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Sales and Bread

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I'm back, guys.

Rehab was kind of fun. Don't really recommend it, though. Don't know if the moe archive is back up, so I'm not hunting for links to the old threads.

On me: 24 year old college dropout. Make around $12,000 a month selling timeshare.

Here to help with sales pitches, share stories, and give basic sales instruction to anons.

Last time I was on here, I went over emotive words. Think I'll cover assumptive speech and getting the client to take ownership this go around.
What are your sales pitch?
Do you need any qualifications?
How does one get into selling timeshares?
>What are your sales pitch?
Too long to really type out here. It takes around 50 minutes to say it.

>Do you need any qualifications?
No. Just can't be an aspie during the interview.

>How does one get into selling timeshares?
Apply. Every company is always hiring.
How do you convince customers to buy a time share
want to help me with my pitch for the gym I opened?
I have a call list of guests who came in on free trials that I want to pitch to over the phone, but I'm really shitty at phone sales(super deep voice, little inflection in voice)
I sold books d2d with a small publishing company for two summers. I worked in the deep south, I mean far into the Mississippi river delta. It was the hardest thing I've ever done so far, and I was absolutely terrible at it, but the experiences made me a better person. The experience also paid off when I started applying for b2b sales jobs. I now work in an entry-level medical device sales job with a Philips division. It pays damn well.

Although I was truly shit in d2d, it's opened doors for me. This is what happened in my final interviewer with the hiring manager.

>interviewer: "What can you bring to this position and to this company?"
>me: "I have practical experience in sales-calling, both cold-calling and prospecting, value proposal, sales closing, territory management, and prospect qualifying. I also have training in being *consultative* in my role as salesperson. I've gained these experiences in one of the hardest sales environments today--selling books door-to-door."
>interviewer: "Nice."

And the environment has helped me grow a thick skin and a pair of balls. In my time during d2d sales, I've had people set their dogs on me, call cops on me, even point guns on me. It was rough. In my current environment, the very worst I have to face is with passive aggressive secretaries and narcissistic physicians. I don't care whatever the fuck they can throw at me, because at least their not threatening to shoot me in the face.

I used to be a typical millenial with an existential crisis (i.e. typical /r9k/ lurker), with no sense of direction and a half-baked sense of misantrophy. No social skills or self-management skills. I even had a brief "redpill" phase. After selling books d2d I stopped being a redpill faggot. I started maximizing my time, started lifting, I even improved my social skills. I stopped being anti-social, after learning how to socialize with people. I started getting laid. As somebody once told me, "Sales is the fastest way for self-improvement."
If sales was able to improve the quality of my life, I thought "why not pursue this as a career"? Anyways here is my personal blog post. Fuck you all. I'm going back to work.

I'll share a few stories from the book field this weekend, given that this thread is still up.
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>brief "redpill" phase. After selling books d2d I stopped being a redpill faggot.
Nice it reminds me of this
>How do you convince customers to buy a time share
II make it the only reasonable choice. They're hoping to gain vacations, but they're really fearful of losing something: a marriage, time with their family, a relationship with the kids, etc.

Sure. I'll be home in a little bit. I've been going on a tear since I've been home. I have a whole week before I'm expected back at work.

Nice. Shit like this is the exact reason I tell people to get into sales.
>want to help me with my pitch for the gym I opened?
I'm down to help you, anon. Just let me know when you're here. And do you already have credit cards for these people?
Dude, I'm so glad you're back. You made me money brother.

I'm transitioning to vehicle sales and I'm looking for a sales pitch outline.

No specific questions really, but got any thoughts on vehicle sales and qualifying customers?
Im sure you have something here, But how do you go about selling yourself during an interview?

