violent event with a relative. I had friends that helped out for two weeks and then quickly abandoned me because the depression annoyed them. I also went to a therapist but they don't take insurance and can no longer afford it.

Fast forward to now, I made awesome friends and I'm starting a huge fandom art community in my area. Everything is going great but on Thanksgiving, my mom decided to text me some bullshit.

>Why do you never want to come over for the holidays
> Why do you feel unsafe and uncomfortable to meet up with your family
> Can you forget the misunderstanding between you and (relative)?

I was livid the minute I saw "misunderstanding." The issue is that I feel like I can never open up to another friend or person about this problem because I don't want to lose them over my issues.
i feel your pain, anon.

i ended up making friends, dodging questions about family, and only talking about it when we were already close. even then i know it weirds them out, and my longlasting issues make me a difficult friend.
File: reaction.gif (222KB, 500x379px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw you just want a lolita friend that lives close to you and is down to hang out whenever

All of my lolita friends live in different cities/states/countries and I only see them once every few months--if ever. It bums me out because my local comm is pretty much inactive and I just want to dress up with other people.
File: 1421271079735.png (139KB, 791x637px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139KB, 791x637px
I've got a mixed bag of feels as of late.

>Finally got a call back from my boss to come back to work at a ski resort. Gonna make bank working at a ski resort (might make $780 a check before taxes).
>Feel ready to window shop or potentially buy something Lolita again after the fiasco that was two years ago
>Planning to go back to the gym & try to slim down after winter ends

>Probably not going to see my first check until after my birthday
>Gonna miss out on my nephew's birthday & the family gathering in December (I don't mind the gathering too much because I'm very awkward around them, but I really want to be with my nephew on his birthday)
>More than likely, I'm not going to see much of anybody when I go work
>Haven't been seeing too many things that I want Lolita wise that I like or fit me (I'm probably not looking hard enough)

Eh. I'll get through it somehow, I usually do. I just have to think of a way that doesn't involve alcohol or eating junk food.
I'd actually been avoiding indeed because those positions usually have hour long personality tests I get rejected from anyway, but thanks to you I've bitten the bullet and ploughed through a bunch of applications that I was too negative to even try. Thank you anon, I hope you're well.
I'm glad your situation worked out, keep at it! Hopefully this all pays off for us both, one day.
Wear aristocrat
Good luck anon, I'm in the same situation and finally started earlier this week after being able to get in contact with a good dietitian.

We can do this!
Be me
> new city, really lonely with no friends only husbando.
> get new job, slowly start warming up to people
> gets along swell with girl, apparently she loves kpop and animu.
> heck yeah, letsbebuddies.jpeg
> personality jibes well, feels good man.
>she's been with her Korean bf for 5 years, best friends and grew up together, takes care of his kid, goes to college after work, is always texting bf. At work to check on kid, etc.
> mentioned today how long her hair used to be(cause now has pixie cut)
> super unique name, so look up on interwebs
> no mention of boyfriend, kid, new cat, anything on her instagram/FB, no pics together.
>the only "eli" I can find is a kpop star that she follows.

I've been down this road before seagulls, I don't know if I wanna revisit it. On one hand, maybe she's really private(and doesn't post much to begin with), but on the other hand maybe she's a delusional koreaboo.

> tfw so lonely and thinking she's lying about home life makes you sad cause you can't hang out after work and shit.

I just really need some friends, I work with older people, and not in school so it's hard. Trying to get involved in some local comms but ugh.
File: fgdf.jpg (69KB, 600x717px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 600x717px
Not cgl-related but I feel like shit and need to get this off my chest

>meets guy through friends
>wow we have a lot in common
>starts sleeping with each other and later start casully dating
>everything is awesome
>suddenly he starts acting a bit odd a couple of days before I leave for japan for two weeks
>most of the trip I'm worrying about what's going on but I can't do much because of the distance

>get home
>things still a bit odd
>suddenly gets a message from a chick where she calls me a "sociopathic slut that tries to hook up with other people's boyfriends"
>confront him about it
>apparently he actually had a girlfriend the whole time and he wants to stay with her
>all of this on my birthday

Feels like I wasted months of time and energy on this guy, and now it all feels like a goddamn lie. Told him to gtfo my life, but I'm still going back and forth between being angry and feeling like crap
Holy shit, anon. I am so, so sorry that happened to you. He's a piece of shit. I hope his girlfriend has enough sense to dump his ass. People who string others along/cheat are scum. I really hope you overcome this asap. It's not your fault so you shouldn't feel like crap. You should just hate that fucking twit--you and his girlfriend both.
I think someone is trying to make me look bad by posting secrets that seem like they would be written by me, but they werent? I hope it was a one time thing and that who I think is doing it wont do it anymore.
I've been dyeing my own hair for 8 years, it's not like it's /that/ hard to go from blonde to dark brown. You literally just follow like 6 steps on the box.
In any case I already booked an appointment with a salon to get it fixed, I'm just frustrated that this was the first time it hasn't come out how I wanted it to.
Also last time I got my hair cut they botched it really bad so I've been cutting my own hair for a while since I cried for 4 days after they messed it up
i'm a cosplayer, not a lolita, but fucking same, ugh. i lived in a big city with a thriving cosplay comm for a few months and it was awesome, but now i'm stuck back in the middle of my shit-ass state where most of the cosplayers are obnoxious 15 yr olds (or at least act like it) and my friends live far away so i only see them once every couple months max, some of them only at cons. i have one friend who lives close-ish but we haven't seen each other in a really long time.

