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Salt Thread

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Shit that makes you angry related to cosplay
>explaining cons/cosplaying to normie bff
>"I'd go to a con, could I do a cosplay?"
>showing legitimate interest
>get excited
>"I wanna do something sexy"
>die inside
>"I could go as Harley Quinn"
>"I mean yeah, just make sure you invest in a quality wig-
>"fuck that im not wearing a wig"
>her hair is black
entire conversation for the next 30 minutes continues like this
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people who ask for help but have their own ideas about how to do everything and bitch about your suggestions
>"anon, how do you think I should do this armor?"
>"well you could do foam, or thermoplastics, or...."
>"do you think I could just sew it and stuff it?"
>"I don't think that would look good"
>"it'll be so much easier that way!!"

weeks later at the con
>"anon how did you make your armor look so good? can you teach me?"
you don't have to take every scrap of advice I give, but don't ask if you already know what you're going to do and you just need validation
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My sister is in town. She's poor as fuck. Never took care of her teeth. Basically they're rotting out. She came to visit my parents for awhile on their dime. I come over to visit to be cordial. I'm married. I have a decent house, decent full time job. I can afford to have hobbies and take care of myself.

>I want a Civil war costume!
>Keeps hinting at it.
>Insist that it's going to be really fucking expensive to get one made like she's trying to imply.
>Fabric, notions, patterns, mockups, and all of that will cost at least 100+ if I skimp on quality and use coupons. Not to mention time/labor. I don't make shit for free.
>Direct her to some made in China sites where they cost about $150.
>See Milanoo "lolita" dresses.
>Suggest anyway.
>Balks at cost.
>Sorry that's what this stuff costs.
>You don't need a civil war costume. You need dentures.
>What are priorities?

Just because I'm able to live more comfortably doesn't mean I'm making you something out of pocket for free.
Friends who want help buying stuff and then flake for the orders and for the cosplay events.

>I want to get into cosplay, anon!
>Could you keep an eye out for stuff from these series I like?
>Sorry, I can't afford to buy anything you found right now but thanks for spending hours looking!
>Hey, you're making an order? If you find anything from this series, let me know!
>I never see you anymore, we should go to an event together!
>Yeah I can't afford to go to this one..
>Oh, thanks for inviting me to this event that's in a few months, I'll see if I can go!
>Yeah I can't go because I spent all my money.
>I can't believe I'm sitting at home by myself when everyone I know including you is at the event!
>So I want to buy a costume from this series, let me know if you find anything!

Repeat and repeat..
People who commit to groups before they know if they can afford it/make the con. I never commit to a group unless I have the money in my bank and the holiday saved up for the con. If I'm not sure, I tell the organisers that, and let them find someone else if they want. I don't pretend like I'm 100% going to be there when I know there's a chance I won't. It's rude as all hell and shits it up for everyone else.
This reminds me of a girl in my community, her teeth are completely rotten but she keeps cosplaying instead of getting her teeth fixed. She never smiles for pics because of her teeth, obviously.
I know it's her life and her priorities but damn.
>Sew or buy a good cosplay
>no wig
Jesus christ this. I feel like this has become my life.
>"hey anon can you help me with my cosplay?"
>sure what part?
>"i just need you to make me some bows for x character and some gloves"
>okay but make sure you buy the same fabric that the rest of the cosplay is made from since they match
>"oh, i just bought satin, the lady at the store said satin makes perfect bows!"
>what's the rest of the cosplay made out of?
>"that's not going to matter since it's a simple cosplay, probably cotton or something"
>...what about the gloves then
>"i made sure to buy stretch material, i need 6 of them too btw"
>see that she's cosplaying muffet from undertale
>how are you going to do the makeup
>"not sure, anon why?"
>what about the wig?
>"i'll just use my real hair and dye it!"
>please kill me
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>Hey anon does that Taobao place have stuff like this?
>Next time you do an order let me know so I can buy some stuff!

Just now, not even joking.
I hate spending a lot of time talking to someone who is interested in dresses that I'm trying to sell. They'll ask for dozens of proof photos, go back and forth about the price, and eventually give some excuse as to why they can't buy the item (I don't get paid this week, my cat just died, etc etc). Any time someone tells me they'll get back to me, that basically means no.

Even worse is trying to negotiate trades. I can't stand when someone offers a common/basic/damaged dress for a hard to find or BNWT dress I'm trying to trade. That or after you work out all the details, the person stops messaging you ever again.

It's all part of business but ffs lolitas are the flakiest people I've ever dealt with.
Girl in my community constantly books shoots. Never wears make up, wigs even once decent quality look as tangled as 3rd day of the con. Constantly does random push chest out in posing and ends up looking fat as hell.
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>doing league group for next con, me & usual cosplay friend has plans, normie friend hears and peaks interest
>friend wants to make her own cosplay
>wants to do the riven with the bunny suit (battlebunny riven? idk)
>asking me for tips
>shes hinting hard she wants me to do the sword
>ask her how she's going to do the bunny suit
>"oh i have this shiny stretchy material"
>shes never sewn before
>plans on self-drafting a bunny suit
>wants to tag along with me all con in a self drafted, shiny bunnysuit

im might just beg her to let me do it because i'd rather her look good than her look bad and have to stay quiet the whole con. I've sewn for her once before and she has a weird (not bad, but still weird) body shape and i can see her struggling hard to get the fit right, let alone with the fabric she has planned.

also as everyone else has basically mentioned
>cutting cheap on fabrics
>cutting cheap on materials
>using real hair
This...Just this
>be me
>have expensive dress that didn't fit
>think maybe I'll try trades for once since people are constantly bitching about the price of dresses

The only trade offers I got were all around 100$ less in value than my item. That's what I get for trying to be nice and move items
I've never even touched league and know it's called battle bunny Riven, yet you're cosplaying from it and don't?
Wtf like you can call anyone a normie goddamn fake ass nerds these days REEEEEEE

This pretty much.