I know there millions of guides out there, but I love your style so I'm curious in how you approach and attack interviews
Which sales jobs have decent base salaries + commission?
It's like that shit from South Park, the episode called "Asspen"
Medical device sales. Very rewarding field.
>No specific questions really, but got any thoughts on vehicle sales and qualifying customers?
Depends on your dealership. Some are more high pressure than others. Qualifying is generally going to be making sure that they'll be buying today (Maybe tomorrow if you want to follow on leads), and that they have credit.

Your opening question is going to be the biggest thing here. Most places I've been they'll introduce themselves by name only, and then ask if I need help. I reflexively say no like 90% of people. If I were you, I'd start in a fashion that opens a dialogue.

>Hi there. I'm anon, the inventory specialist (Remember, people like to deal with an expert, not a salesperson or Joe Blow.) for this dealership. I'm in for the day, so if there's anything you'd like to know more about, I'd be happy to help.

If they start to talk, great. If they dismiss it, hook them. I'd do it this way as a temperature check.

Hook as you're turning to walk away:
>Oh, by the way, which car were you looking at exploring today?

>The Canyonero

>Awesome choice! Why that one? What drew you to it?

>I needed something with space for the kids

See how it can just lead you into identifying what they need? And you've done several things here. You've established report, complimented them, feigned genuine interest, and established yourself as an expert.

You probably have a TO anyway, so generating interest is about all you'll need.
>But how do you go about selling yourself during an interview?
I haven't been on one in over a year and a half, but I dominate the room immediately.

Walk in, ask if they wouldn't mind me taking a seat, and then begin to ask a few questions about the job. What it entails, what areas they felt could have been done better by previous employees, and what made them pick me for the interview. Whatever they answer to the last one, say I was surprised. I thought they'd have been more keen on X as it's why I knew I'd be the best person for the job. Use assumptive language the whole time that I'll get the position. And if they mention other interviews, seem generally surprised, and then ask when I'll be starting.

It's strong as fuck, which may turn off some HR people, but in a sales environment, it would be hard for them to hide their boners for you.
>which may turn off some HR people
I've lost jobs because [shitty] HR reps can't handle the bantz.
>Remember kids, they're looking for drones. If you want the big money and a healthy work/life balance, don't be a drone.
Good job!!
Similar situation. 24 drop out. Making 10k+ a month selling PPA solar d2d.
Same here, but have people setting appointments for me so I can pull about 4k a week, even more in the summer.

What state are you in?
California. I set my own appointments and get paid 250/kW plus incentives and bonuses every month and quarter.
You should really see if you could either start, or join a company that has appointment setters for you... Best thing I ever did.
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is it possible to be both redpilled and successful in life and business? Germans were until they lost the war. Many Americans were until the 1950s/60s.
Do you think for a foreigner with a strong accent also stuttering sometimes is it possible to become cool hot salesman?

No, people won't trust you.

Unless of course you're selling shit in your own country to tourists then yes. Just don't be creepy.
You're better off losing the stutter than the accent. I've seen people with accents be very successful. Stutters... not so much.
"Redpill" is just a Reddit made term for having a cynical view about women. Negativity and depression just comes naturally with that attitude, which both kill motivation. Of course it's possible to be a successful "redpiller" but why would you even think that way in the first place?
What's your opinion on insurance sales? And how could one do well?
bank teller here, get paid (shit) commissions whenever I make a sale. Tips for cross-selling shit to people who are just trying to make a deposit/cash a check?
What kind of medical devices? I hear this a lot but i never know what exactly people are referring to. I'm a prosthetics & orthotics tech but I'm picking up sales to make a career out of it (better than being paid $20-30 CDN/hr for the rest of my life and eventually developing asthma or some other shit from all the chemicals i'm exposed to). transitioning into sales in the medical field would be easier for me though I have no idea where to start.
How do i find a good sales job starting out? Craigslist? There are plenty of ads wanting people to sell life insurance and the such. Id have to do it part time as i already have a fulltime job that I need to support myself (6am-2:30pm so I would have time)

OP's previous thread:

Let's start with some old basics: affective/emotive words. Your vocabulary as a salesman should change significantly. Don't think fast-talking, slick shark from the used car lot of every movie you've ever seen. That shit died in the 50's. Just throwing facts at people doesn't do anything; we have the internet for that. What people need from a salesperson is advice on how a product is going to benefit them, because people don't buy products; they buy benefits. And that brings us to our first word:

This is probably the best word you can possibly learn as a salesperson. A product doesn't have a feature; it has a benefit. Benefit begs the question of, "Who is benefiting?" And it's always the customer.