it's so fucking lonely.
File: 19.png (19KB, 135x150px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 135x150px
If its the secret I'm thinking of, I saw it too. Definitely wasn't me.
Thanks anon, that's really sweet.
Right now I'm trying to get my mind in order and trying to not beat myself up for this, I never thought I'd become someone's mistress and I honestly REALLY trusted him. I have developed trust issues because of reasons, so he had to really work to have me trust him just to fuck me over.
I just wonder wtf he told that girl about me considering she called me a sociopath.
Oh god anon she might be mythomaniac i had something similar...
>be in high school
>makes friend on internet game
>let's call her anon
>anon has an amazing life
adorable japanese boyfriend,is famous emo on the internet,has three cats named Grell/William/Ronald like the shinigamis in black butler,is kinda rich money wise bc father is some director of company,has cosplays and lolita dresses,...
>so jealous
>then one day someone discover the truth
ALL the pics of "her" were fake (and even photoshopped to try and stay consistent) pics from various emo girs, she has absolutely no boyfriend or cats at all,she isnt rich, she is a chubby wannabe emo girl, she only has one cheap cosplay and a "lolita" dress you find in cons,was kinda "famous" based on all her lies and nothing else.
Last i heard from her she went to some hospital and now on her facebook she seems ok somehow.
What a fucking piece of shit anon you deserve better than such a low life loser.
Dont put yourself down tol much ok? He is the fucking problem there not you, you were tricked into this and hadn't a goddamn clue.
Things will work out for you eventually i am sure. Stay strong anon
File: loveofmylife.gif (824KB, 500x580px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
824KB, 500x580px
>mom comes home from grocery shopping
>"Here anon, I picked these up for you!"
>clear plastic wall hangers
>"I thought you could use them to display your dresses, they're so pretty and they'd look nice on your walls, just be sure to dust them off once in a while!"
>mfw my mom doesn't exactly understand lolita but loves it
File: 2015-11-29 21.47.50.png (781KB, 1004x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2015-11-29 21.47.50.png
781KB, 1004x700px
I feel the same way anon. It especially sucks when things get broken, blood was literally spilled, and my mother plays it off as an "argument." It's kinda ironic when I see the people that complained about my depression kept sharing this bullshit article all over FB.
I feel you so hard anon. Most all of my friends are guys, and none of them are in the least bit interested in lolita/aristo or anything. Ever since my best friend moved to Japan, I've been feeling kind of alone around here.

I would just about kill to have a close female friend who wanted to hang out, play games, go shopping, and wear lolita together.

Yea, I'll just echo what the other anon said. It wasn't your fault.

If you have a way to contact his gf, I'd send her something about how he never told you he had a girlfriend and how you were with him for a while.

He might have just told her you were some rando sending him a bunch of unwanted messages. She deserves the truth, half to clear your name, half because fuck that guy.
>she has no cats

The saddest part of the story
This makes me feel so much better anon

> have really down periods
> panic attacks, obsessive thoughts,no energy, constant brain fog, basically no personality cause can't think
> has good day every once in a blue moon
> makes me want meds, but fucking terrified of medicine/side effects

I just hear so many bad stories, and I'm worried that if I get medicine, I still won't be me, I'll just be a byproduct of meds (as stupid as that sounds)
I honestly lucked out with these meds--and to be fair, I won't know their full effect until about 8 weeks. But so far, so good. Most people have to try a couple different meds/doses before they find something effective. But I completely understand being apprehensive about it! I definitely was, too. It helps to start with therapy, if you're able, so a psychiatrist can determine the best options for you. You'll still be you when you find what works. Fingers crossed for you!
As much as you hear people saying that meds change your personality, it usually comes from people who don't actually take them, or don't have a 100% grasp of what they're talking about. Anti-depressants, for instance, only have the drastic personality-altering side effects if you're on a very, very high dose -- and a doctor will only put you on a high dose to begin with if you have a family history of whatever you're seeking treatment for where high doses have been historically necessary. Otherwise, the start you small and slowly work you up if the smaller doses don't work for you. And, if it's coupled with therapy, you won't always need to take them forever, either.

I had a really good friend with crippling depression and social anxiety who for years spat on medication because she was convinced they'd make her a shell of her former self if she took them. A year or so ago, I found out she finally did start on meds, and she felt so much better because of them. I was honestly so happy for her.

I totally understand the fear, anon, but don't let it stop you from doing what's best for you. If nothing else, ask to start out as low as possible! It'll give you a taste for what the medicine can do, good or bad, and you can then act from there without any real backlash.

I hope you can get to where you're feeling better!
Seconding >>8741639
Whilst it's not your responsibility to do any of this, sending the girl a short rundown is for the best but try to make it sound like a 'good luck with life' message rather than a conversation opener. If the girl responds to you with a bag of crazy, just send her a curt 'Sorry and all the best' and block that. Never look back. None of this is your fault, not all people are bad and I'm sorry you've had such shit luck.
I hope this doesn't ruin your holiday memories or your birthday, and that there are friends or family you can chill out with whilst this is stressing you out.

