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psilocybin mushrooms are the safest, most consistently profitable

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psilocybin mushrooms are the safest, most consistently profitable drug you can sell.

>first, let's get the obvious out of the way: everyone already knows how to get grass; your status as a useless member of society becomes even clearer when you put on the weed-man hat. the mj market is saturated like a bud dipped in hash oil, so there's a very good chance that some smooth-ass puka-bead in your vicinity sells better shit for the lo-lo.

>"harder" drugs will get you more profit than weed or mushrooms (before you get caught), but with that profit comes a huge increase in the amount of risk you've already decided to take. some bumps in the road you may stumble upon:
>being at least partially responsible for death, injury, addiction, trauma, and little colombian kids getting shot in the face
>getting robbed at gun/knifepoint by shitty people
>getting robbed at gunpoint by the shitty government
>getting high off your own supply and becoming an addict
>losing the source of your supply
>constant paranoia as both a cause and effect of success
>constant bullshit from customers whether you're successful or not
>the long dick of the law

>if you don't know degree-level chemistry, everything else that isn't mushrooms has the hidden caveat of you not being the producer. when you don't grow your own shit, you're in the uniquely ass-chafing scenario of supplier dependency, which means less money and more risk across the board.
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mushroom-growing is capable of being done by pretty much any retard on 4chan. it starts by ordering spores on the internet for "research." incredibly, this is 100% legal in most states and countries, no bullshit qualifications needed. your first grow can cost as little as twenty dollars, and give you about a pound of product. a quick google search will show that if you can spare $50 and made a "b" on your 5th-grade potato science project, you can become your local town's mushroom kingpin. there's even a 1-hr youtube tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=er1i3M-w51E) for anyone on this board who can't read. your first yield could easily be a dry-weight kilo, or $1000 wholesale, much more if you sell by the eighth.

the risk when you sell mushrooms is negligible if you're not a retard. growing emits no heat or light, so it's easily hidden, and no one has ever died from psilocybin, so cops really don't give a shit about you. you can even carry a giant bag of mushrooms openly in public if you don't already look like a dealer. almost all customers will be chill and to a degree, more intelligent and less prone to bullshit than your average xanax or pot user.

plus, you get a pretty much unlimited supply of magic tripping, to be combined with whatever other drug or activity that you enjoy.

it's that simple.
How much money does this shit make?

Do people actually buy a food product to smoke in their bongs?
Also how the fuck do you find customers? This doesn't seem easy to get into for consumers so I'd imagine regular users would have someone on speed dial.

How do you advertise your willingness to sell this item?
You're not gonna fool me again, FBI.
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the amount of money it makes is fully dependent on the amount you grow and the willingness of your social network, but 1/8th oz is usually $30-40

you eat them or make a tea.


customers are easy if you're in college. i would start frequenting a couple bars if you're not.

advertising is just like any other sale. talk to people.

it might have been better if I had clarified; mushrooms are the best ILLEGAL drug to sell, if you live in denmark or some shit then this post is pretty much useless to you
>customers are easy if you're in college. i would start frequenting a couple bars if you're not.
>advertising is just like any other sale. talk to people.

I don't get this. I am curious but I don't understand how the fuck this shit sells if you're not friends with a bunch of degenerates...

Do you just somehow work into a conversation whether they've tried mushrooms? Because i don't think it's common enough, and if they haven't it's unlikely they'd want to... It just seems a little to strange to me
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sounds like you need more degenerate friends ;)
But I am not a degenerate and I don't even smoke weed or drink alcohol.

This meme mushroom idea sounds good but I'm just not sure how i'd be able to get in on it.

I'm willing to try though, give us more info op
in my expierence OP

-shrooms are more seasonal things
festival season is good
-shrooms is also a drug people like to hoard or "save for a rainy day"
-shroom when grown in a controlled environment sterilization is an issue:
i.e. buying a pressure cooker, and just making sure no outside microbes get in.

-hunting for shrooms and you get your shit wrong can easily end up with you on a waiting list for a new liver and kidneys.

it maybe good to supplement income
but not as a primary source
as a side note its interesting to hear that they are developing an antidepressant based off of psylocibin/ psylocin
>hunting for shrooms and you get your shit wrong can easily end up with you on a waiting list for a new liver and kidneys.