>The benefit to you is...
>Where do you see the largest benefit, Mary?
>That's going to benefit your family because...

It's powerful because it generally answers the question of "what's in it for me."

You're never going to tell anyone anything. You won't show it either. Sharing invites conversation. It shows interest in what they say, their feedback. If someone shows me a benefit, I think it's because they want to sell me on that part of the product. If they share something, I can talk about it or vice an opinion.

>Can I share something with you?
>Let me share how X is going to work for you
>I'd like to share something with you; mind if I do that?

People think they deserve a lot of shit. If someone tells me I deserve something that they think is good, they're implying two things: I'm great and I'm missing out. People love to feel good about themselves, and they want what they can't have. It combines both perfectly.

>Doesn't your family deserve to have (benefit)?
>Honestly, Mary. You deserve this, don't you?
>If you work hard, you deserve to X

These work great to establish urgency or make someone feel like they missed something. They work well to pique curiosity as well, though. People are entitled fucks. If I think I missed out on an entitlement, I'm going to be pissed. If you're just now telling me about something I'm entitled to, a promotion, discount, benefit, etc.; I'm going to listen.

>You were entitled to get a 25% discount on X, why didn't you take advantage of that?
>Well, John, as an existing client, you're entitled to receive blank.
>You didn't know about your first time entitlements? How?

Your whole life you've been told to seize opportunities. Nobody has a negative correlation in their mind with opportunity. It immediately brings up feelings of hope to gain. It also makes people feel like there's a window of time just by the nature of the word. You never give a pitch or let someone buy, you present them with an opportunity.

>I'd like to share an opportunity with you, John
>If you'd had an opportunity like this in the past, you'd have been interested, right?
>You're in a unique position where you have an opportunity to...

You always feel a way about something. You always ask how someone feels. If you think something, or ask what they think, or other people think... Guess what you'll hear at the end of your pitch? "I need to think about it." Buying is emotional, and feelings are pure emotion. I also can't feel wrong. If you tell me you think 2+2 is 5, I'm going to tell you you're wrong. If someone tells you they feel like 2+2 is 5, you'll ask why.

>Why do you feel that way?
>I feel like...
>How do you feel about...

Let's go back to the blurb on opportunity for a second. I mentioned hope to gain. There are two reasons anybody does anything: a hope to gain and a fear of loss. Hope to gain is great, because nobody is going to do anything that doesn't benefit them. But fear of loss is even better.

Fear works well because we're wired for it. Think about any time you've been scared. You take action to stop whatever it is that's scaring you. People close their eyes during scary movies, they jump away from something unexpected, you generally look for ways out. You're trying to make decisions rapidly with the information you have on hand. Nobody Googles what to do when they're confronted with fear. They work with whatever facts they remember/can ascertain. If you're in a position (As a salesperson you are) to provide those facts and then provide the source of that fear, you're in control.

I sell timeshare.

You know what every parent loves? Their children. They want to be close to them. They want to make sure their kids know that they're loved. But you just told me that both parents work, the kids do extra curriculars and sports, and they constantly have their phones in their hands. It's hard to connect. And with all those irons in the fire, we get distracted, right? If we're distracted, it's easy to not notice certain things; a missed practice, a question you never answered, a bad day you couldn't help with. We can't make more time; we can only use what we have more efficiently. The question becomes, "Is your time as a family better spent drifting apart through hectic schedules, or taking a week to just be together; to really talk, connect, share, and experience things together?"