I actually ended up in a similar situation, but the girlfriend sent me a understandably angry but responsible 'hi you slept with my bf, he recently caught chlamydia go get checked' message. After I apologised that I didn't know he wasn't single she sent a really sympathetic response and even went as far to say she was sorry and that he mustn't have caught it from me anyway. Some people are too sweet, I hope she dumped his cheating STD riddled ass.
As long as you don't look like Marchand you're fine
>bf keeps lookin at porn in secret of really average but pretty girl next door types
>i'm nowhere near as attractive, never will be
>worry he will cheat on me given many girls have shown intrest in the past
pretty much all guys and most girls look at porn. don't worry about it. maybe he could be with one of those other girls, but he chose you for a reason.

if he's a good, trustworthy person, you have nothing to worry about. if he isn't, why are you dating him in the first place?

You might want to have a conversation with him about it if you're really that worried about it. It might mean revealing that you were snooping in his porn stash, but I think it would be better for your peace of mind if it's really bothering you. Just be honest about it and why you're worried. But I think you're the best judge of how to go about these things.

If he's an ass about it, well, I guess it shows his true colors.

And echoing other anon, lots of people do watch porn. Their choice in porn may not reflect their actual preferences in real life. I don't think that just because he goes for 'next door girl types' that he necessarily will cheat on one with you. I don't know him though.
I feel you guys!

Don't feel pressured to join in if it's not your own thing. Sometimes forcing yourself into self-promotion and social media can get to you, and just be the wrong environment to enjoy what you're making and being happy for how your cosplay experiences are going.

I'm personally not fond of the app for that reason. I like taking cosplay photos, but I'm really not into the whole cosphoto culture. I don't use Amino, but I keep a blog to show my crafting steps instead. I don't really like forcing myself to post on social media, mostly because I get annoyed at how much self-promotion there is. Sometimes cosplayers on pages tend to use any excuse to post, rather than making quality posts about crafting, events, or super nice final photos.
>friend's girlfriend is super insecure in their relationship
>to the point where friend isn't allowed to cosplay ships with other friends, roleplay with people that aren't girlfriend or close friends, make jokes about ships unless they're ships girlfriend ships and/or ships they cosplay together
>otherwise girlfriend will get mopey or angry
>girlfriend is incredibly manipulative and sometimes even abusive
>most of our friend group wants them to break up
>but because they think it's the other way around and the girlfriend is the victim
>only me and two other friends know the truth
>no one believes us because "how could she could the bad one???? she's mentally ill!!! and has so many other medical problems!!!! she's a perfect angel!!!!"
>friend won't break up with girlfriend because she's threatened suicide if she does
>girlfriend is completely serious, attempted it during her last relationship
>feels so terrible for friend because she deserves so much better
>but also feels terrible because i have a crush on friend and even though her girlfriend is horrible, i feel like i'm betraying our friendship
>their relationship has been going downhill for months, waiting for shit to hit the fan
>it's not gonna be pretty
>probably going to happen during the upcoming con
>lolita from neighboring comm starts to frequently message me
>we have long conversations about our hobbies including lolita
>she starts going off about life
>broke up with gf
>hates her job
>no friends
>vendetta-chan for days
>the salt is too damn high
>meet up with her to cheer her up
>hang out at apartment, wearing cute coords and getting cozy watching the animus
>a little too cozy
>sudden make out session that lasts all night
>i-i kinda like it
>next day she tells me to leave
>"can we meet up again?"
>shuts the door in my face
>no more messages
>poor me

No hearts broken, just hypertension from all the salt.
Anon she might be mythomaniac you should try and confront her in some way.
Lile i did with this fake emo girls with fake cats and such
"oh can we see you on cam with them"
"uh...they are at the vet"
>they were always somewhere else
"hey can we cam on msn"
"oh uh sorry cam is broken..."
>cam was always broken
"so...about that cosplay you sent to me on my birthday thank you so much when will it arrive"
"g...give it some weeks"
>it never arrived
"can you show me your lolita dresses on you? they must be so cute"
"i cant...i am not home atm/they are being washed"
>never saw them out of stock pics
Thanks, I'm going to take your sweet comments to heart. I'm doing my best to not beat myself up for it, and trying to focus on being pissed off instead of being sad over cunt like him. I'm even more pissed that he had the balls to act like a victim when I confronted him.

I've been asked by friends too if I'm going to get in touch with the girlfriend, but considering she was the one that out of the blue messaged me and called me a sociopathic slut I don't really think I'm going to get through to her, and I honestly don't really feel I got anything to prove to these people anyway. Better to try to get over it as quick as possible and walk forward. Just frustrating that there isn't much to do but give myself time to heal, I want to stop feeling like crap over this NOW goddamnit hahaha
File: 1437143833413.jpg (6KB, 100x100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 100x100px
>she's mentally ill!!
I hate this shit. Mentally ill people can be in the wrong too. Your friends are stupid.

Not to mention the suicide card. No-one really goes through with it if they're saying it out loud.
Im mentally ill and I've done some shitty ass stuff when I was at my worst. Never stopped anyone from calling me out and holding me accountable. Damn people who feel the need to spoon fed mentally ill people as if we just can't help ourselves.
Reading both your thoughts on it was very reassuring. Thank you, I am now content with my decision not to join it.
I wonder why this is such a common thing among lolitas, since this is happening to me, too. Do people actually think they're being convincing? I just don't get it.
>>worry he will cheat on me given many girls have shown intrest in the past

Ohh he will sweetheart.
I just feel depressed about the world.
Read a thread about 2ch, loads of pretty girls whose cuteness i will never have with an amazing body so tiny and skinny like i wish to have, i'm "average" by european standards but find myself too thick. My friends always say what they think quite directly and say my body is attractive,cute and sexy but yeah.
The point is not there, i just see all these seiyuu women and such (azunyan's seyiuu) stalked,put down (fat fat fat, ugly,...when they aren't fat in the fucking slightest or even ugly)
And i just feel so depressed to see it's this way and even more depressed to think probably many people on 2ch would think i am ugly,fat... i should not give a shit but the thought of that terrifies me and makes me want never to post a pic online ever again. And never go to Japan from fear of being shittalked by cute girls about how fat i am.
Posting this here was stupid anon, she'll read it and derive something bad from it.
Still it would be nice if it turned out that she was just tsundere out of fear of being gay, and that your love brought out the sunshine in her heart or whatever.

