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Authorship Headquarters = Pic related.

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This is the headquarters for Authorship.com.

Pic related is the "headquarters" for a group of people who claim to be a publishing company in the US, speak broken English, changed their names to sound more American (Petre to Peter) on their website, and already run a separate company in an Eastern European company.

But no, Authorship.com (ATS) really is working out of Maryland and pic related is their headquarters.

When will you people admit this was a complete fucking exit scam?

It's so fucking obvious.
Also they have completely removed their phone number from their website. Luckily some people archived it and have reposted it in the Bitcointalk thread.

This is the Authorship CEO's LinkedIn address.

Turns out, as his LinkedIn shows, he's actually the owner and President of the Auto and Tire company shown in my original picture.

Which means he is probably working there. Right now. And I live nearby.

Can you smell the scam yet? Should I simply go over there and demand my fucking ATS tokens?
For anyone who doesn't know, an entire crypto scam has been undertaken by a couple of guys, one of whom is basically a car mechanic working in Maryland.
bump. The team also says they're now taking a week long vacation after a "successful" ICO. It's a fucking exit scam.

Is anyone else here still involved with this or have you simply given up?
i actually registered for that and am waiting for my free tokens xD
Yeah that's not going to happen unless you drive to that place in Maryland and demand them.

They've conveniently removed their phone number from their website, which I've saved, and decided to take a vacation starting today.
It was a complete scam and the $4 million they raised is more than likely funding their vacation.

I'm only about an hour away though. I could really do something about it maybe.
It's pretty easy to get 4 fucking million then if a car guy can do this
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hello sir when do getting bounty
i sign up entire call center, when getting 18750 ATS token
And now they've conveniently locked their Bitcointalk thread, just a few seconds ago, and are removing the posts which show their company phone number, address, and information on the CEO.

This shit is such a fucking scam.
well what are you waiting for, dude. go and talk to him
Fuck off.

Some of us legitimately promoted the campaign and were given false information multiple times by their CDO.

They sent out confirmation emails even stating that we would receive the tokens and then simply did not send them. That's not legal to do in Maryland.

Anyone suing them for this has a legitimate lawsuit.
Authorship is now panicking and deleting posts that mention a potential Authorship lawsuit.

This fucking car mechanic tried to scam the crypto community and is now having all his businesses downvoted with terrible reviews to hell.

But who cares. He made $4 million in the process.
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>tfw you could tell this was a scam the moment you saw one of their gay pictures posted here
Well it looked like a piece of shit project but goddamn I didn't think it'd actually be this bad.
looks legit to me
For it to be an exit scam, there needs to be something legitimate in the beginning.
how DO they do it.

for research purposes.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 3

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