There's a fear there, that the kids are going to drift away. And they are. They're never going to be young again. Nobody has pictures of their 26 year olds with Mickey and mom. But there's a solution; that they'll get at least one time a year where nothing matters but then being together.

Pretty sure I mentioned urgency a couple times as well. Urgency is what makes people buy that day. Urgency can come from a promotion being offered for a limited time, you not being around to offer a deal again, inventory shortages, or any number of things. Urgency that comes from the client themself is the best kind, though. If they feel pressured to buy because they know they need to do it that day, you're in a good position. The best way to gain urgency and prevent people from "thinking about it" at the end of your presentation is to make it abundantly clear at the outset that if they want what you're offering, they'll be buying it today because the promotional rate won't be there again.

Inform them during your intent statement that you're going to give them all the facts they need, and if it benefits them and is affordable, they'll be asked to buy. Make them aware that they can say yes or no, but not that they want to think about it. Not because you don't want them to think, but because it's unconscionable of you to allow them to do it at a higher cost later.
Let's play a game:

You are allowed to construct a script between the salesperson and the customer.


It has to be in the Ebonics of two basketball Americans.

Premise: Your driving you 64 with your family and you get jacked.

>What's your opinion on insurance sales? And how could one do well?
I have friends that do it. They sell the products to advisors, not clients, though. But I also know some reps that do fairly well. It can be lucrative. This is going to sound condescending, but to do well, sell lots of policies.

I know that people who sell the black and white monitors that show MRI's and other scans do well. Those things are retardedly expensive.

>How do i find a good sales job starting out?
Look around. I found mine on Craigslist. Look for 100% commission as it has the highest (usually) earning potential. Also the lowest, though.

If the other anon says where he got the old stuff, I'll look for my first or second thread. Made a pitch for someone in the exact same position.

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Awesome story bro, really motivating.

Shit like this is why I still come on this website.
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>I've had people set their dogs on me, call cops on me, even point guns on me.

Would you say selling to advisors is more lucrative?
He does well, but I don't know enough about the industry to really comment.

It's definitely less soul crushing than selling whole life to people. He mostly deals in variable annuities. He makes something like $50,000 base plus commission.
I've been following these threads for about a year now, so I'm curious about how the whole rehab thing came about.

People do drugs
It beats jail. I've only done a few nights in jail and that sucked.

Rehab put my life into perspective pretty well. Met a ton of guys that I'd be happy to call a friend. At least one of them has already overdosed from a statistical standpoint. With very few exceptions, I didn't meet a bad man. Just sick people trying to get better for their families and themselves. There was only one other alcoholic at the rehab. Most were there for heroin. Some sad stories that I'm going to use in my pitch as well as some of the best laughs I've had in a while. Addicts as a whole are a charismatic fucking bunch.
>addicts as a whole are a charismatic fucking bunch

That's hauntingly poetic
i don't think you know what those words mean
Glad you went through it and came out well.
How do I pitch myself to a girl? Preferably one that dumped me like last month.
I'm glad you're still with us brother, long time follower.
It's a numbers games. Focus on the next pitch
no its obviously impossible to be successful when you are bigoted and cant think further than your nose

