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Scenic/Landscape Thread

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Haven't seen one of these in a while, cute girls and beautiful surroundings.
I'll be dumping new stuff I find.
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Mmmm... I love this one!
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That one is my favorite too.
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green park.jpg
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I have made a dedicated board on the other chan (8ch, can't post link here because it's probably banable but it ends in /scenic/). The board contains an archive thread of the previous 23 scenic threads posted here (not complete yet, at 90% and obviously this thread will be there as well). You are welcome to cross post.
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I've seen it before, the collection is gigas in size, good work out there. Im trying to post the most recent ones I find on pixiv here, but may slip some of the best from past threads.
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I had a slow Sunday so I just sat down and finished the archive. It's now complete and when this thread is dead I'll add it as well.
Slow Sundays are the best Sundays. And all the better when it gives you a chance to help spread some beauty.

Thanks for your hard work, anon!
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Thread posts: 44
Thread images: 44

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