League is cancer. From its actual playerbase to the cosplayers who just like skanky costumes.
More of a convention thing than cosplay:
>Someone asks to hang out at a con
>"Sure, just let me know when!"
>They never contact you the whole weekend
>Come home to them bitching you out for not seeing them

This shit happens at every con for me now
.....What the hell is that for?
You could at least wait till it's finished to complain. Although I'm not sure what it's going to be.

The rope and the dinglehopper make me thing it's a "Little Mermaid" coord.

Still fugly though.
Ah, anons, you must not have seen the hordes of shit "steampunk Ariel" cosplays lazy girls do.

>steampunk Ariel

Can't say that I have. Sounds terrible.
Oh sweet baby Jesus, no.
>Planning cosplays for next con
>Friend: "Oh anon, we should do a group!"
>Same friend does not sew anything
>Always asks me to make props, style wigs and sew costumes for her
>She owns a sewing machine
>She refuses to touch said machine, even after bragging about how much nicer hers was compared to mine
>constantly messages me on fb asking me to drive to her house (1h away) to make her cosplays for her which she then takes all the credit for

I don't know why I subject myself to this.
i don't play riven lmao. idk the names of all her skins off the top of my head.
This so much. I've just started these people that yes, hot glue IS a great material all round and can be used for everything from sewing to prop making and just laugh at the resulting mess. Hey, you don't want to do it the right way, you don't get the best results. I warned them enough times for them to know what they're getting into.
Channel your inner Chen and show that bitch the back of your hand.
Dude, drop this friend. They are not your friend. They're just using the fuck out of you.

Things that make me salty:
>people talking big game with no talent to back it up
>people who constantly brag about all the costumes they're making/going to make but make/finish none of them
>those cosplayers and photographers who are all "ugh I hate drama" but throw themselves headfirst into every little bit of drama out there
No, is a complete sentence.
And we have a winner. It's 'steampunk' Ariel alright. She ruined a decent corset by hotgluing shit on it and calling it a day. And if you notice the fork is poorly painted gold.
your entire post

>spends an entire year "working" on a simple cosplay
>doesn't finish
>sulks the entire con

>buys 3 day pass
>only goes for a couple hours on one day
>rest of the weekend spent watching TV in hotel room

>buys 3 day pass
>"I'll commute every day, I can't afford a hotel room this year"
>ends up crashing in your hotel room each night

for some reason this my most hated:
>"I don't want to wear my costume, it doesn't look as good as yours and I feel embarrassed"
jesus fuck just put on the goddamn costume and let's go

bonus pet peeve:
>"I'm going to cosplay [anime] character for [western comics] con!"
The fact that millennials have taken on ebonics ~ironically~ and replaced "You're being bitter" with "DAYUM U SALTY LOL." It's like you insist on looking like you have the IQ of a horseshoe.

I can't wait to see what kind of insane Ariel this is.
Well I do have her 'steampunk' Sailor Moon that is finished if you want a ballpark of what Ariel will look like. She's not touched Ariel since this image. So I always wondered if someone legit just told her it's fucking horrid.
This drives me up a wall. Lolitas are so cheap and don't bother offering an item of similar value in exchange.
For what it's worth, I personally don't say "salty" because I've latched on to ebonics slang.

I say it because I've latched on to competitive fighting games slang.
that riven skin is so famous/infamous. even if you don't play riven, you should know the name if you're level 30
I followed this cosplayer on fb because I felt bad she'd been teased about a cosplay and was apparently called racist things.. As reported by one of the many con 'news' sites. However after following her I realized she had no personality outside of "I'm a fat black gay womyn!!!!!!" And her costumes were generally awful to begin with But she got nothing but praise for shitty cotton wonders she'd crank out
But god forbid someone point out one of her SJW-ish rants or 'reports' from her equally of a land whale wife were misleading. She'd just make a thinly veiled rant about it.
I know it makes me salty as fuck I just can't stand her or people like her who have amazingly large victim complexes that take up any form of a personality.
The only thing that makes me downright angry other than rude people is fucking SJWs who try to segregate the community, doing shit like "oh white people can't cosplay non-white characters! that's appropriation!!!"
Literally nazi-Germany tier logic, wtf is this shit tier segregation doing in my harmless, niche hobby? Get off your high horses, you're creating more problems than there were in the first place.
Seeing people share and copy/paste the same "Finished my cosplay!"post from their cosplay page across several groups.

