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The Thread Of Realistic Goals For Young Anons

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What is a life that you have in your mind that is actually a possibility? What are your goals that are realistically attainable by you?

>no 3 penthouses
>no 2 lamborghinis
>no $50,000 watch just because you can afford it
>no muh escorts nd muh cocaine
>no tasteless tacky "I watched The Wolf Of Wall Street and.." bullshit

It is absolute trash and 999/1000 of us will be extremely disappointed and misguided throughout our lives if we think this way. Ignore any trolls or morons ITT that act like what I'm saying is strange when the fact of it all is that this board is all shills and misguided nutters that aren't grounded in reality. Ignore it all.

This is a thread where we discuss true, realistically attainable goals and aspirations.

It would be wise to keep in mind that this life shit is about the journey. It's not about the destination and all of the goodies you can get out by the end of it.

I don't know about all of you, but unless you have a death wish and don't respect yourself, looking back on your life wondering what in the hell you actually did with it at all sounds depressing and I don't want to end up like that fool.
My goal is to work remotely for a mid sized startup / large software company while living in a small town where everyone knows each other and nature is at my door. Save up a ton due to low CoL then retire by 45 and work as a schoolteacher or open a bar.
I'm sure I'll be able to become one of the people working 3-4 hrs a week, just checking up on my businesses/investments, and driving a $100k german coupe. I think I could achieve much more but being realistic, I'll probably grow complacent once I'm comfortable.
Anything is a realistic possibility.

Its realistically possible that I can corner the natural gas market by jaring and selling my own farts and become rich by doing so.

Is that probable? No.
You know exactly what I mean with what I posted. This thread isn't going to be your attention whoring semantics challenge. I'll be hiding your posts as I can already see what fun(read: bullshit) you're going to bring.
Its not my fault you lack basic understanding of the english language.
live on a sailboat, stick to high traffic areas half the year doing odd jobs/skilled repairs for cash income
This is essentially what I'm heading towards as well. After 3 years as a 9-5 wagecuck taking the subway into an office every morning i'm so fucking sick of it. Working on transitioning to a remote position now, and planning my move. California is great for this, I'm planning to live up in the mountains near tahoe and drive down to SF once or twice a month for meetings.
also I can afford a 4 bedroom palatial estate with acreage for what I pay for my shit hole 2 bedroom apartment in the city.
>Self employed software consultant
>nice size ranch in montana/colorado/idaho with river access
>Beautiful loving wife
>Spend my days flyfishing/skiing/horseback riding
>work 15-20 hrs/wk
>own a small plane and fly around all the time for fun
>travel abroad modestly once a year
$1m of liquid assets
6 figure salary before I'm 26
Mp5/10 select fire, registered

>in descending difficulty
>Own telecom/electronics support company
>Spend working hours meeting clients, and sometimes doing tech work (will never get old)
>Move into my grandparents old farmhouse in glorious pennsltucky
>wife and 2.5 kids
>80's jap shitbox collection
>work in a bank with stocks or bonds
>when i get older (50+) start working with NGO's investments in africa.
>Live in good area ~$2M house with my wife and 3 kids
>Wife works with something related to banks or ngos
>own summerhouse in sweden somewhere out in the woop woop
>drive a nice car

life is good
>Save 50% + of my gross income
>Financial Independence by 40
>Retire by 50
I want $80k/yr after taxes.

After that I'll make new goals and see what I want from there.
I wanna be worth a few hundred million and own a few dozen real estate or retail stores or a few businesses by the time I'm 40 or 50
>80's jap shitbox collection

muh dick

No, it is not a realistic possibility at all.
"Realistic" meaning something that could reasonably happen in the real world.

Fuck off.


>be almost 22
>making 1300€/month

My plans are:

>Buy a reasonably nice flat in the city to live in for at least the next 10 years (already in the process of requesting a mortgage for a flat worth 35K)

>Get a better paying job by mid 2016 - for the work I do, I should be able to get at least 1700 once I've got a couple years on my resume.

By 2025 I plan to have either the flat paid off and 60K in the bank, or at least 80K in the bank and still 5 years left on the mortgage - I'll decide if I want to pay it off early depending on how the interest rates go.

>This is my turning point.
At this point, I'll decide whether I still want to live in the city or move out already.

Whichever way it goes, my goal is to retire by the time I'm 45 and buy a house out in the mountains.
I want the most remote house that money can buy, literally in the middle of a damn forest.
I want to have at least 20-30000 m^2 of land (which is A LOT by our standards, Italy being a small and overcrowded country).

The majority should be reasonably hilly forest, and, if possible, a couple thousand of flatter land to plant a garden, some fruit trees, and raise some livestock.

Fuck computers and especially fuck city life.
I've been working in IT for 2 years and I'm already fed up with it - I'll kill myself before I get to be 65 and still working in an office.

Also, the way the state pension program is going, by the time I even get to 65 the retirement age will probably have gone up to 75 or something.
I honestly think the fact we're forced to join the national state-managed pension program is a robbery and a scam.

Anyway, I also don't get why someone would want to retire in a dreadful box in the middle of a sea of concrete.
Once you've stopped working, what's keeping you in a large city?
enough money to live off of 20-30k yearly return
fully remote part time job to supplement
>Also, the way the state pension program is going, by the time I even get to 65 the retirement age will probably have gone up to 75 or something. I honestly think the fact we're forced to join the national state-managed pension program is a robbery and a scam.

I so dearly wish that here in the U.S. Social Security was opt-out. If I just took my SS deductions and put them in a retirement account, I'd do just fine. The problem is, 85% of the population is incapable of saving on their own and would just opt-out of SS and use it to take out a bigger car payment. Then we're stuck with the problem of unemployable, starving, elderly.
are you guys serious? is this all shit you are sure you can do young?

