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Resume Thread

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Post your resumes. Critique others ITT
fuck that's concise. mine is more than one page long :(((((
Really? I was thinking I should flesh it out more.
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Yeah, elaborate more on what you did at each place and more. Anyone can put a language on their resume, show how you've used it. Sprinkle in some pretty bullshit for those hot recruiters.

Mine is pic.
I want to update my resume, from scratch, since I lost my old resume file like a dumbass

I have a personal website, which I use to just have a huge button for my LinkedIn, and it shows up on Google first page when you search my name. (ALONG WITH A BUNCH OF SOCIAL MEDIA OMG - everything is locked down).

PLSSSSSSS TELL ME HOW TO RESUMEEEEEEE and include my person website, or is that too gay and professional for a car salesman, or walmart, or bestbuy job?
I would put technical tools at the bottom (doesn't really matter). But yeah put in more details. Im not going to post mine but I have several big projects along with a few bullet points below each job. Just a few highlights.

There are dozens of autists in software dev who just list technical skills like video game achievements. So make it clear you work well with others and aren't an impatient expert.

>worked with senior developer to create blah blah using java
>worked on blah blah with user area and modified requirements based on feedback
same major as you are. i'm impressed, any tips you can give for landing all the internships and gigs you've had? Did you get most of them through networking through your business fraternity? I haven't even started my upper division classes yet - how hard would you say they are?
Sure dude.

Internships: The first internship was an unpaid virtual internship. My uncle was the sales manager there, gave me a foot in the door. I did marketing and light query writing stuff. Did that the summer after my freshman year. Sophomore year, I was an RA. It sucked, but it was resume fodder. Through AITP (see if your university has one) I met a recruiter for a large, private financial firm (think Vanguard, but not Vanguard). I was internship hunting, hard. Landed the internship at not-Vanguard. I got a different callback from Local Development Shop, told them I was taken for the summer, but I wanted to do a part time while I went to school next fall. Not-Vanguard was good, but I felt MIS wouldn't get me a full time offer there, they wanted CS. next semester I talked to my Dean (awesome dude), he recommended B4 consulting. I went to toastmasters, became a better speaker, learned how to shoot the shit with recruiters. Got an offer at B4, the practice is really new and exclusive to my firm so I'm psyched.

Connections: Association of IT Professionals. AITP. Hard. Talk to them. If your chapter is any good you should have a bunch of info sessions with companies. Talk to recruiters afterwards. Ask stuff. Don't be cocky. Show that you might be a decent coworker. Get a business card. FOLLOW UP. You'd be surprised how few people do that. My fraternity's connections weren't really much. People really overestimate how valuable those are. A guy you have never met isn't going to give a job because you are in the same club he was when he was in school (assuming he's in a position to). It's a start, nothing more.

Classes: I honestly feel underprepared by my program. I'm the annoying kid who goes to office hours to get more work. Professors, those are the people with real connections. If you do exactly the same shit as the people you sit next to in class, you are exactly the same to a recruiter

Luck: I'd be lying if I said I ain't lucky
saved, just got into my MIS upper division stuff

I'm trying to apply for a part time IT help desk job, but I have really only worked in sales/customer service for a bank and a e-retail site. I did some IT shit for the e-retail.

Any tips for my resume? maybe playing up the IT stuff I did?

Thanks anon, looks great!
I assume you're in a 4 year university program. Check your Career Management Center. They might have some good resources. reddit.com/r/resumes is a good resource. Sort by top, read a lot, you should get a good feeling of what is good. Help desk is a good start, but don't stop looking for opportunities once you have a job. While you're in university you're pretty much given a pass to climb the ladder like hell.

Resumes let them know you're not a fuckup and you might be able to do what they want. Interviews are where you show them what you can do. Come prepared with a few examples. Turn each behavioral answer into one of those stories. Be concise. Explain the situation, what you did to solve it, and the outcome.

Always be improving. If you don't currently have a job you should be building your skills outside of work.

I'm just a student like you, but I've had some success with these methods even if my university is nothing particularly special (the joke goes that the admissions department checks for a pulse; it's not that bad but we aren't UT).
I just transferred in to San Jose State, was really hoping for UT Dallas but oh well.

I'm pretty good about interviewing and my mother is a executive recruiter so I have a pretty polished resume as far as design and language goes.

My only worry is I have never worked in IT help desk, even though it is terribly easy, I guess I need to look into a few resources.

I plan on using this job (or something similar) as a way into tech and climbing up the ladder. So that by the time I get my degree I am making decent money and will have little trouble finding work. I guess I need to decide where I want to go in MIS, systems analyst, proj management, developer, engineering, etc.

I appreesh the tips, you're where I want to be in 2 years.
Good plan. Do be aware it's hard to get noticed by Big 4 unless you go to a target school, so you might want to check on that if you're looking to do that
SJSU is in the heart of the silicon valley, I know 3 people who have finished my major. One at HP, one at Symmantec, and another at AirBNB.

So I am in the right area at least. I appreciate your advice senpai.
You sound set, man. Godspeed
looks great
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Thread images: 2

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