t. right wing guy

Hey, I lurk a lot on /biz/ and see you around all the time, and you definitely give some solid advice. I was hoping you could tell me if I'm making a huge mistake or not.
I'm currently working at a Japanese company right now located in the United States. I graduated and entered the position as a Route Salesman for a food importing company working directly through Japan. I graduated with an East Asian Studies degree and achieved certified levels of fluency in Korean and Japanese.
I'm not sure if I'm making a mistake, since there is no commission to the job. From what I see from your threads, everyone lives for the thrill of the commission and the close.
However, I can't tell if I'm being shafted or not. I opened up two accounts at two supermarkets and I'm netting in already around 9k a month from the new accounts for them. My manager was more than pleased (since I was hired through a recruiter and I "already paid for myself") and after this performance quarter will be giving me a 5k raise to my 40k starting yearly pay.
They pay 50% medical/dental/optical that goes up 10% every year, 2013 model Toyota to drive with gas/tolls/insurance/maintenance all taken care of (even for personal use, haven't paid a dime in anything related to the car), and I get a bunch of free food whenever a shipment comes in (I save around 70% from my previous job in groceries from this alone, and I get beer that I resell to friends as well as snacks that I can regift). I get to travel around the country, last week I was in Atlanta, and before that I was in California soaking up some rays. The company also takes us out every Friday to a local joint and lets us eat and drink our hearts out, and this is all paid for by the company. Unfortunately, I teach Computer Basics at the community center for a "relaxing" job and extra income during the evenings, so cannot take advantage of this.


I was wondering if I was getting shafted by a no commission basis. If I received even 5% commission on those accounts as residual income, and never received the raise, I would be making an extra $400 dollars a month. While that is paltry (barely $100 a week), it would give me a bigger incentive to grow my accounts and upsell as hard as I can.

Am I getting shafted by not taking commissions? I enjoy my job since I enjoy traveling and driving, and there is no micromanaging at this position whatsoever. I haven't been to the office in two weeks since I just do all my forms on the road. I forgot to mention they also gave me the latest Iphone for private and company use (but I already have a phone), a tablet, as well as "upkeep allowance" (every three months we receive $800 in a gift card to the outlet of our choice for clothing). Depending on productivity we receive a bonus at the end of every review and holiday bonuses.

I am wondering if I am being blinded by the nice "now" things that I receive in lieu of commissions. Am I being swindled?
It actually sounds like a pretty nice job all things considered. Is there room for advancement? If so, I'd probably slug it out for another year or two until you're promoted.

If the company has never worked on a commission basis, they'll be pretty unreceptive to it I'd imagine. You'd also have to design a comp plan with them in tandem. It just sounds like work. You're better off negotiating a bigger raise.

If other people in your position are getting commission, and you're outperforming them, you are 100% getting shafted, though.
A pitch is for something new. Getting back together with an ex is stupid as hell in most circumstances.

Give it a few weeks, say you've changed all the things she didn't like, and then break up again when you hate her for having changed you or she realizes you haven't.
Commission only/independent contractors are the best. You have more freedom and you can write everything you do that's work related off on your taxes.

No one is getting any commission whatsoever. From what I hear, commissions don't generally exist within Korean/Japanese companies outside of some very specialized (?) sales jobs such as real estate or auto sales.

I mean the company just gives me a couple of addresses, a credit card, and I have to drive over there and basically make sure there's no issues with orders and such. The company has been operating for about 40 years so everything is super well established. If I am comfortable with my salary, I can just keep the accounts I have now. With the current accounts that the company mandates, I barely work 25 hours a week (including driving). The company in the last 6 months have been true to their word, I received everything they promised, and the manager (who plans on retiring) wants me to take the spot since I'm trilingual, which is useful for this type of business, so I can see a promotion. Its just some days I get so bored just sitting around at home that I drive over to the warehouse to help some guys load up until my part-time gig.
I don't really talk about this with people I know in real life, since a lot of my friends never graduated high school and I'm met with envy regarding my position. I'm not unhappy with my job, but I was expecting a lot more... action, I guess. I hear people feeling their blood coursing closing a 6 figure deal and such and it just makes me feel like I'm missing out, while talking about it with people makes me feel whiny. I just don't know what to do.

Thanks for the reply! I worked a 100% commission selling telecommunications to businesses door to door. It was an extremely fun experience working with so many talented sales professionals, but I just couldn't stand the fluctuation of pay. I understand that is what makes a 100% commission job a 100% commission job, but I just found it so stressful some weeks I was pulling in two grand and some weeks I barely covered my own transportation to my my territory. I really appreciate the suggestion, but I was looking for some kind of stability (even 15k a year) and a commission close to 30 or 40 percent. Those jobs are rather hard to get unless you have a long track record where I live though.
How would you go about selling shoes in an expensive shoe store for men? My biggest problem is introducing myself and being able to keep talking to the customer.