More often than not it's their own interpretation of Harley Quinn. And the picture is a selfie of face and tits.
Wait is the fork GLUED to it???

>dinglehopper corset
> friend tells me that people she was planning on hanging with aren't going to the con anyways
> I tell her she can always come hang out with me if she has no one else
> basically it ends up with her following me around the con 24/7 everywhere I go
> doesn't have the heart to tell her to fuck off because I know she has anxiety issues and shit
> lowkey annoyed at hearing her shoes tap behind me all 3 days

I'm not sure how to deal with this sort of clingy friend, I want to be understanding of her feelings and I know she doesn't like being alone but at the same time it's really draining to have her on my back no matter where I go. Also it's not like there wasn't other people she could hang out with but she just chose to follow me no matter what
Kek I'm adding ebay corsets to my con drinking game

This has literally been happening since the dawn of time. It's how we got nearly all of your swears, contractions, compound words, etc. If you think about it anyways, the only difference between "bitter" and "salty" is that bitter is older.

Congratulations on taking a step to being old, though.
share drinking game pls
>weird weeb 'trans' classmate follows my group around when we're on a break from a lecture
>randomly talking about undertale when friends obviously aren't interested and are more normie
>we go into an art store and they instantly complain about being poor
>still cosplay though and buys weeb stuff
>mfw they start randomly reading a cosplay magazine in the store
> "why would I buy it when I can just read it here?"
nah, i'm not. i just started playing in the summer and i've only encountered riven herself a few times and that skin once.
devil's advocate: asking a sister to help with a ~$100 costume is much much cheaper than dentures, and would probably be a bonding experience and something she would never forget.

Unless she's a freeloading asshole who will toss it in the bin 6 months later and not bother to take care of the costume at all
okay but salty is definitely sailor slang and has been picked up a long time ago...
I am 34. It was 1996 when I was in HS and black people used "u salty" all the time. It's kind of fun to watch it make a giant comeback, and this time everyone is using it
>Girl on my fb claims she's nonbinary genderfluid tumblr bs of the week
>Is currently whining about how her mom will 'never accept her gender'
>Has legit never changed anything about herself. Still wears globs of makeup still has a boyfriend
>Has never cosplayed anything but princesses and ultra girly characters

Like fucking hell, you're nothing special grow up
I should add, it was usually accompanied by brushing off the shoulders implying 'salty dandruff', I don't know if this is the current usage but I am an old.
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the phrase "salty old sailor/salty old dog" has been around for god knows how long, but the salt part comes from when salt would build up on their uniforms and jackets (from being out at sea for so long they would be able to brush it off by hand. the more you know
in the navy, the term salty is used to refer to someone senior to you, as well as when you're rightfully upset about something. it's been around for god knows how long and isn't anything new. do some fucking research for once
>normalfag coworker always indicates I dress up every weekend and go to a con whenever anime or cosplay is mentioned
>always indicates that it's a sexual nature
>shut him up temporarily by showing him what I actually dress up as (no cleavage/leg, not sexy at all costume)
>few weeks later; back to square one

Slightly related:
>meet a really nice girl
>become almost instant friends
>mention I dress in Lolita
>"Oh you mean cosplay?"
>"Oh hell naw it ain't cosplay."
>"But it's that Japanese fashion right? So it's cosplay!"
>shut up because I genuinely like this chick and I need friends
>Bonus lulz: mention I'll wear it one day when we go out, she nearly had a panic attack over the attention that I *might* receive. An anxiety attack over attention by proxy. The hell?
Some people just really can't handle being in the public eye, even if just near it. It's one of those situations where someone could just walk up to the two of and you and start talking, or taking pictures, and she wouldn't be able or confident enough to contribute, and not be a part of things... It's just really hard when it comes to anxiety.

As for the guy, sounds like he wants an excuse to see more of your pictures.
>salt would build up on their uniforms and jackets (from being out at sea for so long they would be able to brush it off by hand.

Checks out, that's why sailor uniforms have darker or detachable collars; it hides stains from salt and head oils, similar to (and also called) an antimacassar.
Sure, the word has been around with other meanings for a long time, but the meaning of "upset, bitter, or otherwise emotionally compromised" has nothing to do with that vernacular, which meant "experienced, and/or old" . Don't be disingenuous.
-Plan to go con wearing lolita
-Friend: Hey anon I'm also going in lolita!
-Me: Aight

-Day of con
-Spot her from a mile away her wig is so fucking shiny
-Wearing an ugly black and purple tarten kinda wa-lolita style dress with skulls and weird shiny ribbon bows in dumbest places
-I cry internally the whole journey
-She calls it loli the whole day, loudly saying loli on the train
-Is bitter afterwards because no-one asked for her picture and I got stopped every 10 minutes for one
-Is super salty to me and eating pocky on the train back
Really know that feel. I don't want to be mean but God...I talked with my therapist about a certain person j was having this provlem with and she was like "just hang out with her shes just an exttovet and likes to be around people you don't have to be super active and involved" but she was so wrong this girl talks and talks and talks and asks you what you're doing and creeps on you and makes you look at what she's looking at and goes off on stupid unrelated tangents and asks you do to chores with her....
So yeah idk if your friend just wants company then just be around her but don't interact with her and that should be fine. But if she demands your attention every second that you're with her then you can start cutting ties because that shit is annoying and inconsiderate
Salty made a comeback from the fighting game community popularizing it online. Granted FGC has more black people than most other nerd groups. It's not something cool people say.
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Pisses me off when people ask to have a room and then bail out at the last minute. Not because of personal issues but because of stupid shit like my friend offered it cheaper or I wanted to room up with so and so instead. Then don't tell me at the last minute you salty cunt.

