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I Need To Buy a Diamond

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I know its bullshit

>it should be traded like a commadity because it is one

>jews ass fuck

Anyways it needs to be princess cut

It needs to be big

Tips not looking to get fucked

How autistic would it be if i go in with one of those magnifiers?

Tips thoughts help
>I Need To Buy a Diamond

:^) epic bait m8
Not bullshit

>need to get hitched
Hoping for ppl that work in the industry can give me some tips

Be honest diamonds all around losing propersisition

Have to bite the bullet but dont want to get too ass fucked
> I love you
> Now here's some money to show you how much

Have fun!
Don't know what to tell you fag.

You're going to get ass fucked because diamonds are completely worthless and marketed to a dumber version of our species.

The entire premise of the diamond marketing campaign is that a diamond means she's loved and can show off to her friends. It's banking on her emotion to desire a diamond and your emotions for her overriding your reason.

It's an emotional buy and any time you're making an emotional buy, you're going to get fucked on price because you want it more than the other person does and they know it.
Don't go to a place with a storefront. You will get fucked all over there.

The place where you get the best value will be in an office building, a few floors up, and you'll probably need to make an appointment.


Economically, storefronts have really high costs - there's a lot of square footage, rent at ground level is expensive, and they have a lot of staff. Their clientele is also not very well informed or experienced, so the price/quality ratio is really poor.

Jewelry dealers that operate out of office buildings have lower costs (lower rent, less square footage, fewer operating hours), but - more importantly - their customers are normally older women who have been collecting jewelry for a while.

If you are going to drop a chunk of money on something, you're better off doing it there, because you get more bang for your buck.
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The magnifier thing is called a loupe. A jewlers loupe to be precises.

You should not need to bring one. Any reputable jewler will let you use theirs.

They are used to look for flaws and inclusions in the gem.

Assuming your buying a ring for your future adulterous wife.

Buying a single large stone of lower quality is one move, but not a good one.

A better option would to buy a loupe flawless( laughingly expensive in any size) or Internal flawless, or VVS1 or VVS2, ideal cut, G-D color ( D is colorless and you will pay more) , stone for the center diamond and then surround it by smaller stones of equal color quality.
Make tha band platinum and the prongs for the center stone as small as possible.

Doing this will create the look and effect of a much larger diamond.

You can do 1ct center stone and suround it by a total of 1ct in halo stones.

Then that bitch can say she got a 2ct ring.

The halo diamonds, small prongs, and platinum band (or for a cheaper alternative get aa "super white" non rhodium plated gold), along with an Ideal cut will cause the center diamond to pop and sparkle more.

Buying loose stones from a dealer is cheaper, buying the metal at commodity is cheaper, then take them to a jewler for the work.
Would this chart also apply to stones like rubies and sapphires?
>asking biz for financial advice on getting married.

The answer you'll get is "Don't."
No. Every stone type has different criteria. Stones like rubies always have inclusions. And so can not be flawless.
Colored gems are rated by color, type/size/amount of inclusions, weight, cut.
GIA is one of the most reputable graders in the USA and any gem you buy nearing 1ct should be graded by them.
You don't need to learn diamond analyzis. Just get a diamond with a legit certificate. Buy it from one of the bigger dealers on Ebay for example. Grading VVS1 or VVS2, colour D or E.
Meanwhile artificial rubies, sapphires, and such are grown in actually useful forms plus being 99.99999%(no typo) clean.
>t. Master in optics
Please consider another stone so as not to support international cartels.
Diamonds are literally 21st century tulips. Artificial supply and demand with no resale market. Freakonomics did a great podcast on why diamonds are worthless.

Pawn shop. I got 2 rings, 1ct diamond, and spare stones for Christmas for $3k.
Two words, bro:


The only way she'll find out is if she sells it, anyway. Like you care at that point.
This. They even now have cubic zirconia that are coated in diamond... I think they call it a diamond veneer? Which have the same sparkle and shine as a real diamond. Pretty much indistinguishable from a diamond with the naked eye.
Thread posts: 20
Thread images: 2

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