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Crypto/altcoin thread

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Hey guys lets have an altcoin thread

>Pump n dumpin
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This. The price is low as fuck, but up from yest.
A very good long shot imo is UNITY. Cheap as fuck right now but has mad potential.
Sell me on monero
What's been going on with litecoin lately?
I want another PandaCoin. I mined millions of that in a day with my shitty 300khs card and got like .02 bit coins out of it.
Yeah... I traded .5BTC for PND...
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>Sell me on monero

>btc but private
>cryptonote (UNDER-RATED AS F U C K) frontrunner
>poloniex fave coin
>current price 130k satos
>hyperwhales anticipating peak price of 10 mil satos
>non-stop hype on bitcointalk, huge number of backers
>one of the biggest players on coinmarketcap
>so new it doesnt even have gui
>24hr Change
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forgot link. for the noobs.

for the hypernoobs... transfer btc to poloniex, buy, store on polo, download bitcoinchecker for android and set price alarm, cross fingers, be patient, fuck bitches.
also, its primary competitor, DASH, is fucking rekt. centralized, pseudo-private shit, ruined by ridiculous, unsafe masternode bullshit.
there will be an anon crypto, there just fkn has to be. this is why im also interested in the admittedly hypercomplicated but very intriguing
(and dividend-paying ) UNITY as well as XMR. ANC failed, DASH failed, zerocoin fasiled, few understand UNITY... its all about XMR.
All Crypto Note coins are a fucking scam. Monero is no exeption.

Only legit ones that are worth looking into are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin & Ether. Errything else is pump & dump bullshit. Bytecoin, Dashcoin, Dash, Monero, all bullshit.
Yeah I like Ether (as far as 2.0 coins go, I like NXT as well).
Litecoin kind of has the "first altcoin" thing going for it so im keeping a few ot those, and I missed out on the initial DOGE pump and I don't really see it returning to glory anymore.
Might try monero, but simply to dump on unsuspecting fools during the next big crypto hype.
>All Crypto Note coins are a fucking scam
give me reasons.
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feels. i has them. as retarded as PND was, that shit is oldschool /biz/.
am i the only person who profited? bought for 7 LIToshi, kek, sold most at like 85. even bought billions of the fucks at one point to dump every time it spiked, because amdoge (wolong) was such a blatant P.ump N. D.ump cunt.
What's the easiest way to buy Bitcoin with GBP? First I signed up to coinbase but I had something like a £40 buy limit plus I heard that transactions can take days so that went into the trash.

Been looking at localbitcoins but can't find anyone local ,the guys that are local have ads placed all over the country and I'm not sure I want to meet strangers to hand over wads of cash,and the idea of a bank transfer to strangers is off putting as well but the meeting in person thing seems good for anonymity.

Where do I go from here? I just want to use my debit card to buy or sell bitcoins quickly and easily without a restriction on how many I can buy and without having to show my passport and all that shit,I got nothing to hide but I still want to be anonymous.
bitargain is the shit.
bittylicious is cool.
both take 2 mins once youre signed up. you wont be anon at the point of entry... but you dont need to be. look into airvpn, monero and shapeshift.io, then tumble. anon as fuck.

make friends on bitcointalk for the best deals. not giving away my username there, but look at 4chan-related-coin threads and youll find me. cc is fine, and near-instant, for a 5% fee.

>goes back to mining and xmr eli5 shennanigans
bitbargain, sorry. https://bitbargain.co.uk
who /onecoin/
too scared.
have you profited? props if so yo.

whats the most lucrative asset by which you guys have profited via a single trade? i made 1.76btc on bcn for an outlay of .01btc. not the most money ive made, but holy shit feltgooodman. 176 times as much as i spent a year eartlier. still have millions of them. i made more from the mystery which is bytecoin than i have on anything else, even btc.

also what was your worst? i set up a SLING masternode and lost 79.7% of my coin.
still love cryptos. if there was no risk there would be no profit. i fucking love this wild west shit. its so much more fun than playing the lottery.

I remember when they bought that Nascar car, and I thought "this is stupid."

You're telling me those became worth something too? Weren't they worth less than pennies and everyone had free faucet coins?

not yet, was thinking of getting into it. My thought I'll invest short term, let mlm suckers drive up the price, then sell when it peaks
this, please post sources
Thanks senpai
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>tfw you miss all of your PND friends
If im using bitcoin for purely legal reasons is it still advisable to tumble my bitcoins?
not really. just chuck it through a couple of online wallets via tor/vpn, for plausible deniability. or tx to a shared wallet on an exchange like bittrex beforehand for added security.
i do tumble however. im para that people might show up at my door wearing balaclavas.
should mention that none of this is generally necessary and that im just para. simply transfer at least from the wallet into which the coins were transferred when you bought them, and as long as that new wallet isnt known by anyone to be associated with you, nobody but those who know your ip and can see your btc activities (them typically being your isp and the btc wallet provider you use) will know the btc are still likely to be yours.
....no. its not necessary. i just like to be as anon as possible.
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I miss amDOGE ;_:

Lmao we had all the signs senpaitachi. Fuck why ;-;
>tfw u spent your $60 worth of PND on $15 of a meme when it was dropping like a brick as a last measure

;-; why did i fall for the meme why god
Thread posts: 32
Thread images: 7

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