Even worse when people want to do groups then drop out at the last minute (as in at the con) because they changed their minds or forgot and didn't bother to tell people. If you know shit happens then be prepared for it and tell people in advance.

I say it due to the fighting game scene. It's mixed. There are a lot of races (it's not just a black thing no matter what people say because look at EVO) but Japanese people just dominate right now. Even Daisuke admitted that he wanted to release games earlier due to the domination.
Japanese scene has no influence on the vernacular and slang of the American scene. I'm just saying there are more black people relative to other specific game communities, though they're still minority.
> Room mate to her friend "Oh that dress you're making would be prefect for that girl from bioshock"
>me "isn't it her outfit two pieces, like a skirt and corset?"
> Roommate angrily "That doesn't matter, you can make it however you want"

You know, I'm fine wit the whole "cosplay for fun" thing, and you don't have to be an expert, but this gal says she loves bioshock and habitually makes good corsets. So I'm not sure where the disconnect is. But she's the kind of person who no matter what she does expects people to recognize her.
She also loves to tell me I'm really great at sewing and respects my opinions. Until she actually asks for them, then for some reason I'm a scrub who doesn't know anything.
I'm feeling the salt.
A-anon are you actually good at armor making? I'm an armor making noob but I really want to learn how to make good armor. Could I please ask you to give me some pointers or is it really just a lot of trial and error?
So I guess this counts. But the idiots that run the New England Cosplay group on fb are likely being sued for the con they canceled. I find it hilarious.
>acquaintance tells me she's going to start cosplaying
>sends me a picture of her cosplay
>white button down shirt, white pants, black ribbon belt, black strappy heels, and a dark brown cardigan
>"Oh I think you sent me the wrong picture?"
>she gets offended that I didn't recognize her SOOPR GOOD Mikasa Ackerman cosplay
>going to a con today
>a friend will have a booth in the artist alley even though she can't draw to save her life
>also planned a photoshoot in the middle of the afternoon
>wants me to take care of her booth in the mean time and spend the rest of the con with her friend
>I have no idea who she is

Fuck this shit, I have a shit ton of people to see there,no way I'm losing my time with them. I told so many time that I was going to go to the con alone without my siblings so I could be free to go whrerever I want.
>first cosplay hugely popular
>get attention nonstop
>tons of pics online
>never get that level of attention ever again
>mad that I can't get attention and mad that I care about attention
I am shit.
maaan I feel you
That Jnigger ad for Crunchyroll + Japan Crate really pisses me off.
>random screaming, check
>paid subcriptions for animes that are dubbed for free, check
>paid subcriptions for "monthly box" rip-offs, check
>l33tsp34k in 2015, check
>Jnigger, check

Adblock for mobile Twitch when.
I believe the word you're looking for is "implies".
> "why would I buy it when I can just read it here?"
If you're salty over that, never go to a bookstore. People do that shit all the time here.

I can understand why you're mad if the reason is because they kept you all waiting because of it, but if y'all had your own rides home you could've just left them there to read and could

There is literally nothing wrong with reading books/magazines in the store.
*could move on to wherever else you wanted to keep looking.
Reminds me of this
>find out bf's cousin is a cosplayer
>she's thirty and has been doing it since she was 15 or 16
>awesome, I like sewing stuff too, please show me some pictures at some point!
>she sends me a picture of her wearing what looks like a thin brown cotton bed sheet around her shoulders like a cape
>haha that's funny, did you just buy that fabric? I like seeing WIPs. What are you going to use it for?
>apparently that was the finished costume
>it's supposed to be some OC who wears traditional Japanese garments with a steampunk twist
>she's now too offended/angry to talk to me
>act apologetic but I'm secretly okay with this
Why is it acceptable to thumb through stuff that is going to get sold to others? I don't quite understand, since it is not quite common practice around here.
Do you get mad that people can try on clothes before you buy them?

As long as they don't ruin the merch, there's no concern. People who nitpick things like "I want an outfit/book/purse/etc that hasn't been touched by any other human hands except my own" are ridiculous and shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.
Please read. Sister does not want anon to help her, she wants her to make her a costume. Anon directed her to things that were cheaper than her material/labor costs and sister balked. Sister is trying to get anon to do free labor.
You should probably learn more about nazism of you think that's what they were like.

