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mb pen.png
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what is your most valuable /biz/ness pen that you use to sign your most important documents? Or pen you keep in your suit for important meetings and events?

I am looking around for a pen just for this purpose, right now I have some Mont Blanc my dad got me but I think it's time to spend a little more and get something a little more prestigious I guess

Lemme see your pens and give me some recommendations!

>hotel pens
>sex! it can wait meme pens
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This better not post sideways

I don't really care.

I steal pens all the time, I don't carry anything around. In my office I have almost five new pens at the end of every day.

That way I don't have to worry about ink running out.

We sign our own documents digitally, so I don't have to worry about the ephemerality of shitty ink.

At the end of the day my secretary takes all the pens but the best one, I think he collects them.

The best pens I've gotten are from high stakes tech incubators. They try really damn hard to have quality marketing handouts.

How much was the blue and gold one? I was looking at one similar on their website, it's around $1500 right? Or $1800?

I was honestly thinking of moving up to the $2500 - $3000 range for my next pen, but that blue and gold one would go really well with a suit I have, black jacket and pants, dark navy shirt, with gold stitching, got it made for me, it would be perfect
None of these are blue and gold, might be the shit lighting. You mean the cigar-shape one?
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this one.jpg
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that'd be the Montblanc 149
retails for 935 at the MB boutiques, but you can get it for 840 at some authorized retailers
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Montblanc 149.jpg
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black and gold btw

My pen was $600

Have you even used an expensive pen? They actually feel so good to write with and they're very heavy and the type of pen you carry says a lot about you as a person.
>says a lot about you as a person

To me it says you're a condescending prick and a germophobe or something.

No. I also don't wear $300 underwear or drive an $80000 car. Should I sleep on $7500 bed sheets and get $700 haircuts?

If you honestly believe bullshit like "your pen says a lot about you as a person" then you're the supreme goy. Did you type this on your apple watch?

It's a fucking pen you dunce. All it says is that you're gullible enough to spend $800 on a fucking inkpen
but how much have you spent on weed
>you didn't fall for the buying professionalism meme, you've gotta be a stoner burnout loser!

You know how rich people become and stay rich? They don't waste their money on stupid shit like $1000 pens in an effort to impress people. They make their money work for them. You should put that money to good use instead of wasting it on memes.

>inb4 you Google some billionaire with your faggy pen tastes

You're not a billionaire senpai.
>in an effort to impress people
I never take them out of the house, I collect them

>They make their money work for them
How them btc treating you

>You're not a billionaire senpai.
Who said I was?

The fact that you're getting so assmad over someone's hobby gives me the impression that you are, in fact, a stoner burnout loser.
I have never bought btc and am not a stoner, but keep strawmanning.

People can disagree with your gay interests and not be complete degenerates. You can tell yourself whatever you want to invalidate my opinion.

My biggest quarrel was with the other guy saying he bought them to look professional.

You're allowed your hobbies man, I won't fault you for having one (even if it is super gay). This is /biz/ though. The implication isn't that it's a collectors' thread. The implication is that it is going to be used in a business environment. Wasting thousands on a writing utensil to look successful is dumb.

Enjoy your money pit hobby though. Although it could be worse, you could be into cars.
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 5

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