You should perhaps get off of the internet, how shut-ins in japan might perceive you shouldn't be affecting your daily life in the west. Join a club, see some friends etc also remember 2ch tend to go a little harder than most groups anyway.
Are you trying to be like an anime character 24/7? lol I bet any man will find you attractive even if you are not exactly tinkerbell.
Yeah you guys are right.
Also for most they are actually NEET, otaku trash,losers,hikkikomoris and such. And some of the girls posting there are highly insecure themselves (that or really bitchy). Nah seriously it kills me to see so much bitchyness even though i KNOW there is always going to be some, even i did that before.. Eh.
your friend is accruing damage the longer the relationship lasts. if she gets out and discovers you knew how wounded this relationship was making her, and you didn't say anything, she is going to feel deeply betrayed that one of the few people who don't see her as abusive was cowering from action due to a petty crush.
THIS!! Anon please, if you love your friend (regardless of romantic feelings) please let her know that you're worried for her. That kind of relationship is not okay.
Having some feels. Sorry if this is long.
>Been overweight all throughout my teenage years
>lost a lot of weight a few years ago
>healthy weight, but still feel disgusting and fat
>restricting and over-exercising
>pressure at school, friends moving away, yadda yadda
>start binge-eating
>hurt my knee and can't work out for a few months
>get fat again fast, like 50lbs in 8 months
>depressed as fuck over how gross my body looks and everything else
>doing poorly at uni
>no motivation to do anything
>get into lolita and focus all my money and energy on building my wardrobe
>slowly started to just sell off things about a month ago
I'm trying to switch to a more casual style which is why I started selling in the first place, but sometimes I look at my wardrobe and I just feel the same indifference as I do about everything else in life and I consider just selling everything, along with the rest of all my belongings. I just don't care anymore, and I can't get any joy out of anything. I'm on meds and in therapy, but I feel like it does jack shit. I also started losing weight again and lost 10kg over the last few months, but with my depression back in full swing I started binge eating again, and I'm scared all of my progress will be destroyed.
She knows, trust me. A bunch of us have gotten together and told her how we feel about this and how we're worried, but she brushed it off. She's miserable, but she thinks there's nothing she can do other try to be the best girlfriend she can be. And believe me, I've been the most vocal about all this. I'm so fucking worried about her. She needs out but I don't know what to do or say that will finally convince her to leave.
File: 1443232268263.jpg (30KB, 275x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 275x275px
I think the girls in my comm see super sweet, but they never go out with me when I call them. They say that they don't have clothes and whatever... I couldn't care less if they are repeating clothes, no one is obliged to have an extensive wardrobe.
A couple of them, the ones I'm closest to, went on out in lolita the other day and nobody called me. I'm feeling like shit. I know I'm not unpleasant to be around... I shower, I'm overall nice and all that. I'm not an ita too.

This is one of the reasons I'm giving up on my comm.
i was in her situation before and lost a lot of friends. to make it worse, my ex kept in contact with my abusive family, with whom i have no contact.

i hope she gets out soon. staying in a toxic relationship says a lot about how low someone thinks of themselves. sucks all around.
>just realized I spent $523 dollars on lolita
>bought Chess Album and Forest of the Unicorn
>haven't had a good lolita binge in well over a year
>mfw satisfied
I only have $80 in my bank account until my next paycheck, but in a way, I feel it was worth it. I've been watching all my friends with better jobs/better schedules going to meetups and buying new pieces, I wanted to get a little slice of the happy pie for myself finally.
Also didn't meant to quote >>8742894, apologies!
>implying just looking at it isn't practically cheating already
>implying looking at porn while in a relationship is the same thing as cheating
>win a buncha stuff fron y!j
>suddenly business trip over weekend
>missed mail for 4 days due to trip
>sellers hounding me for not leaving feedback
>sellers seem really annoyed
>tfw i dont even have the items yet

fuuck, i dont know what to do, they're going to leave me a ton of negatives i can see it now.
>what does "practically" mean

It's basically a guys way of saying "man I really wish I could fuck other girls but I don't want to get in trouble"
> controlling, overprotective partner detected
Satiating physical needs is different from wanting to form a romantic bond with another person.
nah, porn is what guys, and people do who aren't hardfast christians from the early 1900s. and yes even in relationships, and yes girls also look at porn. OP just has insecurity issues if she's worried about this shit.
would you say the same for women who read romance novels?

get a grip, master-baiter. 5/10 for guaranteed replies.
No, because women can actually control their libidos and separate reality from fiction.
do people seriously think this. this is the funniest shit i've read all day.
have you never met a fujoshi before? just that demographic alone nullifies what you're saying, master-baiter.
prude or troll t.b.h.

i'm saying this as a man who doesn't get off to porn and finds most of it distasteful or goofy. plenty of people of both genders consume porn, masturbate to it, and keep it separate from real life. anyone with a measure of common sense knows this.
>as a man
Wow that's amazing I'm so glad you pointed out your gender and showed off that you don't like porn do you wanna have sex right now and get married after?
You're like the male version of those girls who claim to be 'not like the other girls'. Anyway, I agree, people of both genders can consume porn and separate it from reality. On the other hand, people of both genders can also consume porn and not separate it from reality. It's just not a gender thing.