Although I'll admit that this might not be your fault considering the schooling system and the fact that it's not that all that easy to study it because every time you open up a book or a webpage on it the first thing that pops up is "SIX MILLION JEWS"
But people don't keep wearing the clothes for a good 30 minutes or so, unlike these weebs with their paws on manga? It's not quite the same.
or my fav "oh yeah lets hang out at the con!" "ok my phone isnt working but my fiance will have his all weekend" "nevermind"
I never said it did? Just that the Japanese people dominating is making more people participate into the FGC. It's just like if a popular series gets popular. You will see the good and the bad. The bad happens to be random lingo and slang.
>there are more black people relative to other specific game communities
Source? Or do you mean America in general because there's more Chinese/Japanese players in the FGC than anyone else.
If your hair matches the character, no wig looks better than a wig. Real hair always looks better if your real hair matches and isn't in shit condition.
>small con
>see this super adorable CardCaptor Sakura cosplayer
>ask for pic
>friend, dressed in basic bitch Misty costume, shirt's completely wrong, wrong shoes, no wig, jumps in with her
>don't care enough to ask her to step out
>see them a good few times over the course of the day
>see this happen at least 5 times
That poor girl won't get one redeemable photo of her costume without her annoying friend in the way.
Oh I have one. It just pissed me off so much. It was at a past NYCC. A cellphone video came out with some chick speaking pointing it a couple of Sailor Moon cosplayers and the guy taking photos of their back side. she bitches about how they are being objectified. Then turns the camera off.
It first got my attention cause folk were praising her for standing up. When she infact did nothing more than take the video mand walk off. She wanted good hero points for doing nothing.
But it was hilarious at the end. Because it was found out the two Sailor Moon girls were adult stars. Who dressed ultra sexy because they wanted it to suit them. And fully aware of the man taking butt shots.
So the girl behind the camera deleted her video the moment people started pointing out. She either never helped. Or was fully aware they were in no distress.
>bonus pet peeve:
>"I'm going to cosplay [anime] character for [western comics] con!"

Who gives a shit? There's plenty of Western comic/cartoon/video game cosplays at anime cons.
>go to new college
>make friend on day one
>seems pretty cool, into alt fashion like me
>mention I'm into anime
>"oh awesome anon, so am I! I also really love cosplay!"
>"cool, do you have a favorite cosplayer?"
>"yeeeees, Jnig!"
>"have you looked at her, her cosplays are delicious and those tits, mmmmmm"
>"she's so hot, I wish I could meet her and have smexytime with her in my gay pile"
>your what
>"my pile of sexy men bodypillows of course! I call it the pervy pile~~"
Oh sweet jesus
The cringe is real
I hate people like this. The lookit me as I do nothing about something then demand to be recognized for it.
File: 1431882354298.jpg (18KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 600x600px

Take a picture of them together, then take a picture of each of them separately. Delete the duo and shitty cosplayer pic.

All parties are happy.
No matter how much blood, sweat, tears and effort I put into my costume another I'll still be second rate to prettier girls in half-added costumes.
This is what I always do to spare feelings.
Wtf how do you guys act with friends? Like in my experience thats what you do (to an extent) when you're friends or invite someone to hang out with you. I feel like you guys are weirdos really. If you really dont want to have that person follow you- try to be friends with you- dont invite them in the first place.
Anon, I wish I was baiting.
>cosplayers who lie about making outfits
>get buttmad when called out
>even if there's another 3 people wearing the same outfit to that con on the same day

Also is this me or a general thing;
>when cosplayers cry if certain people are judging and threaten to not enter

I see it as self entitled and really, the kind of people competitions don't want anyway. If there's a judge in not find of I don't back out. Because I know they've been put in that job because they can act in a professional and usually unbiased matter. Plus their ruling is a third to a quarter so they can't single handedly screw your chances of winning.
Anon I don't think you quite understood what I meant. I told her if she had no one else she could always come to me.
But she didn't even hang out with anyone else because she was following my footsteps no matter where I went and that shit is annoying.
I don't mind hanging out with my friends but telling someone "you can always hang out with me if you don't have anyone else" doesn't mean follow me for a lost puppy all 3 days of the con until you go home.
If she had hung out with me from time to time and then with other people too then I wouldn't mind but I felt more like a babysitter desu.
File: FXnSskUgbHnOM.gif (995KB, 335x220px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
995KB, 335x220px
>cooking some thanksgiving leftovers
>brother offers to help me
>"awesome! thanks!" tell him to reheat the turkey and make gravy
>finish the food
>go to eat turkey
>so salty, my jimmies are rustled
>family awkwardly chokes down the saltiest turkey to cross our table, i drowned that shit in stuffing and gravy
>post thanksgiving was low key ruined, thanks bro

A true salty tale for you salty dogs.
>"hang out with me if you don't have anyone else"
>hasn't got anyone else
>hangs out with you
>doesn't hang out with other people because she doesn't have other people, hence why she's hanging out with you
You really didn't think about this before offering, did you? She was probably too shy to hang out with other people as her original friends couldn't come, and YOU offered. Next time don't offer. I normally spend all day/weekend with a few of the same friends, running off and hopping between friends would be seen as rude, maybe that's why she stuck to you? Don't offer next time.
"hasn't got anyone else" anon she had lots of other people to go with please chill. How is it rude to spend time with other people I'm really confused over that.
Also saying that "she had no one else" or is "too shy to hang out with other people" is bullshit when you don't know her.
You're right, I don't know her, but you said in your post she has anxiety issues so is probably shy in at least one respect. She may have taken your offer as a genuine invite to hang out and would have felt rude rejecting you, or maybe thought you'd take it to mean she doesn't like spending time with you. Sounds like the girl was trying to be friendly/just wanted to spend time with you. My point stands, don't offer to hang out with people you don't actually want to hang out with. Even if it's out of pity or whatever. You're weirdly angry about someone wanting to hang out with you.
I see what you mean anon and maybe I'm being too harsh with her. She's a close friend of mine though so it's not like I don't know her, I just generally, as I said in my first post, don't know how to deal with friends that are ultra clingy so I end up being annoyed but I don't feel it's fair so that's why I was kinda on edge about what to do.
I think maybe we just have different opinions of what "hanging out" means to us. Also you might have misunderstood my posts because I don't mind hanging out with her, she's a nice person but someone just following you around no matter where you go every single second can be draining. I'm not sure how to properly explain it maybe that's where it goes wrong.
>sell damaged dress to someone
>decide they don't like it once they get it, decides to sell
>marks the price up and doesn't mention the damage