"I had a pair of those and they were one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. If you like those you will like these other ones... Btw what size were you?"
Rehab did me wonders, went to AA when I got out. been sober 4 year now and I'm 23 now.

Good luck OP
>redpilled and successful in life and business
>koch brothers
google them

I just got handed a 100% commission job selling financing sources to buy here pay here auto dealerships to finance their customers who have shitty credit. it pays fuckton huge commissions

although I know the only thing a a dealer will care about is if it nets him more money than running financing though bank ABC compared to us.

we're set up a bit differently.

how to approach this OP?
Can I have your job pls?
>The company also takes us out every Friday to a local joint... this is all paid for by the company.
>Unfortunately, I teach Computer Basics at the community centre for a "relaxing" job and extra income during the evenings, so cannot take advantage of this.
Remember, in Nippon you are EXPECTED to go out after work to get drunk and sing karaoke with your boss IF you want to get a promotion. There's a specific name for it, but I can't remember what...
>I'm not unhappy with my job, but I was expecting a lot more... action, I guess. I hear people feeling their blood coursing closing a 6 figure deal and such and it just makes me feel like I'm missing out, while talking about it with people makes me feel whiny. I just don't know what to do.
m8, you've got a job most people would betray friends for. If you want commissions, quit the community gig (just do it voluntarily if you actually enjoy it) and pick up a sales job on the side.
not that hard a decision.
Hey OP. Good job on the rehab, hope shit goes well for you.

Have you heard of business intelligence? A cousin of mine told me it's a thriving section in business nowadays. All about compiling information into various programs such as Qlipview and Pentaho so it can be easily accessed at any point by anyone in the business. It also pays pretty handsomely and only requires basic-mid knowledge of programming and business administration.

Got any opinion on it? I'm looking for all kinds of view on the matter.

I know a salesman with a slight stutter. He made 100k last year.

You can do it. Work on improving the stutter though.


These are good goals for noobs:

- talk to 2 new girls every week
- get 1 number per week
- try to go on 2 dates a month

it may be painful, but just keep driving forward with these stats, and eventually you'll get it.
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How would you go about finding and getting clients(businesses, not residential) to sign up for your IT services?(network, computer, smartphone, backup, internet, phones over internet, cloud storage, etc)

Would you go door to door at an office building? Make cold calls? Spam emails?
All of these approaches seem outdated and ineffective. Especially the first one(gets escorted by a security outside).
Stop thinking of it as an expensive shoe store. It seems like you wouldn't normally buy their shoes if you didn't work there; that attitude needs to change. If you can't imagine spending $500+ on a pair of shoes, it's going to bleed through.

Act as if people buy multiple pairs all the time, and establish yourself as an expert early.

Something along the lines of:
>Hey, I'm Anon. This season we got some really great selections, and I'd love to help you out a bit. What are you shopping for? Work, a special occasion, or just everyday wear?

Not everyone has the particular shoes you're going to show them, you're an expert, you know what sort of environment they'll be wearing them in (You can almost qualify based off this), and you didn't give them a yes or no out.

This was 12 step, too. Can't say I was a big fan of the people I met whom AA deemed fit to be speakers. But to each their own. I did like the rooms, though.

I need a bit more info to help you out.
Fantastic for getting to rehab, man.

do you have a link to your old threads? I'm considering a PT sales job to complement my FT job (I work 4 days on 4 days off, 4 days off get mighty boring just hanging around watching netflix all day)
I'm 18 and currently in school for a undecided major. I make $15/h working in a molasses factory. Where can (if I even can) I get a Intro job sales related?
>molasses factory
That is the forum incarnate.
>being this normal
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