> sage for OT
why do you keep saying that, especially while replying to the bait do you think it's funny? stfu and stop replying to a troll, you're both cringy as fuck.
it's relevant because anons keep saying "all men" and "all women." don't go reverse-/fit/ on me for bringing my gender up the rare time it's relevant.
Oh wow are you from /fit/ too
Just when I thought things couldn't possibly get any hotter
not that anon but they just reference /fit/, didn't say they were from there, you're really grasping.
File: cba.png (314KB, 700x3287px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
314KB, 700x3287px
yep. it's well-known by seagulls that discussing fitness on /fit/ is impossible if you're female, which is why we want Fitness Fridays back.
can't you email them to explain your situation?
>bitch wants to attentionwhore by posting nudes of herself and fish for compliments by saying she's fat despite clearly not being
>gets butthurt and BTFO when people care more about bread than her
grats, hope you don't get hit with an emergency. i've done the same a few times when starting out, had to delay rent payment when my car broke. never again.

File: 1443666591219.jpg (92KB, 460x345px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92KB, 460x345px
>all that bread talk
Last I remember though they give advice/critique if girls post in current body threads and actually ask for help.
File: _20151005_015216.jpg (130KB, 1440x1864px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130KB, 1440x1864px
Stop shitting up my thread

Back on topic
>tfw put in a reservation on IW lucky packs and hoping that picking large won't hurt what dress I get
Idk what I was thinking, I always get M dresses with shirring and they fit really well. On the off chance it isn't shirred... But then what if I just get shitty accessories :(
>lots of anons shit up thread
>single one person out
>"now focus on my boring story"
are you doing cognitive-behavioral therapy by chance? since your problems manifest in a specific destructive behavior (binge eating) it might be more useful than talk therapy.
Guys, I think I'm too far in.
>Finally got a Wiiu, I can finally join modern gaming
>Been playing smash all day, but mostly Splatoon
>I fucking love Splatoon
>Great gameplay, great music
>All the clothes are ugly, all of them
>I realise I want to be a cute frilly blob in my aspects of my life

It's a super great game, but damn it needs some kawaii/lolita shit
I'm doing depth psychology. I've thought about switching over to CBT, and I've actually talked to my therapist about it, but I'm unsure.
File: sketch-65967411.png (118KB, 960x580px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118KB, 960x580px
I hate /fit/ so much, the most disgusting people on earth lurk there. Basically males who want women oppressed and enslaved, with no voting power.
>It's a super great game, but damn it needs some kawaii/lolita shit
aesthetics are a major factor to what games i play. it took a while, but i can acknowledge this now.
Right? Vanity runs deep bro
God dammit I really just fucking hate some of the anime community.

Very specifically my one friend.
Women shouldn't have any voting power.

Votes should be limited to one-per-homeowner. Apartments don't count.
Back to 1810 with you
>bought an electronic dictionary for college, costed much more than expected because of warranty and taxes
>bought some merchandises and a lot of food at a con last weekend
>a bunch of unexpected things to pay for all at once right after that
>never been so broke before

Well, no more cons for me. I'll have to wait for my scholarship since I get money once a month, I just have enough right now for food, my phone bill and my public transit bill. I'm not going to another con anytime soon, I can't resist when I see things I like.
Thanks for the replies guys, I finally made up my mind to go see a psychiatrist. I double checked with my insurance and found out I have 8 "free" visits before I have to get a referal. I'm going to call sometime today to set up an apppintment. The fact that I can't fix myself, or snap out of it on my own is really upsetting me, but I'm just trying to remember I need this.

Depression and mood disorders run in my family, but my sister swears by her three different medicines, so that's what I'm using as motivation to get to the doctor.
Makes me really happy to hear, anon. Best of luck to you.
>just bought contactd
>didn't think of reading reviews, too busy looking at customer photos
>every review is absolute shit
I-I can hope they're okay, right?
You mean 2100

One way or another women aren't going to have much if any power in the not so distant future
File: 1438229748244.jpg (120KB, 540x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120KB, 540x960px
I used to be so good at making friends online. Then I had to go an venture out to make real life friends that I can actually go hang out with.
I feel like I lost the skill to make online friends so easily because I was a bit more detached from the internet. The internet used to be my home. I was a huge NEET.

Now I have a full time job and I rarely get to see the irl friends I made... and I need to get friends I actually have things in common with like Lolita and crafting and various other j-fashions.

I've started conversations with lots of lolitas but we never end up being friends and we always just stop talking to each other for some reason. Part of it's me, I know but I don't know why I forgot how to talk to people online? Like it feels awkward now.

I'm trying to talk to someone now and I felt like it was going better than usual but then it had to end abruptly and now I feel weird about it..

I just want a lolita friend...
File: 1377810630631.jpg (34KB, 306x421px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 306x421px
You start with: "Hi, nerd!"

agree with: "Oki"

talk about whatever bs you are doing atm on PC: "I'm listening to video game ost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oxh6vvcCaO8"

Say you have to do something else or afk when you wanna cut the conversation: "I'm going to play x game" "I'm going to eat dinner" "homework" "work", etc.

Done you learned once again.
lol thanks.

I just feel like such a boring normal fag I guess. I'm never doing anything aside from posting here/lurking. I have a full time job that sucks all of my energy out.