I want to say something but the seller seems unstable.
>"Hey if you can't find any of your friends you can hang out with me."
>"Why is this annoying girl following me everywhere, it's not like I told her she could hang out with me?"
Ayy lmao you sound like a passive aggressive drama loving cocksucker
>she could always come to me
You do realise this is basically permission to hang out with you 24/7 right?

Seeing as multiple anons are taking issue with you, rather than her, despite the fact that you have the power to present the story to be as favourable to you as possible, you might want to reconsider your actions and feelings here.
>oh it's not that bad-
>zooms in

Every single ita/cringe/badcosplay/badmakeup thread, there are 50 replies that just say something along those lines.

We fucking get it. We all have been there and it isn't funny anymore. It's the most tired joke on /cgl/. Just shut up already, you're contributing absolutely nothing. The worst part is that these people probably think they're the first person to say it and think they're so hilarious.

>inb4 "jfc anon just have fun"

Maybe if women were funny. Which we aren't.
Deets anon?
File: 1448066421632.jpg (33KB, 515x644px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 515x644px
no you're absolutely right, some people need their priorities straightened since one has to do with your actual health, no matter how much some plead and plead 'cosplaying HELPED ME THRU SUICIDE!!!!! DON'T TELL ME HOW TO LIVE' like, clearly she would smile with teeth if she didn't care/wasn't self-conscious about it, so why the fuck wouldn't you fix the problem as soon as you can!?

sorry i kinda mini ranted but i agree w you
I don't know her very well so I'm not really sure of what her situation is, I just keep seeing her making new cosplays with some frequency (even wants/has tried to enter bigger/international contests prelims, if I'm not mistaken) and I can't help but wonder if she didn't set that money aside for a while, if she couldn't get her teeth taken care of? Maybe they are rotten beyond repair but even setting aside some money for flippers or something until she can put together what she needs for a full treatment..?
It's not like it's a mere image-issue, it's really her health. But even if it was just a matter of image, cosplay is all about how you look, fixing her teeth would help a lot (specially considering she does want to go international??).
Well the Rock Lee may or may not of pocketed the funding for that stupid Homestuck con. And is likely to be sued. And to make it even better he's gone from the Admin roster on FB

So it's down to the fugly can't tell if trans lesbian couple. And the two idiots who named their kid Violett Zelda. And live in his parents basement.

I foresee it becoming so petty all that will be left is people they like.

But hey, at least cool events like the Salem ones might get better attendances
Naw we don't think you should just have fun.

Just don't post when you're on the rag.
It's a salt thread, you could make period jokes to every single complaint ITT. Step it up.
I could but one that comment had the best PMSing passive aggressive I'm edgy post.
that's sad to hear, do you have any pictures of her cosplays? you can even blot out her face if you want, i just want to see the quality and effort she's putting into them. it's sad she's using her money for costumes she wears a few times a month rather than into the teeth she wears everyday (lol).
As someone who has pretty bad (though thankfully not visible in my case) teeth who hasn't got them sorted out, I can offer this; acknowledging the problem to fix it is still acknowledging it. It's painful to confront the fact you let your teeth get like that, or that people responsible for looking after you didn't look after you or teach you how to look after yourself properly. It's easier to ignore 99% of the time, and grin and bear it (sorry) when it becomes an active problem than it is to fix it, which takes a lot of time, money and effort.

It's also boring and sad to spend such a huge amount of money on something both emotionally, and physically painful with relatively little gratification at the end of it. Stopping something from hurting you isn't the same as actually making yourself happy.
Whenever I lurk mail threads or social media threads I"m surprised at what bad taste some of you gulls have. You shit talk "tumblr fashion/culture" but then reblog and purchase the stuff yourselves.
Her cosplays are pretty meh/mediocre but at least she tries. I'll refrain from posting her since she's quite lowkey and I don't know who lurks/posts here from our community, sorry anon. She's been improving and trying new things, at least.