>be me
>about to enroll finance degree next year
>living in south america
>gubmint cucking our asses like fuck, corrupt, dirty, country's economy going from bad to worse
>thinking about going to university overseas, us or uk, maybe australia
>i dont want massive debt so young while education here is free
>am i doing the right thing? not even the slightest fucking idea

goals: actualy learn financial markets, economy, terminologies like hedge fund, index fund, dividends, liquidity, general business knowledge, unlike the constant /biz/ circlejerking and delusional projecting. participate in the money making business world, investing, creating high valuable portfolios, having high clients, accumulating knowledge on things people do they usualy end broke and fucked up, create passive income, networking, et cetera.

is it more complex then just what i believe it is and im gonna get frustrated and with suicidal thoughs? highly likely.

share some light on me, fam?

just got out of high school and yes, i have no idea what im talking about

The problem with the Italian social security, instead, is that it is a massive, gigantic, titanic Ponzi scheme.

The only reform meant to fix this came in 2012, which means that right now we, the young workforce, get to enjoy being at the transition point.

At the end of the line we will get none of the benefits the boomers had, but we still have to pay so they can be payed the golden pensions they retired with at 50 years old.

Also the system is set up as a fascist corporativist system where not everyone is treated equally, but rather there are different managements for different classes of workers.

tldr your mileage may vary.

Good ol' Mussolini did many great things but the social security is the one thing he fucked up _badly_

i want to move to thailand and open a bar in one of the red light districts

statistics show that when a foreigner opens a bar it doesnt last long so i hope to have some passive income streaming in to keep the bar open so I can eat young thai asshole for the rest of my life
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What do I want
>To get driving lessons
>Buy a car (Looking at a ford, mercury. suburu, maybe a charger if I make a lot of cash)
>Get a motorcycle to ride on the weekends
>Get a really nice computer, as the one I am using now is a mid tier build from 2014(I am not sure if I will be abel to play Fallout 4 smoothly)
>Get enough money to day trade (About 10k)
>Be able to put some away into a few indexes or mutual funds
>Get a hobby and fly RC airplanes like i did as a kid but, more because I have the time and money
>Buy a house out it a nice secluded place, with a bitching security system and live the hermit/prepper life, In a gun owning state

Thats been my goal for a very long time now.
>It would be wise to keep in mind that this life shit is about the journey. It's not about the destination and all of the goodies you can get out by the end of it.
I never understand this. Because all I think about is the little goodies that I could get. I mean I don't have a social life. I never leave home unless its for school.

I am a little pissed though because even my medicore plan I have here isn't looking feasible
>no car
>[Standard /r9k/ tier stuff here]
>In college since fall 2013 for EE degree
>2 full years and I am only 43% through my 4 year
>On acedemic probation because GPA is .1 below minumum
>No financial aid so need a job to pay tuition
>Can only take 2 classes so this puts me back by at least a year and a half
>Can't even get a simple big box store job
>Almost feel like no one is hiring at all anywhere

Only option is
>If I pass this semester try to get financial aid next year (Still setting me back a whole year)
>Switch to a community college but most don't have my degree or will only accept 30 of my credits (at least I will get some financial aid coverage). And it will clear my gpa
>Fuck it and join the air force

I am having panics at night over I am 20 already and still where I am when I got out at HS. I also have extreme class envy.
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Realistically speaking, I'd like to set up the foundation for inherited wealth and prestige. I come from a white trash background, but in America there exists the possibility to become obscenely wealthy. I doubt I'll ever break bread with the elites, but if I can generate enough capital to set my future children on that path then that would be enough.
I giggled
have at least 100 mil, or alternatively keep the money i have and get a career in academia

the fam is already at around 10 mil, so not too far to go
>Make money
>Have enough to "retire" at 50 and gain sustainable passive income. Open a bakery/coffee shop/butcher shop in my hometown and get to know the locals on a regular basis.

Die at the age of 75 in my farmhouse surrounded by family
This thread is for realistic goals.
>Get into graduate school on a scholarship
>Get internship for experience while in graduate school
>save some of that money
>Hopefully get high paying job with my masters
>smartly invest in ETFs n shit

Hopefully someday get to the point where i can buy a home in two locations and rent one out to people while it grows in value..I'm pretty retarded tho so i doubt that will ever happen.
regardless, i think it's a very mature thing, considering our options rationally

i think /biz/ much like the rest of 4chan is populated mostly by college age kids, some more or less well-adjusted, some less so, and we're all sort of in this transitional period where the world isnt this endless horizon of possibilities like it was when we were kids and its a good thing to take what it really is into consideration, it shows maturity on our part not to feed delusions of insanely bright futures anymore

it's tough though, growing up, becoming adults with reasonable expectations, admiting that our options are limited, and not only that but also confronting that truth head on instead of just pretending it isnt there, distracting ourselves with petty causes that we have no business undertaking
fine, the passive income thing is a bit farfetched, I'll revise that.

>Quit job at 50
>start shop, etc etc

The rest seems fairly obtainable to me at least. I don't know what you define as realistic though.
Where are you right now?
America is the exact same shit. I am paying 2 grand a month into an insolvent social security system for which I will NEVER see a dime.
I feel you. Even worse is paying these FUCKEN EMPLOYEES WORKERS COMP WHEN THE SLIP AND FALL ON YOUR FUCKEN FLOOR AFTER SOMEONE MOPS. I'm so tired of the fucking working class.
have an investment portfolio worth 1,000,000 when im ~40
Thread posts: 37
Thread images: 3

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