I just want to be the person I used to be...
np, nerd~
Hey anon. If it's just someone you wanna chat with online about lolita, I'm down.
That would be great, what is the best way to reach you? do you have a throwaway?
let her learn the hard way. We all had to at some point.
Yeah! It's [email protected]
>buy dream dress
>departed San Francisco on the 28th
> haven't popped up since
It's not like I wanted to wear it for ILD or anything like that
It feels bad knowing I'll never gonna get pugoffka level photos. No one in my country has such ability for cosplay photos.
File: 53453.png (10KB, 409x476px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 409x476px
Recently had a falling out with two hateful bitches. I attempted suicide after having to deal with their shitty attitude mixed with my awful depression, and just overall felt much better after they were out of my life.

>Before I cut contact with them, they were going on about how they intend to spit on a guy friend if they ever see him at another con.
>In good contact with con staff around the country, ready to get their asses banned the second they touch -anyone- at any future con.
>Girl #1 reported above guy friend as an abuser to some events people. She used my situation as an example of shit he has done
>tldr version, he was supposed to meet up with me but had to cancel because of work. Hasn't spoken to me or anyone else since, nobody knows why.
>The full story of what happened between him and I sounds way worse than it was, I still want to be on good terms with the guy once he starts talking to people again and I'm pretty over the whole thing. So I was quite upset that she used my situation when I told her not to.
>With the back-up of some friends I Reported Girl #1 as untrustworthy to the same events people she reported him to, cleared up my situation and let them know that she is known to over exaggerate for victim points and is pretty verbally abusive towards people (including me, and guy friend. More than once.), so just to take everything with a grain of salt.
>Girl #2 laughed at the death of an animal that belonged to a guy who rejected her before I cut contact. Fortunately unable to respect anything she says ever again.

I'm rarely a petty bitch, but when I am I go all out, and bless my friends for giving me the thumbs up on this.

>People who have met Girl #2 all told me without even hearing what I had to say that they think she's a psycho who is a horrible influence on Girl #1, someone already not doing too good.
>All of my friends agree that I was in the right to report #1 and they agree that I was in the right to cut them out of my life
>watching children's programming with my baby
>can't even pretend to enjoy it because of the terrible fabric choice on a mascot costume
>stop singing "London Bridge" to my child to explain to him that crushed velvet is hideous and they should've used faux fur

I'm gonna need to tone this shit down before he's old enough to understand.
I'm like 90% sure this is going to be exactly me as a mother so don't worry about it anon
Nah anon, let your kid know what's what.
This was me. I never realized how fucked up everything was until I got out of the relationship. I hated being guilt tripped about shit that didn't even matter, and being manipulated into being less of who I was. The sooner your friend gets out the relationship, the better. Whatever her partner does because of the break up is not your friend's fault.
which number?
my one ex who I was with for 2 and a half years (a good portion of that I was with him out of pity)

His grandfather had died, his father is dying from kidney failure, his brother is a loser, and he said to me if I ever left him, the last pillar of happiness in his life he called me, he would just kill himself.

Oh boy. I believed him. The other year and a half I was with him was miserable. I was always upset and depressed. But I was the bad guy.
After I finally broke up with him his mother sent me death threats telling me I am a whore, a bitch, and her son deserved better. He was planning to ask me to marry him and shit.
The thing is. I was thinking "Wow...and if he did, I would have said no."


I lost A LOT of friends because they said I was the bitch for leaving him.
And then I realized, they were never my friends. They were my friends because I was with him.

Now its been 4 years since we broke up, with a new guy who is the love of my life.

Happy to get the fuck out of that relationship.

She needs to gtfo of that relationship. They lose friends, then they were never your friend to begin with.
Also if girl b threatens suicide, call the police.
She seems to not be safe with herself.
>But I was the bad guy

You're a gay male? interesting.
I have a really big nose and am into sweet as well. More of a ladylike mature sweet works for me. I could never get into OTT sweet, pastel vomit, etc. less AP sweets or chocolate prints and more BTSSB, florals, muted pastels like lavender and dusty rose.
Kid's tend to have shit taste anyway, wouldn't worry about what he picks up until his preteen years.
Don't you have anything better to do?

I feel your pain. I've tried to gracefully tip toe around the subject but some people are nosy anyways and those assholes usually like to also judge me as cold hearted for not talking to my family for years. Pretty much don't talk to anyone but my bf about it now, and even with him it took years to open up.

A few years ago they texted me similar bullshit about burying the hatchet. I kinda raged and sent them a text back calling them on their bullshit, I wish I handled it differently but at least it drove them off for now.
Similar situation here, bi-polar boyfriend held me captive in a three year relationship because he loved me so much he would kill himself without me. Six years on, he's played the same card with each sequential girlfriend.
Never let yourself be held emotionally hostage, if someone is willing to put that on someone they "love", you're doing the world a service by stepping back from them.
This anon here again.
Sorry for bothering you guys with this, but I guess it is easier to whine here where I'm anon and my complaining doesn't affect anyone. I'm honestly not doing very good right now, not because I miss that scumbag but because I can't get rid of that feeling of humiliation. And on top of that my friends have been really distant now when I need them the most, I suck at asking people for help and support even at my worst, but now they're just glancing over it and that is making everything that is happening inside of me worse.
Ok I'm done. Soz for dumping this here but idk where else to do it.
Anon out.
I feel like a dumbass, even more than usual. I have bad grades, I(m bad at managing my time and money, I have such a shit self-esteem that I never understand if people are nice to me because they like me or because they want to have sometimes to laugh at behind my back, etc. It's so bad that I can't even look for a job right now because I have no idea how it's like and I feel like I'll fuck up eveything I'll do.

