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Cosplay Planning

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How do you all go about planning for a cosplay?
I'm curious about the approaches others take to planning and making a cosplay.

Let's share our processes.
As I watch/play things I keep a list of characters that I could see myself cosplaying as. When I know I'll be going to a con in the next year I pick one or two and then start gathering every reference photo I could possibly need. I'll usually spend a week looking at tutorials that would related to that cosplay and picking out wigs. Then I start planning out all of things I'll make myself, I usually draw out the outfit in my notebook and make notes of the colors of fabrics I'll need.
Once all of that is planned out I head to the fabric store and start buying things.
Cosplanner. I'm absolutely hooked on it. Used to have an elaborate series of ref sheets, checklists and excel spreadsheets, etc, but now I basically just keep it all in the app except for one detailed measurement sheet if i'm making it for someone other than myself
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I used to hoard folders of reference images too but with my most recent cosplay I put together a sort of collage like lolitas do for coordinates, which I felt helped a lot since I'm a very visual person.

I never heard of cosplanner, I definitely want to look into that though!
I write a million post-it notes. Its not the best or most organized method but has worked so far.
I grab a bunch of references in a folder then get a sketchbook and try to break down each piece into individual parts and then try to take notes on smaller details. Even if you can't draw well it still helps to make a visual checklist so you can kind of get an idea of how much work you need to do. Then I pin it over my workspace with the deadline written on it and X out each piece as I finish it.
That's a really interesting character design. What's that from?
- Scout series, watch them all the way through, check for promotional events/guests at cons I plan on attending, pick a series and character who will be represented/needed

- Gather official reference art, order the wig/shoes/contact lenses first since they may take the longest to show up

- Break costume down to individual parts (i.e. shirt, pants, jacket, gloves), draft patterns and do muslin fits (this part is usually the hardest), use color picker to determine correct color/shade of every part of the costume

- Purchase fabric and notions needed in the order of largest pieces first to smallest, spread out across the days when I actually need them since choices may change as construction progresses

- Make the costume, style the wig, etc.
Would it be okay to post reference art and outfits in this thread too?

I remember seeing a HUGE image file a while ago of Panty and Stocking from PSwG in basically every costume the show ever had. Does anyone ITT have it?
King from Nanatsu no Taizai!

sage for ot
I only have Stocking's.
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I just see a character I like and go "that one"
Look at pics online and buy my fabric.

I fucking HATED PSG but God damn did they have a shitload of options and I appreciated that.
> Choose character
> Compile a shit load of references
> Draw out the outfit based on the references while separating piece from piece (i.e. this garment is a dress vs a shirt and a skirt).
> Deciding the best way to make each individual piece while keeping in mind budget, quality and skills
> Shop for materials
> Make a part of that shit
> Cry because I realized I procrastinated too much
> Make the rest of it a few days before the con
Yeah, that sounds about right.
Please post pics of your outfit when you're done. Trickster Len is my absolute weakness.
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rate my cosplay
> consume media
> 'Wow, I want to cosplay that!'
> Think about it.
> Think about it.
> Think about it.
> consume different media
> 'Wow, I want to cosplay that!'

I've only made three costumes in the last three years. It's partially money problems and a lack of local cons, but the big issue is that I'm just too indecisive.
attention whore,shake and go wig, normal clothes, weird underwear/10
yea i fucked up with the underwear in the pic, it always went up when i walked
but im not an attention whore tho, these budget cosplays are easy to make
I-is this Len? What PV is this for?
I collect tons of refs and take my own screencaps or ingame shots. Another really neat way I found that helps figure out those weirder outfits (where the clothes aren't making sense) is to draw the character. When I draw a character, I find all these details I didn't notice before, and I figure out how some of their clothing and stuff "works."

I also take the hopeful chance and search for patterns of the character's costume on Google or DeviantArt. I like to collect pics of other peoples' cosplays of it too, to see how they did things and what I like and don't like.
>I like to collect pics of other peoples' cosplays of it too, to see how they did things and what I like and don't like.
This, I can find inspirations for how to make certain parts that I'm not familiar with and also see what DIDN'T work out at all. 75% of the cosplays out there are pretty shoddy, so it's a confidence boost to know that I can draw on experience and do the character better.
>Find character that I like the design of
>Consume all media it's in, decide if I like the personality.
>take photo of self, draw cosplay over self, decide if it will look good in real life, on me, bodytype, etc.
>Horde reference of character, other cosplays of character.
>Eshop for availability of wig and supplies.
>Draft pattern on my DTD of me.
>Sew, embroider, iron, bead....
>Go back for props.
Yeah sometimes I'll have an idea in my head but to see what works and doesn't is a blessing. If I see a cosplay that catches my eye I save it in a folder to reference back to. Especially if I like the technique they used.
>sees something I want to cosplay
>drafts out props/none clothing items for it
>goes to home depot
>1-2 hours later finally leaves home depot with way to much stuff
>goes to Hobby lobby and does the same
>builds props one at a time, piece by failed piece
>Finds clothing items online or drafts up more patterns to sew
>Lots of time and effort later finishes
>wears once or twice a year then sits in closet T_T
Here's probably a question for help thread, but how the heck do you custom draft a pattern?
Someone mentioned getting a 7" by 4" piece of paper and getting someone to trace your body, then draw clothes over it. This seems fucking tedious.Any easier suggestions?
Planning to do an Izanagi one.
Originaly wanted to go for Thanatos, but those cofins ...
I have time so that's not the problem, but I really don't know where to begin.
Also the sword has to be about my height so between 1m70 and 1m80 to be on scale.
What type of materials should I use ?
I'm afraid wood would be too heavy and foamboard not resistant enough.
You can start with a pre-existing/simple pattern similar to what you want. Trace it onto thin paper and make modifications. There is tracing paper/pattern paper but spa/medical paper is the exact same thing and heck of a lot cheaper, at about $10 for a roll that will last you years. I had a roll from age 12 that lasted me all the way to age 27. Using a quilter's/dressmaker's ruler + hip/curved/French ruler will help a lot.

I usually take the pattern, make a muslin, then make modifications as needed based on the muslin fit, and then make the new pattern from there.
My friend taught me the trick of using old wrapping paper and thrifted clothing. You basically frankenstein together something similar to what you're going for, then cut it up and trace it onto the paper. It worked fairly well for when I made my Vaati cosplay.
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 7

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