Anon, I undertand your point of view because I too have a shitty teeth issue that I haven't sorted myself (that isn't visible unless I show it on purpose).
It is indeed much easier to just ignore it and learn to deal with it but personally, I feel that it's because my problem isn't something others can see and because it doesn't cause me any discomfort/issues.
However, on the day it does become visible and/or starts causing trouble, I feel I would much rather get it taken care of than just keep on ignoring it because it will be eat away at any self confidence I have. By consequence I'd also quite likely lose interest in cosplay or dressing cute because I'll just be even more self conscious all the time.
It's only how I see it in my own perspective tho, like I said, I don't know what the girl's situation is exactly or how she feels about her own problem. But I can't help but notice it does seem to bother her to some extent and worry a bit because of how bad her situation looks.
Every con, there is a masquerade full of mediocre skits with unfunny yaoi jokes or boring dance routines. And every year, people get butthurt about not winning and start talking shit about the judges. I haven't participated in a masq since 2009 and I don't judge them but I still get really tired of seeing all the jealousy and whining while browsing forums and social media for photos post-con. Your skit didn't win because it was boring and poorly rehearsed, or your costumes didn't win because they're all school uniforms that were made in the exact same way. It's not the judges' fault your stuff was boring.

Obviously this isn't about cons where big flashy unsealed and hot glued armor wins over lined, embroidered garments. Just tired of all the cosplayers crying that they'll never enter another contest at x-con again because they didn't win. Good riddance, I bet you're a bunch of little shits backstage too and no one wants to be around your bitter jealous ass.
Uggggggh I feel this on a personal level. I put a lot of work into what I make. But it's just in good fun. I'm not taking it as OMG I MUST WIIIIN!!!!!!!" Like when I did a dance skit to a horror opening and did a jump scare at the end with Madoka girls. It was just for fun. It wasn't a IT NEEDS TO BE.

Like what are you even missing out on? Dealer's merch that was taking up stock room. A few certificates and a little glass trophy oo.
File: what i see.jpg (136KB, 430x412px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
what i see.jpg
136KB, 430x412px
dog anon (who mini ranted), i actually had braces for 2 years and totally can understand the pain of the cost (and the pain in my fucking mouth, i sympathize for fellow metal mouths) just so i can be somewhat happier with my smile. i had this one fucked up tooth all the way up in my mouth that was like over another tooth and it was awful ugh. they even put on the wrong braces (i ordered the clear brackets, not the metal ones) and they had to rip them off not even 30 mins later and put on the correct ones! to my point though, this isn't about me lol sry

i'm going to kind of speak relatively about this since teeth girl wants to go international with her cosplays; she should take in mind that when you're going for a business (i use the term loosely) that is pretty much based on cosmetics, modeling and costume construction, she has to realize that her own physical appearance, no matter how beautifully amazing her costume is, comes into play too! now it might not be the top thing people look at when they look at cosplay, but if you're trying to go professional and get your face known, you should be able to take pride in your looks and who you are, because personally I don't want a famous cosplayer who never opens her mouth in any of her photos just because she wants to get by without fixing her teeth.

again, it comes down to money too, i know. my braces were over 5 grand and health insurance barely covered it, it fucking sucked. but you bet your damn ass it felt so good to get them off and have straight, white teeth! it's all about how you want to present yourself, especially if you're trying to get into a business based on your looks.

sorry for such a long post, but i really had to share how i felt about this! teeth are my #1 thing, for myself and anybody else, so i kinda feel passionate about this lol
Oh boy, there is really no way to word this without seeming lazy or very rude, but oh well, here I go.

I don't have a job, and neither does a lot of people in our group of friends. We have a "con mom" of a group, who really only is the hotel room holder. She is VERY self-centered and on the path to become a narcissist. I can see her ego getting more inflated convention after convention, and year after year.
Back to the thing about jobs, half of our group doesn't have jobs. We are very responsible financially with our money, we plan conventions out well, be cheap with our money, and understand when you just shouldn't go to a convention or cosplay if you don't have the funds for it. Usually we can attend conventions in our coast, but now the con mom is planning bigger conventions, like ACen, AX, and Katsucon. So reasonably, most of the group have no way of making enough money to fly around the United States that many times and go to that many cons, so we say no to the con mom and tell her we can't afford it. This causes her to get mad and tell us to get jobs. Most of us without jobs can't get one, we all have our different reasons and they are all very understanding, it is NOT because we are lazy or don't want one. So whenever we do go to a big con, it usually leaves us with not much money left, which leaves con mom mad, shit talking about us saying that we should say no to big cons like that if we aren't financially stable for it. She thinks we are toxic/lazy friends because we don't want to get jobs and go to every singlt convention with her. There's just no winning with her.

There's a lot more I can say about her but this is what has been bothering me the most. I'm sorry I say no to things I can't afford, and when I do the things I can barely afford you still shit talk me about how financially irresponsible I am. What do you want?

Girl in friend group gets mad when we say no to conventions we can't afford.
If I have to see one more skit set to "I'll Make a Man out of You" I am going to kill myself. Why are people so uncreative?
There will be these types in whichever community you're in, they have to be selfish to survive and those people are best to just cut out of your life if you don't want them to use you. You're giving them power by letting them have a voice. It doesn't have to be war though, its just growing up. She sounds like she's got a lifetime to work on that herself, you just take care of yourself first.
Based Chen

I get what Anon was originally trying to say. It just hits a point where you don't want to hang out with them anymore.

Like, three full days with someone is a lot, even if you are good friends, and the high stress of cons doesn't help either. Plus there's that added guilt of "does she even want to go to this? is she just going to this panel because I'm here?" and then you don't have as good of a time.