People my age, the ones I know anyway, have their own flat, a driver license and their own car, an SO, they look old enough to be taken seriously. Meanwhile I'm too poor to move out, only rely on my scholarship to buy anything, and I'm a kissless virgin that nobody wants.

The only thing that keep me going is going to local cons with the very few friends I have and spend money on useless anime and video game merchandises.
File: ehhhh.jpg (132KB, 492x462px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132KB, 492x462px
>they look old enough to be taken seriously
Why the fuck would you want to look old? to look like shit in cosplay?

whats wrong with being youthful? last time I checked older mature looking models are being replaced by boyish & girly looking models. You're literally eating the shit of old people and believing their lies.
I'm 21 but I look 15, people think I'm still an immature high schooler at first. What I meant is that people my age look like young adults and are treated as such. People judge by looks, whether they're conscious of it or not. I personally don't mind looking youthful but others do, if that's a better explanation, idk how to say it.
File: 24038576.jpg (57KB, 600x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 600x495px
>Graduate college almost two years ago
>Depression hits right after because of a bunch of stuff that happened my senior year
>Stop taking daily antibiotic, immune system crashes
>Severe acne
>Makes depression worse
>Doing better now, but completely unmotivated
>I'm trying really hard but it's like climbing this steep wall to figure out what I did in the past just to be happy and do things that I enjoyed
>Overheard parents, they want to kick me out in a month of two if I don't get a job

It's like...there were almost three months where just leaving my room daily was a feat for me, and I'm happier now but it's like I've been so apathetic or sad for so long I can't remember how to just do things or be productive. I don't blame my parents for wanting to kick me out since I'm unemployed and they don't really understand I was depressed or why. My family is not the type where you can show weakness or anything outside of utter normalcy. Having a depressed kid is not normal so I guess they just wrote it off as me being lazy?

It was just so hard to get over all of this on my own, and I never realized how much of my friendships relied on me reaching out to people and how rare it was for people to even text me. And I couldn't go on social media for a long time because most of my school friends were still mutuals w/ really toxic people who hurt me emotionally so bad. Just seeing their names would cause an anxiety attack, and my friends casually having fun with these people who were so cruel to me hurt so much. You really can't cut poisonous people out of your life because you will see them all over your social media, your friends mentioning them despite you telling them what happened to you.

I started coming on /cgl/ because I just wanted to experience something social, even second hand, so I guess I lived through you guys for a few months. Even the petty drama, it really cheered me up. Thanks for being so interesting, guys, it was a huge help.
>Become stripper
>Great money, no tax, cash in hand
>Work whenever I want
>Chill, easy, getting sloshed is a-okay
>Better than expected in all aspects
>Majority of girls are fun, nice and genuine
>Majority of guys are respectful and complimentary, made to feel like some goddess
>Very comfortable with appearance but never liked my tits
>This has made me feel so much better about them
>Also a great motivator to keep winter weight from creeping

>Can easily pay my way whilst still going out, seeing friends, go to cons, buy games and cosplay and clothes and obsolete shit
>4-5 days of the week free time to do whatever I want
>Feel so unlimited
>One of the best decisions I've ever made

Sorry if this came off braggy but I'm really loving this and I can't go round just shouting it to anyone.

tl;dr being a stripper is fucking ace
desu, I wish I had a body that would allow me to strip. Every stripper/dancer I've met has nothing but good to say about their jobs. I'm very happy to hear it's working out so well for you!
So you mean all of 4chan?
Thank you very much!
You'd be surprised that you don't actually need a stellar body to do well. At my club there are plenty of girls who are either average, chubby, quite old looking or a mix of all 3 that do very well. Flat chested birds aren't a problem either! Working your charm and saying the right things at the right time are a big part of it.
Sometimes the guys are lonely and will just want someone who listens to them before having a dance. Whilst others just want to see some tits and fanny and will have whatever walks over to them.

As long as your decent, clean, nice smelling and confident you'd probably do fine. Well done hair, sexy makeup and a flattering outfit can do wonders!
Nah don't exaggerate. Just the people who don't know that /pol/ is satire (/fit/ eats that satire on a silver plate and takes it as literal truths thus leading them to vomiting all that shit into all the other boards)
That's awesome! I honestly considered trying to strip when I was in college to pay for school, but I was too afraid to try, despite knowing how lucrative it is. I want to go into a field where you work with kids so I was very worried about if it got out that I used to strip I could be fired, since I've heard stories about similar things happening to teachers and the like.
File: matsudoki.jpg (139KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139KB, 600x600px
Found the cosplayers.

My impression is you'd go with stage name anyways to protect your identity. Everything tends to be in cash so there's no putting checks to your real name either. The only fear is that if face recognition technology goes mainstream (which I hear it is) that you might get shafted that way.