Not your problem tbqh, as long as you don't get high off your own supply lmao
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yeah, i definitely would not reccomend being a full-time drug dealer. it's just been my dream since i was about 16 to live in a van, play in a metal band, and make at least an average amount of money from gigs and selling mushrooms. and you're right, drugs of all kinds are more popular from april to october
Shrooms are illegal in Denmark. However, I have never heard of anyone getting busted directly for selling them. Sure, if you get busted for coke/mj and have some mushrooms, they will prosecute for that, but solely for selling shrooms is rather unlikely.
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i meant the netherlands. i think it's something about the word "dutch" making more phonetical sense with "denmark"
Schrooms are illegal in the Netherlands, but truffles aren't. There is a company that makes magic truffels
What is the legal status of psilocybin in the Philippines?

> R.A. No. 9165: 8) 10 grams or more of other dangerous drugs such as, but not limited to, methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) or “ecstasy”, paramethoxyamphetamine (PMA), trimethoxyamphetamine (TMA), lysergic acid diethylamine (LSD), gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), and those similarly designed or newly introduced drugs and their derivatives, without having any therapeutic value or if the quantity possessed is far beyond therapeutic requirements, as determined and promulgated by the Board in accordance to Section 93, Article XI of this Act.

Does Psilocybin apply to the above exerpt? I find it very ambiguous. Should I ask Atty. Shekelstein?
How do I learn more about the local laws regarding controlled substances?
10 grams is a stupid amount of LSD you should just do that
It seems that shrooms are in the grey area.
>Not mentioned in The List
>Shroom-slingers are still busted by the cops in the news.

What the fuck is it then?
Ex-grower here

>they are a pain in the ass to grow
>your closet and therefore the room will smell like shit
>not addictive so you need a solid network to sell

>if you can grow them well consistently there are very good margins
>very cheap to produce compared to weed
>no junkies breaking in and stealing your supply

How do I smuggle a container of acid across the border? Filipinos are the mexicans of asia after all.

>I hope I don't get v& for asking this
>growing emits no heat or light

I hate to be "that guy", but that's not entirely true. During the fruiting stage, you will need a source of light for your fungus...not for photosynthetic reasons, but to "show" the fruiting fungus which direction to grow (presumably "up").

Props on furthering a positive movement for society, though.
> consistently profitable
>Not addictive
>Not even habit forming
>Still pound-me-in-the-ass-prison illegal
Anon, selling candy is more profitable than selling shrooms. You gotta work on your theory a bit.
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the important thing is to sell mostly large quantities to other dealers rather than directly to consumers.

by no means am i claiming that this will get you more money than an actual job. it's just the best option for people who want to sell contraband for some extra cash on the side.
Can you please post more tips and knowledge bro?
Youre a retard.

No one has ever made any money from selling magic mushrooms. You wont get repeat customers because they arent addictive, habit forming or particularly pleasant to trip on every day.

Youre better off selling vallium or some other prescription downer, at least that way they are technically legal and you wont get arrested.

OP is a retard. No one is a shroom dealer the concept is retarded inless you happen to know about 200 hippy acid rejects who buy these regularly you will make peanuts from it.
>still not addictive
>still not habit forming
>now I make even less cause I sell to other dealers
You still haven't thought this through, kid.
this so much
Not much to know but like others are saying, you aren't going to make it just by selling shrooms. It's best complemented by selling weed.

I did it in college so I had a bunch of customers paying top dollar so unlike most I did pretty well. The most annoying thing is the inconsistency of the yields and people's tolerance. Everyone got a different level of high off the same yield so you were guaranteed to have some complainers who wanted their money back.

I probably had about a 70% rate with my yields turning out and not getting infected. All in it would cost me about 20 bucks for a yield and I could sell it on average for about $200. This sounds a lot better than it is because if you don't have the customers it can take a long time to sell a yield.

If you are a social guy in college and you hang out with a bunch of druggies then go for it. Otherwise it's not worth it.
Rather than something to get you busted, surely there's some designer drug that's
> legal
> good yields
> hard enough to manufacture that the average druggie can't do it

Also, there are some legal mushrooms you can grow that fetch top dollar. Truffels obviously, but shiitake too.
I chuckled
ive grown before. you need a VERY sterile environment. your first time you probably wont get a big harvest but theres a learning curve and once you do it a couple times you'll start to understand ideal environments and techniques. also you only have to order spores once just make spore prints for future inocculations
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Thread images: 7

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