Most of the people I go to cons with are like this and it drives me fucking insane. I don't mind grabbing lunch and seeing a few panels with people, but when they follow me for hours through the dealers room, shrug when I say "Do you want to go to this panel, I know you like the series/actor/whatever" and just have no fucking opinion I get so annoyed. Plus I'm a pretty solitary person so having people hover just makes my skin crawl.
Oh wow. Is it because she expects you guys to group together?

I mean if people can't afford it they just can't. Yeah it's sometimes disappointing you can't travel everywhere but travelling interstate isn't as cheap as it's made out to be.
I get salty as hell when I'm out with other lolitas and someone asks why we're dressed like this and the other lolitas in the group SPERG THE FUCK OUT. Random normies--especially not old people--don't wanna hear a long ass spiel. I try to speak up quickly and be as politely dismissive as possible so people don't flip shit, but sometimes I'm just not quick enough and find myself growing more and more embarrassed.
Yeah, this is our only way of us getting together by going to conventions. It's really starting to get expensive and all of us can only handle so many cons before we start having to worry about money. We do get really sad when either us or someone else can't make it because of money, but the con mom always just gets pissed and blames it on them not having a job. I think I'm just starting to get the taste that con mom only keeps us around so we ass pat her every time she posts a picture or status or something.
Are they somewhat new to the fashion (or new to wearing it in public)? This behavior might be more common with people who aren't used to the attention lolita attracts, and if this is the case with the girls you spend time with, they may do it simply because they're nervous.
Do you think you can talk to them about it? Do you wear lolita on your own sometimes and have personal "normie reaction" stories? Try starting a casual conversation about it, share your own experiences (how you used to react to attention when you were new versus how you deal with it now), it might help them understand that spilling the entire history of the fashion whenever someone looks at them funny isn't appropriate.
Why don't you just stop rooming with her?

If you're all pretty responsible with money then you can pay whoever the keyholder is ahead of time and they shouldn't have any extra financial burden unless someone fucks up the room.
LOL do we know the same person? Does she promise to attend every event and never appears?
Maybe for the first hour
>cosplay comm is plagued by screaming retarded weebs
>absolutely delusional about their sewing and crafting skills
>they cry about jury corruption when their shit cosplays fail to land them a prize
>so annoying that they are my motivation to make great cosplays
>can't wait for the day I'll steamroll them all into oblivion at a contest
>cosplay comm is plagued by screaming retarded weebs
>absolutely delusional about their sewing and crafting skills

>can't wait for the day I'll steamroll them all into oblivion at a contest

You sure about that?
Considering the fact that they're still using cardboard, shitty satin, can't sew bias tape, can't paint without obvious brush strokes... and that I've already placed in a few contests, I'd say my chances are pretty good
I think it depends if they can pull it off the look with their real hair.
File: god-why.jpg (43KB, 720x432px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 720x432px
Not only in cosplay but in general too.

>People wearing their kimono wrong.
I hate when people say cosplay is just for fun and that it's okay if it's bad quality. I genuinely think they're the ones ruining the hobby.
What's the point of not trying your hardest, pulling out all the stops, doing the very best you possibly can? The asspatting for no effort cosplays is devastating. In the direction this "movement" is going, when are we just going to allow people to leave their house as themselves and then say "what a good cosplay of (character) you have!"
That might be the best they can do, at least at that time. I mean my first cosplays were garbage, but I tried pretty damn hard on them. Other people have more developed skillsets than others. Someone might be great at props but couldn't operate a sewing machine to save their life. Another person might be an amazing seamstress but has little skill with wigs. Someone might be eager to make their first costume and not know what the hell they're doing but they had fun trying. Better luck next time. Sure, some people won't improve. Whatever, let them do their thing. Go do your thing.

As someone who has been around this scene for an extremely long time compared to the rest of you, (read: oldfag) there has always been terrible shit quality costumes and really fucking amazing costumes. The only difference is, the amount of resources that existed and the amount of people who were interested in it. You bring more resources into the mix, a higher standard is set. More people are interested, higher standards are set and it becomes a race for popularity "notice me too guise!".

I'll just sit here on my porch, on my rocking chair and wave my cane at you kids on my lawn.
Things that make me salty:
People who think they're super famous and brag or lie about things online.
People who think they're amazing cosplayers when they've only done a few shitty cosplays.
People who only cosplay because it's the next bandwagon they can jump on.
I got into it back in 2004 when it was still kinda new to my generation and I'm not allowed to talk about it around my friends who go into it after middle school because I look like an elitist bitch.
How is talking about the fact that you've been in it for a while being an elitist bitch? Do they think you're bragging? Sounds like you're just reminiscing.
They think I am bragging. Makes me sound 'hipster' which is the word they like to use when I talk about how the convention scenes used to be so much smaller and how there wasn't all these giant 'first' competitions and people cosplayed things they liked, not what would get them more 'likes'.
They need to learn that in reality, they are the hipsters. Jumping on the bandwagon and shit.
Like I said, just sounds like you're reminiscing and seeing the growth conventions have had in the last years.
People need to pull their heads out of their asses.
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