My friend used to be a cage dancer back in med school, and so far it's not biting her in the ass now she's working (although keep in mind she was in a completely different country at the time). I have no idea how the two compare. But I'd imagine if you're careful I think you could get away with it.
Aww don't worry you salty little jellybean, I'm into J-fashion too and with all the money I'm making I can buy some precious lolita burando! ^_____^
I still think it's funny that young people grow up so leftist and in hugboxes that they come out of college and actually can't comprehend why people would have different opinions than them. I mean a little sad as well but I'm in the acceptance stage of grief.
>"I have known you for ten years! I if anyone would know how you think and function!"
>Ok but you are completely wrong in this case, you must have misunderstood my way of reasoning.
>"Nu-uh I KNOW this is how you think"

/pol/ is not satire. There are some people in /pol/ who shitpost satirically, but a lot of people literally believe the shit on there. Also, as somebody who uses /tg/, you can fuck right off back to your containment board, trying to shift blame for your shitposting onto other boards.

Besides, constant satire will make you actually believe the things you're joking about. It's the same principle as the whole "pretend to be confident and you will become confident" thing.

Nothing to do with leftism, most young people are only just becoming aware that people think differently than the way they were brought up.

Left and right and middle all experience it, it's one of the facets of growing up.
No, you aren't and no you can't.
same situation~ good luck to all of us!

i'm lucky to be able to fit some lolita, but my goal is to wear ouji nicely and being fat kinda ruins the silhouette. i'm 5"1 68kg right now, that's -6kg from where i was at, and 20 more to go yay
>bonding with coworkers over awards show
>casually look at my phone during a break
>can't contain my spaghetti and freak out over finding my dream dress
>they all are supportive even though we don't know each other that well yet
>find out the seller is leaving lolita and is happy to see the dress going to a good home
>top-tier feels
>Big Bang wins MAMAs 2015

can't win 'em all I guess
> Plan group cosplay with friend
> Hear nothing for a while, ask about it
> "Oh sorry anon, but I'm doing the same group with other people now"
> Mfw they didn't invite me
> Mfw the character I wanted it gone now

I feel so betrayed. Seriously why is it so hard for people to actually commit after planning something? I've been let down way too much by people cancelling last minute.
How does one get this job? Sounds more organized than sucking dicks, which was my original financial plan for next year.
Do you just walk in and apply?
>with all the money I'm making I can buy some precious lolita burando!
Good luck being known as the literal whore lolita, sweetheart.
>meet chill friend, both enjoy same hobbies and lolita fashion
>both pretty low key, life is good
>friend goes through some breakup
>suddenly friend is extremely vain
>selfies all the time, all over facebook
>posts to cof everyday for asspats
>wearing lots of makeup
>stops hanging out with me because i don't want the efames

damn, what happened girl. are you too cool for the rest of us now? :(
nigga do you know how expensive school is in 'murica? You're paying off a blood debt and sacrificing your first born just to pay for that shit.
Possibly, but this was a whiles back. She is in a happy relationship right now with another girl, so she's at least comfortable with that part. I, however, am full of salt.

Yet millions of people manage to do it without whoring themselves out.

But, you do you
File: 1445926026692.jpg (35KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 640x480px

What's wrong with you, anon-chans? Seriously, no money is worth your dignity.
Stripping isn't prostitution tho.
One of my cosplay friends is slowly becoming a bit of a miserable bitch in my eyes. I'll call her A.

At a recent con I roomed with a mutual friend, B. B used to be A's best friend, and my impression was that A and B made their costumes together for a time. B told me that she made 90% of both their costumes for no pay, and often with A shouting at her and criticising the costumes without trying to make them herself. I didn't want to believe this 100%, but knowing both girls, and knowing that A has bought every cosplay from Taobao since falling out of contact with B makes it pretty easy to believe.

I was in a group with A at this con, and the other people in the group drove in for the day rather than getting a hotel. With the exception of one other friend (C), they were all miserable, complained for most of the day, and when they weren't having photos done sat on the floor and complained about the con, the food, the cosplay, cosplay in general...it's like they only came to get photos. And whilst I like getting good photos, I also enjoy cons, and it was sad to spend the entire day sat on the floor because I was in the group and they were my friends, I thought I would enjoy finally grouping with them. They arrived late, and left early - they were complaining about being tired 2 hours into the con. Mostly headed by A.

Makes me sad that people I liked and enjoyed being friends with turn out to be so different.
Oh okay, that's news to me, thanks for letting me know!

I've heard from most girls that after getting in contact with a manager they had a small audition set up where they'd show their moves and stuff. But I just walked in, asked the manager how I go about starting there and was told to come down the next night I was available. I was surprised how quick and simple it was but no complaints here, especially since the club has too many girls already if anything, I guess the manager just cba haha

I'm not planning on becoming a full blown lolita, there are just some items that I want to wear with every day stuff. And even if I did it's not like I'd announce what I do, whilst I'm not ashamed of it myself I'm aware of and understand the stigma it carries and why others may have a bad opinion of it

I've worked jobs where I'm fully clothed, hell just been walking around town minding my own business, and still had people coming onto me, still been leched at, propositioned, asked all kinds of perverse shit. It happens to everyone. But instead of whining like one of those tumblr feminazis who thinks they can change the world I decided to take advantage of it. I'm going to get objectified, might as well make money and benefit from it.
If primarily using aspects of myself other than my mind to make money is undignified then so be it. But I don't think privately showing your natural naked body (ignoring fake ass knockers and the like) in a form of entertainment to give yourself and your loved ones a better quality of life is disrespectful

/sorry if I've gone a bit ranty, it's dead refreshing to discuss this!
the people there who appear to be joking are actually for the most part half serious, like how liberals joking how Trump is going to make shooting mexicans a minor offense are half serious
Cutting open small packet stuck with tape, no internal packing, nick hair bow aargh :(
its right on the side too
Life advice: Never marry strippers named Tiffany.

Actually never marry strippers.
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